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Never Say Never Chapter 455-456

Chapter 455

I hesitated for half a second before I spoke, saying slowly, “What if I don’t stop? What is Lin’s plan?”


She raised her eyebrows, her dark eyes were stern, “With my wealth and the power of the Mo family, I can completely make you disappear from the capital, along with the entire Fu family.”


I laughed, nodding with my chin pinned, “En, you do have such power.”


She smiled lightly and said somewhat idly, “How about that? If you stop now, at least we can stop being enemies later?”


I was close to suddenly losing my voice and laughing out loud, suppressing the sneer in my heart, I looked over at her, “Mr. Lin is indeed someone who has experienced great storms, with a broad mind, you can let go of even the biggest matters in the sky with a light hearted word.”


After a pause, I continued, “But I can’t. I’m young after all, and I don’t have as much life experience as Mr. Lin, so I can’t just laugh it off. I often wake up late at night with dreams, and all I can think about is the baby’s miserable cries and the blood piling up on the floor. ”


I laughed, but more coldly than I cried, “Mr. Lin, do you think as a mother, watching her child leave her like that, helplessly, if it were you, would you be relieved? I don’t think so, not in this lifetime, would you?”


Her face was white and her lips were pursed with delicate lipstick, and after a long time, she laughed coldly, “Since Miss Shen is not willing to reconcile, then let’s go our own way and see who comes out on top.”


I suppressed the emotions in my heart and smiled lightly, “To the end!”


Getting out of the car, I watched indifferently as she drove away, the memories churning in my heart eating away at me one at a time.


Yes! Beating a snake by seven inches, if that’s the case, then why should anyone show mercy.


I took out my phone and dialed Shen Yu, and it was answered in about two rings.


“What’s wrong?” His voice was thick with weariness and he sounded a little tired.


I couldn’t help but pause and say, “Sleeping?”


He mumbled, “There was something going on in city A last night, so I went over there to take care of it and came back a little late.”


I nodded and spoke, “Can you arrange it for me, I want to see Li An!”


He was stunned, “Why do you want to see him? Isn’t there no use for him?”


“Well!” I spoke, “Want to talk to him about something, is that okay?”

“Yes, when?”

“Today, if that’s okay.”

“OK, you wait for my call.”

Hanging up the phone, I didn’t rush out, but entered the villa, Fu Qingyin was already up, sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast.

When she saw me, her face looked bad and she hated to kill me with her eyes.

I ignored it, sat in front of her and spoke, “I need all the dirty videos you have about Lin Wan, and I can step in on the Gu family’s side of Xu Lao.”

Her hand eating her breakfast suddenly stopped and narrowed her eyes at me, “What do you mean?”

“We cooperate!” I opened my mouth as Sister-in-law Zhang brought the breakfast, I couldn’t eat it and said a faint thank you.

Fu Qingyin was still a little confused, after about five seconds of hesitation, she put down the gla*s of milk in her hand and spoke, “Okay, but I have to add one more thing, you must convince the Xu family not to interfere with Gu’s future development.”

“Yes!” I opened my mouth, took out my phone and dialed Shen Changlin’s number in front of her order.

About three rings later, the call was answered, “Xiaoshu, have you eaten breakfast yet?”

“Yes, good morning Uncle San, do you have time recently? You’ve been busy since you came back from Jiangcheng, my brother and I want to ask you out and have a family dinner together, do you have time recently?”

Shen Changlin laughed on the other side of the phone and said, “You girl, there must be something you want to ask me, let’s have dinner together tonight, there is a Hunan cuisine in the southern suburbs of the capital that tastes particularly good, let’s go for a family meal tonight and have a good talk.”

Fu Qingyin looked at me and narrowed her eyes, a pair of nice eyebrows with purpose in them.

I gave her a look and continued into the phone, “Third Uncle, why don’t we call on Grandpa Xu and Grandma Cheng, if it wasn’t for their fate, we wouldn’t be able to have this fate, we should reasonably invite them both to a meal together to show our appreciation!”

He lost his smile, “You girl, you have a lot of ideas, okay, I’ll contact Xu Lao in a while, then I’ll see you tonight.”

I nodded, and after a few subtle words, I hung up.

Fu Qingyin looked at me and couldn’t help but smile with hooked lips, “I’m curious, why did you suddenly agree to help me?”


Chapter 456

Looking at the milk on the table, I couldn’t drink some of it and replied, “I’ve got a date, shouldn’t you give me a guarantee too?”


She shrugged her shoulders, got up, and went to the bedroom.


When she came out, she had a bag in her hand and looked at me, “It’s all here, they’re no use to me per se, and it’s a curse for me to take them, so you can have them all.”


I turned it out and looked at it carefully, basically all the powerful men Lin Wan had contacted over the years to get to the top, basically all of them had notes, most of them were from abroad and Jiangcheng.


The people in the capital, she seems to have not used to touch, it seems to be worried that she is still quite smart, know that this circle in the capital her reputation is very important, otherwise back to Mo Zhi Zhan will also be disliked by the Mo family.


“You’ve given it all to me without fear of me turning against you?” I spoke, putting the file bag away.


She raised an eyebrow, “I have little reason to doubt a grandson-in-law my father could choose.”


I froze and asked casually, “Actually, with your strength, going back to Jiangcheng to take over Fu’s, you can have just as good a life afterwards.”


She lowered her eyes, smiled lightly, stirred the porridge in front of her and said, “I’ve been at Gu for ten years, from the day I joined Gu, I’ve never thought of leaving.”


Looking at her, I suddenly thought of Fu Shen Yan and couldn’t help but say, “It’s the sense of mission!”


She froze for a moment and looked at me, “What?”


“Sense of mission, grandfather is the military, people, all he raised you, almost all instilled in you responsibility and mission is your life’s faith, you do not leave Gu’s, not because Gu’s can bring you much benefit, but back then Gu Hengyang and talk about cooperation, in fact, you subconsciously, already intend to carry Gu’s up. ”


She froze and simply didn’t say much more, raising an eyebrow, “It’s no wonder father chose you, it’s good to be thorough too!”


She got up and said lightly, “Since the cooperation has been negotiated, I hope I will receive good news from you soon.”






The results of Li An’s approval had come out, he was involved in a huge amount of property bribery and bribery by bribery, with serious circumstances, and was sentenced to ten years.


Through the thick gla*s wall, looking at his somewhat haggard face, it looked as if he had aged several years at once.


When he saw me, he smiled coldly, with sarcasm, “What? You’re here for the joke?”


I looked at him and did not refute his words, but simply said, “Your family’s property and illegal income have all been confiscated and mortgaged. I heard that your daughter is about to sit for her secondary school exams, and you’re sending her to a public school, which is quite expensive in terms of tuition and living expenses, and now all your a*sets are basically frozen, and with just the little money your wife has, it probably won’t be long before she has to drop out.”


He looked at me with violent, wide-eyed emotion and said, “What do you want?”


I didn’t rush to say what I wanted, but said lightly, “Your wife seems to have already found her next family, she’s used to living a good life, now she’s suddenly asked to bear all the hardships alone, a rich wife like her will most likely not be able to bear it, I heard that your wife has kept her figure and appearance very well, if she finds her next family, with her excellence, it won’t be difficult to live a good life.”


He glared at me angrily, and his anger was evident through the gla*s, “What do you want?”


“I want all the data on all the power and money deals Lin Wan has made over the years, all the lives she has gone through since she started moving up the ladder!”


He sneered, “Her life experiences are all over the major websites with a single search, what do you want me to do? As for the rest of her, I don’t know!”


Seeing that he was quite resistant to me, I slightly collected my emotions and spoke, “Give me the stuff, I’ll help you take care of your daughter for the next ten years, with the Jiangcheng Fu family and the capital Shen family as her backing, as long as she works hard enough, her future is immeasurable, you can want it.”


His originally annoyed eyes gave a slight pause as he raised his eyes to look at me, somewhat unsure, “Are you sure?”