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Never Say Never Chapter 47-48

Chapter 47

Without answering Qiao Zhuan Yan’s words, Fu Shen Yan looked at me and said, “You go and look at these materials, and if you have any questions, ask Chen Yi.”


Taking the materials, I didn’t say much, but in my heart I also had the same concerns as Qiao Zhuangyan, after a pause I still said, “Mr. Fu, what I was in charge of before was the construction piece, Huayu is an electronic technology company, there’s also the company’s audit which I didn’t touch before, these things have always been Chen Yi’s responsibility, it’s better to continue to let him be in charge!”


Fu Shen Yan’s dark eyes swept towards me and his handsome brows knitted, “Director Shen, do you understand your duties in the position of director?”


I froze and looked to him and nodded, “I know, but ……”


“No buts, since you are sitting in the position of director, as an alternative shareholder of the company, you have the right to get familiar with any section of the company.”


After saying that, he looked at Qiao Zhuan Yan and began to explain the task ……


I took the information and knew in my heart that there was no way I could put this off, and that the workload, this time, was not normal.


I went back to my own office, I called Han Shuang, let her arrange as much as possible to go down, this period of time on the Huayu market to pay attention to observe, I guess in a few days we will start to be busy.


It was just a company audit. I went to the finance department to check it out, and if I didn’t check it out, I was shocked to find out that the company audit had already started.


Liu Yue, the head of the finance department, handed me all the accounts and said, “Take a look, Mr. Shen, all the accounts are here at the moment, this year’s audit is going to be added to Mr. Qiao’s side, so the workload will be bigger, Mr. Fu’s intention is to give this year’s audit to the credit side to do.”


I flipped through the books, nodded and said with a bit of a headache, “Okay, I get it, I’ll go through it first, also, you help me compile a copy of the data from previous years’ ac audits for me.”




After the explanation, I returned to the office with the information in my arms, Han Shuang came in after a busy round and saw me dead in a pile of books, and spoke, “General Shen, just now ac’s president Lin Tao called and said he wanted to ask you to meet.”


Something linked to money, if ac and Fu ended their cooperation, it was estimated that they would have to lose several millions, so it was no wonder he was eager to see me, but since Fu Shen Yan was not willing to cooperate with him, there might be something in between that I did not quite understand, and there was no way I could continue to surround myself with this Lin Tao.


Looking at Han Shuang, I said, “Just say I don’t have time to push it, also, contact the president of Credit for me, I want to see him, and also you send me the companies that Credit has audited in recent years to look at.”


“Good!” Han Shuang left, and I buried my head in a bunch of numbers.


I got up and left the office and saw that the office area was empty.


I picked up a cup of coffee and went back to the office to order a takeaway, so it looked like I would have to stay at the office tonight and continue to work late.


“Aren’t you ready to go back yet?” I froze as a voice came from the doorway, and looked up to see Cheng Junyu.


I couldn’t help but laugh, “Aren’t you still here too?”


He smiled lightly and handed me the lunch box in his hand, “This is Chef Liu’s new hot pot, it’s good for your health.”


I froze and looked at him and said, “Thank you!”


I thought he would put his things down and leave, but I didn’t expect him to remain standing, so I couldn’t find anything to talk to him about for a while and simply kept quiet.


“Did Shen Yan give you the job of auditing the company this year?” He found a seat and sat down, looked at me and spoke.


Chapter 48

I nodded, “Hmm! I’m not too familiar with this piece and it’s a bit of a headache.”


He nodded and seemed to agree, “This year is just one year after the company went public and there is a huge difference between this year’s audit and previous years, the slightest mistake and the company’s stock plummets, many companies have gone bankrupt because of the annual audit.”


He said it seriously and I stopped what I was doing and looked at him seriously as well, as he continued, “Besides, the audit firm has changed again this year, so you have to be very careful when you work.”


It was a reminder, I knew.


“Fu Shen Yan knows that auditing is not my strong point, so why did he give me this job?” The cost of a mistake would be the whole of Fu’s. The risk was too great and I didn’t understand Fu’s intentions.


He sat up straight and looked at me, “If you get this right, the shares left in your name by Grandpa Fu will be rightfully transferred to your name, the right to use and control them will be yours, and you will go from being a director to a partner in the company.”


After a pause, he straightened his clothes and continued, “But if this goes badly for you, something will happen to Fu, and you could face the risk of leaving Fu altogether.”


I wrinkled my brows, not knowing what to say for a moment.


Is Fu ShenYan betting with me with the whole Fu’s, or ……


The deeper meaning of which I did not continue to think about, closed the account book in my hand, opened the iron he brought, looked at him and said, “I took over the Huayu case, in addition, why did Fu Shen Yan want me to keep an eye on Huayao’s movements?”


Cheng Junyu frowned slightly, seemingly in thought, half a sound said, “the first six months of Huayu because the capital chain broke, so was Fu’s takeover, this preliminary management has been in Zhuan Yan where, now handed over to you to do, may be Shen Yan want you to contact more new technology, after all, there are policies down, the next country will support the development of the Internet and electronic technology companies, Fu’s future may be most of the The majority of Fu’s future industry will probably be new technology, probably because he wants you to get familiar with it in advance.”


After a pause, he continued, “As for Huayao, maybe Shen Yan has plans to buy Huayao later on, so he asked you to keep an eye on it, probably because he wants to see how he develops later on.”


I nodded, took a few shallow sips of the soup, which did seem to be good, and looked to him, “Thank you for taking care of me this time.”


He smiled and got up ready to go.


“Are you going back?” I spoke, looking outside at the already mostly dark sky.


He hmmed and spoke, “I’ve got a game tonight, I’m going to make a trip.”


I nodded, a little disappointed, having thought we could have a late dinner together sometime.


Seeing him go, I drank the hot and continued to read the information for a while until I could not stand sitting on my butt before I called it a night and left.


When I got into the car, before I could start it, Muzi called.


When I looked at the time, it was ten o’clock, and when I picked up the phone, she was the first to say, “Baby, guess where I am now?”


Hearing her tone, I thought for a moment and said, “Jingcheng!”


“Sh*t!” She shattered, “Miss Shen, you’re so boring, you have no interest at all.”


Hearing the meaning of her words, it was 80% that I guessed it, into the phone, I smiled and said, “It’s not the first day you know me, how about it, did you find a suitable shop?”


Fu’s underground vault was large and empty, and I could hear the echoes faintly as I sat in the car talking on the phone, eerily somewhat gloomy.


“Mmmmmm, Jingcheng is really a nice place, very good for living, very laid back, I’ve been here for a few days and I think I like the pace of life in this place, the weather is nice too, full of life.”


Muzi said a whole lot, I put my phone on amplification and started the car, the bas*ment was empty and I was a little creeped out.