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Never Say Never Chapter 479-480

Chapter 479

He stiffened and I pushed him away, grimacing as I pulled my shirt over to barely cover myself.


“Are you serious?” He spoke, his dark eyes falling on me with a depressing look.


I pursed my lips and nodded, meeting his dark eyes, “Let’s calm each other down, maybe, we were wrong from the start, what grandpa saw as right for us wasn’t what we thought was right, my feelings for you, maybe they weren’t love to begin with, just admiration, and your feelings for me, maybe they’re just guilt built up from leaving me alone for so long.”


There was no love between us, just bits and pieces of fit.


He spoke, the gloom on his face like a dark cloud that had been building up for a long time, “No love!”


The first time I heard this, he said it more to himself. Later on, I also kept wondering, of all the people in the world, how many couples are involved for life because of the responsibility of fit, and those couples who supposedly love each other, how they live out their lives.


The world has no such thing as love, perhaps, and everything is just an excuse for self-satisfaction.


He cornered me, a cold smile on his face, “Tell me what love is? What is your so-called love? You’re talking about divorce and how it doesn’t matter, do you think I deserve to be trampled on because I spoil you and protect you?”


I lowered my eyes, some of my legs went weak and I slid down the cold wall to the floor, my arms wrapped around my legs, “The one you love and pamper and protect is lying in the hospital.”


“Heh!” He sneered, “You had to hold on to the past for dear life? You had to force me to get Lu Xinran killed, that’s what you call love? Shen Shu, how bad are you inside to handle things so extremely?”


I pursed my lips, my gaze fixed on my toes, and tilted my head to look at him, “The first day you met me?”


He laughed angrily, “What about you? What’s the point of having a dead man in your mind and chasing after a high quality replica you met in the street?”


I calm down, look at him, “Since we can not pa*s each other, then divorce, Fu family things I do not want, grandfather transferred in my name Huayu I transfer to you, house car you do not have to give me, after all, we do not have children now, since we think it is wrong, then divorce now, everything start from scratch, it is still too late. ”


“F**k it’s not too late!” The only one who can’t let go is you. The only person I can’t let go of is you, what can’t I let go of?”


I was a little tired, feeling like I was in a dead end and couldn’t get out.


Fu Shenyan’s temper seemed to have reached its limit, and there was no way I could tell which of his words were angry and which were true.


I pushed him away and got up holding the wall, saying indifferently, “I’ll go out and live, and we’ll talk about the divorce when we calm each other down.”


He held me down, his thin, cool lips pressed against the corner of my mouth, his lips lingering on the edge of my mouth, his voice extremely restrained, “Have you ever loved me?”


I pursed my lips, my heart felt like it had suddenly been punched hard, it hurt so much I couldn’t breathe, “Does it make sense?”


“Yes!” He kissed me with suppressed emotion, “After the divorce, is it possible that we’ll never have a chance again? Hmm?”


I pursed my lips, “No!” There is no place in the world for people to get back together after a divorce, and since they divorced because they didn’t love each other, they naturally won’t fall in love again in the future.


“Heh!” He sneered, “So why should I get a divorce?”


He coldly nibbled on my lips, his gaze held a bloodthirsty coldness, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t love, I’ll give you time, one day you’ll be moved, you better forget all about Gu Han, not to mention he’s dead, even if he’s alive, there’s no way I’ll give you the chance to be with him, Shen Shu, you can only be mine!”


He ripped off his clothes and put them on with a sharp movement, giving me a cold, indifferent look, “Stay well!”


As I watched him slam the door, my mind buzzed. Why did it end up like this?


Chapter 480

After a long time, Sister-in-law Zhang came up and saw me squatting on the floor, bewildered, she couldn’t help but sigh, “Hey, this couple ……”


“Sister-in-law Zhang, I want to be quiet!” I opened my mouth, exhausted to the point of exhaustion, got up and went out of the study, went straight into the bedroom and locked the door behind me.




Dazed and confused, I leaned back in bed until midnight, when I was suddenly awakened by a nightmare.


There was no one around me, so I got up and poured a gla*s of water and looked at the time of 3 a.m. I guess I couldn’t sleep any longer.


I didn’t eat anything in the evening, so I opened the door and went downstairs. Sister Zhang had left some food in the kitchen, so I ate a little, but I really didn’t have an appetite.


When I went upstairs, I subconsciously took a look at the study, but no one was there.


I went back to my bedroom and read through the emails from Hua Yao.


It didn’t take long for the sky to cool down and the second heavy snowfall in the capital arrived as promised.


The whole yard was piled with snow, and because of the fear of traffic congestion, someone in the villa area got up early and started shovelling snow.


When Sister-in-law Zhang arrived at the time and saw that I was already up, she froze and said, “It’s nearly the end of the New Year, many people have started buying New Year’s goods and putting up window flowers, Xiao Shu, after dinner later, let’s go out for a walk together and see what New Year’s goods we need to buy by the way.”


I smiled, “I have something to do this afternoon, so I can’t go. Has Fu Shen Yan booked your ticket back to Jiangcheng?”


Sister-in-law Zhang’s son and daughter are both in Jiangcheng, and every year she spends the holidays with her children, which used to be fine, as I was either with my grandmother or Grandpa Fu.


Now that both old people are gone, it’s become cold and clear and there doesn’t seem to be much to spend it on.


I don’t know what’s going on over at Muzi’s. Thinking about this, I couldn’t help but think about giving Qiao En a call, but after looking at the early hour I gave up.


So I looked at Sister Zhang and said, “I’m going to go over to the office later, Fu Shen Yan is not here, so we don’t have to make breakfast.”


She wanted to say something, so I took the keys and went out.


Gu started work at nine o’clock, so I went early and waited in the office for a while before going to the head of Huayao to dock the work.


The research and development of the ai didn’t come out in a day or two, but I was happy to see the new progress.


When I came out of the R&D department, I ran into Fu Qingyin, who had moved back home a few days ago and was now back at Gu’s to try out her work.


When she saw me planning to go out, she said, “Are you in a hurry?”


I shook my head, “Something wrong?”


She clasped her hands and said, “It’s almost Chinese New Year, what are you and Shen Yan’s plans for this year, are you going back to Jiangcheng or staying in the capital? I heard about the Shen family genealogy, what are your plans for this year?”


“Not sure yet!” I opened my mouth and looked at her lightly and said, “You ask Fu Shen Yan.”


After saying that, I was ready to leave, but I met a group of people who were coming in in the hall.


Fu Shen Yan and Qiao Zhuan Yan were both there, and it looked like they had come to talk about work.


In the reception hall, Fu Shen Yan’s long, jade-like figure stood out, and he was standing in the hall with one hand in his pocket, seemingly talking to Qiao Zhuan Yan about something.


I froze slightly, pursed my lips, misplaced my gaze and walked straight towards the outside of the hall.


“Third sister-in-law, have you eaten breakfast yet?” Qiao Zhuan Yan spoke up, blocking me in the process, and I couldn’t even pretend not to see it.


I stopped in my tracks and subconsciously glanced at Fu Shen Yan, who was still wearing yesterday’s clothes, which were a little wrinkled.


“Go later!” I spoke indifferently, seeing the company next to me and greeting me, I nodded in response and prepared to leave.


Looking to Qiao Zhuan Yan continued, “I still have things to do, I’ll leave first!”


“Third sister-in-law, come along, me and third brother also happen to be going for lunch, let’s join them!”


“No need, I have other things to do, you guys go ahead!” After saying that, I touched the keys in the car.


Fu Shen Yan’s face was cold and chilly, his gaze was cold as he gave Qiao Zhuan Yan a glance, his mood was very light as he spat out two words, “Very idle?”