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Never Say Never Chapter 485-486

Chapter 485

My mind buzzed with confusion as to why she had brought me here and spoke, “Is it a friend of yours or a relative? We’ve come here to pay our respects, where are we going later?”


She walked ahead, her voice light, “I’ll probably go see Mr. Chen and the others later, but they should be coming over here today too.”


“Come here for what?” She led me around for a while before stopping in front of a headstone in the back row.


I froze and couldn’t help but look over at the headstone, and violently I froze, a boom in my brain, and the chrysanthemum in my hand fell to the ground.


Incredulous, I looked at the black and white photo on the tombstone and the words on the epitaph.


Turning my gaze to Han Shuang, I forced down the pain and shock in my heart and said in a shaky voice, “Is this a prank?”


She pursed her lips and spoke somewhat almost callously, “You think this is a prank?”


I turned my gaze to the headstone again, looking at the black picture on it of the person I knew best, the person closest to me!


Little by little my eyes fell on the time of burial, I could clearly see the 28th of September, the time of my accident, how could she ……


I shook my head, still unwilling to accept this fact, looked at Han Shuang some anger, “I do not understand why you want to use this way to me, but I think I have not done anything wrong to you, do not you think you have gone too far?”


She gathered her eyebrows, her emotions were still stable and said, “Li Muzi died in childbirth, I also recently found out, the night of your accident was the night she was brought to the capital, dazed her and put her in Chen Xing’s house just to get you out of the villa and then take you captive, also because of this, later Muzi knew that it was she who caused your miscarriage emotional, resulting in her giving birth to the baby only seven months later, after giving birth, she hemorrhaged ……”


I collapsed to the floor, looking at the picture on the tombstone, my eyes aching and my heart feeling like it had been stabbed in by sharp daggers.


So, Jon had been avoiding seeing me, so he had been in Jiangcheng, just not willing to see me, so, for so long, I had carelessly thought that Muzi had just fallen ill from childbirth and that was why he had gone to M.


All this was just because, she was no longer there, but why? Jon wouldn’t tell me?


Han Shuang came to my side and reached out to help me, I shook my head, not a single tear could come out.


Over and over in my head, I thought of the image of the last time Muzi and I were apart.


It was ridiculous how I hadn’t expected to meet her and Jon that day when Gu Han took me out for my first walk, and it turned out that was the last time.


I had thought that once I got well and got over that period alone, I would be able to bring the sunshine and be with them as before.


But I never expected that to be the last time.


“Shen Shu!” A man’s low, quizzical voice came from behind me.


I turned around, my eyes aching, barely able to make out the two people coming in the faint light.


Chen Xing and Qiao En!


No kids with them!


How long had it been since we’d seen each other? Not very long, but a long, long time again.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” I spoke, my throat aching and a little breathless.


Jon walked towards me and lifted me off the floor, pressing his hoarse voice, “She said she wanted you to get well and tell you when you were well again!”


Chapter 486

I smiled, looking at the black and white photo on the tombstone, not a tear could come out of my eyes, but my heart was dripping blood, I knew that she was afraid that I had just lost a child, and then learning that something had happened to her would completely overwhelm me and I wouldn’t be able to go on.


“Did she leave any words?”


“She said that the baby would be given to you to raise, that you would be the one to name it, that you would have the baby with you in the future, and that you need not be afraid of having no family.”


Jon said it so calmly that it was as if it had been rehearsed a thousand times.


My whole body felt like I was in a cold place, but my forehead began to sweat incessantly.


Holding back the pain in my heart, I smiled lightly and said, “Yes!”


Just as the word “good” fell, a fresh sweetness surged up from my throat, almost for a moment.


With a poof, a mouthful of blood spurted out.


Immediately after that was the cone of pain coming from the heart, so painful that even the bones began to loosen.


“Shen Shu!”


“Chief Shen!”


Qiao En wrapped me in his arms, his gaze a little scarlet as he looked at Han Shuang and roared, “Don’t you know she’s depressed? Did you bring her here with the intention of forcing her to die?”


Han Shuang froze a little, panicked for a moment, overwhelmed and shaking her head, “I don’t know, I just thought you had other reasons for not wanting her to know, so ……”


“Send her to the hospital quickly!” Chen Xing, who hadn’t been speaking, opened his mouth, his face somewhat pale.


My brain was all buzzing and my heart hurt so much I couldn’t breathe several times.


Dazed and confused, Jon carried me to the car and it didn’t take long to get me to the hospital.


I had thought I would at least be conscious enough to make it to the hospital, but I ended up pa*sing out.


It seemed like an extraordinarily long sleep, so long that it was the length of a lifetime.


I woke up to a white ceiling and it took me a long time to realise it was the hospital.


“I’m awake! Xiao Shu is awake ……” Qiao En’s excited voice rang out, followed by Han Shuang and Chen Xing.


I looked at them, my mind still reeling, and after a moment’s hesitation said, “You’re all here?”


Han Shuang looked at me with some red eyes, “You’ve been in a coma for a day and a night because you’ve been bleeding.”


I froze, my mind still hard as hell, and forced myself to say, “How did she leave?”


Jon pursed his lips and his throat moved, some pain spilling out, “Shu, let’s not talk about the past, okay?”


I looked at the ceiling, feeling as if every part of my body hurt, my voice calm, “I know what you’re worried about, but Jon, I don’t even know how she left, do you think I can live with that in peace?”


He bowed his head, holding his head in his hands, his long fingers thrust into his hair, his voice hoarse and suppressed, “The night of your accident she was tricked into being dazed in front of Chen Xing’s house, she was later told that you were almost killed in one body because you came out of Fu’s house to look for her and were taken away by Lin Wan’s men, she knew it was because she had put you in danger, so she became emotionally unstable and had an accident on the way to see you in a hurry She was bleeding profusely and knew she wouldn’t survive, so when she was leaving she entrusted me with the baby and asked me to give it to you to raise!”


His voice was a little choked up, “She was afraid that you had just lost your child, and after learning the news of her accident, she was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to withstand the shock, so she asked me to wait until the child was half a year old, and then tell you.”


In just a year’s time, I had suffered both life and death, I looked at the ceiling, my vision was a little blurred, my eyes hurt, but I couldn’t say a word.


There was a long silence before I found my voice, “Who told her the news?”