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Never Say Never Chapter 499-500

Chapter 499

“Let’s go!” I’ve come here, so it’s not right not to go in.


I’m not much of a drinker on normal days, and the reason Shen Yu brought me here was mostly because he knew I wasn’t in a good mood and wanted to bring me out to let off some steam.


He ordered wine and looked at me and said, “If you’re not happy, get a divorce, the Shen family’s a*sets are not as small as the Fu family’s and can afford to be spoiled by you.”


I laughed, I hadn’t touched a drink in a long time, and a C*cktail down my throat felt extraordinarily refreshing.


“Which one of your eyes can see that I’m not happy?” Narrowing my eyes, I pinned my chin to look at the woman dancing on stage and said to Shen Yu, “Everything is going my way, so what am I unhappy about?”


He didn’t drink, he just looked at me, his gaze somewhat pitying, “Shen Shu, can you promise me that in the future, no matter what, I will be your brother, don’t ……”


The latter words, he did not say, only his gaze was somewhat sorrowful.


I sighed and always felt that he had a lot of things bottled up in his heart that he didn’t want to talk to me about.


But when I ask, he doesn’t seem to say.


It’s really not a good thing to drink when you’re in a bad mood, because you’ll get so drunk that you won’t recognize your six relatives before you’ve had a few drinks.


“Pah!” The woman at the next table was slapped by a middle-aged man and fell to the floor.


Shen Yu and I both looked over and saw the woman lying on the floor with her delicate cheek mostly red and swollen.


“Your mother is a pageboy, spoiling my fun!” The middle-aged man was furious and kicked the woman in the small of her back.


I threw the cup in my hand and hit the man’s thick, fat leg.


The man shouted in pain, “Who hit the man?”


“Me!” The words, not from me, were from Shen Yu.


He got up, copied his pocket with one hand, gave a very disgusted look at the man, disgusted, “It’s fine if you don’t look like a human, how come you don’t act like one either, when did this Imperial City even let in dogs?”


The manager heard the commotion and had rushed over, seeing Shen Yu, he was full of accompanying smiles and apologies, “Young master Shen is really sorry for spoiling your elegance, why don’t you follow me to the elegant room on the first floor?”


Shen Yu glanced at him and said nonchalantly, “I like to stay here, what’s wrong? There’s a dog here, so get the dog out of here.”


The manager didn’t look too good and looked at the fat-headed man on the side to make amends, “Sir, I’m really sorry, we have our own rules here, we don’t allow disturbance to affect others here.”


The most polite tone of voice to say the most sensible thing about this?


The man looked upset, looking at the clothes on his body and the big gold chain hanging around his neck, he should be a mine owner from the great northwest, with a bit of money to buy a house and settle down in the capital, so I guess he was very rich and cross.


He pushed the manager to the side and looked at Shen Yu and said angrily, “Who are you? Don’t mind your own business here!”


What kind of person was Shen Yu? If he wanted to kill a person, he had all the means to do so. He kicked the man’s bulging beer belly, and without saying a word, he didn’t give the man a chance to resist.


Without any hesitation, he kicked the man directly in the crotch, “You like that, don’t you? If you say one dirty word, I’ll just waste you, go on!”


“Ah ……” the man’s pig-like voice rang out, covering his crotch and rolling on the ground in pain.


A lot of people gathered around at once, looking in the direction of Shen Yu and me.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


The manager dared not say anything more and hurriedly found some people to carry the man away.


I stood aside and looked at him with a scowl, this was the second time he had beaten someone up when he was in a bad mood.


When he saw me looking at him, he pursed his lips and said, “Did you get scared?”


Chapter 500

I shook my head, “Twice now, I suspect you’re intentionally using violence in front of me, are you implying something?”


He took his jacket off and dropped it on the sofa, and his slender body leaned down, and Gwen said, “Accident, not under control, I’ll pay attention next time.”


I was speechless.


He ordered a few drinks and as the waiter stepped aside to clean up the mess, he looked at me and said, “I’ve noticed too, you’re very nosy.”


I ????


“When have I ever been nosy?” I thought to myself that I was still not much of a nosy person.


He took a sip of the wine he was serving and looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “Here, that girl has looked at you a few times.”


I froze and looked back to see that the girl who had just been beaten hadn’t left yet, still standing straight up in the card table all over, looking like she was waiting for the manager to come and deal with it.


I pursed my lips and looked to Shen Yu and said, “There’s nothing I can do to help her.”


“You thought you were helping her by stepping up just now, but you were actually hurting her!” A voice appeared out of nowhere, which scared me.


A very beautiful woman sat down beside me, very flamboyant and aggressive.


I froze for a moment and said, “Hello!”


The woman swept a glance at me and spoke disdainfully, “Mofilin, what’s your name?”


Mo Fei Lin?


The youngest daughter of the Mo family’s senior, Mo Zhi Zhan’s sister?




What a coincidence!


I spoke, “Shen Shu!”


When she heard my name, she obviously froze for a moment, but only for a minute, then she narrowed her eyes at me and said, “You’re the Shen Shu who drove Lin Wan to ruin?”


I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything, I didn’t really feel good about Mo’s family so I wasn’t too willing to talk to her.


Shen Yu spoke up, “Don’t talk about these useless things, we are out to drink and have fun, Miss Mo, if you are looking for something to do, please go around to another table, don’t stay here and make noise.”


Mo Fei Lin let out a heave and didn’t say much to him, but looked at me and said, “You’re surrounded by people who protect you.”


“Is there something wrong with Miss Mo?” I opened my mouth, instinctively reluctant to say more to her.


“Don’t make your rejection of me so obvious, I’m here to be friends with you.” Mo Fei Lin sat down next to me and spoke, “As the saying goes, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, I hate Lin Wan and her do-gooder daughter as much as you do, so we shouldn’t be friends anyways!”


I frowned and didn’t say anything.


She looked at the girl who had just been beaten by the middle-aged man and spoke, “You’re not going to help someone to the end since you’ve already taken a shot? She’s a little girl, you think this will be over when Young Master Shen breaks her life?”


I looked at Shen Yu and saw that he was a little impatient and said, “Be a pain in the a*s!”


Mo Fei Lin was not angry and spoke, “To put it bluntly you two are both gentry ladies of the Shen family, after beating someone up, others would only dare to eat a dumb loss and do nothing, but she is different, she is a little girl with no one to rely on originally came to this kind of place just to make some money, but now she has also caused trouble, in the future that fatty will come back for her and will make her life worse than death. ”


Seeing me frowning, she chortled, “Don’t look like you don’t eat the world, you are lucky enough to meet so many noble people and you are good looking, so naturally you have people to protect you, but little girl, there are a lot of poor people in this world.”


She pointed to the girl who had just been beaten and said, “See she’s useless, she’s pretty, isn’t she? Isn’t she pretty? She may even come from a background similar to yours, but, ah, she certainly doesn’t have a husband like Fu Shen Yan, nor a brother like Young Master Shen, let alone Shen Chang Lin, who took a liking to her right away, so ah, she’s miserable.”


This woman ……