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Never Say Never Chapter 507-508

Chapter 507

He frowned and his dark eyes held a coldness in them, “Speak properly!”


“Do you listen to me when I speak properly? Are you listening?” I shouted, “What right do you have to return my ticket without my consent? What do you think I am, your toy, a robot under your control, a puppet that does everything you say?”


He pursed his lips and didn’t say anything else, just looked at me with his black eyes motionless for a long time, before he spoke, “Very angry?”


I froze for a moment, suppressed my anger and said, “Not really, but please don’t touch my things without my permission next time, it’s fine if you don’t want a divorce, we’re just delaying each other, but please respect me, that’s all I ask, please!”


This I said with polite detachment and some exhaustion.


Without bothering to look at his expression, I went upstairs, rebooked my flight and came downstairs with my suitcase.


He stood in the lobby, his dark, cold eyes looking at me as if to see me through.


Carrying the suitcase to the car, it was a good thing he didn’t follow me out.


I drove out of the villa and was relieved to see that he didn’t follow me.


I picked up my ticket at the airport and, seeing that it was still early, I found a book in the waiting room and sat down on a chair to read it.


The girl beside me who suddenly approached me to say hello startled me.


“Miss Shen, are you also going back to Jiangcheng today?” The girl wore a stylish coat with a knitted knee-length skirt underneath and matching boots, fashionable without losing her poise.


I looked at her delicate cheeks and half wondered when I had known this little girl.


Seeing me dazed and puzzled, the little girl smiled, “Miss Shen do you not remember me, we have just met, my name is Wang Yan Yiu, in the Royal City night club, you and Shen Shao had saved me.”


I froze for half a second, but remembered, and wondered, “You’re from Jiangcheng too?”


She nodded and smiled, “Well, my hometown is Su County, Jiangcheng, and I go to school in the capital.”


After a pause, she said with some embarra*sment, “My family’s condition is not very good, my parents paid for me to go to high school after my family couldn’t afford to pay for my schooling, that’s why I worked night shifts in the imperial city to earn money, because I didn’t introduce myself, that’s why I was bullied, thanks to you and Shen Shao that day, otherwise I don’t know what that Liu would have done to me!”


I nodded, sort of understanding, I was not a good social person by nature, so when I saw her finish, I had nothing to say in response, so I was silent.


She seemed to enjoy talking to me, and when she saw me reading a book, she smiled, “Miss Shen likes to read Notre Dame de Paris too, I just read it two days ago too.”


I nodded, and after a pause, looked at her and said, “There are still a few days before New Year, don’t you work part-time in the capital for a few days before you go back?”


“Shen Shao has arranged a part-time job for me in Jiangcheng, I’m close to home, so I can stay until New Year’s Eve and then go back.” She spoke, a smile on the corner of her mouth, as if she was happy to mention Shen Yu.


I nodded lightly, thinking for a moment that Shen Yu did not seem to have no company in Jiangcheng, what could he have arranged for her?


Curious, I couldn’t help but say, “What has he arranged for you?”


“I studied accounting, so she put me in touch with an auditing company called Credit Audit, which has only risen to prominence in the last few years, and they happen to have a lot of business at the end of the year recently, so I not only get a base salary but also a commission.”


With a smile on her face, she looked at me and said, “By the way, Miss Shen, you’ve gone back to Jiangcheng for the New Year, so is he coming to Jiangcheng as well, Young Shen?”


Look at this girl’s expression, could it be that she has fallen in love with Shen Yu?


Chapter 508

I shook my head, “Not really, he’ll stay in the capital I think.”


She oh’d and whispered, “He clearly said he was coming to Jiangcheng for the New Year, why ……”


I didn’t ask more questions, looked at the time and saw it was about time, so I said goodbye to her and got ready to board my flight.


Qiao En waited for me at the airport, took me to the car, started the car he began to shatter.


“Can’t you turn your phone off next time you have something to do with Fu Shen Yan? Make me look like a pervert and I’m not embarra*sed?”


I pursed my lips and my face burned a little, “Sorry, I won’t next time.”


He glanced sideways at me and narrowed his eyes, “You’re on birth control, right?”


The mention of children made me extra sensitive and I stiffened slightly and said, “Yes!”


He nodded, “That’s good, don’t get pregnant again, you’re not fit to be pregnant right now, besides, when we get back later, you and I will go somewhere later.”


“Where to?”


“To see a doctor, you crouped blood last time, the doctor said that although you woke up, it was serious, after a few times of this thing frequently, your little life will be lost, I visited an old Chinese doctor, I’ll show you.” He said as he drove.


He looked at my face and said, “Have you been staying up late again lately?”


I pursed my lips and pinched my brow, “It’s insomnia!”


It’s all chronic, but if I could cure it all at once, I would cooperate with the doctor, but it’s all chronic and taking the time to stay up, I don’t have the patience or the energy.


He sighed, “If you and Fu Shen Yan really can’t help it, just separate for a while and get well first, dragging on like this is not an option.”


“He doesn’t want to get a divorce!” I said and he braked hard, the light was red in front of him.


He looked over at me, his eyes wide, “Are you crazy? What’s the point of thinking about divorce? He has the money, the body and the face, and you’re divorcing him? You’ve had enough?”


I looked over at him, not happy, “He’s so nice, why don’t you stay with him?”


I froze, why did that not sound right, I couldn’t help but look at him, “You have someone you like? Who?”


He was speechless for a moment and said, “I have someone I like, is that the kind of thing you say you’re with?”


Which girl? Together? For how long? How did you meet?”


He was speechless, the light was green, he started the car and looked at me, “Can you talk properly, you’re a woman, do you have to be so nosy?”


“I’m only nosy because I’m a woman!” If I were a man, why would I ask so many questions?


He coughed after the car had gone for a while and said, “You’ll find out later.”


I said, “Oh, I didn’t ask any more questions.


I had just returned to Jiangcheng and Jon took me to see a doctor, which I was reluctant to do, who wants to be dragged around all day saying you are sick.


So, after procrastinating with him for a while, he finally compromised and took me back to Cloud Copper Apartments, not to where Muzi was staying before.


Instead, he went to a different floor, carrying his suitcase and saying as he entered the lift, “This side of the house isn’t as big as the villa over at Shanshuiju, but it’s expensive and cozy, and convenient for taking care of the four seasons.”


I nodded my head, but I felt some unexplainable pressure and nervousness in my heart, probably because he could see that I was uncomfortable.


I pursed my lips and mumbled, but I was still a little nervous.


When I got to the door, my palms were sweating, he rang the doorbell, and it was Chen Xing who answered the door, with a bottle in his hand and an apron tied around him.


I froze for a moment, something indescribable, and when he saw me, he looked very calm and spoke, “Here you are, come in, the food is ready.”


Jon looked over at me and said, “Go wash your hands, go check on the kids later, then go eat.”


He carried my suitcase and put it in the room and spoke, “Stay with us for the time being.”