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Never Say Never Chapter 549-550

Chapter 549

Fu Shen Yan didn’t return until the evening, Jon took the four seasons away and I lay awake all day.


When he came back, it was already early in the morning and he frowned slightly when he saw that I was still awake, “Still up?”


“Going to bed.”


He enthused and spoke, “Then hurry up and turn off the light and go to sleep!” He walked over to me and kissed me on the forehead, moving gently.


His voice was low, “I’m going out for a trip, I might have to go to M. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon, sleep well, Sister-in-law Zhang has come over, tell her what you want to eat, sleep well and don’t stay up late, otherwise I I’ll force you to the hospital when I get back.”


“What’s wrong?” It’s late, why are we still going to M?


He smoothed my hair, his voice warm, “A little thing, just a trip over.”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, usually if it wasn’t a big deal, he wouldn’t come to give me an account on purpose, he would just send me a message, today he came back to tell me on purpose, it was probably more serious.


Pulling him along, I said, “What’s the matter?”


He lost his smile and kissed me on the forehead, “You’re so sad to see me go, are you planning to give a big farewell gift?”


I ……


“Fu Shen Yan, you rascal!”


He laughed, “I’m your husband, it’s not called rogue, it’s called affection, stay home and get well, and make it up to me when I come back!”


This man, really, said all the words, so calmly and freely.


Seeing me blush, he didn’t say much more and spoke, “Zhuan Yan wait for me downstairs, get some rest and wait for me to come back!”


He grabbed a jacket and a few simple things and went out, I was going to follow him and send him down.


He pressed me down on the bed, “Get some rest and do as you’re told!”


He hadn’t been downstairs long before the sound of the engine starting, followed by the car moving away.


I lay in bed, just as I thought I would, barely able to sleep, especially with Fu Shenyan away.


I woke up at dawn, groggy and dizzy after a few steps.


Sister-in-law Zhang was tidying up in the kitchen and when she saw me stumbling, she hurriedly came forward to help me.


“Xiao Shu, did you not sleep last night, why do you have such big dark circles under your eyes?”


I pinched my eyebrows, my shoulders and waist were so sore that I sat down on a chair and looked at Sister Zhang, “Sister Zhang, please pour me a gla*s of water.”


She nodded and poured me some water, watched me take a few sips, and said, “I’ll cook you some porridge later, after you’ve finished eating, go back to your bedroom and get some rest.


I nodded slightly as my shoulders were sore, probably caused by lack of rest.


I fished out my mobile phone and called Han Shuang, and the call was answered within a few seconds.


“Mr. Shen, I’ll be there in about an hour, something at home may delay me for a few minutes.”


I had originally asked her out yesterday, but it had been delayed because of my health.


Speaking into the phone, I huffed and spoke, “I might not be able to make it today, you might need to come over to the Shanshui residence.”


She paused and nodded, “Good!”


“While you’re here go to the hospital for me and prescribe a few sleeping pills and bring them to me.”


“What’s wrong?”


“Insomnia lately!” It wasn’t a good idea to keep staying up like this.


She paused for a moment, then said, “I’ll be there in thirty minutes.”


After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Zhang cooked some porridge and when she saw that I was not very energetic, she said with some concern, “Do you want me to go with you to the hospital?”


I shook my head, “No!” It was caused by lack of sleep, and the doctor just told me to get some rest and nothing else.


After a pause, I looked at Sister Zhang and said, “By the way, I have a friend coming over later, you should prepare some fruits and pastries for lunch.”


She nodded and told me to eat my breakfast.


With the lack of sleep, I could barely eat anything either, and after a few bites I was in little mood to eat.


I sat down in the hall to watch TV. When Han Shuang came, she saw that I had serious dark circles under my eyes and said in shock, “Haven’t you recovered a lot recently? What?”


I pinched my brow and said, “Fu Shenyan’s headquarters in the capital is preparing to recruit a secretary, are you interested?”


Chapter 550

She froze for a moment and said with some surprise, “The president’s secretary? Doesn’t President Fu already have a special a*sistant Chen? Also President Fu doesn’t seem to have always used many female secretaries.”


I took a sip of water, my head buzzing, “The company is going to expand after the year, there are some fine things Chen Yi can’t take care of, after all, you have stayed in Fu’s and know his nature, it’s more convenient to work with him!”


She was puzzled, “Mr. Shen, you are not busy with Gu’s work now, you can just go back to work at Fu’s, why?”


“It’s true that I don’t have to worry too much about Gu’s now, but I won’t go back into Fu’s, I have my own plans, of course you can refuse if you don’t want to!”


She shook her head, “It’s not that I don’t want to, I work at Mo’s, and frankly I’m no better than a receptionist, it’s lucky for me to go back to Fu’s and become Mr. Fu’s secretary, but Mr. Shen, that Mo’s family doesn’t need me ……”


“No need!” What should be done, I have done, and what should be punished has been punished.


Since it’s been a new year, it all has to start from scratch.


I’m not sure what I’m talking about, but I’m not sure what I’m talking about, but I’m not sure what I’m talking about, but I’m not sure what I’m talking about. The girl then jumped to her death because of something.


I couldn’t help but frown, “Just create a little trouble?” The relationship when I was young has been over a decade in the making.


Besides, a cousin? Didn’t Second Uncle Fu’s family have no heirs?




How did this matter get complicated again.


I’ve been watching Lu Ke recently, she seems to be close to Mr. Cheng, but I haven’t seen her contact anyone else, but some time ago, she went to the capital, I’m not sure what she’s doing.”


“Going to the capital after the New Year?”


She nodded, “She should have contacted the Gu family’s, Gu Han had an a*sistant before, called Liu Yue it seems.”


I enthused, sister-in-law Zhang made the meal, while eating I then took sleeping pills, once I finished the meal the effects of the pills came, I went straight to my room.


I slept until the early hours of the morning, and it seemed that Sister-in-law Zhang had been waiting for me to wake up.


When she heard the commotion in the bedroom, she hurried upstairs, brought up some food and looked at me and said, “Good thing you’re awake, are you hungry? Mister called and said he was delayed by something and knowing you were asleep told me to wait for you to wake up and eat something.”


After a few hours sleep, I was somewhat refreshed and looked outside, it was already dark and the clock on the wall was pointing at 1am.


I had just woken up and I couldn’t eat, so I looked at Sister Zhang and said, “Sister Zhang, put the food here, I’ll eat later, it’s late, you go and rest first.”


Sister Zhang was also old and a bit sleepy, so she told me to remember to eat and went downstairs.


I sat up in bed, feeling better, but regretting that I had slept for so long, and now it was nighttime, so it was impossible to go back to sleep.


So, it was going to be a night of staying up.


The phone rang, it was Fu Shen Yan calling.


I picked up the phone and my voice softened a bit, “I just woke up.”


“Yes!” His voice was muffled, but it sounded exceptionally nice, “Eat something later, it’s okay if you can’t sleep, I happen to be fine now, so I can keep you company and talk.”


I nodded, “Yeah!”


“I might be here in M for a few more days, you need to eat well at home, don’t stay up late, and have Jon bring the Four Seasons over to keep you company.”




“Third Uncle and Shen Yu might not be in Jiangcheng for a few days, call Chen Xing if you need anything, he will help you.”




Fu Shen Yan: “……”


I originally also had few words, at this time he did not open his mouth, I could not find anything to talk about for a while.


After a full half minute of silence, I thought about it before I spoke, “You come back early.”


The other end of the phone was silent for a long time before he spoke, his voice low and hoarse, “Good!”


There was nothing more to say, so I looked at the phone and was ready to hang up.


But the other end suddenly said, “Remember to miss me!”