Never Say Never Chapter 563-564

Chapter 563

I nodded my head.


Jon wondered, “Didn’t he die in a car accident, how did ……”


I nodded, “I saw him in America and I still don’t know what happened to Thi, so I’m not sure, what was going on with him then.”


When I finished, I got up and carried Four Seasons into the room to breastfeed.




I had originally planned to pick up the Four Seasons at the Shanshui Residence, but Qiao En saw me driving alone and wasn’t comfortable with it, so he asked me to go over with Fu Shen Yan to pick it up another day.


When I got out of Yunrong flat, I didn’t have anything to do, and seeing that it was still early, I thought of going to the cemetery to see my grandfather, grandmother and Muzi.


Halfway through the drive, there was a traffic jam, but fortunately it was not on the highway.


Because of the long traffic jam, many drivers got out of their cars to have a better look.


The driver who saw the situation folded back and said helplessly, “How can young people drive so carelessly nowadays, crashing so badly, that car is still in a pregnant woman, and she has to give birth, it’s too dangerous.”


“The man in the Maybach is in his twenties, but he has a great temperament, he doesn’t look like a normal dude, how can he drive so carelessly, he won’t be able to leave for a while, he will be stuck in traffic.”


A driver picked up the conversation.


I couldn’t help but look at the time, the cemetery is extremely far away from here, and when the traffic jam is over, I guess it’s too late.


I got out of the car and took a sideways glance at the car in front of me and frowned at the black Maybach.


The license plate looked particularly conspicuous and familiar.


When I realized it was Fu Shen Yan, my brain buzzed, my legs went weak and I sat up straight away.


“Little girl, are you okay? What’s wrong?” The taxi driver who got off at the side to see what was going on helped me up.


Perhaps having learned some first aid, he lifted his hand and pinched my midsection, and pain came from my nerves before I eased up.


I stared at the driver and said, “Thank you!”


“It’s okay!” The driver held me up and said, “Low blood sugar from time to time? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”


I shook my head, let out a breath, steadied myself and took a moment to calm down before looking at him, “No, thank you, I’m fine!”


Easing myself out of the emotion I had just felt, I moved to take one step forward.




Chapter 563 Aftermath


nbsp;Because the road was blocked far away, it took a while for the ambulance to come in, and there were people gathered around the accident.


I peeled back the crowd and walked in.


Seeing the crowd, a black-clad, clean man, who is now coldly protecting the woman beside him, holding the phone in his hand, seems to be looking for emergency personnel.


There was a lot of blood flowing on the ground, from the pregnant woman, and some people studying medicine were clearing the crowd around them, while others were sitting first aid measures on the pregnant woman.


I was struck by lightning when my eyes fell on the pregnant woman’s raised stomach and touched the blood left in her legs.


The small of my belly unconsciously began to throb with pain, I subconsciously covered my stomach and could not help but back up.


I was on the phone and Fu Shen Yan seemed to see me, his eyes deepened and he walked towards me.


Lu Xinran, who had been protected by him, turned a few shades paler.


“Why are you coming over?”


My belly throbbed with pain and I couldn’t help but frown at him, “I just happened to drive by here, are you okay?”


He shook his head, and when he saw that I was blushing in pain, he picked me up horizontally and said in a low voice, “Where’s the car?”


“In the back!”


Placing me in the car and easing me down, I breathed a small sigh of relief.


He frowned at me, “Why does it hurt all of a sudden?”


I shook my head and took a breath, “Probably from seeing the pregnant woman earlier, I think it’s the aftermath of last time.”


After a pause, I looked at him and said, “Why are you …… here?”


Lu Xinran had followed her over, and after a few days of not seeing her, she looked miserable and forlorn, and people seemed to have suddenly lost a great deal of weight.


Fu Shen Yan looked frank, “Send her to the hospital, on the way to lose concentration, hit someone.”


He said it lightly, but I’m afraid the truth is not that simple, Fu Shen Yan has always driven steadily, there is no way he would cause an accident because he was distracted.


I subconsciously looked at Lu Xinran and saw that her face was still pale and her eyes were a little red and swollen, obviously she had just cried.


Seeing the resentment and hatred in her eyes as she looked at me, I couldn’t help but frown, had I offended her again recently?


The sound of the ambulance came, Fu Shen Yan raised his hand, smoothed the hair around the person’s ear behind his ear, his voice was warm, “Don’t think too much, go home first and wait for me, I’ll go back once I’ve taken care of this, eh?”


Chapter 564

I nodded my head and gestured for him to go!


It was a matter of human life, he could not afford to delay.


Watching him leave, Lu Xinran looked at me with resentment in her eyes, “You shouldn’t have lived!”


The words were cold and harsh, and I couldn’t help but frown.


Seeing her leave, I was a little puzzled, I didn’t seem to have provoked her during this recent period.


The ambulance took the pregnant woman away, Fu Shen Yan followed her up to see what was going on and the road was cleared.


After delaying most of the day, going to the cemetery again, there was not enough time for a round trip, not to mention that I went alone, if it was too late, the way back was definitely not safe.


So, I drove straight to the hospital to see exactly what happened to the pregnant woman.


The hospital!


The pregnant woman hadn’t been hit, she was just in shock and her water had broken.


When I arrived, the pregnant woman had already been taken into the delivery room and her family members were all here.


It was Fu Shenyan’s responsibility, Chen Yi had just come to communicate with the pregnant woman’s family, and Lu Xinran had suffered some minor injuries and was taken away by the doctor for observation.


I looked at him and was silent for a while before I said, “You’ve always been a steady driver, how could you suddenly have an accident?”


He raised his eyes, and his low, deep eyes fell on me with some complexity, and I suddenly had a bad feeling.


Sure enough, after a moment of silence, he spoke, “Xinran was arguing with me in the car!”


Faintly smelling the smell of blood, I frowned and noticed that a large part of his black sleeve was wet.


“You’re hurt?” I spoke, raising my hand to lift his shirt.


He took my hand in his, “Nothing!” He spoke, his eyes a little darker.


I pursed my lips and the anger I had been holding for a long time rose up, “Fu Shen Yan, do you think you’re so powerful and manly? If you’re hurt, you’ll get a bandage, what’s the matter with you?”


He froze at my sudden yell and opened his mouth to speak, only to be glared back at by me.


I lifted my hand and took off his jacket before I noticed that he had a large scrape on his arm, so long ago that the blood had clotted, and because his clothes were black, it was basically impossible to see anything different again.


If I hadn’t been close to him and smelled the blood, I wouldn’t have noticed that he was injured.


When I frowned, he opened his mouth and his voice was warm, “A small wound, it’s not a problem.”


“You shut up!” I was angry, I didn’t know if I was angry at him for being with Lu Xinran or for not taking care of himself.


In short, very angry!


The nurse was called to clean his wound and his exquisite high-fashion suit was cut open, he was a cold natured man.


Acquaintances were used to it alright, but the young nurse was young after all, and her hands kept shaking from his cold breath.


He frowned, as if deflating his anger, and after a long time looked up at me and said, “You do it!”


The little nurse froze and stopped her hand, the alcohol-soaked face swab subconsciously landing on the wound.


Fu Shen Yan frowned, his tone heavier, “Let her come!”


I sighed and took the potion from the little nurse’s hand, trying to control my emotions, and said in a warm voice, “Thank you, go ahead and get busy, I’ll take care of him.”


The little nurse was relieved and nodded her head repeatedly, “Good, good!”


When the nurse ran away, I looked up at him and said, “I’ll hit you harder, and shut up if it hurts.”


He pursed his lips and his dark eyes overflowed with light, “Taken dynamite?”


I didn’t say anything and took a face swab to clean his wounds, luckily they were all scrapes, just a layer of skin that had been scraped and looked a little bloody.


It didn’t break any bones, so a little salve would do for a few days.


After cleaning the wounds, I got up, collected the mess and looked at him with a light gaze, “Why did you argue in the car?”


Not arguing in the car wouldn’t have caused the accident at all, I knew his nature.