Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4260

Li Yalin spread his hands and said, “You see, I’ve been in the business for most of my life, what else do I have left but this false reputation? If I lost even that, I would only be left with the meagre pension that the federal government gave me.”

An Chongqiu said seriously, “Old Li, be optimistic! It’s just a setback in your strongest field, I’m telling you, it doesn’t matter.”

He pointed his hands at himself and said, “Look at me, for so many years I was always treated like a guest everywhere I went, even if there was a ninety year old man opposite me, he would stand up and give me the best seat, but some time ago I went to an auction and was kicked out in front of so many people, I wanted to open a crack in the ground and go in, but But now, I’ve gotten over it!”

“Even if you are a good person, you can’t be given face by everyone; even if you are a good detective, you can’t solve all the cases;”

“You have to learn to accept failure while trying to keep a normal mind, after this period of time you can look at this matter, it is just a fart that someone put in front of you, even if the fart stinks, sooner or later there will be a day to dissipate.”

“But if you keep holding on to this matter, and when you are seventy or eighty years old, you still think about that fart and feel bad about not finding the person who farted, then you will definitely not be happy in the rest of your life.

Li Yalin smiled helplessly, “You’re really good at persuading people.”

After saying that, he lifted his gla*s and said to An Chongqiu, “Come on, come on, drink up, drink up!”

An Chongqiu waved his hand, “Don’t drink so much, just drink a little, you still have to save some energy for the big show, once the big show is on, I’m afraid your pressure will be much easier.”

Li Yalin looked aghast and asked him, “You mean the ‘public execution’ thing?”

Shortly after Fei Hao Yang was kidnapped, An Chongqiu and Li Yalin had speculated on the motive behind the incident, thinking that someone must have intended to carry out a public execution of the Fei family.

And now, with the kidnapping and mistreatment of Fei Hao Yang, which had been fermenting on the internet and sparking the attention of billions of people, the heat of the matter had reached its peak.

Moreover, the 48-hour window given by the kidnappers was getting closer and closer, and if the two of them were correct, then I was afraid that the big reversal of this matter would come soon.

An Chongqiu laughed at this point, “If that Fei Hao Yang really did something evil and was exposed, then no one would blame you for not being able to save him, don’t you think?”

Li Yalin shook his head and smiled bitterly, “As much as I hate to admit it, you’re really right ……”

An Chongqiu nodded his head and smiled, “So just wait and watch in peace, the good show is about to take place.”

Saying that, An Chongqiu added: “You see why I decided to go back early tomorrow morning instead of leaving this evening, is that I want to watch the show in New York before I leave.”

At this moment, although Ye Chen upstairs was not moving and eating, all of An Chongqiu’s conversation with Li Yalin had entered his ears without fail.

When he heard this, he couldn’t help but feel surprised, he didn’t expect that his great uncle and this Inspector Li had analysed all of his true motives and even predicted his next plan with precision, which was indeed something he hadn’t expected.

At this moment, An Chongqiu’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

He saw the name of the person on the phone and said with a smile, “Hello, Yo Yo.”

On the phone, a woman’s urgent voice came through, saying with a sobbing voice, “Big brother you have to hurry back! Dad is dying!”