Silly Teen Chapter 13-14

Chapter 13

I looked at her, in her face floating two red, but it is to make people think it is very cute. I asked her what was wrong, but she said to me that she suddenly remembered that there was something she hadn’t done and had to go out for a while.

I looked at her was a little funny.

Uncle Chen looked at her is also can not help but lightly laughed: “Little girl after all is little girl ah, so easy to blush.”

I was not good and Uncle Chen said.

“Uncle, it’s not you talking so loudly, all to people heard!”

“Huh, I just spoke loudly?” Uncle Chen played dumb and said.

“Of course!”

I said with a white glance at him.

Guo Xuefu red face, fled, in my head, it must be because of what Uncle Chen just said to me. That’s why she wanted to take the opportunity to leave the ward. Uncle Chen gave a chuckle. And this is, I have not seen a smile on Uncle Chen’s face for a long time.

After Uncle Chen saw that I was fine, is to say a word with me, first went back to the police station.

Guo Xuefu then returned.

The redness on her face had completely dissipated, and while she was peeling my apple, she asked me, “By the way Jinchao, that was the police uncle who raised you just now, right?”

I nodded without evasion and said to her, “Yes. You should have heard about it, right? My dad, when I was a kid, went to jail for hurting someone. If it wasn’t for Uncle Chen who took care of me like his own son all these years, I wouldn’t know which corner of the city I’m in now, picking up trash!”

She brought the apple to my mouth, then said to me, “Then you really should thank Uncle Chen.”

I looked at the ceiling’s reply.

“Who says it’s not! My ideal is actually not very big, I just want to study hard, make money hard in the future, take care of my dad after he gets out of jail, and also filial piety to Uncle Chen.”

“Well, go for it, I believe you can do it!” Guo Xuefu cast an encouraging look at me.

Guo Xuefu took care of me in the hospital for a day, almost to the point of being unfailingly attentive, and it even made my heart burst with warmth. Compared to those who rejected me before, Guo Xuefu was simply good to me. Until after seven o’clock in the evening, I asked her to go back first, she only then was to leave.

However, in the following days, she will rush to this end of the hospital every day after cla*s, and even come over at noon.

I asked her if she didn’t need a lunch break.

But she said to me that if she came over, she could also have someone to talk to. Uncle Chen must be busy with the police station, and can not take care of me. She said that she would be on the bus to school and just rest for a while. And her words, but also let my heart a burst of emotion.

“Xuefu, did those people come to you after the trouble ah?” I just rushed Guo Xuefu asked.

“Are you talking about that slate-inched Cao?” She asked as she peeled my fruit and looked up at me.

“Yeah, that’s him!”

I nodded.

“He hasn’t been around my house in recent times. But I heard that he has people checking up on you at school, and I’m afraid that when you go back to school, you’ll be in trouble. It seems that he is still a quite powerful person ……,” Guo Xuefu said here, but is worried.

“It’s okay, when the time comes, soldiers will stop, water to cover up!” I am also very worried in my heart, just did not show it, that is, do not want her more worried about it.

“You are open-minded.”

Guo Xuefu smiled.

I can only force a smile: “can’t think of no use ah. After all, I am now lying in the hospital, even if I worry more, there is no point, right!”

Because of her company, time pa*sed quickly.

It was time to be discharged from the hospital. The doctor said that I had a concussion, and that I should pay attention to my head after I was discharged. And after I went back to school, only Guo Xuefu, welcomed me out of the hospital. Everyone else was silent, and I got used to the indifference.

Life went on.

I also continued to maintain the ‘cowardly’ look in school, for the sake of the great conflict, I can only be between them, according to their uncle even do. Because soon to the end of the relationship, Guo Xuefu worried about my grades, said to me after school to do individual tutoring.

This, my heart is a little worried. Mainly because I am afraid that therefore, and get into trouble

But I can’t refuse Guo Xuefu, so I had to agree to it.

We sat face to face.

The sunset outside the window shone through the window and fell on her body, reflecting her youthfulness and liveliness. She smiled at me and stuffed a lollipop into my mouth. Because school was over, the cla*s was filled with people other than us, the day student for today.

She asked me to open my textbook, and little by little, she taught me about the textbook.

I was a little dumbfounded.

“Jinchao, what are you looking at? Are you listening to me or not?” She poked me curiously.

I suddenly blushed and hurriedly just covered up a cry.

“Of course I am!”

“Hmph, look at your wandering look …… Do you think I will believe you?”

Guo Xuefu said with a lollipop in her mouth.

“Then what else do you think I’m looking at?”

“Look at me ah!”

“I look at you for what ah? You’re the one who keeps looking at me!” That’s how I responded to her.

“Cut, who likes to look at you? You’re not handsome at all!” Guo Xuefu just gave me a white glance. And I listened to her words were a little funny. As we spoke, we focused our eyes on the textbook. But it is after some words, our atmosphere is a bit awkward.

She gave me a lecture on the subject while my eyes still couldn’t help but fall on her body.

She was wearing a summer school uniform, and the buttons on her chest were open a few times. With my angle, I could vaguely see something. I forced myself not to look, but I still had some restraint.

“Jinchao, does it look good?”

She asked me out of the blue.

I was startled.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“I asked you, do I look good? You’ve been staring at me so much that I can’t concentrate.”

She explained this to me.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I thought she found out I was looking at her chest! If she had found out, she might have thought I was a big pervert!

I smiled dryly: “You just look good, that’s why I want to see more. Wouldn’t it work?”

“Eh …… you adolescent boys, is easy to be these fancy things fascinated eyes, can not concentrate down to study, but also lead to your grades are falling.” She said very reasonably.

I can’t help but harrumph: “also fancy green …… Hey, have you described yourself so?”


Chapter 14

“That’s all I’m saying. Who said to you that I was talking about myself?” She looked at me with no good grace.

I said with a chuckle.

“But that’s what you meant by your words.”

She rolled her eyes again, but the lollipop in her mouth accidentally fell on the floor. She exclaimed, also with a look of pity, is to throw the lollipop in the trash can. When she sat down, but found her collar, is open. She suddenly blushed and hurriedly turned her back, just to fasten the button.

When she turned around, but also rushed me to ask: “You just keep staring at me, it would not be …… looking at my chest, right?”

I hurriedly shook my head and said, “I look like such a lewd person? I was just looking at your face, really!”

“Well, that’s fine. Then I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.” She said with a flushed face.

I guess she had guessed that I was looking at her chest, but she was just embarra*sing everyone by not putting it out in the open.

She went on and on, telling me about it.

Because my senior year, Ben was in the top 20 of the year. After figuring out some knowledge points, I was also able to understand what she said very quickly. In the process, my hand accidentally touched the back of her hand. She quickly withdrew her hand almost as a reflex.

At the same time, a boy suddenly came into the cla*s.

I recognized him.

He is called Guan Dongxuan, claiming to be the boss of our cla*s, and has collected a few little brothers in the cla*s, very powerful. He usually asked me to help him with his homework, asked me to buy cigarettes for him, and extorted my pocket money …… which were already too common to be common.

“Jinchao, you and I come out for a moment.”

He said hooking his finger at me.

And Guo Xuefu beside me pulled my hand and looked at me with great concern. Just my heart is more worried about the consequences of not going out. I thought about it, or follow Guan Dongxuan to go outside.

I gave Guo Xuefu a look, let her rest a*sured. But in fact, my heart are very apprehensive.

And Xiao Tao took me to the toilet after the mouth threw a cigarette asked me: “Know I called you over, because of what?”

I shook my head and said: no idea.

He looked at me and said with a sneer: “Jin Chao, you can be a kid. Even I do not dare to offend Cao, and you dare to hit and injure people. Now you’re dead, people are looking for you all over the school, to get you killed.”

Guan Dongxuan are such a tone, and even more so, I feel. That called Cao’s plate inch head, is not at all what to mess with goods.

As soon as I heard it, I hurriedly said, “Brother Xuan, can you help me contact Cao ah? The situation that night was urgent …… I now regret it, and I want to apologize to Brother Cao.”

At this juncture I, do not want to create a greater conflict with off-campus social workers.

And that time the injury root serious, it is obviously me. Although I was a belly full of grievances, but I could not help that people Cao was powerful. I am a loner, not to mention offending Cao. Even if it offends Guan Dongxuan, my days at school, are not easy.

Now I just want to settle down and study hard. Other things, as little contact as possible.

“Tsk tsk, and apologize? Do you think it’s useful to apologize when things have turned out like this?” Guan Dongxuan asked me with a smile.

“Then brother Xuan, what do you think should be done?” I then asked Guan Dongxuan.

Guan Dongxuan thought about it and then said to me, “Well, there is not no way to solve this matter. I asked my brother to come out and invite Cao to have a meal, so that Cao can take the heat off. Just …… by then the meal money, there is no way we can pay for it!”

I gritted my teeth and asked him how much he needed.

If less, I still have some pocket money in my hand, but also barely able to support a little.

But Guan Dongxuan said: “How can it be a seven or eight hundred. When the time comes to drink, then I’m still talking about less.”

“Ah? So much ah ……”

I still have some hesitation.

Guan Dongxuan patted my shoulder, exhaled a smoke ring and said: “Not much ah. You think it’s easy to buy a meal now, is a small fried restaurant in front of the school can be sent off? You think too much!”

“Brother Xuan, let me think about it.”

I didn’t immediately agree to it.

If Guan Dongxuan can really help solve it, it is still possible to try. The money is spent, if it can completely solve this matter of Cao, then I will also try to get all the money out. Although my pocket money is not so much, but the red envelope money that exists in the card, or a few thousand.

That is what I keep for college, and I usually don’t take it out.

“What else to consider ah? I’m only helping you because you’re so obedient, otherwise I wouldn’t bother with my brother.”

Guan Dongxuan then said directly.

“Okay brother Xuan, I will get the money together in the next two days and give it to you as soon as possible.” I gave him such a rush, is promised.

“How long will it take?”

“Three days at the latest.”

“Then, in three days, you will take the initiative to give me the money yourself.” Guan Dongxuan said, is the hand of the cigarette, to the toilet gutter a throw, is so away. When I walked back to cla*s, Guo Xuefu worriedly asked me what had just happened. I said nothing, to rea*sure her.

Although she still looked worried, but because I did not say, she could not help.

After we left the school, I parted with her and went to the bank first to withdraw a five hundred out. Together with my pocket money, there was also eight hundred. I put the money on the table. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive. I also do not know if this matter to Guan Dongxuan, whether it can be.

The next morning, I went to school with eight hundred dollars in my pocket.

I thought the sooner the matter was resolved, the less trouble I would have, so I took the initiative to find Guan Dongxuan.

“Brother Xuan, this matter by your brother, can really be done?” I lowered my voice and asked him.

“Of course. My brother is also walking in the community, he and Cao still have some friends, by him to appear certainly no problem …… right, I talked to my brother about this last night. My brother said that he wanted five hundred dollars in benefits to help you out.” Guan Dongxuan then and I said.

“Ah? Five hundred more ah!”

I froze for a moment.

Guan Dongxuan listened, the tone of voice immediately raised: “Jin Chao, I tell you the truth, my brother only five hundred yuan benefit fee, or for my sake less for you to receive. If it were someone else, without a thousand and a half, certainly not down. And this fifteen hundred, and does not include the money for dinner.”

“But I just have eight hundred ……”

I pulled out the money in my pocket.

Guan Dongxuan took a look, but a contemptuous look: “Then you think clearly yourself. The opportunity, only so once. If they come to Cao to find you in trouble, you can cope? More than five hundred, as a break in the money to eliminate disasters. If you do not want to, then let’s forget it!”