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Silly Teen Chapter 17-18

Chapter 17

Guan Dongxuan’s mouth cursed and said that I do not know how to behave. It is when they want to leave, I am bold to continue to block in front of Guan Dongxuan. I couldn’t accept that the money was gone, and Guan Dongxuan was so angry that he lifted his foot and kicked me.

I fell to the ground, but they are walking past me, completely is not a serious look.

The people pa*sing by on the side, looking at my wretched appearance, also did not say anything. I patted the dust on my body, and walked back to the cla*sroom with a more lost heart.

But how could I have imagined that it was after school that I was in big trouble because of Guan Dongxuan!

“Jinchao, you come with me. Brother Xuan wants to see you for something.” Guan Dongxuan’s two lapdogs in the cla*s then called me away directly.

“Brother Xuan wants to see me for something?”

I was a little excited in my heart, I thought Guan Dongxuan was going to face this one thousand three. But when I thought about it, something wasn’t right! If Guan Dongxuan really intended to face it, he would have called me himself before he left just now …… Why did it have to come from his little brother?

There must be something odd about this!

And I was worried in my heart, so I followed them together and walked out of the school. I was also more and more nervous inside.

“Jin Chao, you come here.”

Guan Dongxuan sat on a chair in front of the cigarette store, with a cigarette in his mouth, and waved at me. He looked like nothing at all. The beating that he and his lapdogs gave me earlier didn’t seem to have happened at all.

“Brother Xuan.”

I cautiously walked up to his side.

Guan Dongxuan just pointed to his side, long prepared plastic chair, let me sit down. I was a little hesitant, and he looked at me, sneered and I said: “Jin Chao, you do not want money? Give me a good seat, wait here. Someone will send the money over soon.”


I was a little happy in my heart.

“Of course it’s true!”

Guan Dongxuan nodded solemnly.

And I sat on the empty space, but very embarra*sed. The side was simply a group of delinquent students, they smoked cigarettes, and the topic of our school girls in their mouths. I sat dry in my chair and didn’t say a word. I was still foolish enough to believe that Guan Dongxuan was really going to pay me for asking me to wait here.

But along with a motorcycle roar, I looked at the visitor and stood up on the stool at once.

“Brother Xuan, you pit me?”

I turned my head on a deadly stare at Guan Dongxuan.

Guan Dongxuan stood up, is to walk to the motorcycle from the Cao brother and their side, on the Cao brother and their smoke: “Jin Chao, look at what you said, how I pitted you? As I said, now that the person who gave you the money has come, shouldn’t you thank me?”

“Yes, don’t you want money? Why did you wimp out as soon as Brother Cao came?” Guan Dongxuan’s little brother mocked me.

And between their words, the slattern, Cao, came to my side and sat directly opposite me.

Brother Cao greeted me with a cigarette in his mouth: “Okay, don’t stand, sit down!”

I looked at the seven or eight people Cao brought, gritted his teeth and said, “Sorry, brother Cao, I don’t want the money.”

But Cao gave me a blank look and said, “How can this be? I’ve already prepared the money for you, and you say you don’t want it, so wouldn’t I have prepared it for nothing?”

“Then Brother Cao, where is the money ……”

“In another place. You wait and I will take a trip, I will take you to get it.” Cao said as he exhaled smoke rings.

I secretly feel bad in my heart. But at this time, I am simply in a dilemma. I was also willing to bear some relatively small price if I could salvage the money.

“How about it?”

“Okay, I’ll go!”

I agreed. I sat in the chair and watched Cao finish the cigarette in his hand. During the process, many delinquent students on the side came up and greeted Cao, all looking like they wanted to please him. And when he finished smoking, he dawdled a bit more, which is to get up and ready to leave.

Cao told me to take his car, and took me out of here.

It was when we were leaving that Guan Dongxuan raised his hand and waved at me. The smile on the corner of his mouth made me feel even more uneasy. I had heard before that Guan Dongxuan and the others got into the car and subsequently took each other to a more isolated place, that is, a beating.

“Brother Cao, aren’t we going to a bank or something? How come it’s getting more and more remote?” I asked cautiously.

“What do you care so much? There’s money on the line!” Cao, who was riding in front of me, barked at me.

“Brother Cao, we’re here.”

His little brother spoke up.

“Get off!”

Cao said to me.

I listened to his voice and rolled right off the car. The location where they parked was bordered by several stores. The sound of machine washing mahjong came out from inside. And behind me, Cao, with a cigarette in his mouth, pushed me.

“Brother Cao, did you bring me here to gamble?” I didn’t understand what was going on rushed Cao and asked.

“Gambling? You look like you have money to gamble?” Cao looked at me and said with a disdainful laugh, “Kid, I brought you here to collect the bill. You go in, find a fat man of about two hundred pounds, so that he owes me 10,000 yuan back to me! As long as you give can do, I’ll pay you back.”

I have never done this kind of thing, but even more terrified up: “Brother Cao, I’m afraid I can not ah.”

Brother Cao’s face was a scowl: “F**k! You want money, don’t you? Now I bring you here, and you tell me that you can’t, you’re playing with me?”

“Brother Cao, I told you this kid would not be able to do it. He’s such a wimp, can he receive the money?”

“Yes, I think it’s better for us to do it ourselves. When it’s over, drag this kid to the corner and beat him up and settle the matter!”

But Cao was weighing his options and said, “But no matter what, this is someone else’s turf after all. It’s still not good for us to come over and collect the debt. It is good to have such a cannon fodder in. If he can’t, we’ll go on.”

When Cao’s words came out, the little brother on the side was immediately a burst of sloppy: “D*mn, or Cao you think far ahead!”

“That’s right, we didn’t think of any of this.” Their words were more like deliberate acts. And Cao was obviously enjoying it. I listened to their words, and a burst of anger rose up. But there was nothing else I could do. Even if they use me, I can only try!

When Cao looked at me, he kicked me in the a*s: “Go on, what are you doing?”

“Hurry up!”

In the midst of their urging, I gritted my teeth and opened the floor-to-ceiling gla*s door in front of me ……


Chapter 18

I walked into the store.

This store is ostensibly selling tea, and in the back there is a compartment. The sound of motorized mahjong was coming from inside. No one was outside, so I swallowed nervously and opened the door of the compartment. All of a sudden, everyone inside was staring at me.

But then they just took their eyes off of me and continued to play their cards.

“Ten thousand.” A fat man threw a card out and took a tissue to wipe his sweat while looking a little nervous.

“Haha, Hu!” A man with a tattoo on his arm on the side laughed out loud and pushed the card in his hand.

“Sh*t, I’m one card short of a double-you card. …… It’s gone.” The fat man was anxious all of a sudden, and he looked at me with great displeasure: “Kid, why are you still standing there? Put my card luck are blocked! Roll stock roll, hurry up, don’t let me find someone to throw you out.”

I listened to his words, but I was still in place. I looked at him, according to I thought, he must be the one Cao said.

I pretended to be bold and said to him, “I’m here to ask you for money. You owe Cao 10,000, hurry up and pay!”

And when my words came out, more than ten people in the cubicle all froze. They turned their heads to look at me again, then a burst of laughter was spread in the cubicle.

“Brother Cao? It can’t be Cao Ge!”

“Looking for a high school student to collect a bill, Cao Ge is simply living more and more back.”

When the fat man heard this, he was full of energy and waved his hand at me impatiently, “Kid, did you hear that? If you want to really want the money back, let your big brother Cao Ge come over. With just a little kid like you, you think, I will give you the money? I don’t even think so!”

I listened to their words, and I was embarra*sed, but I could only be hard-headed.

“You owe money, you should pay. If you don’t give it, I’ll stand here and not leave.” That’s what came out of my mouth. I would like to be more domineering and threaten them, but how am I going to threaten them when I’m just one person and I don’t have a weapon in my hand?

“Hey, you brat is still coming on?”

“Kid, if you don’t hurry up and get out of here, don’t blame us for not being polite.” The tattooed men on the side, then rushed to threaten me.

“Throw him out!” The fat guy who was about two hundred pounds said while wiping his sweat.

But I listened to their words, but I still stood in place. My behavior, in turn, upset the tattooed men on the side. They came up, grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out. One of them gave me a kick at the entrance of the store and I fell straight down the two steps at the entrance.

They just looked at me as if I were a joke, condescendingly, and also with a taste of ridiculousness within.

I looked at the scraped skin of the hand, I want to find Cao brother they discuss how to solve. Just by myself, it is impossible to get the money well! But I turned around, but I could not see Cao and their silhouettes. I froze for a moment, and did not know where they had gone all of a sudden.

That’s when my little Nokia suddenly received an inexplicable phone call, and I didn’t know who was calling.


I asked tentatively.

“Well! Did you get the money?” It was Cao Ge’s voice on the other end of the line.

“Not yet.”

“Then go ahead. When you’re done, give me a call at this number. Remember, only success, no failure!” Cao Ge then said to me. I listened to his words, can only be a deep breath, is once again pulled open the gla*s door, and walked in. I also went out of my way.

But before walking into the cubicle, I was on the desktop smooth a fruit knife in hand. After I opened the door, the crowd in the room was once again looking towards me.

“Holy sh*t, how is it you again?”

Fatty cursed.

“Kid, are you really looking for death?” The tattooed men on the side were also upset and seemed ready to throw me out again.

I lit up the knife in my hand, I told them not to come over.

And then I also focused on the fat man: “Fat man, I advise you not to fight on. Haven’t you noticed? The three people at your table are all conspiring to eat your cards. If you have money to lose here, you might as well give it back to Cao.”

“What did you say?”

“Kid, you can eat your food indiscriminately, but you can’t say anything indiscriminately. What do you mean we colluded? Your dog’s eye saw it!” When I said that, the three people at the table stood up with a scuffle.

“You know for yourselves whether you have colluded or not.” I said back. I didn’t want to offend them either, but I wanted Fatty to pay back the money before I said that.

“Brother Chen, I think I don’t have a good hand today, I’d better withdraw first.” Fatty’s face was also ugly. But moreover it seemed that he couldn’t do anything with these people, so he didn’t dare to make a move.

“Don’t, you’ve only been playing for how long!”

“Yes, it’s no fun to leave so early. And it was you who said you wanted to fight, so I asked a few of my buddies to come over and accompany you.” Those in the cubicle didn’t spare the fat man.

“Forget it, I’d better go.”

Fatty said, and moved his huge size, ready to leave. Those people saw that they couldn’t stop, and even more hateful eyes fell on me. I blocked their way to wealth, they can have such a reaction, naturally, is not only normal.

I want to follow the fat man out, but those people do not intend to let me go how. They blocked between, but also the fat together.

“Brother Chen, you guys let me out first. I don’t want to be involved in this.” Fatty wiped the sweat on his head and said.

“Don’t worry, you can go when we clean up this mouthy kid.” The man called Chen, who had a black lizard tattooed on his arm, stopped in front of me, but I didn’t dare to meet his eyes.

“Kid, do you know how to deal with nonsense, according to our rules of the road?” Chen then rushed me and asked.

“I don’t know.”

I shook my head and said cautiously.

“I also do not want to beat you, lest then someone say I bully a student. How about this …… you eat this box of cigarette ash, I will spare you.” Chen said, it is from the side of the end of a box over. That is the machine marijuana on the ashes, which is filled to the brim with nearly twenty cigarette butts!

I simply did not dare to take the box, but they were forced into my hand.

I was even more scared in my heart.

And they saw I did not move for half a day, they drank at me: “D*mn -, told you to eat, you still f*cking stand still for what?”