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Silly Teen Chapter 23-24

Chapter 23

Xu Ying asked me this, even as she had a slightly inviting look on her face. She is a very mature, S*xual woman. Because she is often around men, she also knows what kind of men and how to eat what kind of sets. At this moment, however, my attention was not focused on her.

I couldn’t be bothered to answer her question, it was the scene in front of me, also looking at the men in front of me.

I hadn’t thought in any way that it was the time we were talking in the Green Trails Wonderland that she had gotten someone to find all of Cao Ge and the others. Cao and the others were kneeling on the ground, looking completely humiliated. They saw me at the door and were all very surprised.

On their bodies, there were obviously signs of being beaten. And beside them stood about ten other fierce and vicious socialites.

“Jin Chao, by the looks of you, you should be enjoying yourself. What do you want to do next, just give the word and all these people of mine will listen to you.” She said to me with a smile beside me.

“Chao, I was wrong. It was our fault before, so please forgive us, my lord.” Cao Ge was taken aback for a moment, so she hurriedly apologised to me and begged me for forgiveness.

I suddenly had some enjoyment in it. I went up to Cao Ge and kicked him, and I yelled at him in a condescending manner, “Aren’t you the boss? Weren’t you going to get me killed? Why are you now such a coward?”

Cao Ge was so scared by my kick that he didn’t even dare to scream, and with a bitter face, he continued to say in a low voice, “Brother Chao, if I knew you were so powerful before, I wouldn’t have dared to do that even if I had a hundred guts!”

“Brother Chao, it’s all Guan Dongxuan’s fault. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be looking for trouble with you.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Brother Chao, if you let us go, we’ll definitely help you fix Guan Dongxuan to death!” Cao Ge’s little brothers were chattering away, even more so as Cao Ge and I begged for mercy. They were simply a bunch of bullies who were afraid of the soft and the hard, and were instantly scared to death when they were approached by Xu Ying’s men.

I took advantage of Xu Ying’s power and foxed them for once: “Guan Dongxuan, I will definitely go back for him. But you guys beat me into the hospital last time and caused me to fall into a concussion, what do you think I should do to take the anger off my heart?”

When Cao Ge and the others heard this, they all showed a look of great fear. They didn’t dare to respond to me, which must mean that I had concussed them too.

“What, are you all afraid to speak?”

I asked rhetorically with a sneer.

“Brother Chao, or you can beat us up to relieve your anger.” One of the junior brothers on the side hesitated for a moment before this was said. But the moment his words came out, Cao Ge on the side hurriedly gave him a look. The way Cao Ge looked, he was obviously just afraid that I would come towards their heads!

“Then I’ll really hit?”

I said, and a fierce socialite on the side just handed me a steel pipe. I did pretend to walk towards them, and they became even more fearful. At this moment they, however, reminded me of myself at that time. And as I watched them get scared, the more the urge came over me.

I had my first taste of power, and with the ruthlessness of my heart towards Cao Ge, I was completely immersed in their fear.

I don’t know how to fight!

I was just waving a steel pipe in my hand to scare them. After they were frightened by me, I kicked Cao Ge in the jaw. Cao Ge’s jaw, which had just been opened, was closed alive because of my kick!

“How’s that, does it hurt?”

I asked Cao Ge as I squatted down in front of him.

“It hurts …… er, no!”

Cao Ge was just too busy to change his mind.

“Alright, you don’t have to pretend either. The blood from your mouth, it’s all coming out already.” I returned the steel pipe in my hand to the man on the side. I wanted to use my fists and feet more than the steel pipe. This feeling of punching to the flesh was the only way to dispel the anger in my heart, “How about it, do you now appreciate the feeling I had then?”

Cao Ge nodded his head in a hurry, “Appreciated, appreciated!”

At his words, I stood up and kicked him in the head again, “What the hell do you think? That kick wasn’t even a tenth of what I just gave him!” And after I kicked him over, I crouched directly above his chest, grabbing his collar and landing punch after punch on his face.

“Chao, don’t you fight.”

“If you want to hit us, hit us, we were the ones who hit you the hardest when we hit you before.”

Their ‘righteous’ words fell on my ears, which upset me even more, “Shut up all of you!” With the sound of my voice, they too fell silent for a moment. Cao Ge’s face was swollen underneath me, but he didn’t say a word, not even daring to resist.

However, I didn’t completely destroy Cao Ge. Still angry, I went to look for the others.

Didn’t they want me to beat him up?


I’ll do as they say!

And it was while I was making my move that Xu Ying and the fierce socialites all stood by and didn’t say anything. The iron door of the small warehouse was closed, so no one else could see anything from the outside. Everyone was waiting for me to finish venting the anger in my heart!

“Cog, you stand up.”

I said under my breath.

“What, what’s wrong Chao?” Cao Ge’s face was already completely swollen beyond recognition, even to the point of being comparable to that two hundred pound fat man. But even so, he still patella dare to shout in front of me.

“What happened between us, can we just let it go?” I wasn’t asking for his opinion at this point. It was more like I was mocking him when I said that. Who made him have to answer me in that tone and threaten me before?

“Of course!” A look of joy flashed across Cao Ge’s face.

“So what do you say to the Guan Dongxuan end, what are you going to do about it? And what are you going to do with my money?” I just turned and rushed him with the question. As he listened to my words, a look of surprise flashed across his eyes.

“Brother Chao, don’t worry. I will definitely help you clean him up properly. As for your money …… I’ll transfer it to your Alipay, or WeChat now!” Cao said hurriedly.

“But I don’t have those.”

“Then I’ll transfer your bank card!”

I listened to his words and was thinking about it and said, “Forget it, you’d better return that thousand three for me to that fatty. After all, I transferred more money out of my own pocket, so if I don’t return it, I’ll feel a bit uncomfortable.”

But Cao Ge said to me, “It’s okay, Chao, that guy is a second-generation demolition man, he’s very rich. He’s a rich guy, he’s got a lot of money. This 1,300 is nothing to him!”

“The second generation?”




Chapter 24

My sudden explosion of emotions was also a shock to Cao Ge. I knew before that I had been lied to, but I couldn’t help some of the emotions that came over me as I listened to Cao Ge’s words. Cao Ge cautiously asked me what was wrong, while I was shaking my head with him saying that it was fine.

My hands were still trembling because I had hit them too hard.

And Cao Ge and the others thought I was trembling with anger and were a bit scared.

The fact that Cao Ge and the others took the initiative to call me Chao was something I had never imagined before. I looked at them in front of me, and after my anger had subsided, I turned around and left with Xu Ying and the others. The depression in my heart was replaced by a sense of relief.

Xu Ying sent me back first. She left me a number and told me to take my mobile phone with me throughout the day and wait for news from her.

It was after I returned that Guo Xuefu sent me a text message asking me: How is it, is everything okay? I gave her a straightforward call back, thanking her for her concern. But she said she wasn’t trying to be concerned about me. I listened to her and didn’t tear her down. She was still angry, but it had eased up quite a bit.

I told her that I had gotten my money back and she was quite surprised to hear me.

She asked me what method I had used, after all, it was already quite difficult for a ‘little man’ like me to get the money from Guan Dongxuan’s hand, let alone Cao Ge. I was, however, hiding something from her about this. I let her guess, but I just wouldn’t tell her.

“Jinchao, you didn’t do anything illegal to get the money back, did you?” The more she thought about it, the more crooked she became.

I froze for a moment, followed by a dry laugh, “What are you thinking? I grew up surrounded by cops, what illegal things could I have done?”

“Hmph, I don’t know about that.” I listened to Guo Xue-fu’s words and could even imagine through my phone the cute way she was rolling her eyes at the moment.

“Ehhhh, just relax! By the way …… that guy called Cao Ge next, he definitely won’t dare to go after you either, so just rest a*sured for now.” I then said to her.

But her tone, too, became increasingly curious: “Jin Chao ah, that Cao is a social man, how on earth did you manage that?”

“That’s a secret!”

I said with a chuckle.

“Bummer!” Guo Xuefu said sulkily.

I talked to her for a while and she told me to go do my homework. After a phone call, things between us, too, eased up quite a bit. When I went to the cla*sroom the next day, Guan Dongxuan was already early is waiting in the cla*sroom. When he saw my arrival, he hurriedly pulled me out.

Guan Dongxuan looked at the injury on my face, and there was obviously a line of amus*ment on the corner of his mouth, he obviously did not know what had happened yesterday.

“So, did you get your money yesterday?” Guan Dongxuan asked at me with a laugh.

“No.” I lied to him.

“Haha, that too. You’d be D*mned if you could have asked for it.” Guan Dongxuan didn’t hide his emotions.

“Brother Xuan, do you have anything else? If there’s nothing, I’ll go in first.” I let him get carried away for a while longer, and by the time Cao Ge found him, he should know how he was going to die.

“Hold your horses. Jin Chao, the five hundred you owe me, when are you going to pay me?” Guan Dongxuan just asked at me.

“I owe you five hundred dollars?”

I froze for a moment.

Guan Dongxuan nodded, “Jinchao, I’ll only give you this five hundred yuan for a week. If you can’t get it out, you’re on your own!” With that, he walked into the cla*sroom. I looked at his back, my heart was a burst of anger. I hadn’t even bothered him yet, and he came to ask me for five hundred dollars?

In the past, even if I had been bullied by Guan Dongxuan, I wouldn’t have dared to ask him for anything, let alone go to the teacher.

But now it was different.

Even someone like Cao Ge had to kneel down in front of me and call me ‘Brother Chao’. So what do I have to fear?

Didn’t Guan Dongxuan want to ask me for money? Fine! Then I’ll go to the teacher first and ask for the thirteen thousand I gave him back from him!

My cla*s teacher, Ms. Lin, was a twenty-five or twenty-six year old graduate student who had also come out to work not long ago. She was very pretty, plus she had a nice figure, and was a goddess in the minds of us boys. And after hearing my words, Ms. Lin looked serious for a while, that is, she called Guan Dongxuan over.

And when Guan Dongxuan heard this, he gave me a very surprised look. He certainly didn’t expect that I would dare to go to the teacher!

“Dongxuan, you took Jinchao’s money, so hurry up and return it to him. One thousand three, it’s really not a small amount!” Teacher Lin looked at Guan Dongxuan in a very serious manner.

But Guan Dongxuan was adamant.

“Teacher, I didn’t take his money at all. The 1,300 he said he took is what he blackmailed me with! He’s simply being evil.”

I froze again. In my heart I cursed, “F**k! Who’s the one who’s the evil one?

Mr. Lin looked at me with some confusion as he listened to Guan Dongxuan’s words, “Jin Chao, did you take money from Dongxuan?”

I shook my head firmly.


“Well, teacher believes you!”

Teacher Lin looked at me very solemnly.

On the other side, Guan Dongxuan sneered.

“Teacher, how can you believe Jin Chao just because of his two words? I’m the victim here!” His words topped over. But his reputation among all the teachers was already stinking, and Teacher Lin would definitely not believe him.

And as he listened to his words, Lin was subsequently explaining to him and also telling him not to look as if he thought his teacher was giving him a hard time.

But Guan Dongxuan didn’t care about anything.

Things had come to such a head, while he was insisting on the fact that I had taken 500 from him, and was about to ask the teacher to call my parents over. Teacher Lin was also a bit hesitant, she wanted to reconcile the matter properly. But his attitude was such that he didn’t give Ms. Lin the opportunity to do so at all.

Instead of calling my parents, Mr. Lin called his parents over.

But when his dad arrived, the atmosphere was instantly tense.

Guan Dongxuan stepped aside and explained the matter to his dad. Ms. Lin was there to rea*sure me, telling me not to worry so much. She said she would take care of the matter. But to no one’s surprise, Guan Dongxuan’s father came back and gave me a slap in public!

I froze for a moment.

Ms Lin also stood up and questioned Guan Dongxuan’s father as to why he had done that. But Guan Dongxuan’s father said, “He took my son’s money and didn’t return it. And to slander my son for blackmailing him? Dongxuan is not like that at all!”

And I got angry all of a sudden: “Uncle, do you think that what I have said is just empty talk?”

“Don’t you!”