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Silly Teen Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3

Her words immediately aroused all my curiosity. I was so worried about her that I urged her urgently to tell me.

But as she listened to me, she was still torn and did not want to tell me. She also said that if I found out about it, it wouldn’t be good for me.

But I was getting a bit anxious and angry. I was firm and told her to tell me, that even if there were any consequences, she was not afraid.

She told me anyway after she thought about it with a stony face. She said that she had offended a very scary person. And the other party had given her a condition that she had to fulfill.

I asked her what the condition was.

But we dwelled on the subject for a long time. She wouldn’t tell me at all. Instead, she returned the favour and I went to burn incense and worship Buddha. She and said that the temple at Chik Chu Shan was very spiritual and that she would go and ask for a sign for me later.

We were the first wave of people to enter the temple and were enjoying the whole temple without queuing.

During the process, she took me to worship almost all the big and small deities in the temple, and also prayed with the Gods in front of each statue, blessing me to get into a good university and not have to become like she is now. She also took me up to the back of the temple and stood at the top of the mountains, also at the foot of a huge Maitreya Buddha.

She took me to admire the view down the hill.

She was overjoyed.

She even hugged and kissed me and recorded the scene on her mobile phone as well. When we were tired of playing, she called a taxi over from afar and took us back to the city. During the process, I asked her who had bought her such an expensive phone, too. But she was the one who fell on top of me with her whole body.

She lay in my arms and said, “Ehhh, don’t worry about that!”

She told me not to worry about it. But the more she said that, the more I wanted to know.

When we got home, Uncle Chen looked at our photos and was very happy too. Uncle Chen said that after all these years, we finally looked like a pair of siblings!

He bought a lot of good food on an impromptu basis and even pulled me around the table and had a couple of gla*ses of wine. His high spirits were written right on his face. It’s just that because of what happened last night, I don’t know what kind of relationship I should see between myself and Tina Chen. Was it sister and brother? Or a couple?

Uncle Chen was drunk.

He fell asleep in his room, snoring drunkenly, while we were in the next room, also drunkenly asleep.

I became more and more concerned about who Chen Tingting had offended, only she still wouldn’t say anything. This also left me to find out in secret, by my own means.

It was when school was about to start that she went out with her friend. At that time, Uncle Chen also went to work, leaving me alone at home.

I quietly opened the door to Chen Tingting’s room and quietly opened her drawer, and there was a diary. I flipped it open and there was a record of things that had happened to her from when she was a little girl to her now.

“Why does Daddy have to favour that Jinchao guy when he doesn’t love me? It’s obvious that he did something wrong ……”

“Daddy is so bad …… Does he not want me anymore?”

“Jin Chao, why do you want to steal daddy from me?”

I looked at the contents of the diary and felt a pang in my heart. I looked at page after page, which recorded the bitterness and heartfelt journey that began when Chen Tingting was still a child. There were many torn pages in between, but this didn’t affect my reading at all. Once I had turned to the back, the diary read.

“Should I tell him?”

“Wouldn’t I be a bad person if I asked him to help me do finish this? Wouldn’t I be using him then?”

“No, no. I must find my own way out of this matter, I absolutely can’t let him get involved …… but Sister Aja is running out of time for me. If I can’t find the right person to send to Sister Aja, then what am I going to do? …… Of the people I know, only Chao has such a condition ……”

“What should I do?”

This was the last page on the diary.

I looked at the words on it and was also reminded of Chen Tingting’s anxiety before she left the house. I carefully put the diary back in the drawer. But when she came back, she was very nervous and rushed into my room, just to ask me if I had opened her drawer and read her diary.

I didn’t think she would notice.

I stood in front of her and told her that if there was anything she needed help with, just let me do it. As long as the ‘Aja-san’ she had offended would leave her alone, even if she was using me, it would be fine! She listened to my words, but still refused me very seriously.

She said no! If it was because of her that I was led down such a path, it would simply harm me for life!

I didn’t think so. I asked her, “What else can I do? I said, “I’m the only one she has at the moment, right? She listened to my words, but she still insisted on her refusal. And as she spoke, she became more and more serious.

Suddenly, her mobile phone rang suddenly. She almost rushed back to her room, closed the door and answered the phone.

I was standing outside the door listening in.

Her voice came out of the room and she begged the person on the other end of the line to give her a little more time. But the attitude of the person on the other end was clearly not giving her that chance. She begged for three or four minutes in the room, and the other person, somewhat impatiently, hung up the phone and brought her words to an abrupt end.

I opened the door to the room and walked in.

She looked at me nervously, but I said solemnly, “Sister Ting Ting, take me with you! There’s no way out of this!”


Chapter 4

She listened to my words, her face still in a heavenly state. I rea*sured her in the process and I told her it was okay. She was still very serious and told me that it was not that simple. She advised me to stop thinking about it and to stay out of it.

But the more she said that, the more it aroused in me the desire to protect her.

I asked her to take me. And with her urging on the phone, that was the only way to agree. What came next, she said, was a long continuation of the process. There was a test to be gone through first to be able to start. Only after pa*sing it would one be able to meet the requirements that Sister Aja had mentioned.

When she said that, it made me wonder and curious as to what condition Sister Aja had given her. What she said next, however, made me freeze for a moment.

She said that Sister Ah Jia had asked her to find a suitable boy to work as a publicist in her venue. As long as it was done, then the matter would be settled. And the person she introduced to her had to be young. It was because there were some customers, who had requirements in this regard, but had no choice but to have no resources in the venue.

“Ah Chao, I’ve said it all …… I think it’s better to forget it, I’ll think of another way!” She looked at me in a hurry and said.

I asked her after thinking about it.

“If I did become a publicist, would you resent me?”

She shook her head.

“No! Definitely not!”

Her affirmation was the result I wanted.

Instead, I rea*sured her by saying that I had already decided on this and that I would definitely stick with it, no matter how things turned out in time. I didn’t have any complaints. I had owed her so much since I was a child, and I wanted to take this opportunity to make it up to her.

As she listened to me, she hid in her arms and cried, loudly and helplessly.

That afternoon, after I had agreed, Chen Tingting took me to the so-called ‘interview’. The interview was also about a bed and a woman. During the process, the woman called Aja and Chen Tingting stood by and watched.

I was a little embarra*sed. But at this point, I could only go on with my head in the sand.

“Okay, he’s the one!”

Sister Aga nodded her head and gave her approval.

“Sister Ah Jia, but ……”

Chen Tingting wanted to say something, but then stopped.

“There’s no buts! If you don’t want to die, then shut up. I don’t want to hear extra words, coming out of your mouth.” With a grumpy cry, Sister Ah Jia just walked away straight away. After she walked away, a manager-like woman walked in instead.

This woman gave me a series of arrangements, told me the working hours and precautions to take.

Because of my special nature, it was basically an appointment. It was just a matter of arriving at the venue at the appointed time. Any other time could be left at home. During the process, she also asked for my height and size and also gave me an agreement to sign and put my handprint on it.

The agreement was for me to work at the 1908 nightclub for a full year.

That meant I would have to work as a publicist from now until the end of my senior winter break!

Even so, I didn’t even think about it and signed the agreement and put my fingerprints on it.

It was my first day at work that I had a business. It was a middle-aged woman in her forties or fifties, with a vulgar face and a bloated body, who had the audacity to be fashionable and dress herself in a particularly S*xy way. Just the fat on her body was literally making me vomit.

She also thought I was very attentive and gave me a thousand dollar tip.

It was like a slap in the face when I held the $1,000 in my hand, and my face stung. If my father in prison found out about this, he would have scolded me through the bullet-proof gla*s and asked me how I could have become like this.

I couldn’t let anyone else know that I was working at the 1908 nightclub.

And it was a few days after I started work that I also started school. I kept up my usual appearance while studying, but I had one more thing to do: wait for news from the 1908 nightclub! Chen Tingting was about to start school, but at this juncture, I caught her with Jia.

In my impression, Chen Tingting’s attitude towards Sister Ah Jia was simply very disgusting, but also fearful. But what I saw at this moment was that they were simply talking and laughing, and there was no separation at all!

I followed them quietly.

They were talking and laughing in the Starbucks, and I was sitting not far from them, quietly listening to their words.

“Sister Aja, you don’t know, that fool Jin Chao is still kept in the dark by me. He still doesn’t even know that I sold him out, and is counting the money for me instead!” Chen Tingting laughed in an exaggerated manner. Her laughter, however, caused my brain to buzz and suddenly my mind went blank.

Sister Ah Jia laughed and praised Chen Tingting, saying that Chen Tingting was really too good at acting, and that it didn’t take long to fool me.

She said that what Chen Tingting had done this time was quite good.

She also took out a large wad of cash and just handed it over to Chen Tingting. How much of it there was exactly, I don’t know. Anyway, she also said that if there were any good candidates in the future, she would let Chen Tingting take care of them. If it works out, she will get 20 percent of the money transferred to the venue.

Chen Tingting smiled and agreed to do so.

When I heard this, I couldn’t help but stand up.

And Chen Tingting and Sister Ah Jia looked at me, both were astonished, how they did not expect me to be here.

“Sister Tingting, are you all lying to me?” I looked at her in despair.

“Jin Chao, why are you here?”

Chen Tingting was very nervous as she walked towards me.

“If I wasn’t here, would I be able to hear this from you guys!” I couldn’t stop my voice from lifting several pitches.

Instead, she hurriedly pulled me along, just to get me out of here. She said she would explain everything to me. But instead I ignored her and stood strong, I wanted her to make things clear here. And my demeanour went ice cold. She looked at me but said that here, many things could not be said clearly.

She shot me a wink, obviously telling me to be wary of Sister Aja.

In that case, I followed her out and I saw what she had to explain!

It was only after we had gone out that a white van rushed up to us, not having gone very far. The people in the car rushed down and just grabbed the two of us into the car ……