Silly Teen Chapter 49-50

Chapter 49

I listened to Xu Ying’s words and was frozen for a moment. Didn’t Xu Ying say earlier that she had found Guan Dongxuan because of me? How could she say that now? And this made me feel that something was wrong. While we were talking, two men suddenly surrounded us with steel pipes in their hands.

Xu Ying also noticed the other side.

Her face changed and the bag she was carrying was suddenly thrown at me. She then turned around and dealt with the two of them. The last time I saw Xu Ying do it was yesterday, when I watched her insert a blade into Guan Dongxuan’s father’s thigh.

Even before, I had always felt that she was more of a ‘vase’ level character. She had her own set of tips when it came to seducing men. But at this point, I was no longer daring to think so when I looked at her.

How good she is and when she learned …… her skills I don’t know! But I looked at her at this time, but I felt that if I clashed with her head on, I would have been held down by her in just ten seconds!

The two robbers beside us, who looked somewhat fierce, were no match for her.

“That’s the level?” Xu Ying was gently clapping her hands after settling the two, with complete contempt.

“I’ll leave the rest to you guys. I don’t want anyone else coming over out of nowhere!” Xu Ying’s words were more of a warning to those socialites on the side.

“Sister Xu, don’t worry.”

They also agreed.

And then Xu Ying took us out of the factory, and she took the bag from my hand, “Right Jin Chao, I see the way you look, is there something you want to say to me?”

I could only say stiffly, “Manager Xu, even if you take Guan Dongxuan away, can you bring him to school before 10pm? I’m still waiting for him, to turn in with the teacher.”

“Ten o’clock, huh?” Xu Ying listened to my words and was showing a thoughtful look, “It should be in time.”

“Manager Xu, I must have this before ten o’clock ah, otherwise my teacher will have to call the police.” I said to her awkwardly. I also knew that Xu Ying must have something more important to do with Guan Dongxuan than me. But I didn’t want to see the look of hatred that Ms. Lin gave me even less.

“What are you afraid of by calling the police? It’s not like you kidnapped Guan Dongxuan.” Xu Ying asked instead, rhetorically.

“But I’ll be in a lot of trouble.”

I said hastily.

“Alright then, I’ll get things sorted out as soon as possible. You just wait for my call at school dad.” That was all Xu Ying said. And I could only agree to it. She drove the car and just dropped me off by the school. Because I hadn’t brought Guan Dongxuan back yet, I didn’t dare to go back to school.

With the time now, it was just the end of the second period in school, and Xu Dazhi and the others hadn’t finished school yet.

It was this point in time that I had to contact Cao Ge. And Cao Ge was the one who told me that he was still playing games at the internet cafe and let me go over there. After I went over, whether it was the internet fee or the money for drinks, it was all paid for by Cao Ge for me.

“Brother Chao, why did you come over so early?” That was what Cao Ge called me when there were only a few of us.

“Just went to settle the matter of Guan Dongxuan.” I sat down beside him, “Brother Cao, you don’t have to call me Chao one moment and Chao the next. Just call me Chao all the time, I feel quite awkward hearing you call me Brother Chao.”

Brother Cao laughed out loud instead.

“What’s so awkward about it?”

“It’s just awkward.”

I didn’t explain too much.

“Then I’ll really call you Chao from now on, as long as you don’t mind.” Cao Ge then said to me, and to that I came down with a nod of affirmation. For the height of our identities, even if Cao didn’t care that I called him ‘Chao’, he must have been able to tell the difference.

He must have gotten a corresponding benefit from Xu Ying because of me. But what exactly the benefit was, I don’t know.

Cao Ge opened a five black, and took me along to play matchmaking. At first I didn’t know the rhythm and still listened to Cao Ge’s command. But later on I gradually figured out the ropes and even without Cao Ge saying much, I knew when and what to do.

We played LOL in the internet cafe until after 8pm.

In the process, Xu Dazhi and Zhao Yangbo and the others also came to the internet cafe. But our five blacks had already formed, and they came over and had to be the ones to start a new team. And in the mechanism of LOL, five black, matching is also basically five black lineup, the biggest words to ensure the fairness of the game.

The four of them are all gold or above, taking me a newbie who has only just entered the pit, which makes it even more difficult.

“Walk, flat A, turn around and throw Q, W slow, big move!” Cao Ge was already dead, but he was directing me from one side of me.

“Crap, I single-killed him!”

I said excitedly.

“Haha, Chao, your level still needs to be improved. But as far as handling is concerned, it’s at least Silver 1 or above. After teaching you some more time, you’ll totally be able to take a number and team up with us to fight the gold tiles.” Cao Ge’s words were a great affirmation to me.


I nodded solemnly.

In the past, there wasn’t really anything else that I could be affirmed by other people, except in my studies. And the affirmation from Cao Ge and the others was certainly a great encouragement to me. And it was on this game that I found my confidence, and another one besides my studies!

“I feel like they’re stealing the big dragon, Chao, hurry up and speed over to check it out.” Cao Ge reminded me.

I didn’t think much of it, so I did as he said. Sure enough, just as Cao Ge had said, the five of them were really surrounding the Grand Dragon pool, preparing to kill the Grand Dragon. My position was just outside the wall of the dragon pool. I put an eye down, but then drained it for them.

“Chao, come back, we can’t get there in time, so why don’t we just release the big dragon.” Cao Ge then said to me in the ensuing.

I, however, had my own ideas.

The earlier eye position was already showing me the blood level of the big dragon, and I calculated the approximate number of seconds by excluding the damage done to the big dragon before the eye position. As soon as the time was up, I went straight for the E of the barrel and flipped down the dragon pool. The Dragon just happened to have the last 500 points of blood left, so I went down with a Punish and the Dragon was in hand.

The people on the other side of the table were obviously frozen for a moment as I robbed them of the Dragon.

I then placed a small barrel on the ground, and blew back the ADC who was running, and solved two more bloodied ones who had no more than 500 blood left, and replaced the ADC, completing a wave of three kills.

And my action was directly what made Cao Ge and the others blow up straight away. They made so much noise that even the whole internet cafe could hear it!

“What’s going on?” Zhao Yangbo was on the opposite side and hurriedly asked.


Chapter 50

“Brother Cao, what’s going on here with you guys? Why are you all so excited?” Xu Dazhi also put down the game he was holding and came over.

“Just now, Brother Cao showed a wave, a big dragon plus three kills!” Cao Ge’s little brother said right at the side.


“Big dragon plus three kills? Oh my god!”

“Brother Chao, you’ve only been playing this game for how long?” Xu Dazhi’s jaw was on the verge of dropping. Since Cao Ge and the gang were basically all above Gold, they were matched with, basically, Gold ranked ones as well. The gang on the other side had guarded against me before though, and had inserted eyes upwards as well.

And to say the least, half of the reason I grabbed the dragon was because of luck. It’s only because the opposite side’s hitman handed in his punishment early because he was in a hurry.

“Hurry up the middle group and try to demolish their home base straight away in the next wave.” Cao Ge then hurriedly commanded.

“With the Big Dragon BUFF in hand, let’s split into a 131 formation and take down all three of their home highlands!”

And the so-called 131 is one person in the top lane, three in the middle and one in the bottom lane. Cao Ge and I kept creating pressure in the middle. Because my gear was up, plus the gun carriage with the big dragon buff was quite strong. We split into three lanes and after demolishing an inner tower, we hurriedly gathered and the five of us helped to knock out all the defence towers on the three lanes.

“Ancient Dragon, hurry up! Double Dragon BUFF, next wave directly speak to the opposite side for nothing.” Cao Ge also got excited.

“Cao, the opposite side EZ is going to scrape big, wind wall in two seconds!” I instead also commanded Cao Ge.

Cao Ge was playing a Blast Swordsman, and his skills could completely block EZ’s big. And it was two seconds later that Cao Ge blocked EZ’s big move at the very limit, just like I said. It was almost as if he had just put the wind wall up and EZ’s big hit him directly on the wind wall.

Cao Ge obviously froze for a moment: “D*mn Ah Chao, are you even calculating the time, so accurately now?”

I was a bit bad at coyly smiling, “It’s just a rough calculation when EZ scraped the Fire Dragon in the last wave.”


“Relying on the opposite EZ’s move, and you still managed to time this out?”

“My pride has taken a ton of hits.”

“No more, I feel like with Chao around, this game, I can’t play anymore.” Guo was simply falling apart.

I distracted myself and asked him instead, somewhat curiously, how he couldn’t play anymore. And he then explained to me that he had been playing LOL for about a year now. He just knew when EZ was scraping big and could grab the opposite dragon. And it’s all got an element of luck involved.

But I’ve never played EZ, and I was able to figure out how many seconds it takes for EZ’s big move to come to the dragon pool. There was simply no one else!


“D*mn-it, just now Chao went down and grabbed a big dragon wave and even three kills, it was just too crucial. If the opposite side had taken the dragon, it would have been us who lost.” Cao Ge said as he took his hands off the keyboard.

“It’s not that exaggerated!”

I scratched my head in embarra*sment instead.

“Chao, don’t be modest. The key is that you led a wave of tempo at the Big Dragon, and then you had Cao put in the Wind Wall, otherwise our Double Dragon BUFFs were all a bit dangerous. If the opposite side had taken the Double Dragon BUFF, we would have basically lost!”

“Right, I just recorded a video, can we watch a replay?” As soon as Cao Ge’s junior said that, Xu Dazhi and his group rushed over. I felt like the wave of action I had just pulled was just Sh*t. But Xu Dazhi and the others were watching in awe.

A cry of astonishment erupted from their mouths.

And from my point of view, I really felt lucky that I had just found a breakthrough just then. After all, I had only been in contact with this some, not even twenty hours, so what very high level of operation could I have to speak of? Obviously it was out of the question.

But after they watched the video, that is, the wave of my big dragon operation, it simply made them fall to their knees in admiration.

“Chao, let me double-row with you for one game. I’ve already won two games in the promotion tournament, one more and I’ll be on gold.” Xu Dazhi said in a rush.

“If you’re not afraid of me screwing you over, then come on.” I nodded my head in agreement.

“Chao, don’t be modest, just that wave of action you just did, I’m still waiting for you to take me flying!” Xu Dazhi said just that.

“I’m actually quite a novice. Really, don’t get your hopes up for me.” I wasn’t being modest either, or I wasn’t that confident in my own strength, yet.

“Chao, if you’re at this level, then I’m really rookie to the core!” Xu Dazhi said, and went to help me borrow a number. I thought Xu Dazhi’s level was good and I took his words as a joke. But after the fight really started, I realised that his consciousness was not working.

My awareness, on the other hand, had been developed for me through Cao Ge. I know when and what to dare. And I had nothing to do but delve into it and study what Cao Ge and I said about how to play.

I don’t have the same mentality as them playing games for fun. Since I’m trying to do something, I’m going to do it right.

Just the one game I played with Xu Dazhi in ranked, I was just exhausted. If something happens on the top lane, you have to go to the top lane, if something happens on the bottom lane, you have to go to the bottom lane. I also had to steal a dragon and do a vision when I had nothing to do. I also had to voice with Xu Dazhi and tell him what to do …… the whole game down, it was not easy to play at all.

“Chao, I’m on gold eh!”

Xu Dazhi was very excited to say to me.

“It’s good that it’s on.” I was finally relieved.

“Chao, you know what? I simply admire you to the core!” Xu Dazhi said with great earnestness.

“I was just watching from the sidelines. Chao, your fielding sense is simply Gold 1 or above. With you like this, who would dare believe that you’ve only been in the pit for just twenty hours!” Guo Xiaoming then said from the sidelines.

“Eh, you guys just don’t praise me so much. If this keeps up, I feel like I’m going to be praised by you guys.” I said this with my mouth, but my mood was also involuntarily excited. I felt that I was starting to get into the game. And I was enjoying that feeling of driving the pace of the whole game!

“Chao, it’s not that we’re complimenting you, but you’re really bull-headed!” Xu Dazhi hurriedly added.

“Alright, alright, let’s not be so nonsense. Chao, I’ll lend you a number and get on the Gold Board ranking.” Cao Ge then said from the sidelines.

I was just about to say yes, but then I looked at the time and it was already 10:15!

Oh no!

“No more playing. Brother Cao, I’m going back to school first! It’s urgent!” I said, not even bothering to turn off the machine, I rushed out of the internet cafe and ran in the direction of the school. The security guards at the entrance of the school didn’t stop me, and I was gasping for breath all the way while calling Xu Ying’s phone, which didn’t get through either.

That is, I reached the floor just in time to see Teacher Lin coming out of the office.

“Jin Chao, you’re finally here. I thought you weren’t going to show up.” Teacher Lin sneered.