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Silly Teen Chapter 53-54

Chapter 53

“What’s wrong Chao?” Xu Dazhi asked, puzzled, as he watched me stand up.

“I’m going out to check.”

I said and walked out.

Xu Dazhi and the others were a little puzzled, but didn’t follow. By the time I got to the entrance of the milk tea shop, but I could no longer see the figure from earlier. I searched around for them, but I couldn’t find them either. I was not sure if what I had just seen was Guan Dongxuan or not.

In the short time I had been out, where could the figure I had just seen have gone? I don’t know!

“Brother Chao, what did you just go out for?”

Xu Dazhi asked at me.

“It’s just that I just saw a man who kind of looked like Guan Dongxuan, so I went out to take a look.” I explained and sat down as well.

“Hasn’t Guan Dongxuan been on leave for over a week now?” Xu Dazhi still didn’t know exactly what had happened to Guan Dongxuan.

“What’s wrong with him, and he’s taken off work for so long?”

Guo Xiaoming asked instead.

“Who knows? Nine times out of ten, it’s because he knew he couldn’t handle Chao and simply didn’t come to school. Didn’t want to lose this person either.” Xu Dazhi said contemptuously instead. Before, Guan Dongxuan was not very good to Xu Dazhi, but he was not bad at all, and he would take him with him when he had anything to do.

But now, after Guan Dongxuan had been stepped on by me, Xu Dazhi had such an attitude.

Although I despised him very much in my heart, I didn’t show it.

“Haha, it’s possible!”

Zhao Yangbo’s little brother also said.

“Forget it, this is all irrelevant. Let’s hurry up and get on with the discussion.” I was using the matter of discussing the plan to change the topic of the crowd. I didn’t want to go any further on this topic, either. We stayed in the milk tea shop for almost two hours until it was almost time for cla*s, and we also settled on a preliminary plan.

Although we thought about it on all fronts and came up with a more thoughtful plan. But I instinctively still had some reluctance to use it. Just because following this plan would not be the equivalent of cheating Guo Xue-fu?

Even if things did turn out the way we wanted them to, and Guo Xuefu’s attitude towards me improved, then I certainly wouldn’t be happy.

When we arrived at school in the afternoon, Guan Dongxuan still hadn’t shown up.

I tried calling Xu Ying, but her mobile phone was simply switched off, and I didn’t know what the reason was. I sat in my seat and looked in the direction of Guo Xuefu. She felt my eyes, but glanced back at me and turned her head to continue listening to the lesson.

With a long sigh, I opened the book and translated what the teacher said into notes in the book.

The technical school’s Qin Shou and the others only had to have two cla*ses in the afternoon, that is, before we were out of school, and they started setting up.

“Chao, the beast is ready at their end.” It was right after cla*s ended that Zhao Yangbo texted me.

“Good!” I replied.

“Brother Chao, let’s go.” Xu Dazhi laughed and it was that he and I were ready to leave the school together.

But it was before we were about to leave that Guo Xuefu was walking past us. She was carrying her school bag and she totally just looked like she didn’t see me. And as I looked at her back, there was an indescribable feeling in my heart.

“Let’s go Chao, what are you still standing there for?” Xu Dazhi then urged at me.

“Oh, let’s go.” I responded.

The two of us, Xu Dazhi and I, headed out the door, while Zhao Yangbo and the others gathered outside the school with me. I didn’t want to be noticed by Guo Xuefu because I had a large group of people with me, so she would notice something in advance.

“Brother Chao, the beasts are already in ambush.” Zhao Yangbo looked at me and confirmed with me.

“Then let’s just about go over.” I said in a very even tone, but I was also in a tense mood.

But it was when we were about to arrive nearby that Qin Shou and the others suddenly sent a text message saying that something had happened. When Zhao Yangbo took a look, he hurriedly called back and asked them what was going on. Qin Shou on the other end of the line explained anxiously that there was a ma*sive armed fight near their ambush.

According to this situation, our plan, at all, could not be carried out.

We told Qin Shou and the four of them to rush back, but they were in a very awkward position, right at the radiant centre of the armed fight. Those were all social people. The beast and the others, at this point, were making themselves look like sociopaths in order to carry out their plan. If they were to go out of the alleyway, they would definitely be caught up in the incident.

I listened to the suddenness of the situation and just had a pang in my head.

“Bo, you guys hurry up and contact Cao and the others, tell Cao and the others to hurry up and come over!” I said hurriedly.

“What about you, Chao?”

“I’ll go over and take a look first!”

“But it’s too dangerous for you to go over alone!” Zhao Yangbo was also a bit worried and said.

“But if so many of us go over, what do you think they’ll think of us as? If we all get involved, won’t things get even more troublesome?” I said looking back at Zhao Yangbo’s.

“That’s true.”

“Chao, you’d better stay here, I’ll go over and have a look.” Xu Dazhi seemed to say so to show his attitude towards me.

But I shook my head.

“No need. This matter is, by its fundamental nature, because of me. It is enough for me to go there.”

I turned around and headed in the direction of Qin Shou and the others, and when Zhao Yangbo and the others saw that they could not stop me, they could only let me go. They went to contact Cao Ge, while I went over to have a look.

But when I arrived nearby, I found that it was not what Qin Shou and the others had said. There wasn’t an armed fight between two groups of people, but a gang of people beating up one man! And a bald guy covered in tattoos!

“Brother Chao.” Qin Shou and the others hastily called out as they watched my arrival.

“What’s going on here?”

I asked hurriedly.

“We don’t know either. We were standing here and suddenly a large group of people came after us and started a fight right here.” Qin Shou, who was also looking at the centre of the armed fight, said to me.

“Then why didn’t you even call 110?” I questioned them.

“Panicked for a bit …… and forgot!”

Qin Shou said awkwardly.

I looked at the bald head who was surrounded in the centre met tedium. With him alone, he was no match for these twenty or so people. Although I was a bit disgusted with the twenty or so of them bullying one. But these are all social aspects, how am I, a student, supposed to intervene?

It would be nice if I could help to call the police!

But when we were about to leave, I felt that something was wrong.

It seemed like there were some of Xu Ying’s people among those 20 or so people!


Chapter 54

“Chao, what are you looking at? Hurry up and go!” Qin Shou then asked at me.

“Wait, you guys walk first.” My attention was still on those twenty or so people. Because of the incident in the warehouse last time, I had an impression of Xu Ying’s people. Of these twenty or so people, not all of them were the ones who helped me control Cao Ge last time, but there were old faces among them.

I hadn’t really expected to see them here! What were they doing here?

Puzzled, I approached in their direction. The more I walked in, the more I was sure that there were definitely Xu Ying’s people among them. And it was between my walking in that my attention, was no longer on them, but on the bald guy in the middle.

I looked at him and was feeling very familiar, as if I had seen him in Nah.

But exactly where I had seen him before, I didn’t recall for a moment.

And at that moment, my mobile phone suddenly rang. I took it out and saw that it was Xu Ying calling.

“Jin Chao, where are you doing?”

Xu Ying asked me on the other end of the phone.

“Just happen to be in this area …… Manager Xu, what the hell is going on here? Also, why have you taken so long and not returned my calls?” I then rushed to ask her.

“It’s a long story. What you need to do now is to hurry up and get out of there.” Xu Ying reminded me very seriously.

“Why?” I asked subconsciously.

“Don’t you recognise the bald guy in the middle?” Xu Ying then asked at me. Her words, more than anything else, made me feel like she was around here. But when I looked around, I couldn’t even see her in person.

“Who is he?” I then asked at Xu Ying.


Xu Ying said to me in a very serious manner.

And I listened to Xu Ying’s words and was frozen for a moment. I said, “I don’t know where I’ve seen this bald guy before. Xu Ying’s words suddenly made me remember that I had seen this bald guy before, in the information Xu Ying had given me!

“But I’m standing here, nine times out of ten, he’s already noticed me.” I then said to Xu Ying.

“That’s why I want you to hurry up and leave!”

Xu Ying’s tone was also anxious.

“No rush first, I have my own ideas …… Manager Xu, let me ask you, this Hua Chai, will he know about our partnership?” I then asked at Xu Ying.

“It’s definitely not something that can be known. If he knew, wouldn’t our plan be ruined?” Xu Ying said hurriedly.

“Okay then!”

“Wait, what do you want?”

“I want to save him!”

I said straight away.

Xu Ying listened to me and obviously froze for a moment. She didn’t understand my intentions, and I then explained to her that I wanted to take this opportunity to blend in with Hua first. I also knew that it was a big risk, but risk and reward were often directly proportional.

I was helping him now, and if he was a man of conscience, he certainly wouldn’t lay a hand on mine. It would even sway him to take revenge on my Uncle Chen because of me, too.

I know the chances of achieving this effect are too low, but it’s a way out! I didn’t want to be led by Xu Ying’s nose either. If I helped Xu Ying with her plan, but then she suddenly crossed the river afterwards. What would I do then?

So it’s always good to have a way out for myself.

Besides, Uncle Chen had told me more than once before: relying on others is never the answer. Only when you are strong and have a solution, that is the most stable.

“Jin Chao, are you crazy?” Xu Ying was yelling at me from the other end of the phone. It was the first time I had heard her get this angry!

“But Manager Xu, if I can really ambush Hua’s side, wouldn’t I be able to help your end of the mission? At least, I could act as an eyesore for you, couldn’t I?” I then asked rhetorically.

“But what if Wah finds out about you?” Xu Ying then asked at me in a very serious manner.

“So it’s up to you. It’s fine for him to find out about my relationship with Uncle Chen. But if he finds out about our partnership, that would be devastating for both of us! But …… Manager Xu, I trust you, you will be able to handle our relationship well.”

I responded to Xu Ying.

“Jin Chao, just how sure are you?” Xu Ying asked at me after a moment of silence.

“To be honest, I’m not sure at all! But for some things, how do you know what the chances of success are if you don’t try?”

I then said to Xu Ying.

“Then if something happens to you, I don’t care!” Xu Ying said to me very seriously.

“That’s for sure!”

I also promised.

Since Xu Ying had the courage to promise to do it, I dared to get started. If I succeeded in getting involved with Hua, Xu Ying would have to weigh in even if she wanted to threaten me. If I were to take the initiative and spill the beans about our collaboration, Xu Ying would be in a lot of trouble!

The problem with Guan Dongxuan had already made me angry with Xu Ying, but it also made me feel a sense of crisis.

She said she would hand over Guan Dongxuan to me that night, but what about it? More than a week had pa*sed and I still hadn’t seen him!

The fight was still going on.

I hurriedly called Cao Ge and told him to hurry up and bring someone over.

When Cao Ge heard my words, he was stunned: “Chao, what kind of international joke are you playing with me? Just the ten or so of us against twenty or so of them?”

I was also anxious, “Brother Cao, don’t worry about that. I won’t harm you, just do as I say!”

“Are you sure there really won’t be any major problems?” Cao Ge looked at me with great suspicion.

“I’m sure!” I a*sured down.

“Good, then let’s go.”

Cao Ge said through clenched teeth.

On the side, Zhao Yangbo and the others followed. This was the first time I had use for them. Since they were trying to get close to me, they would naturally consider this opportunity. Although those were social people, they also joined Cao Ge and the others and went on head on.

And our going up did not surprise Xu Ying’s men too much. It must have been Xu Ying’s prior communication with them.

“D*mn, it’s impossible to fight!” Cao Ge said with a lot of effort. Since we have to act, we must be more realistic. If these people of Xu Ying’s put up a fight and Hua saw the flaw, it would be a direct end.

“I can’t carry it anymore.”

This was Guo Xiaoming’s voice.

“You guys help me stall a little longer!” I said hastily.

I took advantage of their delay to kill into the crowd and bring out the bald-headed Wah who was covered in blood. In the process, some people blocked us, and they were all taken care of by Wah.

“This!” Wah was obviously familiar with the surrounding area and instead even led me into the alleyway.