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Silly Teen Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

I followed Wah and was instead led around the alley by him. It was a surprise to me that he was so familiar with the alleyways. And behind us, Xu Ying’s men were still chasing us with all their might. But it was in between me looking back at the pursuing men that I realised that Hua was gone in front of me!

In just a few seconds, where had the man gone?

I literally froze for a moment.

“Jinchao, come here!” A voice came, and when I turned my head to look, I saw Guo Xuefu.

I didn’t even dare to think more, so I followed Guo Xuefu and left. I didn’t know exactly where Hua had gone now, but right now I, for one, couldn’t afford to be the least bit broken.

“Go this way.” Guo Xuefu then led me down the alley and raced in.

“Chase!” Those who were pursuing behind us were also very dedicated to chasing after us. When we were about to be caught up, there was a pair of bloodied hands on the side, and they pulled us both in. Before I could react, Hua hurriedly closed the door.

This is a small civilian warehouse near Guo Xuefu’s house, which basically put basically some miscellaneous things that are not usually used.

The three of us were inside with our voices closed, listening to a series of footsteps pa*sing outside, but not daring to relax. Guo Xuefu didn’t understand, she thought that when these people pa*sed, it was considered a crisis lifted. But aside, Hua was covering her mouth with his hand, very alert to listen to the movement outside.

We stayed in the small warehouse for more than ten minutes. And Xu Ying’s men, back and forth, pa*sed as many as three times through the door of the room.

It was only after the sound of their footsteps had completely disappeared from behind that Hua was relaxed.

“Brother Hua, are you alright?”

Guo Xuefu asked with great concern.

Brother A-hwa?

My head suddenly went blank.

I had previously wondered how Guo Xuefu had suddenly appeared and how she could help me at this juncture. The way she addressed me made me understand all of a sudden.

“I’m fine.” Hua was waving his hand at Guo Xuefu.

“Look you’re still bleeding …… otherwise let’s hurry to the hospital!” Guo Xuefu said anxiously.

But Hua said with a shake of his head, “I can’t go to the hospital yet. There must be their eyes in the hospital, if I go, I’ll be throwing myself into the net.”

“Then let’s call the police! Let the police handle this matter and they will definitely ensure your safety!” Guo Xuefu thought of a solution as best she could from her point of view.

And Hua said with a bitter smile, “Xuefu, you also know that I just got out of prison. If I go to the police with such a status, the police will definitely be on my back.”

“What should we do then?”

Guo Xuefu was in a hurry.

“It’s not a big problem, just don’t worry about it.” Hua said, about to stand up. Guo Xuefu, who was at the side, hurriedly stepped forward. Even though there was a lot of blood on Hua’s body, she didn’t care at all. The blood was staining her snow-white school uniform, and her attention was all on Wah.

And Wah looked at me and thanked me very seriously. But in response, I was shaking my head in a way that said it was fine.

“Jinchao, thank you for what happened today. I’m going to take Brother Wah to have his wounds treated first, so you can go back first.” Guo Xuefu’s attitude towards me, however, was still not any better. But her words did cause Hua to literally freeze for a moment. He did look at me and Guo Xuefu with some amus*ment.

“Xuefu, you guys know each other?”

Guo Xuefu responded to him with a nod, “I know each other, Jinchao and I are in the same cla*s.”

“Such a coincidence?”

Hua also gave an awkward smile.

“Yeah, I didn’t think at first that you and Xuefu were acquainted as well.” I laughed dryly as well.

“Jinchao, enough talk for now, we’re leaving.” Guo Xuefu said, about to take Hua away. But it was before they left that Hua Chai turned his head’s to look at me, his prior fell on me and was making me feel a bit bad. I could only remain as calm as possible under his eyes.

“Jin Chao, thank you for this today. We’ll see you some time later.” Wah said to me abruptly.

“See you again?”

“Well, you’ll know in a while.”

Before Wah left, he was throwing a subject at me that made me care a lot. Combined with the look in his eyes earlier, it was hard not to make me think more about it. I thought back carefully to the way he had just spoken, and in my mind I was speculating: had Wah found out something? What did his words mean, exactly?

It was at this point that Cog called to ask where I was.

I said that it was a bit hard to find where my end was, and instead asked where they were and went to meet them.

When Cao Ge looked at my appearance, he hurriedly pulled me aside: “Chao, can you tell me why the people you just told us to deal with were all from 1908?”

“Brother Cao, you shouldn’t ask so many questions about this matter. Just pretend that you don’t know Manager Xu’s people and pretend that you haven’t seen them!”

I said solemnly.

“But you should at least tell me a general idea, right? So that I can have a base in my mind and know whether we’ll offend 1908 by doing this or not.” Cao Ge’s scorn for 1908 was clearly deep in his bones. He was terrified of having a clash with such a giant.

“This is a plan that Manager Xu and I have, so I can’t tell you the exact details. Anyway, you must bear in mind that you and your people must not reveal that we have had contact with 1908! You must not reveal it!” I then added an emphasis.

“Okay, then I know.”

Cao Ge also agreed.

Looking at him, he was also really relieved.

“Chao, then, since we’re fine, let’s go have a meal together.” Cao Ge suggested with a bark.

“Where are we going?”

I asked, puzzled instead.

“When Jean is a stall! Go over and order two dishes and get two pieces of wine. It’s the weekend anyway, so even if we drink all night, it’s not a big deal.” Cao Ge chuckled harshly.

“That’s fine! This evening meal is on me. It’s not good to let everyone get beaten up for nothing because of my decision, is it?” I said with a smile as well. I still had the thousand yuan Xu Ying had given me on me, so it was more than enough to treat them to a meal.

“Then we’re welcome!”

A group of us said and decided. Since the stalls weren’t open so early, we went to the internet cafe to play games for a while, and then headed for the stalls that Cao Ge often went to. All of us were more or less injured. But no one said anything.

We sat down at the stall and Cao Ge really ordered two drinks.

He knew I could drink, and at the table, he didn’t say anything polite to me.

It was nearly nine o’clock and the crowd was basically drunk and confused. And it was at this juncture that something suddenly happened ……


Chapter 56

At almost nine o’clock, Guo Xiaoming, who was already drunk, said he had to go to the toilet, but he didn’t come back for quite some time after he had gone. We didn’t notice it at first, but then someone said about Guo Xiaoming, saying that he had been out for so long, so he hadn’t been caught and had his kidney cut, right?

And this almost like a joke was the word that made us pay attention.

Cao Ge and I, who were not completely drunk, hurriedly got up and went to the side to look for it. It was a roadside stall, and there was no decent toilet. Either we had to go to the bushes on the side of the road or there was a hotel not far away where we could borrow a toilet.

Cao Ge and I, they headed towards that little hotel, but we didn’t see Guo Xiaoming along the way.

“Sh*t, this Guo Xiaoming kid, he wouldn’t have been caught by the little -sisters standing in the street, would he?” Cao Ge cursed in a very breathless manner.

“He doesn’t have any money on him, so the little – sister wouldn’t want him.” Cao Ge’s little brother, too, said with a chuckle.

“Then where can this kid run to?”

Cao then asked rhetorically.

We searched up and down the hotel and asked the front desk staff, who also said that Guo Xiaoming had just left. After we left the hotel, we scattered and searched for Guo Xiaoming’s whereabouts.

After searching for a while, I suddenly seemed to hear Guo Xiaoming’s voice.

It sounded like it was coming from the alleyway beside me!

I walked down the alleyway, and the bright street light overhead illuminated my vision. As I walked, I was even more aware of my surroundings. And it was between my walking in that I was seeing a group of figures. Among them, I didn’t see Guo Xiaoming, but among them, I saw a girl wearing the ‘Xuan Gao’ school uniform.

She had a single ponytail and her head was lowered, right in between those people, obviously looking very scared.

“Ah Chao, that Guo Xiaoming kid fell into the ditch and has been found by us. You can come back now.” Cao Ge then called me and said to me.

“Wait Cao, I have a bit of a situation on my end.” I then said to Cao Ge.

“What’s going on at your end?”

Cao Ge then asked in a puzzled voice.

I told Cao Ge what had happened to me, but he sighed in disbelief, “Hey, it happens every day. Chao, we’re all drunk now too, so leave it alone.”

But I said insistently, “Cao, just do me a favour and hurry up and bring someone over.”

“Are you sure you really want to do this?”

Cao Ge asked me very seriously.

“Hmm.” I nodded in affirmation.

“Alright then, wait for me where you are for a while now, I’ll bring the men over right away.” Only then did Cao Ge agree. When I answered the phone just now, I walked to the side to answer it. By the time I walked back again, the gang of people who looked like gangsters had already started to make a move on the girl from ‘Xuan Gao’.

The girl had obviously just returned from a tutorial and had her school bag on her shoulder. She resisted for a while, resisting the men’s actions. But she alone could not break away from the five or six people around her.

I watched the scene and, without daring to think much about it, went straight ahead!

“You guys, let her go!” I was halfway there. And this scene reminded me even more of that time when I met Guo Xue-fu in the alleyway.

“Kid, what’s wrong with you, right?”

“This is not your business to manage. Get the hell out of my way!” They just got very grumpy and said.

“Get lost, do you hear me?”

It was between their words that the girl looked up and looked at me with a look full of complexity.

Maybe she wanted me to save her, but she was worried that I would drag her into this.

I felt her eyes, but I ignored their words and stood there. I didn’t feel any sense of defensiveness because Cao Ge and the others would be here soon. There were only four or five of them, and if we waited for Cao Ge to come over, we would be able to crush them with our numbers.

“Still not rolling? Do you deserve a beating?”

They said and came towards me. They left one man behind to hold the girl back.

“My men are on their way and will be here soon. Weigh yourselves.” It was the first time I had said something so pretentious – and a feeling of superiority came over me.

“Yoo-hoo, you even called someone?”

“It’s just a bunch of high school kids, isn’t it?” They laughed at my words.

“Kid, I’m giving you one last chance to get out of here right now.”

But I listened to their words, but I was still standing in place. Cao Ge and the others weren’t far from here, plus they had a booster, so it would only take a minute or two at most to get there.

“Chao!” It was between my thoughts that Cao Ge’s voice came in from outside the alley.

“I’m here!” I then responded at Cao Ge.

“And you really called someone?” They listened, obviously frozen for a moment.

Because of the commotion outside, they were following my line of sight and looked over in the direction of the alleyway entrance. Cao Ge and the others stopped the car and came over in my direction at a fast pace. And as soon as they battled towards me, all of a sudden, they made my aura much stronger.

They looked at Cao Ge’s appearance and were frozen raw for a moment.

“Brother Cao?” Their expressions were even tinged with surprise.

“Who are you?” Cao Ge was not recognisable.

“I, Little Spot, am Brother Achang’s little brother.” One of them just hurriedly gave an explanation.

“Oh, Ah Chang, I know this. But this little speck of yours, I really don’t remember anything about it.” Cao Ge’s tone was rather condescending.

And his words were quite embarra*sing to the man who claimed to be ‘Little Spot’.

“Alright, alright, if there’s nothing else, let’s disperse!” Cao Ge said in a very impatient voice.

“Then, Brother Cao, we’ll leave first.”

Little Spot then said hurriedly.

“Hmm.” Cao Ge nodded, even if it was a promise.

Also because of what had happened, that girl’s head was lowered even more, and her fear was completely written on her face. It was after Little Spot and the others had left that Cao Ge was shooting me a look and telling me to take care of it myself. What followed was a chuckle from him, and he led his men away.

“Thank you so much for what just happened.” She still kept her head down, not daring to look at me head-on at all.

I did look at her with some amus*ment, “It’s okay, it’s getting late, hurry up and go back. Take care on the way too, don’t meet those kind of people again later.”

She was obviously surprised to hear my words. But she still nodded her head.

I turned around and tried to walk away.

But then she called out to me, “By the way, can I know your name?”

“My name is Red Scarf, haha!”