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Silly Teen Chapter 71-72

Chapter 71

Guo still looked very reluctant: “But it’s twelve thousand after all!”

“Even if it’s twelve thousand, what’s the point if we can’t get it?” It was at him that I asked rhetorically. I watched his change of mood and advised him even more, “Xiaoming, that’s all I’m saying. Prepare yourself mentally first, if you really can’t get it, you mustn’t blow up.”

“That’s fine ……”

That’s all Guo Xiaoming could say.

It was that between our waiting, we didn’t leave the hospitality room half a step. Guo Xiaoming also did not think about things that would make people unhappy, and instead was talking to me about the two waves I just had. First a four-dragon train wave and then a grand slam that was just about to go over the top.

At this, I just had to laugh dryly. I said to him that I was just lucky.

Then the staff walked in.

“How did it turn out? Did we not do any tampering!” Guo just took aim at the staff.

“It’s true that it’s not your problem. But that machine we have, there is something wrong with it.” That was all the staff said.

“There’s a problem with the machine, surely you guys could have known about it a long time ago! Why are you only finding out now?” Guo Xiaoming asked rhetorically.

His words were what made the staff look embarra*sed. I shot a look, telling Guo Xiaoming not to be so impulsive and to listen to see the staff member’s explanation first.

“That machine, in fact, was found to be faulty this afternoon. It’s just that we didn’t have time to deal with it at the time.” The staff member explained with a dry laugh. But his explanation was not at all convincing. How busy could one be when working in an arcade? And if there was a problem with this slot machine, how could they not go and deal with it?

After all, it was about money!

“So what are you going to do about it?” I then asked at him.

“I just called my boss and he said that most of this is a problem with our pavilion. The pavilion will take the money you have in the machine and give it all to you. In a minute you’ll go to the front desk and get your money, I’ve already called and said hello.” The staff member then said, only his words made me feel even more strange as hell.

“You guys will really give it to us?”

Guo also froze for a moment.

“Of course. Our arcade, how can I say, is one of the best in the city, so naturally we can’t screw you guys over for twelve thousand and ruin our reputation.” The staff said with a nod. But I listened, but kept an eye out and texted Cao Ge over to ask him where he was now.

“You guys can go get your money now.” The staff member reminded us.

“Okay.” I agreed, while I was waiting for Cao Ge’s reply.

Guo still looked unbelievable. After we walked out of the hospitality room, he did get excited. But I told him not to be so happy so early yet. The twelve thousand, although the arcade was promised to us. But as far as I could tell, the money was not so good at all!

It was when I went to get the money that I dawdled a bit.

It wasn’t until after the game coins in my hand, and the twelve thousand from the front desk were added together, a total of two thousand in hand, that I still couldn’t get excited.

“Chao, we’ve already got the money, what are we still standing around for? Let’s go!” Guo Xiaoming said with nerves instead.

“Don’t rush yet, let’s continue to stay in the arcade for a while.” I said to him very alertly.

It was between our words that Cao Ge was sending me a message back, “I’m at the Star Internet Cafe right now. What’s going on?”

I looked and called him back, “Brother Cao, is the Star Internet Cafe by the Six One arcade?”

“Yes! It’s a three-minute ride at most. …… What’s wrong? Something wrong?” Cao Ge and I explained.

“It’s not really an accident for now ……”

I was on the phone with Cao Ge, explaining things clearly. Once Cao Ge heard that, he didn’t say anything else. He brought someone over right away and told me to wait at the arcade. As far as our current situation was concerned, there were quite a few people in the arcade who were familiar with me because of the commotion I had made on my end.

It was safest for us to stay in the arcade now.

Even if they wanted to do something, they definitely wouldn’t dare to do it openly in the arcade!

“Brother Cao, you’re here!”

Guo Xiaoming greeted.

“Let’s go, let’s bolt.”

Cao Ge said with a big wave of his hand. Behind him, he brought five or six people with him, so at least there was some deterrent effect.

“Brother, look at other people, Brother Chao, or he is cautious. With your quick temper, you’ll get screwed sooner or later.” Liu Bingbing then spat out from the side. And her words even made Guo Xiaoming scratch his head with some embarra*sment.

I walked out the door of the arcade, and secretly wondered in my heart: am I too nervous? I was too nervous, but I was too nervous. The Six One arcade, after all, is a big venue, so they could get someone to mess with me because of this $2,000?

But as soon as I thought that, a group of people suddenly appeared in our view.

“Yo, Cao, it’s been a long time!” A fat guy in an army green T-shirt walked right towards us.

“Haha, Fatty Zhu!”

Cao Ge greeted him with a smile.

“Brother Cao, how’s it going these days? Did you get two girls and have a good time?” Fatty Zhu then asked.

“Eh, don’t mention it. I have been looking for girls recently, but I have to pay for them ……” Cao Ge said with a dry laugh.

I watched the two of them exchanging pleasantries and was feeling the tone between them, something didn’t seem right!

After they chatted for a while, Fatty Zhu suddenly was leading the conversation to me, Guo Xiaoming and Liu Bingbing. Then he asked who we were. And Cao Ge introduced us instead. Throughout, their conversation didn’t seem to be as natural as between real acquaintances!

Cao Ge then brushed the subject aside and just led us away.

I asked Cao Ge about this in pa*sing, “By the way, Brother Cao, who was that Fatty Zhu just now?”

“A guy who’s not exactly an enemy, but not a friend either.” Cao Ge explained to me as he rode his bike and smoked, “Fatty Zhu has tried to shade me more than once, but not once has he succeeded.”

“Then why aren’t you ripping him a new one?” I asked, somewhat curiously.

“Ah Chao, you don’t understand this. We who are out to make friends would rather not make friends, but definitely not offend. Otherwise, it would be very troublesome.” Cao Ge said with a sigh, “No one knows when someone will suddenly jump out and stab you. Not to mention people who are already hostile.”

Cao Ge’s remark made me feel that he was, in fact, a bit more shrewd than I had imagined. Not the kind of jerk who is big and thick and only knows how to bully others.

“But Chao, since we met today, I have to warn you.” Cao Ge said abruptly.

“Oh? Remind me of what?”

“Stay away from Fatty Zhu!”


Chapter 72

Cao Ge’s words carried a very serious tone. I had no intention of making any contact with Fatty Zhu. As I listened to Cao Ge’s words, I naturally nodded my head in agreement. And as we spoke, we arrived at the Star Internet Cafe. Because Cao Ge and the others had left in such a hurry earlier, they didn’t even turn off the machines.

The three of us, Guo Xiaoming, Liu Bingbing and I opened a few temporary cards, got on the machines and got on the numbers.

“Ah Chao, platooning?”

Cao Ge asked at me.

“Totally!” I said with a grin as I bought a pack of Furong Wang.

“Then I’ll lend you a platinum number and we’ll go platinum together to play.” Cao Ge said just that.

I was a bit worried as I listened, “But with my current strength …… won’t I screw you guys if I go platinum?”

Cao Ge patted me on the shoulder and said, “With your current strength, you’re still at the platinum level. You’re still screwing us? I’m still counting on you to take up the position and lead us to Carry the whole game!”

“It’s not that exaggerated.” I was a bit embarra*sed and scratched my head.

“I’m not exaggerating at all! Your strength is rising just like a rocket. I’ve been in contact with this game for over a year …… and as a result you’ve only been in contact for half a month and you’ve almost caught up with me.” Cao Ge said, very sorrowful glance at me said.

I listened to his words, only had to be a laugh, and went with him to the platinum section of the campaign.

I was bitter over, but I knew better than to get my hands on the money and make sure it was worth what it was worth.

With two grand in hand, I covered everyone’s internet bill straight away, including all the drinks too. And the first time I went on the number, I played the wilderness route. I had also watched a lot of wilderness videos in internet cafes before, and I basically just copied and used what those masters said about their routines.

“Cao, I’ll go around the back of the lower road for a wave, you guys hurry up and bring in the soldiers.” I said to Cao Ge as soon as I crouched in the gra*s.

“Good!” Cao Ge agreed.

“Go!” I ordered in a hurry.

The two of us, Cao Ge and I from the lower lane, then rushed into the tower. With the three of us, we surrounded and pinned the opposite side’s lower lane ADC and support. Weak, ignite, and I take the damage from the defence tower. Flash, walk, and I make up the last damage to collect the sub’s head. By then, the lower lane ended the battle with a zero-for-two wave.

“Chao, you’re half-blooded now, go! It’s dangerous to crouch in the bushes!” Cao Ge reminded me.

“It’s alright. I have medicine on me, and I didn’t release my big move just now, so I’ll crouch here for a wave. The opposing fighter is out of eyes.” I counted correctly and spoke to Cao Ge.

“Then we’ll stay and help you?”

Cao Ge then asked me hastily.

“No, no, I’m alone, one set of bursts can take it away directly.” I then said to Cao Ge. With the situation on my end, if the two of them, Cao Ge and his little brother, didn’t go, the opposite side would definitely be able to guess that we had a crouch. As a fielding player, with no vision, the opposite side would definitely not know that I was there.

So I was relieved!

I didn’t see anyone coming after crouching for a while, but I wasn’t in a hurry. My level crushed the opposite wilderness by two levels, so I could still delay for a while longer.

“Ah Chao, it’s almost time to go. You’ve been crouching for over a minute now.” Cao Ge, who was already back online, said right at me.

“Don’t rush, the stoner has already swiped, I don’t believe he won’t come!” I said very insistently.

Heaven forbid!

After I crouched in the gra*s for a minute and a half, the opposite fighter finally appeared. The opposite wilderness chose to clean up the stoner first because there was no conflict between Cao and the opposite lower lane. I continued to crouch and waited for the opposite wilderness to be bloodied by the stoner wilderness.

The actual stoner is the one that is in the best position to take away the stoner. This was followed by a set of bursts that hit the opposite fighter.

Bloodied! A pu attack takes away the head!

“Cao, hurry up and open the big one, I’ll go around the back and take another wave.” I hurriedly then spoke to Cao Ge.

Cao Ge listened and didn’t dare to think too much.

He and the two of his a*sistants, then hurriedly opened up big. The cold ice’s big move, first stunned the opposite side, and then connected with Hammerite’s slowing move, raw was to buy me a few seconds of time. I burrowed out of the gra*s, because I play a blind monk, directly touch the eye, W to the ADC to shift, a big move kicked the two.

“Cao, you take the head.”

I then spoke to Cao Ge.

“It’s better for you to take it. Gear up and go take the tempo of the other lane.” Cao Ge then turned me down.

“Alright, alright, you two just don’t let each other have it. Both bloodied ones are going to run away.” Cao’s little brother then hurriedly said.

“Sh*t, there are no soldiers under the tower.”

Cao Ge said with a very, very dark face.

“It’s alright. I’ll go straight over to fight against the damage.”

I said and rushed in alone. I gave the defense tower a total of four hits back and forth, with only but four hundred points of blood left. The ADC on the other side saw the opportunity and together with the support, turned backwards to backhand me. I gave him a storm hit, but only had less than 50 blood left, even more black face.

Now I was basically pronounced dead even if I was A’d by the support.

And I was nothing but a preemptive Q from the midst of a million armies, taking care of the ADC directly, while picking up the E and taking care of the a*sist smoothly. The scariest part is that by this point, I wasn’t dead.

I watched as I was hit by minions one by one, and my last fifty blood points were close to being consumed.



The last five points!

I was at the very limit of my blood, the limit of my escape. The two sets of captures I made in the lower lane alone, plus the heads I had on me, made it seven heads. It was about to go over the top. But it was at this juncture that I didn’t want to be finished off. I got very lucky and went home, outfitted and rejoined the wilderness.

At the current pace in the lower lane, I only had to be caught once and the opposite side would have collapsed for sure. But it was at this juncture that I went up and was inexplicably crushed.

I was anxious and rushed to the top lane.

The whole game, I was basically looking around for killing opportunities, leading the tempo of the whole game, the opposite side of the three lines collapsed!

“Five kills, five kills!” I got excited all of a sudden.

“Secondary hook, big move, weakness.” Cao Ge hurriedly said from the side.

“Four kills already, one last head to go!” I was so full of blood that I boiled up in a flash.

“Wandering drive with soldiers into the spring and abuse it directly!”

I didn’t know how much faster my hand speed was all of a sudden because of my emotional excitement. Wandering is a friend of Cao Ge’s, right in the other internet cafe. He also heard what I said in the hacking voice. He was very decisive and took a large wave of and under the defense tower and killed it directly into the spring.

With the minions absorbing damage from the defense tower, I went up for a set of bursts and gave a punishment, and said goodbye directly to the opposite side.

Five kills!