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Silly Teen Chapter 75-76

Chapter 75

Fatty Zhu was deliberately taking a slight pause at this juncture. He lit a cigarette and just looked at me condescendingly. He exhaled a smoke ring without slowing down. The way he moved made me even more nervous.

“Jin Chao, think carefully. If I shout to one and you haven’t said anything, that could have some irreversible consequences.” Fatty Zhu then spoke to me.

But I listened to him, still keeping my mouth tightly shut and saying nothing.

If I told them the pa*sword, then all the thousands of dollars I had saved in the bank, from my childhood to my childhood, would fall into their hands. And that money, it wasn’t just my red packet money, it was Uncle Chen’s hard-earned money!


“Good, very good! Jin Chao, since you won’t say anything, then …… do it!” Fatty Zhu looked at me coldly.

As soon as Fatty Zhu’s words fell, those minions surrounding me at his side, punched and kicked me even more. I could only endure the pain on my body, but did not dare to resist anything. I was sure I was going to eat this dumb loss, because Fatty Zhu had found out where I lived.

I shielded my head as much as possible and secretly pent up my anger in my heart.

It’s never too late for a gentleman to take revenge!

I would definitely get back at Fatty Zhu for what I did tonight!

“Brother Zhu, this kid is really durable! He’s been fighting for so long and still hasn’t said a word.” Fatty Zhu’s little brother was already panting for breath.

“Forget it, Brother Zhu, I think we should leave it at that for today. If we keep fighting, I’m afraid something will happen.”

Fatty Zhu listened to them and was nodding.

He squatted in front of me and spat a smoke ring at me, “Jin Chao, this matter today is not over. If you dare to call the police, I have ways to get you killed. So, you’d better think about it yourself. When you’ve thought it over, call me and send me the money!”

With that, he threw my phone in front of me, which had his number on it.

It was after they left that I got up from the ground. I felt like my body was going to fall apart and it hurt like hell.

Because of the money I won from the slot machines, there was quite a bit left over after treating myself to dinner. I just found a hotel nearby and got a room. I didn’t dare to go back and even texted Uncle Chen that I was staying at a friend’s house. I just didn’t want Uncle Chen to see me in this sorry state.

After I took the key from the receptionist’s hand, I headed upstairs.

But it was in between my trip upstairs that I heard a somewhat familiar voice!

It seemed to be Fatty Zhu’s voice!

I quietly walked up the stairs, looking carefully up the stairs, and I heard them talking about me. And I would never have thought that I would have just finished calling Fatty Zhu and ended up coming over to get a room and plan to rest for the night, only to meet them again at the hotel!

I listened to them mocking and laughing at me, and was hesitating in my mind whether I should go up or not.

“By the way Brother Zhu, I caught you a very nice student girl on the road today. In a moment, you enjoy yourself.”

“Crap, you can do it! How is she? Is she clean and decent?” Fatty Zhu’s voice was practically drooling.

“Of course! Brother Zhu, it’s not like you don’t know what I do. The people I choose, you can rest a*sured!”

“What about the handling of the aftermath?” Fatty Zhu asked worriedly instead.

“That’s ready too, of course. I’ve already tied up and drugged the sister, and there are cameras in the room. When she wakes up, we’ll show her the video, and she won’t dare to say anything or call the police!” The little brother who was explaining gave a lewd – laugh.

“Good, good, I like you like that!” Fatty Zhu said, and at once was giving a loud laugh.

I listened to their voices getting lower and lower, as if they were about to walk into the floor.

And I hesitated for a moment, but chose to follow. I quietly followed them to the floor they were on, but I climbed an extra staircase and just listened to their words from above. Because this was a small hotel, even from here on the stairs, I could hear their movements.

“Brother Zhu, the man is in room 403.”

“Then hurry up and open the door!”

“I’m going to …… be so positive! I’m already hungry just looking at it.” Fatty Zhu said with a harsh laugh.

“Of course. Brother Zhu, just enjoy yourself inside, we’ll leave first.” His minions were about to leave.

I listened to a series of footsteps and hid upstairs, not daring to venture out. I listened to the sound of them going downstairs and the sound of the door closing, and I hesitated for a while. As things stood, I should first call the police. But it took time for the police to come, after all.

What if Fatty Zhu had harmed the girl in just a few minutes’ time?

At this juncture, there was not much time for me to think.

I hesitated back and forth for ten seconds.

After I took a deep breath and made sure Fatty Zhu’s men had left, I copied a metal pipe mop in my hand and walked to the door of room 403. I knocked gently on the door and heard Fatty Zhu’s impatient voice inside: “Who is it? I’m just getting ready to undress, who the hell is disturbing my pleasure!”

“Brother Zhu, it’s me, the police have suddenly arrived downstairs!” I said in a strangled voice.

“What? What’s going on?”

Fatty Zhu was obviously shocked.

“I don’t know, nine times out of ten, the hotel owner called the police!” I said to him in a hurry.

“D*mn it, I’ll have to come over and tear his shop down some time.” Fatty Zhu cursed with hatred, and then said to me, “Wait outside, I’ll be right out.”

I listened to his words and agreed. I stood by the door of the room, clutching the metal mop in my hand. It was when Fatty Zhu came out that I slammed it hard on his head. Fatty Zhu couldn’t react, and was even more violently knocked by me in one blow. And I didn’t stop with one blow, then the second one went to Fatty Zhu’s head.

Fatty Zhu gave me two blows and looked at me with a look of murder in his eyes.

“Jin Chao, you can do it. I was going to let you go for a while, but you came to my door again! And you’re here to delay my business!” Fatty Zhu was simply going to explode with anger.

“F*ck you.”

I cursed and landed another blow on Fatty Zhu’s body. But he had quite a lot of fat on his body, and he didn’t show any kind of expression when I smashed him. Instead, he was grabbing my mop, just to snatch it out of my hand.

“You’re dead!”

Fatty Zhu roared in anger.

I did not have the strength to fight as Fatty Zhu, seeing that the mop was about to be snatched over, I had a brainwave in a hurry and gave Fatty Zhu a kick between his legs ……


Chapter 76

I’m afraid Fatty Zhu would never have thought that I would give him a hard kick in the crotch. His face turned red, his left hand was tightly covering his crotch, and his right hand, which was gripping the mop, had little strength left, and was snatched back by me in a flash.

“Jin Chao, we have words, don’t move your hands and feet, okay?” Fatty Zhu saw that I was going to do it and hurriedly said.

“There’s nothing to say to you!”

I took advantage of his pain and waved the mop and smashed it against his head again. I saw that the pain in his crotch – was almost healed, so I gave him another fill. I couldn’t help it …… if I was good at it, I wouldn’t want to use such underhanded tricks.

I was still a high school student, and Fatty Zhu was an adult. And the fat man’s strength is, naturally, greater.

I knew more than anything that I couldn’t beat him.

And I kicked him twice in the bottom, even more out of such fear.

Fatty Zhu was basically ruined after being kicked by me several times. His whole body was so painful that he fell to his knees, and his forehead was unstoppable with large beads of sweat. I didn’t care about that, I just kicked him away and rushed into the room, trying to take the man away.

But as I stood at the end of the bed, I was frozen alive.

How could this be her?

Ouyang Xiaxue!

The rose I had bought from her during the day was still stuck in her ear. And at this moment, she was lying on the bed, more than a flush of red. The clothes on her body, they were all ripped open for her. Her left hand, which was wedged between her legs, rubbing from side to side, was even more striking.

“Xia Xue, Xia Xue, are you all right?” I asked hurriedly as I went right up to her and patted her face.

“Well ……”

She looked at me with dazed eyes.

“Xiaxue, hold on a little longer, I’ll take you to the hospital right now.” I got even more anxious. But it was between my words that she was the one who kissed me with one mouthful. Her lips were soft and supple. Her left hand, which was between her legs, suddenly grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast.

I felt the softness of her breast and froze in my tracks.

No! I couldn’t do this!

I can’t take advantage of people’s danger!

At that moment, Fatty Zhu was still crouching at the door, and his eyes were sinister as he looked in. I hurriedly reminded him, “Fatty Zhu, you’d better get lost. I’ve just called the police and they’re on their way now. If you don’t hurry up, you won’t be able to leave in a while.”

“Good, very good! Jin Chao, you have completely angered me. You, are finished.” Fatty Zhu threatened me again.

“Then let’s really wait until I’m finished.” I then responded.

And Fatty Zhu was to then stand up with great strain, his hands covering his crotch – a very wretched look – and just leave.

I closed the door of the room with my backhand.

I had heard that in the case of Ouyang Xiaxue, cold water could be used to dissolve the situation. I thought about it and called 120 while trying to pick up Ouyang Xiaxue and take her into the bathroom. But she was in my arms and not at all honest. Just before she got on top of me, she ended up with her hands down my clothes.

“Xiaxue, your hand ……” I was still in the middle of a phone call, and it was too late to stop it.

“What’s wrong?” The doctor on the other end of the phone asked me.

“It’s my friend …… her symptoms seem to be getting worse now.” I hurriedly then spoke to the doctor.

“Then, then take her into the bathroom and flush her body hard with cold water, I’ll send an ambulance over right away.” The doctor on the other end of the phone then spoke to me. And his words confirmed my thoughts, and reinforced my idea of taking her into the bathroom.

And Ouyang Xiaxue’s whole body was soft because of the effects of the medicine. She couldn’t stand up, and it was impossible to have a bathtub in a small hotel like this, where you don’t need an ID card.

I made her sit on the floor, with her back against the wall, and used the cold water that had been turned on to wash over her body in copious amounts.

The water drenched her clothes and clung right to her body, showing off her fledgling figure even more. I couldn’t stop gulping as I looked at the vaguely visible bodice. The fact that she was rubbing her body in front of me made my blood boil.

Helplessly, I had to be to divert my attention and make myself look in another direction.

“Jinchao …… I’m so hard.” She suddenly grabbed my trouser leg, is a look of pity and I said.

“Hold on a little longer, the doctor will be here soon.” I said hurriedly.

“But I’m really uncomfortable, please help me out …… I want it!” That’s what she said to me instead. I listened to her words, subconsciously turned my head to look at her, also looked at her eyes containing the charm, but also a surge of emotions, is a little unable to resist.

I felt the changes in my body, and even more so, I clenched my teeth to death, so that I could never cross that step.

“Jinchao, why don’t you say anything? Good Jinchao, just help me.” She even grabbed my pant leg and said to me.

“I can’t do that!”

“Why?” As she spoke, the skirt she was wearing had flopped up, revealing her pale thighs and even more so her pink panties. Her mouth, more than anything else, was making wooing noises. I felt something bursting out of my body.

I had no choice but to pinch myself hard again.

I kept reminding myself in my mind: I must not do this! I must never take advantage of her and have anything to do with her!

“Jinchao ……” she called out to me again in a very ambiguous – ambiguous tone when she saw that I didn’t respond to her.

“The doctor will be here, right away!” At this point my, but only so, response to her.

“I don’t want a doctor, I want you!”

She said to me, but strained to take off her clothes, but even more so, revealing a large area of snow white. I noticed out of the corner of my eye, was hurriedly squatting down, trying to help her put the clothes on. Although her clothes were wet, it was better to have clothes to cover her than not!

Instead, she felt my hand, but grabbed my hand and pressed it against her chest again.

“Xiaxue, don’t you do that. You’re drugged now! I don’t want anything to happen to you that you don’t want to meet when you come to your senses.” I looked at her solemnly and just pulled my hand out of her grasp.

But Ouyang Xiaxue gently wrapped her arms around my neck and just looked like she wanted to kiss me. But I was avoiding her. I tilted my head to the left, and she followed. Lean to the right and she still followed.

“Xia Xue ……” I was just about to speak, but she gagged me with her lips. Meanwhile, what I didn’t expect more was that her other hand, silently, slipped into my trousers ……