Silly Teen Chapter 83-84

Chapter 83

“D*mn.” Cao Ge also noticed the movement at my end, “Achang, hurry up and help!”

“Yes!” Brother Achang merely agreed, and then he, getting rid of those around him, killed me directly in front of him. His strength was not small, with him alone trying to deal with two people, it was definitely not a problem. It was just that the people surrounding me were a bit too many for even him to handle.

As I looked at the people surrounding me in front of me, I was getting a little anxious in my heart.

With the broken bottle in front of me, I pointed right at their direction, “If you guys dare to come over, I’ll be rude!”

“Cut it out, you’re just a kid. Even if I lend you a hundred guts, would you dare to stab us?”

“You think we’re afraid of you just because you’re holding a broken bottle?”

“What’s the use!”

Their words were even more overwhelming to me. They were people who had been around in society and had definitely been threatened!

I gritted my teeth and couldn’t help but squeeze the bottle even tighter.

Was I really going to stab up?

But honestly, I didn’t dare!

“Chao, what are you still standing there for? Hurry up and run!” Cao Ge looked at me with tension in his tone.

“I’ll give you time to stall, so hurry up and leave.” Ah Chang hurriedly got rid of the two men in front of him. He was nearly using his own body to buy me time, blocking their attack. As I watched the scene before me, I couldn’t help but clench my fists and think about leaving.

If I continued to stay here, I would only cause them more trouble.

But I stood outside the mahjong hall, looking in and listening to the commotion coming out, with even more resentment in my heart.

“Jinchao? Is that you?”

A voice suddenly came from behind me.

Between turns of my head, I saw Wah coming towards me, and he looked at me with a look of confusion in his eyes.

“Why are you here?”

Wah asked me with even more curiosity.

I briefly explained what had happened and then also rushed to him and asked, “Right Brother Wah, why are you here too?”

“Just here to find a friend.” Wah said in a light-hearted response.

Hua listened to the commotion in the mahjong hall and asked me, “Do you need any help? When I heard that, I didn’t respond, so I asked him back: How do you want to help? Wah replied: That’s it! With that, he rushed straight into the mahjong hall.

With his sudden entry, I was worried that he might not be able to tell the difference between Cao Ge’s people.

But he was obviously better at fighting than I was!

He had seen Cao Ge before and stood directly around him. If someone pounced on him, he just ruffled them down! And no friendly fire by mistake.

“When am I going to become this strong?” I was even more envious as I watched Hua’s flowing battle.


My mobile phone suddenly rang.

It was a call from Xu Ying.

“Jin Chao, where are you now?” Xu Ying hadn’t looked for me for a while either.

“I’m at Tie Shan, Hua is also over here.” I explained.

“It looks like you’re really hanging out with Wah?” Xu Ying’s tone was, in fact, mixed with a little surprise.

“Not quite. …… Right, Manager Xu, what can I do for you?” I then asked at her.

“It’s not much, since you’re with Hua now, we’ll talk about it tonight.” Xu Ying didn’t specify either. She asked me not to go back at night either, and to go out with her. It was just that there was something strange between her words that made me feel as if there was some kind of purpose to it!

I stood at the entrance of the mahjong hall for a while. After thinking about it, I decided to go back in!

Although I couldn’t make any waves, this matter was caused by me after all, and it wasn’t good for me to stand outside and watch.

“Brother Cao, let me help you!”

I once again came beside Cao Ge.

“You …… forget it, be careful and follow us around.” Cao Ge was a little helpless, but did not shout at me to go out again.

“Brothers, kill all of Fatty Zhu’s men!” Cao Ge yelled. Along with his words, something seemed to burn up in my body as well.

My emotions were completely dispatched!

Although I knew that fighting was bad, at this moment, I was suddenly somewhat immersed in the atmosphere!

Because of the addition of Wah, we were even more overwhelmed.

“How about Fatty Zhu, are you convinced yet?” Cao Ge kicked Fatty Zhu down.


Fatty Zhu could only concede.

“Now then, tell me again, how do you plan to settle this matter?” Cao Ge spat on the ground with disdain. It was a good thing this was the outskirts of the city, otherwise the police would have come over long ago after all the commotion.

“It was indeed my fault before, I apologize …… can’t I?” Fatty Zhu hurriedly said.

“Apology useful?”

Cao Ge gulped and gave Fatty Zhu another kick. He extended three fingers and then said in a condescending tone, “Fatty Zhu, if your compensation is less than this figure, you’ll be on your own!”

“Three hundred?”

“Sh*t, it’s three thousand!”

“Cao Ge, you’re not asking too much!” Fatty Zhu’s complexion was suddenly gloomy.

“Then you’re on your own. If you can’t get that figure, I’ll have my brothers come to your place every now and then. Let’s see if your place is still open!” Cao Ge sneered and took a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, “Fatty Zhu, I’ll give you one day, by this time tomorrow, I want to see the money!”

Cao Ge said this and then waved his hand even more: “Brothers, let’s go!”

But it was after we left that the mahjong hall was already in a mess. Many of the mahjong machines were damaged, and with the money we had to pay Cao Ge, Fatty Zhu would have lost nearly ten thousand dollars on this trip!

Thinking about this, my mood suddenly opened up a bit! The breath that was blocked in my chest was suddenly smoothed out!

“Cao Ge, this is not over!” Fatty Zhu’s voice came over from afar.

“It’s not over!”

Cao Ge said with a sneer.

“Brother Cao, do you think Fatty Zhu can give so much money?” I looked at him rather doubtfully.

“He’ll have to pay even if he doesn’t!”

Cao Ge said confidently.

Cao and I said that if Fatty Zhu didn’t give this money, he would die a worse death! If he made a scene and called Xu Ying’s people over, then things wouldn’t be solved by three thousand dollars then. I thought to myself, “After all, 1908, even if it’s been closed down, the people in charge of it are not so easy to mess with!

And as we walked forward, Wah was following us.

Wasn’t he going to look for his friend?

But we were leaving Tie Shan now, was he following us, on the way?


Chapter 84

In response to my question, Wah said with a soft laugh: there was no need for him to go looking anymore. I didn’t know what he meant, but there was something about the way he was staring at me that made me feel wrong. Under his gaze, I could only act normal, but Cao Ge and the others didn’t notice anything was wrong.

Cao Ge rode his bike and led us away from Tie Shan.

Wah, who had helped us, also followed us in pa*sing.

He was between us, without any incongruity. He was obviously used to this.

Because we were going to the internet, Wah didn’t follow us. But it was before he left that he did smile at me, “Jin Chao, you have to work hard, don’t let me down.” He was talking about Guo Xuefu. It was just his words, more than anything else, that confused me a little.

I felt that he had sensed something, but even so, he still wanted me and Guo Xuefu to get together.

Was his attitude just an act? Or was that his intention? I don’t know!

“Ah Chao, go up the road MISS.”

“Coming right up!”

“Is there a big move down the road? I’ll finish painting the wild and come to support a wave right away!”

“Want to cross the tower?”

“Yes! Of course! I’ll carry the damage, and the ADC will output violently.” I said confidently.

“There’s someone coming from the opposite side.”

“Don’t panic, put eyes in the gra*s and teleport down from the top.” I commanded the pace of the scene. I was modest with my mouth, but because I led the tempo, it was more of a victory wave. Even game a*sistants like TGP, after it was over, popped up boxes saying that I was the best player and the MVP!

I have to say, this feeling of driving the rhythm of the whole game is fantastic!

‘Ding dong.’

It was in between my immediate team formation that a friend request was suddenly sent over.

“Big God, is your team still short of people? My last sub, can we play together?” He sent me a message in the chat window. I had an impression of him. The last hero he played, even though he was a sub, disgusted me, and he did have some strength!

“Do you only know how to sub?” I typed slowly.

“Not so much. I can do mid and ADC, but I mainly rely on support to get on the scoreboard.” He gave an explanation.

“Cao, the sub from the last hand is looking for us to team up eh, do you want him in?” I then asked at Cao Ge.

“Is that the Hammerhead?”

Cao Ge’s response was also instant.

“Holy sh*t, that’s the hammerhead who hit nine out of ten?” Cao Ge’s little brother couldn’t help but spit out.

“Yeah, that’s him. If he comes over, I’d like to give him the support position.” I said thoughtfully.

“No problem!” Cao Ge agreed.

Because this ID called ‘Night Rain Annoying’ joined, we made up a five-row. I invited him to join our battle team and also started a voice with him. The game of LOL, where five rows are destined to meet five rows, also made the game a lot more difficult. The level one group we played at the beginning even put us at a disadvantage, 2 to 5.

Cao’s little brother, who was originally playing the support position, was also switched to the mid-row.

He was good enough to pick a fragile mage. Even though I kept going to the middle to catch him, I still let our disadvantage grow.

This set, the top and middle lanes all had problems. Only the bottom lane had some advantage because of the strength of that sub.

This set was a headwind game!

I had a bit of a headache and my spirits were even higher.

Twenty-five minutes in, the top and middle lanes were directly demolished, which was making the pressure on us a few more points.

“You guys guard your homes, I’m going to check near the big dragon.” I directly left the soldier line and headed towards the direction of the big dragon.

“Chao, are you going to rob the big dragon? This hero of yours …… is too hard to grab!” Cao Ge said with great concern.

“Forget it Chao, we’ll let this dragon go. If you die and they come to push the high ground, it’s a bit hard to defend.” Cao’s little brother also said.

“It’s alright, I’ll just go over and hara*s them.” I said this and put eyes into the big dragon pool.

They were slower to hit the Big Dragon. I rapped down from the top of the big dragon pool. I had more heads on me and luxurious gear. Although it was meat, there wasn’t much output. I circled around the dragon, and when the top laner on the opposite side saw me coming, he tried to drive me away while the others continued to fight the dragon.

I tried to fight with the opposite top laner.

But as I fought, I suddenly noticed that the opposite top laner only had a third of his blood bar left.

“There’s a chance!”

My hand speed accelerated, and a set of skills took away the opposite upper single. But at that moment, the big dragon only had 2,000 points of blood left.

I flashed and charged straight into the Grand Dragon pool.

My target was not the big dragon, but the opposite side’s ADC. with my moves on, it was only a matter of a few hits to cut the ADC.

“Ah Chao, it’s almost time to kill two people, come back.” Cao Ge then said to me.

“I’m in the big dragon pool right now, I can’t leave if I want to, for sure. If I change the opposite mid laner again, then the opposite side’s output is weakened by a third. It’s us who have earned it!” I said calmly. The opposite side’s support and playfield didn’t have much output either, so it wasn’t even enough to justify it.

“But you’re also bloodied. Is it really possible to replace them?” Cao asked worriedly instead.

“It’s fine. I still have my resurrection armour.”

I responded.

But just as the words left my mouth, I fell to the ground in response. All the skills I still had were also still on cooldown before the resurrection armor took effect. And when I got up, I could still recover a third of my blood. If the opposite mid, doesn’t leave in that time, I still have every chance!

Hand up, knife down, the opposite AP was running, but still I caught up with him and gave me a set to take away.

“Hurry up and push!” I was dead, but we still had four people here.

“Split up in three ways to pull down the opposite outer tower, and when we win the next group battle, we’ll fight back our disadvantage.” I said.

“D*mn it! Ah Chao, it’s still up to you when it matters!” Cao said with an uncomfortable laugh.

“I’m just sh*t out of luck too.”

I responded in a low tone.

“Haha, so how come I don’t have such sh*t luck?” Cao Ge jokingly asked me back.

“Brother Chao, that’s strength for you!” Cao’s little brother added to me.

To this, I didn’t respond to anything. I was fully concentrated on the game. At this juncture now, not a single moment of laxity could be allowed. But as the game reached the forty minute mark, the most nerve-wracking scene came!

We were both tearing down each other’s crystals.

Victory was just a step away!

It was just a matter of who would finish first!