Silly Teen Chapter 85-86

Chapter 85

Cao Ge said he had the Great Dragon buff on him and was able to speed back to the city, and he went back to guard first. However, I shook my head. With no troops coming in, I acted as a meat shield with myself and frantically demolished the opposite side’s defence tower.

One of our gateways broke down, and the opposite one fell afterwards.

As we watched, the second incisor on the opposite side was about to break, and the second incisor on our side had fallen.

We always came up short!

“It’s going to be a loss.” The night rain sounded annoying right at the end of the voice.

“No, we’re winning!” I said abruptly, “Our family’s defense crystal is about to come back to life!”

“What?” Night Rain Sound Annoyance was obviously surprised to. That is, just as my words fell, our family’s crystal was, indeed, resurrected. The people on the other side, seeing that they had already beaten the crystal down to a third of its blood, were only a second away from victory at most.

But it was at this juncture that something like this happened!

Because of the resurrection of the defence crystal, our base crystal became unelectable. They rushed back to demolish the defence crystal, but it was already too late.

Then, along with a ‘boom’ sound. The base crystal broke, and two big words ‘Victory’ appeared on the screen!

“We actually won?” Night Rain sounded annoyed or didn’t react.

“Chao, you’re remembering time, remembering is simply getting scarier and scarier.” Cao Ge couldn’t help but say.

“No …… it’s not scary, it’s simply perverted!” Night Rain sounded annoyed at the end of the voice, adding to Cao Ge’s words.

“Are you a pro level player?” Night Rain Sound Bother then asked at me.

I laughed dryly and replied, “How can I be a pro level player? I’m, like, a high schooler.”

“A high school student can do that? That’s amazing!” Night Rain sounded annoyed even more surprised.

“And with this skill, he’s still only started playing League for half a month of operation and awareness.” Cao Zhiyong said for me.

“Holy sh*t, holy sh*t, are you sent by God to strike us?” The night rain sounded annoyed and the emotions exploded.

“Yes, haha.” Cog responded again for me.

I did look at him a little breathlessly, “Cao, just stop joking and restart the game too.”

“I’m just being honest!” Cao Ge said with a chuckle. Because we were in row five, the queue took a relatively long time. I sat in my seat and smoked a cigarette with Cao Ge and the others. During the process, the night rain sounded annoying and asked about where we were from.

I didn’t care at the time, so I told him in pa*sing that we were from Xuancheng.

But if I said Xuancheng, he wouldn’t know. After all, Xuancheng is a third or fourth tier city! But I didn’t expect that Night Rain would say that he knew Xuancheng, and that he knew it well! This was what made me suddenly curious about where he was from, and whether he was from a coastal province like us.

But at the very moment when Night Rain was about to explain, the internet cafe suddenly lost power!

“Holy sh*t! What’s the deal with a power cut at this juncture?” Cao Ge was startled and cursed.

And this end of the cyber cafe gave an explanation afterwards, saying that the transformer around here was overwhelmed and blew up! We didn’t get a match on the one we just had either, and Cao Ge and the others didn’t bother to run a kilometre to another cyber cafe. As the evening was approaching, we went straight to find a place to eat.

After dinner, Cao Ge suddenly said he had to go to work.

It was the first time I had heard him say that, so it was a bit new!

The little brother on the side explained to me that Cao had always helped out with the venue before and was free as a matter of course. But now he suddenly said he wanted to go to work because of a girl.

“Brother Cao, which girl do you have your eye on?” I asked with a harsh laugh.

“Go go go, you kids don’t mind so much!” Looking at Cao Ge, he seemed to be a bit embarra*sed.

“Tell me about it, or a photo will do!” I joked about Cog.

“I don’t have any photos!”

Cao Ge said breathlessly instead.

“But the girl Cao has his eye on is pretty hot! Nice body too!” Little brother did add on the side.

“You’re the one who talks too much!”

Cao Ge gave him a brain dime.

“All right, all right, if you’ve got something to do, you go and do your thing. We’re going out tonight to dazzle our!” Achango, who was on the side, also joked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve got something to do tonight too, you guys go and have fun.” I remembered Xu Ying’s words and said to Brother Achang.

“I don’t suppose you’ve got a date with a woman too!”

Ah Chang did look at me with some surprise.

“Not really. ……”

I said with a dry smile.

But as I was talking, a BMW suddenly pulled up in front of the small shop where we were eating. Achang and the others were a bit puzzled, thinking that this BMW was just here to show off its superiority at a small roadside restaurant like this. But Cao Ge looked at the BMW’s arrival and shot a glance at me instead.

Cao Ge obviously knew that this was Xu Ying’s BMW!

“Jin Chao, what are you still standing there for? Get in!” Xu Ying said at me as soon as she rolled down the window.

“Holy sh*t, a beautiful young woman!”

Brother Achang’s emotions also perked up for a moment.

“Jin Chao, who’s this for you? Sister, girlfriend? Or …… gun-friend!”

Cao Ge said with some amus*ment from the side, “You guys just don’t guess so much blindly! Jin Chao, you go ahead.”

I listened to his words, but nodded, and left after saying hello to them. I walked straight up to the BMW, as I had sent the address to Xu Ying earlier, it was no surprise that she appeared in front of the shop.

I sat in the pa*senger seat.

“Have you had enough?” Xu Ying asked as she reversed the car and rushed to me.

“Seven percent full, I guess, what’s wrong?” I asked in pa*sing.

“I’ll take you to dinner, and by the way there’s something I want you to do tonight.” Xu Ying drove on up the road.

“You’re trying to get me to ……”

I realised what was going on at once.

“Something like that.” Xu Ying affirmed.

I sat on the pa*senger side of the BMW, my mood suddenly was apprehensive. Xu Ying was definitely taking me to meet a woman, but it made me instinctively think that the woman I was going to meet later must be some kind of older …… definitely not a beautiful woman like Xu Ying anyway!

Xu Ying took me and walked into a building that was plain in appearance but not too elegant.

This is a high cla*s private restaurant in Xuancheng!

But it was after walking into the lobby that I was frozen.

“Manager Xu, how come my cla*s teacher is here?” With Xu Ying’s knowledge of me, she must have known who my cla*s teacher was. And my cla*s teacher, Ms. Lin, was sitting in the seat Xu Ying had reserved! There was no reason for her not to tell me that the person she had a date with was my homeroom teacher!

“What, are you nervous?”

The corner of Xu Ying’s mouth curled into a faint smile.

“Not nervous, just embarra*sed.” I gave a sarcastic laugh.


Chapter 86

As if pretending not to see me, Ms Lin got up and greeted Xu Ying. She looked at my arrival and was surprised too.

I was even more nervous inside.

But Xu Ying was calm as she sat right across from Ms Lin. She greeted Ms Lin first and confirmed her identity. It was the first time they had met and Ms Lin introduced herself, while Xu Ying did explain, “This is my cousin.”

Ms Lin was aware of my family situation.

She had probably guessed that this so-called cousin of mine was a fake, but she didn’t break me down.

Xu Ying took me to sit down with her.

Not wanting to waste time, Ms Lin cut to the chase.

She pulled out a pile of photos from her bag, full of various room types, and listened to the two of them talk. I was a bit puzzled …… what was Xu Ying doing buying a house?

And still buy with Mr. Lin!

With Xu Ying’s understanding of me, she couldn’t possibly not know that Mr. Lin is my cla*s teacher!

From the photos, this is all the kind of high-cla*s real estate, garden villas and buildings within buildings.

After introducing the information on these properties, Mr. Lin casually came up with the comment that all these houses were sold for a friend.

I was even more puzzled.

How did Ms. Lin, a teacher with a salary of over 3,000, come into contact with such rich friends? Could it be her boyfriend?

Xu Ying said while holding a red wine in one hand and nodding frequently, “It doesn’t matter to me, it’s mainly because my boss is good at saving face and wants to buy a small flat, or as an investment waiting for appreciation.”

“Then my friend’s house will perfectly meet your requirements.” Mr. Lin said.

Xu Ying then poured a gla*s of wine for Ms. Lin: “Just talking, come …… Ms. Lin, have a drink.”

Originally, Ms. Lin was not a strong drinker, but seeing that this business was about to be completed, she could not be offended, so she had to drink a gla*s of wine with Xu Ying.

Xu Ying then asked a few more questions. Such as traffic problems, what schools are nearby, hospitals …… make it sound like you really want to buy a house! In the end, she actually shelled out 10,000 yuan as a deposit and settled on a high-rise flat.

Lin teacher took a look at Xu Ying so bashful, also some excitement, “actually do not have to do so …… house you have not yet seen it, you will …… either we go to see the house first, I have the key.”

Xu Ying waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter, anyway, almost, set one in advance, come we finish the wine.”

Throughout the whole process, from the beginning to the end, Ms Lin and I didn’t say anything about us being ‘teacher and student’!

If she didn’t say anything, I couldn’t say anything either!

And as soon as Ms Lin saw that she still had to drink, she was a bit worried about her stomach and went to the bathroom first.

Just as she left on the first foot, I saw Xu Ying secretly take out a red pill in her bag and put it inside Teacher Lin’s wine.

“Manager Xu, what are you doing?” I was a little surprised and wondered what she meant.

Xu Ying made a shushing gesture and whispered to me, “Stay out of it, you’ll get your money’s worth later.”

When Mr. Lin came back from the bathroom, Xu Ying lifted the gla*s of wine in her hand and indicated that this was the last one for Mr. Lin. Lin had no choice but to drink the wine. Before she left, she left an address and welcomed Xu Ying to come over to see the house at any time.

She said so and then left.

Xu Ying didn’t stop either!

“Manager Xu, is it hard for you to really want to buy a house?” I asked at her.

“Don’t worry so much about that. Eat the food on the table and let’s get out of here!”

Xu Ying said flatly instead.

After eating, I talked to Xu Ying again. Xu Ying said it was about time and took me away. I thought it was to take me home, but the direction Xu Ying’s BMW drove was a bit unfamiliar to me, and I soon arrived in an isolated neighborhood.

I remembered what Xu Ying had said on the phone this afternoon, and it became even clearer in my mind what she had brought me here for.

I didn’t ask too many questions and followed her up to the thirteenth floor. As Xu Ying took out her keys and opened the door, she said to herself, “It should be about time, right? It’s been forty minutes.”

She took out a key and opened the door straight away.

That didn’t surprise me.

She told me to go in first, she had some stuff in the car that she hadn’t brought over.

I knew, of course, that this was just an excuse on her part. I walked into the room, the flat was quite small and there was a light on in the direction of the bathroom, I followed the direction of the light and there seemed to be a voice inside, stammering.

I knocked on the door and no one answered.

The bathroom door was unlocked and a strange sound came out of the door. It was not loud, but the sound was more than a little ambiguous!

I pushed the door in as soon as I could, only to see an incomparably exposed woman appearing in front of me, soaking in the bathtub, covered in foam, her face a little flushed, her mouth saying, “Well, it’s Jin Chao ah, you come over here …… teacher so hard.”

My sudden dumbfounded.

I could never have imagined that what I saw here, was actually Teacher Lin!

“Teacher Lin, what’s wrong with you?” I hurriedly asked, secretly feeling in my heart that this matter, must be related to Xu Ying! That red pill from earlier was the culprit that made Teacher Lin look like this!

I looked at Ms. Lin anxiously.

But she lost her senses, and with a pair of soft hands, she wrapped them around my body: “Jin Chao, will you help teacher? The teacher is going to …… not be able to take it anymore!”

My face brushed up hot and red.

Sweat rose up inside my palms, not knowing what to do.

When Teacher Lin saw me standing there dumbfounded, her tone became even softer: “Good Jinchao, hurry up …… even if Teacher begs you.”

I was a burst of scalp tingling.

Teacher Lin was like this, how could I lay hands on her? Besides, she was simply my teacher! And also before that, had helped me a lot!

That’s all the more reason for me not to!

“Jinchao, what are you thinking about now?” Teacher Lin grabbed my hand and placed it on her chest, her skin was particularly smooth, my body went through an electric shock and my whole body stiffened in place, allowing her to play with my hand as she took it and stroked it all over her body.

My hair stood on end especially when I touched my chest.

She asked me again, “Jinchao, don’t you want to have S*x with your teacher ……”

“Teacher Lin, don’t do that!” I shook my head hurriedly.

But she stood up from the bathtub, flawlessly white, with two slender thighs, this woman who usually stood tall, now stood in front of me as naked as a D woman ……

And today’s scene was something I had never dreamed of.

Ms. Lin started touching my pectoral muscles, gagging as she did so, and then ripped off my jacket as soon as she could. I resisted, and it was between our pulling and tugging that my buttons popped open due to the force.

She started kissing right up against my neck and even nibbled lightly on my earlobe with her teeth, the aroma from her mouth puffed up next to my face as she sputtered, “Good girl …… Jinchao you just don’t resist, I’m really hard!”