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Silly Teen Chapter 91-92

Chapter 91

I looked at the bald man standing on the podium and my whole body froze for a moment. He also noticed me and gave me a smile. And I turned my head towards Guo Xuefu, who nodded at me, obviously, she already knew the news before me.

And our new ‘Teacher Zheng’ was simply Wah!

It wasn’t hard to guess the purpose of his appearance here. In all, there were three sides. They were Mr. Lin, Guo Xue-fu and also more so me.

Just at this point, does he already know what happened last night? Did he show up here to get back at me?

I don’t know! I really don’t know!

“Hello, students. I’m your new PE teacher, my name is Zheng Hua.” He then greeted us, but the focus of his eyes was even more on me, which made me even more vain.

“Teacher Zheng, is this bald head of yours a congenital thing, or did you make it that way on purpose?”

“Teacher Zheng, this hot day, why are you still wearing long sleeves?” The people in our cla*s, led by Xu Dazhi, actually flirted with Hua. If they knew what Hua Chai used to do, even if they lent them a hundred guts, they would definitely not dare to do so.

The arrival of Wah Chai also surprised Xu Da Zhi and the others.

After all, the time they helped Wah, Xu Dazhi and the others were present.

“Haha, you guys know the reason why I’m wearing long sleeves.” Wah obviously also had an impression of Xu Da Zhi and said in a joking tone as well.

“It’s some kind of ulterior motive, right!” Xu Dazhi went even further up the pole.

“Okay, okay, you guys don’t tease the new teacher either. Catch up on your morning reading and I’ll take Mr. Zheng to get familiar with the office first.” The English teacher said, and led Hua out. And at this point, it was clearly no longer appropriate to call him Wah.

But I also felt that it was always a bit strange to call him ‘Mr. Zheng’.

After thinking about it, I decided to call him by Zheng Hua, by his full name, for the time being.

It was after Zheng Hua and the English teacher had left that Xu Dazhi came up beside me. He smiled thievishly and looked at me, “Brother Chao, it’s OK! We’re helping out, and we’re actually helping out the new teacher! It’ll be better to talk if you want to miss cla*s in the future.”

“It’s not as easy as you think!” I said, giving him a blank look.

“But no matter what, this new teacher, Mr. Zheng, has to show us a few favours anyhow. Brother Chao, don’t you think so!” Xu Dazhi said in disbelief.

“Who knows.”

I responded absentmindedly.

I told Xu Dazhi to hurry back to his position so that he wouldn’t be seen scurrying about when the section chief came over to do his rounds later. I wrote a note and, instead of pretending I didn’t know, I asked Guo Xuefu, “Xuefu, how did Hua come to be a teacher at the school?”

It took Guo Xuefu a while to pa*s me back, “It seems to be because of his girlfriend before he went in.”

I followed up by rushing her and asking if she knew who Zheng Hua’s girlfriend was.

And she then was turning her head and shrugging with me. She responded in this way, telling me that she didn’t know.

Between my thoughts, I was sitting in my seat.

If Guo Xuefu knew that Zheng Hua’s ex-girlfriend, was our teacher Lin. Then her expression would have been the same as mine yesterday, absolutely astonished.

I couldn’t concentrate on my lessons for the whole morning.

But it was also a night that went by and surprisingly nothing happened. Teacher Lin didn’t come, the police didn’t arrive at the school, and Uncle Chen didn’t call to question me about …… everything.

“Jinchao, do you have something to do later?” It was almost time for school to end when Guo Xuefu texted me instead.

“No, what’s wrong?”

I asked her suspiciously.

“Brother A-hwa is inviting us to dinner, are we going together?” Guo Xuefu then asked me.

“Go, of course I’m going!”

I said yes with great enthusiasm, but in my heart I felt that the lunch was just a banquet!

After school, Zheng Hua picked us up at the door of our cla*s.

He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and jeans to hide the tattoos on his body.

“Just tell me what you guys want to eat, and don’t ever be polite to me. I’m not familiar with any of the restaurants in this part of the school, so I definitely can’t introduce you guys to anything good.” On the corner of Zheng Hua’s mouth was a smile, and he asked right at Guo Xuefu and me.

It was just his reaction that made me a little strange.

I didn’t seem to sense anything wrong from him either! On the contrary, it was perfectly normal!

“I know a good one by the side, I even went there with Jin Chao last time.” Guo Xuefu then said as he stepped forward.

“Then lead the way!”

Zheng Hua said with great interest.

The three of us sat down at the stir-fry restaurant and ordered some random dishes. Zheng Hua told us not to help him save money, but to order the more expensive ones. His words drew a silvery laugh from Guo Xuefu. After all, in this small shop, the most expensive dish was only twenty to thirty dollars.

For the three of us down alone, even if we ordered all the meat, it would still be an expense of nearly sixty.

“Wow, enough to eat and drink and get ready for cla*s this afternoon!” Zheng Hua stretched as soon as he walked out of the stir-fry shop.

“Right oh, you’re going to be in our cla*s gym cla*s this afternoon.” Guo Xuefu gave a cheeky smile.

“Yeah, I have to show my drive to teach you guys, otherwise I’m sorry!” Zheng Hua laughed harshly.

“Forget it brother A-hwa, you’d better not show your drive.” Guo Xuefu then said.

Zheng Hua looked at her with some confusion, “Why?”

Guo Xuefu rolled her eyes, “Brother Hua, I’m not good at sports, it’s not like you don’t know that!”


“Brother A-hwa, you’re even laughing at me …… nasty!” Guo Xuefu looked more like she was pouting in front of him.

The three of us walked in the direction of the school.

Since it was still early, we sat at the milk tea shop for a while.

But even though it was close to cla*s, Zheng Hua surprisingly still didn’t show anything.

Instead, he asked at me, “Jin Chao, why do I feel that you are a bit weird today?”

“It’s just that I didn’t rest well last night.”

I explained even more perfunctorily.

“But didn’t you say that something happened last night?” Guo Xuefu then added to my words.

“What happened? Do you want my help!” Zheng Hua even looked at me.

“No, no need.”

I responded very sheepishly.

“It’s okay Jinchao. If you run into any problems, I will definitely help you as long as I can.” Zheng Hua then a*sured in front of me and Guo Xuefu.

In response, I did nod and agreed.

I said I wanted to go for a walk, and Guo Xuefu reminded me very seriously that I should stop going to internet cafes.


Chapter 92

I walked aimlessly along the road, thinking about what had happened to me that day.

Since that day, I had been terrified and blamed myself for doing such a ridiculous thing, and I felt a pang when I thought of the desperate and angry look in Ms Lin’s eyes.

At the same time I was afraid that when I did whatever I was doing a bunch of policemen would suddenly rush in and surround me, pulling me towards the police station, afraid of the sad look in Uncle Chen’s eyes when he found out what I had done.

When I stopped, I found myself at the door of the internet cafe, I shook my head and couldn’t help but laugh at myself: it seems I can’t stay away from online games and League of Legends for the rest of my life.

I walked into the cafe and saw that almost all the monitors were showing League of Legends, and I felt the urge to put my worries behind me and play a game, but just as I sat down to light my cigarette, I thought of Zheng Hua’s cla*s in the afternoon and Guo Xuefu’s words, so I helplessly put out my cigarette, went to the bathroom, washed my face and walked towards school.

I walked into the cla*sroom and sat down in my seat. Guo Xuefu turned her head and gave me a look. I smiled at her and shrugged my shoulders.

Xu Dazhi came over, “Chao, what’s the matter, it’s time to go to P.E. cla*s later, how should Mr. Zheng Hua treat us? After all, we’re kind of the ones who helped him out.”

“I don’t know, who knows what he thinks, anyway, just treat him like a normal teacher, right? We’ll see how it goes, well, cla*s first.” I didn’t do much explaining because up to now I hadn’t guessed into Zheng Hua’s mind and didn’t know what he was really up to.

“Oh, okay, but I guess PE should be a bit easier.” Xu Dazhi closed somewhat.

I laughed bitterly at Xu Dazhi’s words, it was true that ignorance was also bliss.

Although I had the intention to make the time slower, it still pa*sed unnoticed.

I twirled the pen in my hand, feeling a little distracted.

“Jinchao, it’s time for PE, what are you dawdling about? Everyone has finished walking.” Suddenly, I heard Guo Xuefu’s voice and the pen in my hand couldn’t help but lurch.

I slowly raised my head and looked at Guo Xuefu who looked strangely huffy from anger and smiled unnaturally.

“What’s wrong with you?” When Guo Xuefu saw my somewhat ugly face, she thought I was a little uncomfortable and hurriedly took two steps forward and touched my forehead.

I looked at her anxious look and felt warm in my heart, even the annoyance over Zheng Hua’s arrival was thrown away.

Looking at Guo Xuefu, who was very close to me, her beautiful face only an arm’s length away from mine, an impulse floated through my heart.

I took Guo Xuefu’s arm, which had not yet been extended, and, in front of her wide-eyed gaze, pulled her down onto my lap with a sharp effort. Guo Xuefu’s soft body pressed against my skin, deeply stimulating me and causing my body temperature to gradually rise.

I looked at her sweet red lips and could not help but kiss them. Guo Xuefu seemed not to react, and as if she did not refuse, she just gave her eyes to close.

“Brother Chao, Brother Chao, are you in the cla*sroom? Hurry up and come out to go to gym cla*s.”

Just as I was enjoying this moment, suddenly, from the corridor came Xu Dazhi’s voice, and from far to near, like it was almost at the cla*sroom door.

When Guo Xuefu heard the sound, she opened her eyes as if she was a scared rabbit and hurriedly struggled to stand up from my lap.

At this moment, I hated Xu Dazhi in my heart.

“That, I’ll go first, you hurry over to gym cla*s.” Guo Xuefu blushed red and finished the sentence very quickly before trotting towards the outside of the cla*sroom without looking back. He almost collided with Xu Dazhi who was about to enter the cla*sroom.

“Chao, you’re here, why didn’t you squeal when I called you? I thought no one was there.” Xu Dazhi took a somewhat strange look at Guo Xuefu who ran out and faced me with a smile.

“By the way, how come the school girl ran out in red, shouldn’t you?” Xu Dazhi smiled badly.

I walked up to Xu Dazhi and hit him on the head without saying a word.

“Chao, why are you hitting me? It hurts.” Xu Dazhi shouted with an exaggerated shout.

“Is your brother and your sister-in-law’s business something you can pry into more? Besides, I didn’t use much strength just now, why do I have to shout so loudly? I pushed Xu Dazhi and walked towards the stadium, complaining about the pain I had caused him on the way.

Xu Dazhi and I hurried towards the playground, but we were still a bit late. When we arrived, all the other students were already standing in line. Zheng Hua was standing in front of the line with his hands behind his back and a serious face, but he looked a bit funny with his big bald head in the sun.

When Xu Dazhi and I saw this, we didn’t dare to walk forward cheekily, so we hurriedly took three steps and ran over.

Zheng Hua saw that we were both late, but didn’t stare at the matter much either. After we stood in line, Zheng Hua ran like a normal PE teacher, did exercises and then dismissed. I didn’t really see that Zheng Hua had such a talent, but he actually did it in a decent way, which surprised me and made me feel incredible.

When he said free time, Zheng Hua waved to me and went to the sports equipment field.

I didn’t know what he meant, I was afraid that he would know about Mr. Lin, but on second thought I thought it was unlikely, after all, if he knew he wouldn’t be so calm at lunchtime and would be laughing and talking with me. So I walked up to him with a bold face.

“What’s the matter, Chao, you look scared of me, wasn’t it nice at noon? Did you do something shameful or wrong?” Zheng Hua looked at me with a smirk, seeing my anxiety.

I was taken aback by his question and my palms were sweating a little.

“No, how could it be? Just a little out of breath from the run, Hua …… Zheng Hua teacher” I looked at his face and found nothing unusual, so I was a little active in my heart and changed the word Hua to Zheng Hua teacher in a hard way.

Zheng Hua listened, and did not continue to dwell on the issue, but put his hand on the bar, just like that, looking at the playground of various playing ball, doing sports on the students.

“Are you surprised that I’m here?” Zheng Hua squinted, as if he had been hit by the blinding sunlight, resting his eyes for a while before turning to look at me.

“Yes, I did feel surprised and incredulous when I found out you were coming and taking on the role of my PE teacher, not expecting us to meet again in such a scenario.”

I put my hands in my pockets and looked him straight in the eye. After this moment of cushioning, I had eased up a little and pressed myself to try and stay calm and follow his words.