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Silly Teen Chapter 93

“Oh yeah, I didn’t expect that one day I would step into the school again, and as a teacher at that, so do you think she would be more surprised?”

Zheng Hua’s tone was flat but I saw a hint of delight, a hint of guilt and a hint of bewilderment in his eyes, I didn’t know what the circumstances were that would make such a character appear to have such mixed emotions but I felt like my heart had been hit hard.

“Who is he?” Although I had an answer in mind, I dared not be the least bit negligent now, not letting him feel that I knew about Ms. Lin being his wife, so I pretended not to know anything and asked him as if nothing was wrong and with a hint of curiosity.

“She is the nicest and kindest person in the world, she is the sweetest and most beautiful person I have ever met, and no one can resist her charm. Zheng Hua spoke to me with some infatuation.

I knew who he was talking about, it was Miss Lin. I knew Zheng Hua wasn’t exaggerating, but the more I did the more I felt as if my heart had been stabbed with a sharp pain.

I forced myself to hold back the sadness in my heart and asked him as if nothing had happened, “Such a nice girl, who in the end is she, to actually charm our teacher Zheng Hua so much, I don’t remember such a person inside the school ah, say it so that brother I can go and see it too.”

“Haha, she is not a student of your school, you have contact with her everyday, think about it, who takes you well and who meets the above requirements.” Zheng Hua let out a loud laugh and looked ahead, a small smile on his lips.

After a moment, as if I had just come to my senses, I turned to the other side of the bar, obstructing Zheng Hua’s view and forcing his gaze back to look at me.

“You’re not going to tell me it’s our Mr. Lin you like, are you? I can tell you, don’t come and wreck my teacher, she’s the best person for me, you can’t do that.” My serious expression amused him and he reached out and gave me a light talk on the side of my head.

“I won’t let anyone in this world bully her a bit more, not even myself, so your worries are unwarranted.” Zheng Hua’s hand left the bar.

“Alright well enough of this conversation, let’s go, go play some ball, see you’re not too weak, don’t let me beat you to tears later.” Zheng Hua said as he walked towards the equipment room.

Where he couldn’t see, my hands were already clenched into fists, my palms were already surrounded by sweat, I looked like I had just finished a midterm paper, my whole body was filled with still sweat, I didn’t know if he could tell anything, but I had done my best to keep myself from showing any cracks. I stared at his back, stunned, my mind in a tizzy.

“What are you thinking about? Why don’t you come and help?” I froze, shook the beads of sweat from my palms, and hurried over.

“Teacher Zheng Hua, what equipment did you get, you actually need my help to get it, really.” I walked in with a disdainful face and looked at Zheng Hua who was looking for something.

“Don’t be poor, you kid, why don’t you hurry over here.” Zheng Hua replied with a mid-spirited oh, he was a different person from the one outside just now.

“Okay, what did you say you were looking for? I’ll help you find it together.” I walked over to him and took what he was holding.

“No, do you know where everything is kept in here? Don’t get in my way in there, go and stay outside, take the ping pong paddle, go on, I’ll look for the ping pong balls, I remember seeing them earlier, why aren’t they there now?”

“Ok, take your time looking, I’ll go wait for you outside, it’s dirty enough in here too, mind your image haha, Mr. Zheng Hua.” I snickered to Zheng Hua.

“Hurry up and get lost, don’t bother me here, let me think and think,” Zheng Hua said without looking up, continuing to rummage through the things at his feet. “Right, Jin Chao, you go and get Guo Xuefu, someone has to keep score next to us both playing, don’t try to cheat.

“Okay, Mr. Zheng Hua, don’t worry, I won’t let you down, I’ll definitely get Xuefu to come over and give us both a testimonial, I was afraid you’d deny it.” After saying that I quickly walked out.

I didn’t know how to trust Zheng Hua or Xu Ying’s words anymore, I always felt that they were both related to Ms. Lin, which made me very curious as to what had happened between them, Zheng Hua said he was sorry to Ms. Lin, and Ms. Lin seemed to be familiar with Xu Ying, which made my mind feel confused, feeling that there were too many fogs ahead of me, and they surrounded me.

Alas, there was a way to the mountain, and if this was a game, then as I got involved, I was sure to learn all about what was going on between them.

I looked around the playground and found Guo Xuefu playing jump rope with a group of girls there, so I walked over.

Looking at Guo Xuefu who was dancing happily, full of life and joy, like a blank sheet of paper, without so much heart and so many worries, I suddenly welled up with a burst of envy, how nice it would be if I hadn’t promised Xu Ying and didn’t have so many things to do.

“Xuefu, come here for a moment.” When Guo Xuefu came down, I walked up to her and called out to her.

“Okay I’m coming.” Guo Xuefu saw that it was me shouting at her and turned to walk over quickly.

Ignoring the cannibalistic stares around me, I took Guo Xuefu’s hand and walked towards the people outside.

When some distance out of the crowd, Guo Xuefu broke away from my hand, and I don’t know if it was the case of jumping just now or my pulling her hand, I just saw her face full of red, as beautiful as an evening sunset in summer.

“Snow floo, what’s wrong?” I reached over my hand again, “Stop it, there are so many of you, I’m embarra*sed, I’m not as thick-skinned as you.” Guo Xuefu peeked around and hurriedly said.

“Oh~, Xue Fu is shy?” It dawned on me, “Don’t worry, I won’t pull your hand in school anymore, but you have to promise that you won’t be able to reject me until there’s no one around, okay?”

“Mmm,” Guo Xuefu replied lightly, a sound I really wouldn’t have heard if my ears weren’t better. Guo Xuefu’s answer made my heart flutter.

“Oops, don’t stand here, just hurry up and say things, what do you want from me.” Guo Xuefu couldn’t stand my gaze and pouted.

“Okay, okay, Zheng Hua asked me to call you so that you could be the referee for both of us, so that no one loses and doesn’t count.”

“Oh! Okay, let’s hurry then, don’t keep brother Hua waiting, but I’ll wait for you to lose oh.”

“Why?” I asked curiously.

“I’ll tell you when you catch up with me.” With that Guo Xuefu ran forward.