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Super School Student Chapter 111-112

Chapter 111

“Have you guys heard of this kind of elixir in the clan?”

Jasmine, the leading elder sister of the Hundred Flowers Clan this time, looked at the crowd and asked, everyone shook their heads, while the talkative Peony among them picked up the conversation.

“Although I haven’t seen it, however, there might be one, do you still remember, sometimes, the elders would help those core disciples to break their bottlenecks, and perhaps this kind of elixir was used.”

However, someone immediately retorted.

“Impossible, it’s just to raise from Dark Energy to Transformation Energy, who would be willing to use that kind of elixir, after rising to Transformation Energy isn’t it still an outer disciple, it’s of no use whatsoever.”

Hearing her out, the others also nodded, indicating that they had indeed never heard of using pills to break the bottleneck at the peak of Dark Energy.

For the clan, a Houtian cultivator could simply be considered insignificant.

When this person finished speaking, the other women could not help but feel emotional, and one of them said.

“It’s because of this that we need to get that kind of elixir and break through to the clan so that they can take us seriously, don’t you think so, sisters?”

The others all nodded, but Paeonia said with some concern.

“That kind of elixir must be worth a lot, right, what will we get in exchange with others?”

At this the crowd was silent.

And in a hotel not far from them, Daoist Daoist Daoist was thinking about the same thing, he and also Daoist Daoist Daoist had actually both extremely low status in the sect, however, Daoist Daoist Daoist Daoist Daoist had instantly raised his status because of this new disciple Zhang Tian who had entered the sect, because according to the sect, Zhang Tian had an unlimited future.

“I must get my hands on this kind of elixir, I’m not young, I’m still stuck at the peak of dark jin, if I don’t improve I guess I’ll be swept out of the sect soon, since one immortal elixir can come out here, maybe more can come out, I don’t stay here, the day after tomorrow is the ‘Dharma meeting’, I guess those who want to participate in this The people who want to attend this ‘puja’ are all arriving soon, so maybe I can even meet some acquaintances.”

“Right, I also need to find out where that evil cultivator called Ye Lu is, now that Master Daochen is a bird and a gun, I have to make an effort to befriend him.”

Daoist Master Da Xuan smiled bitterly helplessly.

In the past, what kind of thing was Dusty, his cultivation level was not even as good as his own, and Daoist Daoist could not even look at him with half an eye, but now that things had changed, he had no choice but to flatter Dusty.

“Which secondary school is that evil cultivator Ye Lu in, yes, it’s ‘Experimental Secondary School’, then I’ll go to Experimental Secondary School first.”

With this in mind, Daoist Master Hua Xuan packed up and walked out of the hotel.

Indeed, as Daoist Master Hua Xuan said, since the “puja” was about to start, people who knew about the puja had started to gather in Liaocheng, and antique families like the Gu family were also making preparations in earnest, preparing all the treasures that might be seen by practitioners and displaying them at the puja, in case they were seen by practitioners.

These cultivators are either rich or have backgrounds, and of course having a background is the same as being rich in disguise. Moreover, for cultivators money is a foreign object, but for businessmen like the Gu family it is different, money is a good thing.

“Are there really any cultivators who would like these jadeites?”

Elder Gu Mingyue said with some uncertainty in his heart as he looked at the jadeite ornaments that were listed on the form, the goods that each family could display at the puja were limited and he did not want to waste this opportunity.

“Don’t worry, if Sister Long says someone will like it, then someone will definitely like it.”

Gu Shiqi said with a smile.

“Besides, just now Ye Lu said that he doesn’t have to pay back his money, so you guys don’t have to worry about money, it doesn’t matter if no one buys them, does it?”

As soon as they heard that there was suddenly a deficit of over a billion less, both Gu Mingyue and Third Uncle let out a long sigh of relief. With this billion or so, the Gu family’s emptied business would immediately have working capital, and they no longer had to be so strapped for cash.

At this time, Gu Mingyue’s mobile phone suddenly rang, it was a call from Su Lao.

“Elder Gu, our Su family is ready to cooperate deeply with your Gu family, I wonder if you are interested?”

Of course Gu Mingyue was interested, the Su family’s business was much bigger than the Gu family.

However, following that, Su Lao then said with a smile on the other side.

“However, there is one more person to be solemnly thanked for our cooperation, and that is your granddaughter-in-law Ye Lu, without him there would be no cooperation between us.”

Old man Su had become an old man, of course he would not forget to buy Ye Lu a good deal from Old Master Gu.

After putting down the phone, Gu Mingyue also sighed with emotion.

“Ye Lu is really not a normal person!”

And at this moment, Ye Luo was in the English teacher’s office, as the college entrance exams were all over, the school organized the teachers to go out for a trip, the office looked extraordinarily cold, only Liu Mei was sitting there alone quietly looking at the book.

The sunlight spilled in from the window and shone on Liu Mei’s body, the scene looked unusually serene and warm, so that Ye Lu couldn’t help but be a little dumbfounded.

After a long time, Liu Mei then saw Ye Lu standing in the doorway.

“When did you come, Ye Lu?”

Liu Mei asked with a smile as she closed her book.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“I just came for a while, I saw you reading a book and couldn’t bear to disturb you, I came to give you the elixir, eat it and you can shed your bones.”

Ye Lu said as he took out two pills, one blue and one light blue.

“You’ve never taken this ‘Marrow Cleansing Pill’ before, so you should take this blue one first, and then take this light blue one when the effects are all over to see if it still has an effect.”

Ye Lu had experimented with this on Ye Yan’s body before, but Ye Yan had taken a large number of low quality ‘Marrow Cleansing Pills’ before, so Ye Lu was still not quite sure about the specific effects of the ‘Marrow Cleansing Pills’.


Liu Mei smiled and took the pill, then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Junior, have you decided which department you want to take? Professor Qin and Professor Wu are waiting for your news.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I’ve thought about it, I’m not going to either of their colleges, I’m going to apply for the ‘College of Chinese Medicine’.”

In fact, this was the conclusion that Ye Lu had come to after deep consideration over the past few days, he found that the matter of acupuncture and moxibustion and ma*sage was only superficial, and the substance of healing through aura, the gla*ses already had knowledge of everything, so there was no longer any point in learning it, and Chinese medicine was similar, the aura that he relied on to heal the sick was estimated that mundane Chinese medicine would not introduce it either.

However, Chinese herbal medicine was different, because Ye Lu felt that maybe he could see those very rare herbs in the Chinese herbal medicine academy as well.

The most important thing for Ye Lu was the herbs, for example, with this blue manjushala, he could make pills like the “Marrow Cleansing Pill”, and now that he had planted the seeds of the “Underworld Ghost Inferno” in his body, once it grew, he could release the “Underworld Ghost Inferno” on his own, and by then, many pills should be able to be made.

However, just having the recipe and the flame would not work, without the herbs, it would be like the saying “A clever woman can’t cook without rice”, that’s why Ye Lu finally decided to study at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

“Giggle, I guess Professor Qin and Professor Wu should be disappointed to know your decision.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Liu Mei then laughed.

Following that, the two left the office and walked towards the outside of the school.

Daoist Master Da Xuan had just walked into the school, he asked the doorman about Ye Lu, but what he didn’t expect was that Ye Lu seemed to be quite famous in the school, as soon as he said that the doorman knew about it, and said that Ye Lu had just entered not long ago.

This made Daoist Master Xuan a bit overjoyed.

“I didn’t expect this evil cultivator to be so high-profile.”

He muttered in his heart, and following that the doorman then pointed to a man and a woman who were walking out and said.

“Look, that man is Ye Lu, but he has already sort of graduated.”

Daoist Master Daxuan looked along the doorman’s finger, and the duster in his hand fell to the ground with a “dang!” It fell to the ground with a clang, just as if he had seen a ghost.

He found out that this evil cultivator called Ye Lu was actually the man he had seen standing on the cliff last night without clothes on.

“Fix this evil cultivator?”

Are you kidding, he didn’t want to seek death himself, although he hadn’t seen Ye Lu actually strike, but that scene last night made him completely unable to raise the slightest thought of moving Ye Lu.

And at this moment, Ye Luo also noticed Daoist Master Xuan, he found that this man, for some reason, was as if he had seen a ghost when he saw himself from afar.

“What’s all this?”

Ye Luo frowned and walked over.


Chapter 112

Seeing Ye Lu walk towards him, Daoist Master He Xuan quickly picked up the duster and then disappeared as if he was fleeing.

This left Ye Luo with a dumbfounded look on his face.

“What the hell is the meaning of this? Am I that scary?”

Ye Luo touched his face and then scratched his hair again, completely unaware of what was happening.

The doorman, on the other hand, looked at him and nodded thoughtfully.

“People say that this student Ye Lu was born with a kingly aura, I never believed it before, but now it seems to be true, the moment this kingly aura is revealed it scares the Sh*t out of the other party, admire, admire.”

Ye Luo did not know that the doorman was thinking this way, he walked over to him and asked.

“Big brother, who was that man just now, why did he run away as soon as he saw me?”

As soon as the doorman heard Ye Lu actually call himself big brother, he immediately said with a smile.

“That person, I don’t know, but he was really asking about you just now.”

As a result, in the end, Ye Lu didn’t figure out the identity of the other person, so he had to walk with Liu Mei towards the outside of the school.

Only after Daoist Master Da Xuan fled far away was he relieved, he also fled because he was well aware of the evil and terrifying nature of evil cultivators, if he messed with them, he would not be destined to have a good life in the future, and because of their evil cultivation techniques, evil cultivators were generally formidable in battle, not something that a guy like him could handle.

At this time, he suddenly heard a voice say.

“Senior Brother Dui Xuan, what’s wrong with you? Is it hell?”

When he heard this voice, Daoist Master Hua Xuan turned around, only to see several Daoist priests walking together in his direction, led by a boy who looked younger than Ye Luo in age.

When he saw this person, Daoist Master Hua Xuan’s brow frowned slightly, because in the sect, he and this guy did not deal with each other, this disciple called Hua Qing entered the sect much later than him, but was very talented, and had already reached the peak of Dark Energy in just a few months, so he had always not put Daoist Master Hua Xuan in his eyes.

“What are you doing here, Senior Daoist Brother Hua Qing?”

As a result, Daoist Master Hua Qing said with a smile.

“Of course I’m here to attend the ‘puja’, and by the way, I’ll help Senior Brother Daidian deal with that evil cultivator who injured him, you weren’t scared like that by that ‘evil cultivator’, were you?”

After saying that, he looked at Daoist Master Hua Xuan with a playful expression.

Daoist Master Da Xuan thought for a moment and then said coldly.

“Humph, you guys have never seen that evil cultivator, if you had seen him, you wouldn’t be so shameless.”

As expected, Daoist Master Hua Qing and the others were angered by Daoist Master Hua Xuan’s words.

“Cut, you say your own level is poor, and you are still growing others’ prestige to destroy your own, I don’t believe that such a small place can produce any terrifying evil cultivator.”

“That evil cultivator’s name is Ye Lu, right, where is he, take me to clean him up.”

This played right into Daoist Master Xuan’s hands as he smiled and said.

“Sure, he’s just heading that way, I’ll take you there, don’t be a wimp when the time comes.”

Of course these guys refused to show weakness, so a few of them headed for the other side of the street.

Ye Lu had already sent Liu Mei back, there was no danger anyway, and Liu Mei needed another bath, so Ye Lu didn’t follow him up.

“I’m going to go for a stroll around.”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“According to Principal Liu, this puja should attract a lot of people over, and I guess quite a few cultivators have already arrived in the city, so I’ll go and see what all the fuss is about.”

Liu Mei was not interested in these cultivator matters, so she smiled and went back to her room.

He was going to go to the snack street on the other side of the park to have something to eat, he hadn’t eaten anything since he got up this morning.

“The people from the Hundred Flowers Clan also happened to walk into the park at this moment, they were also bored and were going to go to the snack street to have a bite to eat, however, just as they reached the park they were stopped by another group of people.

There were only two women in this group, the rest were men, and all of them were extremely rugged looking, most of them were wearing tattoos, and the two women were also dressed with short hair and short clothes, most of their skin was exposed, full of wildness.

“Aren’t these the girls from the ‘Hundred Flowers Clan’? I really didn’t expect you guys to come to this small city as well, rare, rare!”

The tall man at the head of these men with a wolf’s head tattoo on his chest looked at the Hundred Flowers Sect’s girls and said with a lecherous smile.

When she saw the group appear, Jasmine, the leader of the Hundred Flowers Clan, frowned, for she knew very well that she was no match for these people, but, not showing any weakness, she looked at the burly man with the wolf tattoo and said.

“What does it matter if we come or not, you ‘Beast Alliance’, get out of the way.”

“The Beast Alliance was a clan whose main training direction was beast taming, most of the clan were old men and behaved in a rough manner, so the people of the Hundred Flowers Clan did not have any good feelings towards them, but the Beast Alliance was indeed much more powerful than the Hundred Flowers Clan, and even Jasmine had to admit this.


When he heard Jasmine’s words, the guy at the head of the Beast Alliance did not have any intention to move aside as he looked at Jasmine and said with a smile.

“Sister Jasmine, don’t worry, I wouldn’t dare to do anything to you in this broad daylight, cultivators can’t disturb the worldly order, I still understand this, I just heard that Sister Jasmine’s breasts feel the best among all the sisters, so I couldn’t help but want to verify it.”

After saying that, he even reached out and made a couple of grasping motions.

Jasmine’s face turned red and the sisters behind her quickly took up their positions.

In the mundane world, of course, you can’t carry a sword or knife, so if you want to fight, you have to fight with your bare hands, which is definitely not good for the girls of the Hundred Flowers Sect.

Therefore, the burly man at the head of the Beast Alliance was not worried at all, as he looked at the girls of the Hundred Flowers Sect and said with a smile.

“Fighting in a group you guys are definitely not our opponents, as a big old man, I won’t bully you guys, I’ll give you guys a chance, no matter which one of you comes out, if within three moves, you can make me move my feet one step, I won’t look for your trouble anymore, if you can’t do that, then Fairy Jasmine, you let me reach in and touch it, do you dare?”

After he finished his words, Jasmine nodded her head without much hesitation and said.

“Good, Wolf Green, don’t go back on your word.”

After saying that, she flew her hand out.

“Sister Jasmine, let me do it.”

At this time, someone shouted loudly, obviously she should be a little stronger in combat than Jasmine who was leading the group, however, Jasmine ignored it and still charged up herself.

This was because she knew very well that if she let someone else fight in such a matter, once she lost, this person would definitely blame herself very much and feel that it was because she was useless that she had let herself be touched.

Therefore, Jasmine felt it was better to take the fight herself, so that even if she lost, she wouldn’t implicate her sisters.


Jasmine used her legs, as they were much stronger than her arms in a fight, but she still underestimated how strong this strong man was.

The powerful swinging kick landed on her opponent’s body, and the wolfgreen guy actually just wobbled before standing firm again.

“Two more moves.”

Wolf Green said with a smile.


At this moment, Daoist Master De-Qing and the others also chased Ye Lu into the park.

“Is this man the evil cultivator Ye Lu, he doesn’t look too evil, true reputation is better than meeting, I thought he was some kind of three-headed, six-armed figure.”

Da Qing looked at Ye Lu in front of him and said with a smile, he didn’t even look at someone from a small place like Ye Lu in his eyes.

“Yell, what does he mean by that, is he going to play hero to save the beauty?”

Following that, Daoist Master Zhiqing saw that Ye Lu actually walked towards the place where the Hundred Flowers Sect and the Beast Alliance were clashing.

“He’s also an evil cultivator, I think the whole thing is just a brainless one, this is good, we don’t even need to do anything, let’s watch the fun here and see how he dies.”

As Da Qing said, he stopped in his tracks, as far as he was concerned, Ye Lu was just a two-bit rash.

By this time, three moves had pa*sed and Wolf Green took advantage of the fact that Jasmine had attacked the last move and grabbed Jasmine’s wrist, then yanked Jasmine to his face with force and said with a smile.

“Three strokes have pa*sed, honour your agreement or we will touch all those sisters of yours.”

This was what Jasmine was most worried about, she was the one who had brought her sisters out, so it was her responsibility to bring everyone back unscathed, so she gritted her teeth and closed her gla*ses.

However, just as she was desperate, she suddenly heard a voice say in a loud voice.

“Beast, let go of that girl and let me do it!”