Super School Student Chapter 117-118

Chapter 117

If everyone was still a bit skeptical just now, then this time everyone understood that the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” really worked, and just like the legend said, it only took a very short time to work.

Of course, this was also related to how long everyone had been stuck in the bottleneck. Many people who had been stuck in the bottleneck for a long time were actually just a little bit away from breaking through, and the “Marrow Cleansing Pill” was undoubtedly that opportunity.


The breakthrough made Ren Yao laugh happily, which made many people envious, after all, most of them came to the meeting because of this, and of course some of them came for the sake of Taobao.

“It’s really so awesome!”

“After seeing it with my own eyes, I’m really impressed!”

“I wonder how many of these pills are still available?”

“Didn’t you see the blurb? The quantity is extremely limited, first come, first served.”

“Who is the owner of this elixir anyway?”


After seeing the effects of the medicine, everyone started talking about it, after all, such an incredible thing was a rare occurrence.

“Yeah, this person didn’t specify what to exchange it for either.”

At this time, someone suddenly said.

Many people had read the introduction that Ye Lu had just written, so people started to think about the exchange, because it depended on fate, mainly on what the owner of the treasure liked, what was important was that it was a good match, it didn’t have to be something very rare or very high cla*s.

The people who were with Ren Yao and Ye Lu in the Tianma Mountain treasure hunt that day saw Ren Yao make a breakthrough like this, and everyone was red in the eyes, but it was useless to be red in the eyes.

It is true that the clan also has the strength to do so, but it is not possible for one person to make a decision on the use of such a large sum of money, so the people of the Hundred Flowers Clan can only be envious.

The people of the Beast Alliance, on the other hand, were a little chagrined.

“I can’t believe we just ate it like that, what a waste, if only we could have grabbed it.”

“Yeah, what a pity.”


They began to whisper and mutter, but Wolf Green was not bothered.

He smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, it’s impossible to eat them all, and you guys are too ratty, the most important thing is the source, understand, grab a few more that you can, catch the potion seller and ask him where he got the potion, that’s the most important thing.”

Another man said with some disbelief.

“Why don’t we just cook up the ‘Yun Lu Palace’ in one pot, if we do it now, won’t we have everything.”

As a result, Wolf Green said coldly.

“‘Yunlu Palace’ has a background, and ‘Yunlu Palace’ also has an innate expert sitting in the town, doing it recklessly is bound to trigger a war between sects, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand.”

The “Yunlu Palace” was related to the clan, while Ye Lu and the others belonged to the secular cultivators, without background, they would just die.

At this moment, the Daoist priests of the “Yunlu Palace” were also experiencing the same shock.

“Is there such a thing? It’s unbelievable.”

“Yes, it’s unheard of!”

“Go and report this to the Palace Master.”

“Yes, we must report it to the Palace Master, quick!”


Following that, there were Daoist priests who went to the Palace Master in a blaze of glory.

He had never seen so many things related to cultivation before. There were not so many “magic weapons” in the night market, such as the street stalls and antiques.

However, Ye Lu also found out that most of the magic weapons were actually made by people, not like what he thought, they were some ancient treasures or things from other worlds, and the makers were all “Liu Xia Fairy”, “Dao Yi Real”, “Xuan Tian Lao Zu” and so on.

Most of the magic weapons have very limited power, and some of them are called “magic weapons”, but they are not strictly magic weapons, but weapons that have been used by others and have some of their power remaining, or fragments of weapons.

According to the instructions, many of these magic weapons were given to lower-ranking disciples by the clan, and basically, they were all crippled by the clan’s refiners, and since lower-ranking disciples could not exert their power even if they were given good things, these things fell into the mundane world for various reasons and became used by cultivators.

“I thought there were ‘Sunset Arrow’ arrows or things like the ‘Burning Furnace’ all over the ‘Dharma Fair’, looks like I thought wrong. ”

Ye Lu shook his head with some chagrin as he realised that he had misjudged before.

Still, soon enough, he saw something that made his eyes light up.

“Name: flawed spirit stone, Material: spirit stone, Date of production: conceived in heaven and earth, Source: Haotian Continent, Description: the most precious treasure for cultivators, can replenish spiritual energy, quench the body and improve cultivation, extremely rare in this world ……”

Another flawed spirit stone, however, this one was not displayed as an ornament, the person displaying it said so.

“Excellent luminous stone, infused with true qi can glow, equivalent to carrying around a torch without installing batteries, small size and practicality, you deserve it ……”

Seeing that this treasure owner actually used this as a “luminous stone”, Ye Luo couldn’t help but smile, this spiritual stone was a lot bigger than the pendant he received before, compared to it would be very helpful to him.

During the past few days when he was cultivating, Ye Lu felt that the stream of spiritual energy in his body had grown to its limit, it was estimated that with this flawed spiritual stone, the spiritual energy in his body would change, exactly what kind of changes would occur, Ye Lu was actually very much looking forward to it.

So, he used his gla*ses to record the number of this exhibit, and tomorrow, according to this number, he would be able to find the treasure owner of this item to make an exchange.

Of course, what Ye Luo wanted to know was whether he had a lot of this “luminous stone”, and judging from his introduction, it should not be a rare treasure in the eyes of the owner.

“If there were more of these flawed spirit stones, I would be able to cultivate much faster.”

According to the gla*ses’ instructions, the spiritual energy in this world was too thin, which was why one’s cultivation speed was slower.

At this time, there was suddenly a commotion coming from the other side.

“Look! This new treasure that came out is actually a martial skill, this should be the most valuable thing in this ‘Dharma Meeting’.”

“A martial art, are you kidding, where is it?”

“It’s really a martial art, holy Sh*t, everyone, come and see.”


The most important thing that he lacked at the moment was “martial arts”, even if he was given a set of Wing Chun persuasion or something, now he basically fights by hard dislike.

So, he too quickly went over to him.

Then someone said.

“Don’t be too happy too early, martial arts skills like this, what are you going to exchange with others, also, it is also a question whether this martial arts skill is suitable for you to cultivate or not, many martial arts skills, such as ‘Six Chakra Divine Sword’, ‘One Yang Finger’ and so on, all require Innate experts can only cultivate them, so it’s useless for us to take them, and we might even invite disaster.”

After this man said it, many people thought about it.

“Besides, since it’s at our level of ‘puja’, it must be something we can cultivate, otherwise it would have been sold at a high level ‘puja ‘ to sell at a big price.”

“That’s right.”

“However, there is still the question of whether or not the technique fits, if it doesn’t I’m afraid I won’t be able to learn it, or if I do learn it, I won’t be able to bring out its power, right?”

“That’s true.”


Hearing this large group of people talking, Ye Lu realized that there were really a lot of dao in this “martial art”, it seemed that the path of cultivation was really profound.

But of course, he didn’t want to miss this martial art, according to everyone, this should be the only martial art in the tournament.

“Simple version of Yi Yang Finger, can condense true qi into a point of the finger to launch an attack, once practiced, even dark jin strong people can easily poke through the true qi defense of chemical jin strong people, pretend to pick up girls, cross level killing must have divine skills ……”

After seeing the introduction, a hint suddenly appeared in the gla*ses.

“Hint: It belongs to an item within the activation requirements, but the level is too low and incomplete to activate the corresponding ability.”

Upon seeing this hint, Ye Luo understood that he had found the right thing this time.

However, in Ye Lu’s gla*ses, the real situation of this martial arts secret book was a different story.


Chapter 118

“Name: simplified version of Candle Dragon Finger Handbook, Author: Xuan Zhi Zhen, Source: Xuan Tian Clan, Transcriber: Daoist Master Zhi You, Synopsis: Mortal rank lower grade martial art, simplified version for beginners, very low grade, unable to activate ‘martial art ability’ ……”

Seeing this synopsis, Ye Lu felt a bit pitiful.

He sighed in his heart, it was so hard to see a martial art, but it turned out to be an unimpressive ground-breaking product.

If other people knew what he was thinking, they would have cursed, because martial skills were the most important treasure of every sect and were strictly forbidden to be pa*sed on, so it was very difficult to obtain a martial skill in the secular world.

So, this was definitely something that would make people grab their heads.

As expected, more and more people gathered, and even Long Fei Xue and Gu Shi Qi, two beautiful women, were attracted by the buzz of the event.

“Ye Lu, you didn’t just sell another pill for over a billion, did you? Third Uncle said that he just got another billion or so in on his end.”

Gu Shiqi looked at Ye Lu with a look of amazement and surprise and said.

This was too incredible in her opinion.

Long Feixue, on the other hand, said with a smile.

“It’s normal la, for cultivators, the earlier they enter the next realm the greater the benefits, after all, if a person grows mature, they are also set in stone, it’s much harder to transform again, so of course the faster they break through the better, for the big families, money is nothing.”

“Think about it, how much money is there in the domestic tycoons on the Forbes Rich List every year, which one of the top ten is not a hundred billion dollars in a*sets, this is still all the tycoons whose a*sets can be counted on the surface, the money of the real big families cannot be counted, and the Ren family is one of the big families, so this money is nothing.”

Through Long Fei Xue said so, Gu Shi Qi then nodded, indeed, for example, the Su family in the city was very rich, but, this kind of private and low-profile business would probably not have any people coming to rank them, but people were really rich.

Following that, Long Fei Xue then said with a smile.

“However, compared to Ye Lu’s elixir, this martial skill secret book is obviously more rare, because there are very few martial skill secret books outside the clan, even if there are, they will be hidden at home by the various big clans, and it is impossible to take them out and teach them to others, I guess most of this martial skill was secretly transcribed by some clan disciple by some unknown means.”

Ye Lu did not expect Long Fei Xue’s guess to be so accurate, as this simplified version of the Candle Dragon Finger was really copied by a disciple of the Xuan Tian Clan.

Long Fei Xue then said.

“For big clans like us, this kind of thing doesn’t have much appeal, but for casual cultivators, this thing does have a deadly allure.”

He didn’t have any martial skills and had no way to open his “Martial Skill Ability”, so if he had this “Candle Dragon Finger”, his combat power would definitely increase a lot.

Of course, what he was looking forward to was the opening of his “Martial Skill Ability”.

If he really opened his “Martial Skill Ability”, with the nature of the gla*ses, there would be countless martial skills just like the “Pill System”, and then he would be able to take out a martial skill that would drive the cultivators crazy.

Thinking about it, Ye Lu was a little excited.

However, this was all after he had opened his “Martial Skill Ability”, so now he could only rely on his imagination.

Of course, Ye Lu was determined to obtain this martial art, if not, he could just spend a few more Marrow Cleansing Pills, as he still had a lot of stock in his hands anyway.

At this time, Long Fei Xue looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“Ye Lu, do you see anything you want to get your hands on?”

Ye Lu pointed at the “Candle Dragon Finger” and said.

“That’s it for now, yes, there’s also a ‘Luminous Stone’, come and help me see if it’s very rare, I reckon I’ll need a lot of it.”

Ye Lu suddenly remembered that Long Feixue was also a real cultivator, she might know about the ‘Luminous Stone’, if there was a large number of flawed spirit stones, Ye Lu’s cultivation would be in order.

Long Fei Xue didn’t expect Ye Lu to be interested in the Luminous Stones, so she said as she walked.

“I have indeed heard of ‘Luminous Stones’, however, we hardly use them because it’s not like we rob tombs or explore caves or anything like that, there’s no use for them.”

Ye Lu felt that Long Fei Xue had a point, this kind of “luminous stone” was really very chicken-hearted, with the current technology, bring a high-powered torch, or other lighting devices, if you can’t get a more expensive rechargeable battery will solve the power problem, why bother with this “luminous stone”.

Soon, the three of them arrived at the place where the “Luminous Stone” was located. As expected, Long Fei Xue did not know this kind of stone, but she promised Ye Lu that she would go back to her family and ask around for him.

When he heard this news, Ye Lu was a little disappointed, but he didn’t particularly care, after all, he hadn’t looked long enough to find a spirit stone and a martial art, so he was already happy to have gained a lot.

So, he looked at Gu Shiqi and asked with a smile.

“Gu Shiqi, how about those things displayed by your Gu Family, are there many people interested?”

Immediately, Gu Shiqi smiled and said.

“Sister Long’s idea is great, I also didn’t expect there to be so many women in the cultivators, and each one of them is beautiful, they seem to be very interested in those jewellery, I reckon the price offered here should be able to be quite expensive than in the shop, mainly because in the shop, it’s too hard to find buyers for such expensive jewellery, sometimes no one buys it for years.”

When she finished, Ye Lu smiled, even if the jewellery was tens of millions of dollars, even if it was good, it was not an easy task to find the right tycoon buyer.

“Then Ye Lu, you can do your own research, Sister Long and I will go elsewhere to have a look, hehehe!”

After saying that, Gu Shiqi pulled Long Feixue and ran away, obviously she was not interested in these cold magic weapons and other things, Ye Lu did not think so either, he continued to study one by one, it seemed that it was difficult to open the “martial ability”, but maybe he could open other abilities.

However, before he could look at a few things, a Daoist priest suddenly approached him and said.

“Fellow Daoist Ye, our Palace Master invites you over for a chat.”

This made Ye Lu feel a bit surprised, the Palace Master of “Yun Lu Palace” was said to be an “innate expert”, what did such an expert want with him?

However, Ye Lu had never seen an “innate expert” before, so he was curious as to what an innate expert was like.

So, after thinking for a while, he nodded his head, since the goods on display here were not finished anyway, he should go and meet this palace master first and see what he wanted to do.

Soon, Ye Lu followed the Taoist priest to the main hall of Yun Lu Palace, and then walked up to the highest level of the main hall.

“Palace Master, the person has been brought in.”

The Daoist priest said respectfully from outside the door.

Then, a very nice woman’s voice came out of the door and said.

“Good, let the honored guest in, you go down.”

Hearing this voice, Ye Lu froze for a moment, because he did not expect that the head of the “Yun Lu Palace” was actually a female Daoist nun, he had always thought that the head of the palace was a man.

The Daoist priest beside Ye Lu made a gesture of invitation, then bowed and withdrew.

Ye Luo pushed open the door of the room and walked in.

As a result, Ye Lu saw a rather beautiful-looking woman sitting in the room, who did not look very old, which once again surprised Ye Lu, because he had heard everyone say that they said that the Palace Master of the “Yun Lu Palace” had been sitting here for more than ten years.

If what they said was true, could it be that the Palace Master of the Yunluo Palace had been sitting here as a teenager? This was too frightening.

“You are Ye Lu?”

Seeing that Ye Lu was staring at him blankly, the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace looked Ye Lu up and down and said.

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“Yes, I am Ye Lu, I didn’t expect the Palace Master to be so young, I am a bit rude, don’t be sorry.”

“The Palace Master of the Yunlu Palace smiled and said.

“You are not an Innate cultivator, so it is normal for you not to know about Innate cultivators, once a cultivator reaches the Innate cultivation level, they use the heaven and earth as the placenta and the Yuan Qi as the amniotic fluid to absorb the Qi of the heaven and earth, so they will age very slowly, in fact, I am much older than you think.”

Ye Lu really didn’t know that there was such a benefit for Innate Masters, but before he could think about it, the Palace Master of Yun Lu Palace already looked at him and said.

“I have come to you to make a deal with you, a deal that is very cost-effective for you.”