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Super School Student Chapter 131-132

Chapter 131

Now most of the people were already in disarray, moreover, the whole group was made up of countless small units, just like a scattered sand, no one could make up their mind, and when they suddenly heard Ye Lu’s shout, they all followed blindly.

However, while everyone was blind, Ye Luo was not, for he had just checked that there was a cave not far from them.

It was not a cave in plain sight, but a cave covered by something, and the outside was already full of weeds and vines, and it was probably because of this that the cave had not been discovered.

The main reason why the other side had chosen this relatively open place to ambush was because it was not easy to hide here. If they chose to ambush in the woods, they did not have flying demonic beasts and perhaps someone had taken advantage of the chaos to escape through the trees, Leopard’s plan was not to let a single person go.

“Ye Lu, what place are you taking everyone to?”

Gu Shiqi asked with some confusion.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, said with a serious expression.

“We’ll know when we arrive later, follow Long Fei Xue closely and hide well.”

The reason why his expression was so serious was because of the heavy rain. Due to the heavy rain, the “ghost bats” were all hiding, and there was no way to contact the “ghost bats” now as the thunder was roaring and the rain was pouring down.

Soon, Ye Luo found the entrance of the cave.


Ye Luo kicked open the cave entrance and then gestured for everyone to go inside.

The most frightening thing was the two huge razor-like teeth in the ant’s mouth, which emitted a cold glow and were obviously extremely sharp.

Immediately afterwards, another black ant poked its head out of the woods, and another, and another ……

In a flash, swarms of giant ants burst out of the woods.

“It really is the swarming type.”

Ye Luo looked at these ants with some emotion, while their information was also displayed in his gla*ses.

“Name: Black Wind Ant, Rank: 1st rank middle grade demonic beast, Origin: Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, Characteristics: swarm-dwelling, extremely strong in vitality, reproduction, good teeth, good appetite, eats everything, never picky ……”

If it was just like what the people from the Hundred Flowers Sect said, I’m afraid that the combat power of each one of these beasts was above that of a peak Dark Jin power, which was almost like facing a large number of Hua Jin powerhouses.

However, Ye Lu also saw the one weakness of these things, which was that they were not too fast.

But, just as he was thinking this, the fast thing came.

This time it was a monstrous beast with an exaggerated shape, completely in the shape of an alien creature, with a body about the size of a tiger, a horn on its head, a head full of flying mane, while at the back of its head there were two long flaming red ribbons like the plumes of a singing pheasant, a mouth full of sharp teeth, four claws that were unusually sharp, and a long tail with hooks like the tail of a scorpion.

“Name: one-horned lion scorpion beast, rank: first-order upper grade demonic beast, source: ten thousand beasts secret realm, characteristics: violent personality, strong strength, scorpion tail is highly poisonous ……”

At this time, the sisters of the Hundred Flowers Clan who had just gone inside the cave reentered the entrance of the cave under the leadership of Jasmine.

“Is there any problem inside?”

Ye Lu asked with some concern.

Jasmine shook her head and said.

“No, but there is no exit from the cave.”

Ye Lu nodded and then inquired again.

“Then what are you guys doing out here?”

Jasmine said as she shook the long sword in her hand.

“We came out to help, after all, we’re all already Hua Jin cultivators.”

Ye Lu didn’t say anything, but he didn’t think that the people from the Hundred Flowers Sect could really be of much help, after all, the opponents looked a little too strong.

At this time, those Daoist priests from the Xuantian Sect suddenly walked over.

The Daoist leader, Daoist Master Qing Yangzi, looked at the people from the Hundred Flowers Sect and clasped his fist and said.

“It is not necessary for the fairies of the Hundred Flowers Sect to help in this matter, our ‘Heavenly Dipper Seven Star Sword Formation’ of the Xuantian Sect is enough to stop that demonic beast.”

The demonic beast he was referring to was the “One-Horned Lion Scorpion Beast” that was rushing towards him.

Qing Yangzi deliberately said “Heavenly Dipper Seven Star Sword Formation” very loudly and heavily, and then looked at Ye Lu provocatively, meaning that you were just saved by someone by luck, otherwise you would have been defeated by their sword formation.

Ye Luo then looked at them and shook his head and said.

“You guys better not go, your messy sword formation is useless if you go.”

Ye Luo was acting out of good intentions, but it was obvious that his words had P*ssed off Qing Yangzi and the others, and Qing Yangzi glared and said.

“Ye Lu, don’t be so shameless, just now if it wasn’t for the people from the Wuji Clan stopping us, you would have died under our sword formation, our sword formation ……”

Not waiting for him to finish, Ye Lu interrupted him and said.

“Fine, whatever you guys do then, be careful and don’t die.”

There were still quite a few people who hadn’t entered the cave yet, and it would indeed be helpful if Qing Yangzi and the others could hold out for a while.

Qingyangzi coldly snorted and led the men to block the lion scorpion beast.

While Qing Yangzi and the others from the Xuan Tian Clan were fighting, Ye Lu was watching the surroundings, as his judgement was the same as the people from the Hundred Flowers Clan, this was definitely not a man-made incident, and the best way to stop this was to find those who were controlling these demonic beasts.

As long as the beast tamer was dead, these demonic beasts would not be broken.

The problem now was that the beast tamer hadn’t shown up at all.

In fact, Brother Leopard and a few others were nearby, only that they were currently watching the scene from a cave in the shadows, and Ye Lu could not see them.

“Let’s get rid of all the mongrels from the ‘Xuan Tian Clan’, those P***ies from the Hundred Flowers Clan must not be mistaken, those are all extremely beautiful P***ies, but those two that just went in are even better, how could they be so beautiful.”

Brother Leopard looked out as he sipped his wine, there were three other men sitting with him, in front of the four of them was a pack of cards, they were playing a four-player landlord.

As far as they were concerned, the ambush was nothing more than an aftershow, not worth mentioning at all.

Another bearded man with a cigarette roll in his mouth said with a smile as he grabbed his cards and looked down into the clearing.

“Those mongrels are probably playing some sh*t bucket and P*ss bucket sword formation again, don’t they understand that in the face of absolute speed and strength, these things are just floating clouds?”

“I’ll bet three cups that the Lion Scorpion can settle the fight in three minutes.”

Another guy with a flowery pattern painted on his face said with a smile.

“You’re too conservative, I’ll bet two minutes to clean up those mongrels.”

The remaining one with red hair said with a smile.

“Don’t you guys forget, that’s my baby, but how about a change of pace when we play the game later, don’t always f*ck a man’s woman in front of him, we should give these women a chance to get to know soft-a*s men for what they are, don’t you think?”

When he finished, Brother Leopard nodded and said.

“What Red said is quite reasonable, it’s true that we’re tired of always playing one way, so why don’t we let them have a go at each other, what do you guys think? It’s quite boring anyway with the long nights.”

The crowd all smiled and nodded.

And in the clearing, the lion-scorpion beast was already surrounded by the Xuan Tian Clan’s crowd, and everyone tacitly stood their positions, followed by waving the long swords in their hands at the same time and moving quickly.

The essence of the “Heavenly Dipper Seven Star Formation” was the footwork and co-ordination, relying on flexible footwork and co-ordination to achieve a continuous and unbreakable attack like flowing water.

But the lion scorpion beast paid no attention to this, as it roared “Ow! It roared furiously, followed by a red demonic aura, as if covered with a layer of red scale armour, and then charged towards a Daoist priest.

When the Daoist priest saw the scorpion charging forward, he dodged in style and slashed out a sword at the same time, while the others also did not fight the scorpion head-on, attacking as they wandered.

To be honest, the sword formation did look magnificent and beautiful, and it dazzled the Lion Scorpion.

However, the Lion Scorpion immediately noticed the flaw in the sword formation, that is, the level of the people who formed the sword formation was uneven, so it quickly redirected its attack and started to attack the weakest part of the group.

This was the case with sword formations, where one thing could affect the whole body, and if one link went wrong, all the other links would be messed up.


The weakest Daoist was knocked out, followed by “Boom!” The other Daoist who was filling in also flew out, and the whole sword formation collapsed into chaos.

“Hey, look, I was right, it’s not even two minutes.”

The guy with the pattern on his face said with a smile as he shook the card in his hand.

However, just at this time, an incredible scene happened, just as the Lion Scorpion Beast’s claws slapped at the terrified Qing Yangzi, Ye Lu moved, he leapt onto the Lion Scorpion Beast’s back in a flying manner, one hand grabbed that single horn of the Lion Scorpion Beast, while the other hand raised the arrow of the Sunset Arrow.

“Holy f*ck!”

The guy with the patterned face held up a cardboard sign and exploded with a foul mouth.


Chapter 132

The other three people all stopped playing cards and looked at the scene with shocked faces.

“What is that person that actually jumped onto the Lion Scorpion Beast?”

“It can’t be that kid Wolf Green was talking about, can it?”

“Most likely, and what a raw horse, think demon beasts are paper thin? Even I can’t handle a lion-scorpion beast with a magic weapon!”

Although this difference is not very precise due to the different types and talents of demon beasts, a demon beast of the same bloodline, even at the level of Transformation Energy, cannot be injured by ordinary magic weapons, as evidenced by the fact that it can release demonic Qi all over its body for defence.

Although the strongest person can release true qi, the amount of true qi is usually only enough to defend a partial, such as the arms, such as the front chest, etc. Only very few perverts can defend the whole body without any breakage, and for the strongest person with a transformation jin, those parts that are not defended will become fatal weaknesses.

“Thanks …… thanks ……”

Qing Yangzi only slowed down from his shocked state at this time, just now, he thought he was dead, he really didn’t expect Ye Lu to actually save him.

He didn’t believe Ye Lu just now when he said that their messy sword formation was of little use, but now he finally believed that Ye Lu wasn’t underestimating them, but was really persuading them.

At this moment, Qing Yangzi’s heart was filled with regret.

“Cut the crap and go and help!”

Ye Luo couldn’t care less about this he was trying to move the head of the Lion Scorpion Beast backwards, he found that these demonic beasts were really strong, well he was equally strong.

Of course the Lion Scorpion Beast wouldn’t give in meekly, it threw up its long tail and stabbed at Ye Lu, but Ye Lu had already taken the antidote to the poison pills and wasn’t afraid of his tail at all.

“Go to hell!”

As the tail stabbed him, Ye Luo also moved the head of the Lion Scorpion Beast to the back.

After moving the Lion Scorpion Beast’s head to the back, its neck was completely exposed. The arrow of the Sunset Arrow in Ye Lu’s hand flew into the neck of the Lion Scorpion Beast, and then with a forceful slash, a foot-long gash was immediately added to the neck of the Lion Scorpion Beast, and blood gushed out like a fountain.

After that, Ye Lu raised the dagger in his hand again and cut open the head of this creature, and took out a red bead-like object from inside, this object was the “Demon Dan” of the demon beast.

This kind of “demon pellet” contained the power of the original source of the demon beast, which also contained the laws of heaven and earth, and was a good material for refining weapons and pills.

“Holy sh*t, your treasure has been split.”

The guy with the flower pattern on his face said with some surprise as he placed the cardboard in front of him.

Because several people saw it, Ye Luo just jumped directly onto the Lion Scorpion Beast’s body and then moved the head of the Lion Scorpion Beast and ended it with a slash.

“Holy f*ck! What’s that thing he’s holding, he actually sliced the Lion Scorpion Beast with one slash!”

“Could it be a ‘Xuanji’ or ‘Earth Grade’ magic weapon, that’s not right either, even if it’s a magic weapon of this level, a Dark Energy practitioner wouldn’t be able to play it, right?”

“How evil!”

The red-haired guy had already clenched the cardboard in his hand into a ball, and then he stood up violently, because the lion-scorpion beast that was killed was his “original spirit beast”.

The “Original Spirit Beast” could only be concluded one at a time, and now it had actually been killed by Ye Lu, so how could this not make the red-haired new man drip blood?

However, Brother Pao’s expression did not change much as he said indifferently.

“Don’t be too upset, Red Hair, the native spirit beast died, just catch another one, let’s go, it looks like we’re going to move ahead and abuse these rabbits to death.”

Brother Leopard said as he dropped his cardboard and walked into the heavy rain, which had by now dwindled a little.

Red Hair was still depressed, the “original spirit beast” had to be cultivated from the time when the demon beast was still an egg.

Moreover, eggs of demonic beasts are not that easy to obtain, Red Hair has been in the Beast Alliance for so long and has made a lot of efforts to get this original spirit beast, and there is no telling when the next one will come.

By this time, most of them had already gone into the cave, while the rest were caught by a group of giant monkeys that were as blue as apes.

The woman from the Hundred Flowers Sect, the Daoist priest from the Wuji Sect, and the Daoist priest from the Xuantian Sect were guarding the entrance to the cave.

To be honest, after the battle they had just had, Qing Yangzi and the others also had a bit of a tremor in their liver, but there was no other way, since the people of the Wuji Sect were guarding this place, of course they, as a famous sect, had to do the same.

At this time, those armies of Black Wind Ants were already close at hand, and the giant ants pressing down in black in a fan shape surrounded all the outside of the cave entrance, but what was a little strange to Ye Lu was that these guys didn’t actually attack.

Immediately after, four men walked out from the swarm of black wind ants, led by a very tall one with a bare upper body and a terrifying downhill leopard tattooed on his forehead.

However, what made Ye Lu feel even more dangerous was the leopard-shaped demonic beast beside him that was almost as tall as him.

This leopard was emitting a red aura as if it was covered in flames, and from its aura it was about to be infinitely more terrifying than the lion-scorpion beast just now.

Ye Luo quickly looked at this fellow’s information.

“Name: Fiery Red Fire Panther, Rank: 2nd Order Lower Grade Demonic Beast, Origin: Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts, Characteristics: solitary, temperamental, fast, strong, good at flame attacks ……”

It was really strong enough, the second rank lower grade, which corresponds to the lowest of the three realms of the Innate Realm for human cultivators, the Placenta Realm, and this guy was a demonic beast, so it was already comparable to the second realm of the Innate Realm, this guy was absolutely invincible at the moment.

Not only that, among the four people, there were also two other people with demonic beasts, but these two were not so exaggerated, they were both the same as the “one-horned lion scorpion beast” before, which belonged to the first-order upper grade demonic beast.

However, even such a demonic beast could easily break the sword formation of the Xuantian Sect, which was equally terrifying.

Of course, the most desperate thing was the legion of demonic beasts surrounding the area. This legion was dominated by the “Black Wind Ants”, as well as the “Wind Wolves”, “Human Faced Hairy Apes” and “Red Hair Spiders”, especially those football-sized “Red Hair Spiders” which looked so terrifying and disgusting that it gave people goosebumps.

“It seems that the real one has appeared.”

Ye Luo muttered in his heart as he looked at these four guys, followed by the guys from the Beast Alliance who had disappeared earlier, among whom Wolf Green’s face looked extremely bad.

It was because according to what Brother Pao had just said to him, he would definitely have to take the blame for what happened to the Snake Prince this time.

Although this black pot was not so bad as death, his own status in the Beast Alliance would definitely plummet and all kinds of resources would be drastically reduced, and without a miracle, his future was bleak.

Seeing Wolf Green and the others appear, those people in the cave were in an uproar.

This was because many people were still in the dark, not knowing exactly who had ambushed everyone.

“Do you guys want to live or not?”

Brother Pao took a few steps forward to a place not too far from the cave entrance and Ye Luo and the others and said coldly.

The crowd didn’t know how many times he meant it, so no one answered his question.

Seeing that no one said anything, Brother Pao continued.

“If you want to live, give me the pretty woman first, otherwise you will only die, whoever gives me a woman out, I will let him go.”

Hearing Brother Pao’s words, someone’s heart really moved.

In the cave, a man shouted outside.

“Do you mean what you say?”

Brother Leopard said with a smile and a nod.

“Of course.”

As soon as his words fell, a man grabbed a woman and walked out, the man was probably in his thirties and was quite average looking, while the woman was young and looked to be about the same size as Ye Lu, with long legs and a thin waist, she looked quite good, but she didn’t look like a cultivator, being carried by the man was like a cat grabbing a mouse.

Seeing this scene, most of the people did not say anything.

Gu Shiqi, on the other hand, could not help but shout.

“Why are you so shameless?”

Also frowning were Long Fei Xue and Jasmine, however, Long Fei Xue didn’t say anything while Jasmine stopped the guy’s path and said.

“Stop, what do you want to do?”

As a result, the middle-aged man said with a glare.

“This is my business, it’s none of your business.”

Jasmine then looked at the middle-aged man and said coldly.

“Women are not your men’s playthings, you have no right to give them to others.”

This time the man laughed instead and he looked at the woman and said.

“Mimi, you told her that this was actually voluntary for you right?”

With those words, the middle-aged man released his grip on the woman’s hand, and to Jasmine’s surprise, the pretty woman actually nodded and said.

“Yes, I volunteered.”

Now Jasmine was completely dumbfounded, she froze as she watched the two men walk towards Brother Pao one after the other.

Ye Lu then looked at the middle-aged man and said indifferently.

“You’re asking for death.”

The middle-aged man, however, was unimpressed and continued to walk towards Brother Leopard.