Super School Student Chapter 139-140

Chapter 139

After a while, Ye Lu had returned from his shower, his clothes hadn’t dried so he was still in a bare-shouldered state, and he found that everyone had basically packed up.

“Let’s go then, it’s going to get dark soon.”

Ye Lu said as he raised his “Ice and Fire Gloves” towards Long Feixue.

“Miss Long, thank you for the gloves, don’t worry, after using them just now, I am confident that I can turn them into a ‘Xuan-rank’ magic weapon during the holidays.”

Just like the last time when he was refining pills, Ye Lu was a little impatient after knowing about the refinement of weapons.

Long Feixue, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Sure, there’s no rush, I’m going to the airport later, I’ll wait for you guys in the capital.”

Ye Luo also did not expect Long Feixue to leave so soon, so he promised her that he would give her the gloves after the school year started when he had finished refining them.

Long Feixue then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“The capital is not like here, there are a lot of fish and dragons there, and the water is too deep, in the big families, there are even experts above the Xiantian level, so you two must be careful when you get to the capital.”

Seeing Long Fei Xue’s concern, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, we will definitely keep a low profile when we arrive in the capital, in fact, I have always been a very low profile person, don’t believe me, you can ask Gu Shiqi.”

As a result, both women simultaneously brushed aside their mouths.

The Xuan Tian Clan’s crowd that had left the clearing was currently walking on the road leading beyond Tian Ma Mountain.

“Senior Uncle Qingyangzi, how are we going to tell Senior Brother Zhang Tian about this matter back?”

Da Qing asked as he looked at Qing Yangzi, who was at the head of the group.

Qingyangzi, in turn, said with some disdain.

“This was not our business originally, a disciple who ate some messy ‘Immortal Pill’, the big deal is just not to flatter him, could he turn over the heavens?”

Hearing Qing Yangzi’s words, several people nodded, to be honest, everyone had quite a problem with Zhang Tian, just coming to the clan and being taken so seriously by the clan, making them people very unhappy.

However, following another person said.

“But, you all saw it, right, even Senior Uncle Qing Yunzi has to give him face, so isn’t it not too good if we offend him?”

This was a problem, but Qing Yangzi thought about it and said somewhat helplessly.

“What’s the use of talking so much, let’s be honest when the time comes, there’s no way we can handle Ye Lu at this level anyway, not to mention that he’s from the Pill Alliance now, who dares to touch him easily.”

Just at this time, Qing Yangzi’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

He shrugged off the plastic bag wrapped around his phone and then pulled it out, it was a call from Daidian, who was now different from what he used to be, and he said to Qingyangzi.

“Senior Uncle Qing Yangzi, how are things being handled? With the help of Senior Uncle Qing Yunzi it should be going well, right?”

Qing Yangzi wanted to say, “Smooth, my a*s, I almost died”, but he didn’t dare to say that, so he briefly explained the situation and then said.

“Now that Ye Lu has mistakenly become Master Mo Lian’s teacher, the situation has become very complicated.”

Hearing Qing Yangzi’s words, Dusty was also taken aback.

However, he thought for a moment and said.

“Since that’s the case, let’s wait until Senior Brother Zhang Tian comes out of seclusion, he has now successfully crossed the threshold of a Huajin cultivator, and is probably an Innate cultivator when he comes out of seclusion.”

Hearing that Zhang Tian had turned from a practitioner who had just crossed into Dark Energy to a strong practitioner of Chemical Energy in just a few days, and that he might cross into the ranks of the Ascended Masters in a few more days, Qing Yangzi was also taken aback.

This was a bit too fast!

He suddenly realised that it made sense for the clan to hurt this new kid so badly.

So, after thinking about it, he turned to Dusty and asked.

“What kind of ‘Immortal Pill’ did Zhang Tian take, how could it be so powerful, this upgrade speed is too fast.”

Daochen shook his head and said.

“I’m afraid that even the elders can’t understand the immortals, so how can we know, it should be something extraordinary anyway, I feel that maybe it’s not as simple as just taking an ‘immortal pill’.”

At first, he thought that Zhang Tian had eaten the “Immortal Pill”, but at this rate, he felt that perhaps Zhang Tian had also received some kind of inheritance while eating the Immortal Pill, otherwise he wouldn’t have broken through so quickly, if this was really the case, then Zhang Tian’s future would be unlimited.

Of course, the more powerful Zhang Tian was, the better it would be for him. As the saying goes, “If one person achieves the goal, a chicken and a dog will rise to the heavens”, so Dust’s status would definitely rise.

So, after thinking about it, he told Qing Yangzi and the others about the news.

“If that’s really the case, I’m afraid the sect will change.”

Qing Yangzi also said with some emotion.

Dazhen smiled and said.

“Yes, so let’s just wait quietly, perhaps in the near future, our sect will have to change its birds and guns, and by then, whatever Wuji Sect, whatever Beast Alliance, and even the Pill Alliance, we won’t have to put it in our eyes.”

To be honest, this was indeed good news for Qing Yangzi as well, but of course, the better news for him was that he didn’t have to fight that terrifying Ye Luo to the death anymore.

He already had a mental image of dealing with Ye Luo.

The people from the Wuji Clan were also reporting the situation with the clan.

“Snatched away by the Pill Alliance, is it? We really can’t afford to offend the Pill Alliance, so that’s all we can do, remember to make good friends with this person, never offend him, looking at what you said, I’m afraid that this person will feather his nest and become a dragon before long!”

Daoist Master Dan Yun’s master said in a serious tone.

In response, Daoist Master Dan Yun could only smile bitterly and didn’t dare to say anything, he couldn’t say that in fact, these people of his own had already left an extremely bad impression on Ye Lu.

“I should have known that I should have bought Ye Luo one at that time, just like those other two brats.”

The other two people he was talking about were of course the two brothers, Ren Yi and Ren Yao.

And at this moment, in one of the branches of the Pill Alliance, Master Mo Lian was saying something to several female disciples, each of her female disciples had the same style as her, with exaggerated styling personalities.

“You few little sissies, listen to me carefully, I’ve managed to collect a master for you this time out.”

Hearing Master Mo Lian say that she had adopted a master, all of these female disciples were dumbfounded, and one of the female disciples with smoky make-up looked at Master Mo Lian and asked.

“Master, didn’t you go to take in disciples this time, how come you took in a master? This is all a goddam situation.”

“Yes, besides, aren’t all masters worshipped? What do you mean you’ve taken on a master.”

“I’m curious if it’s a man or a woman.”

“Cut it out, you’re still curious, has our master ever had a male disciple? It must be a female!”


As a result, Master Mo Lian shook his head and said.

“Wrong! It’s a male drop, and it’s very handsome, and it’s also very young, not as old as you guys, it’s a young master, in the future, any of you who see him must call him ‘Master’, understand? No messing up the rules.”

All the disciples agreed in unison.

Following that, Master Mo Lian looked at a cute looking little loli disciple and said.

“That, Lin Ruyue, it seems to be your turn to go to the capital for your internship, remember to wear less thongs, it’s not good to be seen, and show less of this and that, dress decently, don’t flirt around, yes, if you meet your master, don’t hit on your master, and don’t try to make me call you master’s wife, do you hear me?”

As a result, Lin Ru Yue blinked her big gla*ses and said buddingly.

“Master, that’s called cosplay, the person I’m playing is called ‘I don’t know what fire dance’, of course I have to wear a thong, and I’m a proper, unexplored woman!”

Master Moira didn’t care about her, she said with a glare.

“Well, whoever you’re playing, remember not to disgrace me when the time comes, and if you get the chance to hook your master up on the mountain, do it decisively.”

Hearing Master Mo Lian’s words, Lin Ru Yue glared and said.

“Master, didn’t you just say that you couldn’t seduce?”

As a result, Master Mo Lian crossed his arms and said.

“Those who should be seduced should of course still be seduced, however, they should be lustful but not lecherous, lustful but not Sl*tty, Sl*tty but in moderation understand?”

Without any surprise, Master Mo Lian’s words drew a “boo!” from the disciples. The disciples’ words drew a hush.

At this moment, Ye Lu and the others had also arrived outside of Tianma Mountain.

“Ye Lu, Shi Qi, let’s say goodbye, I’ll be waiting for you in the capital.”

Long Fei Xue looked at Ye Lu and Gu Shi Qi and said with a smile, at this time, Ren Yi and Ren Yao also walked over and said.

“Yes, Ye Lu, there are also us two brothers waiting for you in the capital, make sure to give us a chance to buy you a drink when the time comes!”

Ye Lu smiled and nodded, to be honest, as a teenager who was not deeply involved in the world, he was also curious and longing for the capital, and for the university as well.


Chapter 140

After sending off Long Fei Xue and the Ren brothers, Jasmine and the others from the Hundred Flowers Clan also walked over.

“Ye Lu, thanks for saving us this time and helping all of us break through, when we return to the clan, I will definitely help you find more ‘Luminous Stones’.”

Jasmine looked at Ye Luo and said seriously.

Ye Luo, in turn, smiled and said.

“Jasmine, you are too polite, in fact I have to thank you guys, the ‘Luminous Stones’ have really helped me you a lot, I can’t ask for your stuff for nothing, if there is anything you need, just say it, I will definitely help if I can.”

At this time, Paeonia spoke up.

She smiled and said.

“Good, the kind of elixir that can make people beautiful remember to help us refine some first ah, and the kind that heals wounds too, just help us refine some.”

For his part, Ye Luo smiled and agreed, these pills cost very little and were not difficult to refine, and would not take Ye Luo much time.

With that, he parted ways with the people from the Hundred Flowers Sect.

After bidding farewell to the crowd, everyone else went home one by one, while Ye Luo followed Gu Shiqi’s family in the same car and headed towards the city.

“Ye Lu, how many more things are you hiding from me?”

In the car, Gu Shiqi looked at Ye Lu and asked with some curiosity.

Ye Luo, in turn, smiled and said.

“I don’t remember hiding anything from you, I told you, I’m an appraiser, I’m a divine doctor, at the same time I’m also very capable of fighting, I’ve told you all these.”

After saying that, Ye Lu raised the “burin” pen in his hand again and said.

“By the way, I have a new secret, that is, I also have a new ability ‘refining’, I’m afraid this will be more complicated to tell you, but I do have this new ability.”

Indeed, these things were completely new to Gu Shiqi, who knew nothing about the concept of “smithing”.

So, she sighed helplessly and said.

“Well, I don’t care about your secrets, just don’t hurt me, and don’t forget to make it something delicious!”

As he said that, the “two-headed love snake” burrowed out of Gushiki’s clothes, staring at Ye Lu with small eyes, it looked quite cute.

Ye Luo nodded and said.

“Of course, I’ll prepare the ingredients when I get back and give you the first batch of ‘Pet Spirit Pills’ tomorrow.

Ye Lu calculated, this holiday, in addition to transforming the “Ice and Fire Gloves”, refining the “Pet Spirit Pill”, and also refining various pills for sale for his sister Ye Yan, as well as collecting spirit stones to improve his cultivation, it seemed that this holiday would still be very busy.

When he returned home, Ye Yan had already gone to bed, through the door Ye Lu could hear her even breathing, it seemed that this old sister was in a good mood these days.

Ye Luo did not disturb her, instead he just sat down on the bed and entered a state of cultivation.

Early the next morning, Ye Luo found Old Hua again, only for Old Hua’s first action on seeing Ye Luo to be to kneel down and kowtow, then respectfully say.

“Apprentice grandson Hua Chunqiu pays respects to Master.”

This confused Ye Lu, and it was only now that he knew that Elder Hua’s name was Hua Chunqiu.

“Elder Hua, what are you doing, you hurry up.”

Ye Luo hurriedly ran over and helped Hua Lao up, but it seemed that he was indeed already Hua Lao’s master in terms of seniority.

For his part, Hua Lao looked at Ye Luo and said with a smile.

“Master, don’t mind, this is a rule just issued by her old master, all her disciples under her discipline have to bow down when they see you, and then address you as Master.”

Ye Lu did not expect Master Mo Lian to give such an order, so he thought for a moment and asked.

“Then how many name-bearing disciples does Master Mo Lian have in total?”

Hua Lao thought for a moment and said.

“That’s a lot, Master’s personal disciples only accept female disciples, so there aren’t many of them, if you succeed, you will be Master’s first and only male disciple, I guess it’s because Master saw that you were good looking, so he was prepared to make an exception, but unfortunately, ah, you’ve become her master instead.”

Hua Lao laughed even as he spoke, he found this matter quite amusing indeed.

Following that, he then continued.

“Registered disciples would be male and female, and there are a large number of them, I don’t know how many, anyway, basically every city can see them, not only Master Mo Lian, but also the rest of the Pill Alliance, they call them open branches, they can spread the influence of the Pill Alliance farther, and of course, they can benefit more people, like me.”

Following that, Hua Lao took out another sign and said.

“This is a token for official members of the Pill Alliance, however, since you have not taken the Pill Alliance’s examination, you are not rated, otherwise there would be a star rating, such as a sign like a one star pill refiner, Master, just take it well, it is common throughout the country, it will be convenient when you go there.”

Ye Lu thought about it and took the token, after all, Master Mo Lian very formally called her Master, in any case the identity of Pill Alliance disciple could not be got rid of.

Seeing Ye Luo put away the token, Elder Hua then smiled and continued.

“Master, when are you going to take the Pill Alliance exams, if you can do well in the exams and get a foothold in the Pill Alliance maybe you can get me into the Pill Alliance as well.”

He rubbed his hands together as he spoke, looking very excited about entering the Pill Alliance.

Ye Lu smiled and shook his head and said.

“There’s no rush for that, I’ll go when the time is right.”

He currently had no intention of going to the mountain, although Master Mo Lian had once said that there were a large number of female cultivators waiting for him to sleep with, so Ye Luo looked at Hua Lao and said.

“I’ve come for something else, I need a bit of herbs for making pills, you must be most familiar with this cover, don’t worry you won’t take anything from you for nothing, give me a purchase price.”

Hua Lao said with a smile.

“Some herbs only, you name it, what all do you need, feel free to use it.”

Ye Lu nodded, then took out the list he had prepared beforehand, there were actually quite a lot of things to use this time.

“These are just some of them, I will need some other herbs in a couple of days.”

Without even looking at it, Hua Lao told a fellow to go and prepare the herbs.

After the herbs arrived, Ye Luo continued to refine them near Phoenix Mountain. The first thing he refined was of course the “Pet Spirit Pill” for the “Two-headed Love Snake”, which was a single-door pill for demon beast pets, and the formula could be flexibly adjusted depending on the species of the demon beast.

At noon, the Hundred Flowers Clan members returned to the clan, causing a stir as soon as they arrived.

“Sister Jasmine, you’ve all broken through, how long has it been since you’ve been there, it’s too impressive.”

One of the sisters from the clan looked at Jasmine and the girls and said with some envy.

Previously, all eight of them were at or close to the peak of Dark Energy, which was why they had gone to the “Dharma Fair” together to look for opportunities.

Of course, there were many other sisters who were stuck at this level, but they didn’t think there would really be any chance at a puja of this level, so many of them didn’t go, but after seeing the current state of Jasmine and the others, they all regretted it.

The fast-talking Paeonia then briefly told everyone what they had encountered.

“I initially thought that guy was an evil cultivator, but it turned out that I completely misunderstood people, you guys will know when you get a chance to see it, Ye Lu is old handsome.”

Of course, according to Jasmine’s instructions, Paeonia told everyone that all the “Marrow Cleansing Pills” had been exchanged, while she took out the “Beauty Pills” and the “Spring Return Pills” for bruises and injuries.

Jasmine was thinking about how to collect the Luminous Stones.

However, they were soon called over by her master.

“Jasmine, I didn’t believe you when I heard what everyone said, but I didn’t expect that you had actually made a breakthrough.

Jasmine’s master said, while reaching out and grabbing Jasmine’s hand and started to probe it with no expression.

However, although Jasmine’s master was calm on the surface at the moment, her heart had actually been pounding inside, because the breakthrough that Jasmine and the girls had made together had given her too much of a shock.

In her opinion, it would be impossible to do this unless she spent a lot of money to get the pills from the Pill League, but with Jasmine’s modest strength, they could not afford to pay.

And after probing she was even more astonished because she found that Jasmine and the others were not as simple as forcing their bottlenecks with pills, but their bodies had been transformed from the essence, that is to say, disciples who were originally of average qualifications had now become of superior qualifications, while those like Jasmine who were of superior qualifications had become of excellent qualifications.

“How is this …… this …… this possible?”

Seeing the expression on her master’s face and the words she could not help but say, Jasmine felt that there should be a door to the “Luminous Stone” matter.