Super School Student Chapter 143-144

Chapter 143

This bracelet, of course, Su Lao had an impression of it, this kind of spatial magic artifact is not easy to obtain, even to see, Su Lao is so old and has only seen this once, even a broken one, even after attending so many fairs.

Even so, it was one of his favourite collectibles. Su Lao had never thought of seeing a real spatial magic weapon one day, but as a result, what he didn’t expect was that Ye Lu had actually repaired this thing.

Ye Lu did not expect such a big reaction from Su Lao, because this magic artifact was actually only broken by one grain, so it was not too difficult to repair, otherwise it would have been difficult for him to succeed.

Seeing Ye Lu’s expression, Su Lao then stood up and explained.

“This kind of magic weapon is a rare ‘spatial magic weapon’ and the most sought-after magic weapon, which is much more precious than attacking or defensive magic weapons, and this magic weapon has already reached the level of ‘Mortal Rank Upper Grade’, the ordinary The ‘Mortal Rank Upper Grade’ magic weapon would have been the last heavy hitter in the previous spell fairs you attended, and this ‘Space Magic Weapon’ could definitely be on a higher level of ‘spell fairs’, and It’s also extremely popular.”

Seeing Su Lao’s eyes glowing, Ye Lu handed over the “Ruler’s Square Bracelet”.

However, Su Lao smiled and said.

“No, Ye Lu, he is yours now.”

This time it was Ye Lu’s turn to be confused, Su Lao had talked about this item so well, so precious, but then gave it to himself, what kind of scheme was this?

Seeing Ye Lu’s puzzled look, Su Lao then smiled and said.

“Ye Lu, ah, I am old, I am no longer like you young people, my cultivation path has come to an end, so there is no use in asking for these things, I want to thank you for allowing me to live another half of my life so alive and well.”

Seeing Su Lao’s happy expression, Ye Lu nodded his head.

If he wanted to improve his cultivation, he would have to cross a big realm, from Houtian to Xiantian, and the difficulty between the two was not as simple as breaking the bottleneck of Dark Energy, so Ye Lu felt that Su Lao’s choice made sense.

So, Ye Lu put away the bracelet and looked at it and said.

“Good, then I will accept it, if there is a chance for you to raise to the Innate realm in the future, I will definitely help you.”

Ye Lu’s words moved Su Lao once again, but then he laughed, because he found himself a little too greedy, he should feel content to cross this step now in his lifetime, just like the skit said, what more do you need a bicycle!

So, he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Ye Lu, you have a great future, develop well, the future is all yours, those things in my warehouse, use them if you want, anyway, I don’t want to get involved in these fighting and killing things, it’s useless to keep them.”

This was exactly what Ye Luo wanted, he was in need of materials for his weapon refining.

So, he didn’t have to be polite and took some more things out of Su Lao’s warehouse, then Ye Lu called Zhao Yang and asked him to come out for a meal together.

At the same time, Ye Lu was a bit confused about what to do with the “Ruler’s Square Bracelet”, as it was definitely not suitable for him to use such a feminine magic weapon himself, and Gu Shiqi and the others did not have “true qi” at the moment, so he could not use it.

Soon he arrived at the restaurant he had agreed with Zhao Yang.

As a result, he found that Zhao Yang had really become a lightning bolt, having lost at least a third of his weight.

“Hey, Ye Lu, don’t I look handsome now, it’s just a pity that thin is thin just no muscles!”

He said somewhat helplessly as he wiggled his arms.

“It’s easy to have muscles, you have to exercise, you’ll have muscles if you exercise regularly.”

Ye Lu was very satisfied with the effect of the “weight loss pill”, this pill really only reduces what should be reduced, and also only reduces the parts that should be reduced, if this is given to women to use, they will definitely love it, it looks like old sister’s shop will be difficult not to be hot ah!

These days Ye Lu has been preparing goods for Ye Yan, what kind of elixir for removing spots, elixir for eliminating wrinkles, elixir for black hair, elixir for tightening, basically Ye Lu is ready to refine some, in fact there is also a kind of elixir that will make women go crazy, only unfortunately Ye Lu does not have the materials, secondly, the flame in his body has not been cultivated yet, so at present he cannot refine it at all.

Following that, Ye Luo then asked about Zhao Yang’s college entrance exam, and sure enough, he didn’t manage to pa*s the first grade line, but he did pa*s the second grade line.

“I’ve already picked a school for the second grade,”

Zhao Yang said happily.

The next few days were of course still busy days, these days were the days for everyone to choose their schools and fill out their volunteer applications.

The problem was Gushiqi, who was a top student in her cla*s, did quite well in the exam, but she didn’t like all the majors in the school.

“How come there’s no major in food and drink?”

Gu Shiqi muttered somewhat depressingly as she looked at the admissions brochure of “Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine”.

Of all the majors, the only one that didn’t seem to have anything to do with healing was English, but as an antique family, Gu Shiqi really wasn’t interested in English.

So, she thought about it and said.

“Alright, let’s listen to God’s will then.”

After saying that, she made a disc, then divided it into N copies according to the number of majors on the admissions brochure, and then wrote the name of the major on not every copy.

When she was done, she taped the disk to the wall, found a dart and blindfolded herself.

“It’s up to this dart to fill in that major.”

With those words, she threw the dart.


The dart stabbed the wall accurately, and Gu Shiqi took off her blindfold and smiled.

“Good, acupuncture and ma*sage major, that’s you.”

If Professor Qin of the Acupuncture and Tuina major knew that this was how her student had chosen her major I wonder if she would vomit blood, but, no matter what, from this moment on, Gushiki had become her student.

In this way, the day of filling in the volunteers had soon pa*sed. Shortly after filling in the volunteers, Professor Qin began to check the situation of the candidates’ declared volunteers from all over the world in the computer.

“Could it be at Professor Wu’s.”

As a result, she checked and it wasn’t there either.

“It’s not possible that they changed their mind temporarily and didn’t declare us, no, I have to retrieve it.”

For Professor Qin, a talent like Ye Luo, even if he didn’t declare his major, he couldn’t be allowed to run away to another school.

As a result, she soon found that Ye Lu had actually filled in the major of “Traditional Chinese Medicine”.


Seeing that Ye Lu had not run away, Professor Qin let out a long breath of relief, and at that moment, she saw Professor Wu walking in.

When Professor Wu saw Professor Qin’s face, he smiled and said.

“What? You look so ugly, did Ye Lu not choose your major?”

As a result, Professor Qin looked at her and said without good humour.

“So what? He didn’t choose your major either.”

Now Professor Wu became worried and she asked with a frown.

“It’s not like he didn’t come to our school, right?”

Professor Qin said as he shook his head.

“That’s not true, he’s chosen that stubborn old man Zhu Qi Huang’s major, I’m actually worried that the two of them will fight.”

Hearing Professor Qin’s words, Professor Wu was relieved, at least Ye Lu didn’t run away, she had used Ye Lu’s “Beauty Pill” so she understood Ye Lu’s value very well.

So, she smiled and said.

“It’s alright, let them fight, if he shoos away Ye Luo, we will take him in at the School of Chinese Medicine.”

As soon as her words left her mouth, Professor Qin also smiled and said.

“I didn’t expect you to have such a bad heart too, by the way, what kind of cosmetics have you been using lately, why do I feel like your skin looks ten or so years younger.”

As a result, Professor Wu smiled and said.


Ye Luo received his acceptance notice on the third day after filling out the application, and the next days were spent constantly refining weapons, alchemy and waiting, the deal with the Hundred Flower Sect was also going smoothly, and Ye Luo’s cultivation level was steadily improving.

In this way, two months pa*sed and it was finally the day when the university started.


Chapter 144

Ye Lu originally wanted to go with the others, however, Gu Shiqi had gone ahead to make preparations under the family’s arrangement, Qin Siyu was following Granny Yun in another city, while his elder sister Ye Yan had gone ahead to choose the location of the shop again, and Liu Mei was moving with her sister Liu Xin, so he had to get on the train all by himself and alone.

Before getting on the train, Ye Lu cut his hair and bought a new set of clothes, remembering what Long Fei Xue had said about keeping a low profile, so he chose an ordinary brand that was neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Long Fei Xue’s “Ice and Fire Gloves” had been successfully upgraded to “Xuan Stage”, and Ye Lu had made great progress in all aspects during these two months of alchemy, weapon refining and cultivation, even the “Ghostly Inferno” had sprouted inside his body, and he could now release a faint flame with his hands, although it was still a long way from being used for alchemy.

The dagger made of sunset arrows was placed in the “Burning Heaven Furnace” and stored inside Ye Luo’s body. He found that the “Burning Heaven Furnace” could not only store pills inside his body, but also whatever he put inside it.

As for the pills he gave to Ye Yan, he put them in the big parcel he carried with him, he didn’t bring any other luggage, so he could buy them after he went there.

This was Ye Lu’s first time going out this far, so he was still in a pretty excited mood and kept looking at the scenery outside on the way.

“I remember in movies, at times like this, you usually meet a beautiful woman or something, how come none of them are there?”

As time went on Ye Lu felt a little bored.

He gave up hope and started to play the game in his phone, the same game Ye Yan had played before. At Ye Yan’s strong suggestion, he also registered an account, but he had never played it, but now he played it for a while and felt it was quite interesting.

Just like that, after a while more, suddenly there was a commotion in front of the carriage.

“Quick, she looks like she’s going to die, is there a doctor here? Who’s the doctor?”

“Get the steward!”

“I’ve found one, the steward is informing the conductor, he’ll be here in a minute.”

“So what now?”


When he heard that it seemed like someone had suddenly had an attack, Ye Lu closed the game and stood up to walk over to where the accident had occurred, but there were so many people up to see what was going on that he found he couldn’t even see what was going on in front of him.

“Everyone get out of the way, I’m a doctor, here’s my ‘doctor’s card’, let me see what’s going on.”

With that said, a very svelte looking boy stood up and pushed his way forward as he did so.

Hearing that there was a doctor, all of them, including the stewards, breathed a sigh of relief and started to make way, and Ye Luo followed behind this guy in the process.

It had been a long time since he had seen a doctor, and he was a bit itchy.

Following that, Ye Lu smiled because, the beautiful woman he had just been expecting was actually lying here.

This woman was quite pretty looking, her features were exquisite, her black hair was like a waterfall, although she was not dressed in a very fashionable way, nor was she wearing any designer clothes, she gave off a decent impression, her body was slender, straight where it should be and slender where it should be, she was definitely a superb beauty.

However, at the moment she was not in a good state, her face was miserable and even slightly green, her teeth were clenched, she was trembling, and she could not speak, so she was obviously extremely dangerous.

“This is a case of Yin Cold, I can treat it, please give up a space for everyone.”

This gentle man said, while pulling out a box, seeing this box, Ye Luo understood, this should be “silver needles”, using acupuncture treatment, this man may really have two skills.

According to the above, sometimes it was more appropriate to use silver needles for particularly delicate treatments, and the precision was much better than the aura input mode like pointing and pressing.

While Ye Lu was thinking, the man had already started to apply the needles.

He laid the woman flat on the three seats, and then started stabbing from the head, “Baihui point”, “Yangbai”, “multiplying sobbing” all the way to the “Shui Tu” and “Qi She” in the chest ……

When they saw this handsome man applying needles, everyone started to admire.

“Amazing, a miracle doctor!”

“I didn’t expect that we still had such a master hidden in the car.”

“This can’t be the long-lost ‘Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Gate’, can it.”

“Young and talented!”


Hearing everyone’s compliments, the man seemed to be very happy as he showed a smile while applying the needles.

However, just at this time, a nice, slightly milky voice suddenly said.

“If you apply the needle again, you’ll kill her, do you want a lawsuit?”

Upon hearing this voice, the man stopped, and everyone else looked in the direction the voice was coming from, only to see a sweet and lovely looking woman hanging from the luggage rack looking at everyone, yes, hanging from the luggage rack, with one arm and one leg hooked to the rack and the other large white leg swaying in the air.

This woman had delicate features, white skin, with purple hair, and most especially two things, firstly, she had two almost pure white eyes that looked unusually demonic, and secondly, her breasts were really big, the only woman Ye Lu had seen so far that could rival Liu Mei.

“You …… you …… are Daisy!”

At this time, someone shouted.

Hearing his shout, Ye Lu then suddenly realized, yes, this look is exactly the “Naruto” big breasted girl Daisy Tian, but, he could not understand how the other party actually made the eyes white.

Hearing that she was recognised, the woman jumped up next to the patient. She jumped up next to the patient and said with a smile.

“That’s right, that’s my Shinobi, see, that’s right, she’s dying.”

It was only then that everyone turned their attention back to the beautiful patient, and sure enough, instead of getting better, the beautiful woman began to tremble violently, as if she were having an epileptic fit.

This scared the man who had just been there.

He looked at the white-eyed beauty in some horror.

The beautiful woman, on the other hand, smiled and waved her hand, telling the man to go aside, while saying.

“Get up, this little illness is nothing to my Master Lin Ruyue, remember not to treat people indiscriminately in the future.”

With these words, Lin Ruyue reached out and tapped on the beautiful woman’s stomach, all the silver needles actually flew out of the beautiful woman’s body under this tap.

The beauty’s trembling also stopped.

Following that, Lin Ru Yue then looked at the beautiful woman and said.

“In fact, your judgment was wrong from the very beginning, what she has is not a disease of Yin and Cold, the disease she has is ‘Ghost Qi into the body’, in layman’s terms, this woman is being targeted by a ghost and has been struck by evil.”

When they heard Lin Ru Yue’s words, almost everyone quickly stepped back, thinking, who is not afraid of ghosts?

Then, Lin Ruyue put her hand into the deep cleavage of her chest, and many people gulped at this scene.

Following this, Lin Ru Yue also began to apply the needles.

Before the needles were applied, her originally white eyes quickly turned back to black, and her big, dark eyes were as bright as the stars in the sky, and several people around her were dumbfounded.

She didn’t pay any attention to this, but began to find the acupuncture points extremely carefully, and then slowly stabbed down.

As she stabbed each needle, Ye Lu saw a shimmering light, clearly her technique was much more advanced than that of the man just now.

Standing next to her, the man who was still somewhat unconvinced also nodded silently, he too was convinced by Lin Ru Yue’s medical skills.

“Awesome, this is the divine doctor!”

“Yes, it’s even more powerful than the one just now.”

“So beautiful!”


The crowd all started to look at this huge breasted girl in admiration, and many men unconsciously drooled.

However, just at this time, Ye Lu suddenly said.

“If you apply the needle again, you’ll kill her, do you want a lawsuit?”