Super School Student Chapter 165-166

Chapter 165

Hearing the words there, this guy laughed instead, he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Come on, if you don’t have money, say you don’t have money, if you can’t afford to give away good things, just say so, I’m most annoyed with people like you, you don’t have any, but you’re pretending to be a P***y.”

After saying that, he then looked at Ye Lu in a provocative manner and said.

“The first thing you need to do is to send him a car, even a QQ, or a second-hand one, or an electric car, you can send it!

Just at this time, suddenly the door opened and then a middle-aged man dressed very decently walked in.

“You are Young Master Ye Lu, right? Outside is the sports car our young master gave you, Bugatti’s new supercar Chiron, which is the replacement of Bugatti Veyron.”

Although this man tried to keep himself calm, he could not hide a hint of envy and jealousy, such a car, he could not earn it in several lifetimes, and Young Master Jin said he gave it away, which made him feel very unbalanced.

“How good it would have been if it had been given to me! Hey, I don’t have this kind of life!”

He sighed silently in his heart then took out a pile of things and said.

“This is the formalities for the transfer, the young master has finished all of them for you, this is the insurance documents, this is the service card for the package of car repair and gasoline at the same time, and this is ……”

Jin Shao had done quite a few packages for this car at that time, and now they were all transferred to Ye Lu, anyway, this kind of car Jin Shao had bought several at the same time at that time, just for various modifications.

To be honest, Jin Shao’s obsession with racing cars should be able to rank first among the rich second generation, he always thought that the best things in the world were sports cars and beautiful women, and there was no third thing that could compare.

Seeing the bill this man took out and looking at the tens of millions of dollars worth and limited production supercar outside, that male student felt his legs go a little weak.

He felt that his car was simply weak, and that what he had just said was simply a slap in the face, saying that people couldn’t afford to give it away or something.

Ye Lu took all kinds of things over in one go, then put the car keys into Liu Mei’s hand and said with a smile.

“I don’t have a driving licence and I don’t know how to drive, this car is a gift for you, I remember once you and I talked about it, right, you said, you took the driving test for a long time, but you never had a car to drive, now you don’t have to worry about this matter, still like it?”

Seeing the car keys placed in her hand, Liu Mei was very touched in her heart, not that this car was too expensive, in fact, this car she felt was too expensive and too flashy, not compounding her style, what touched her was that what she said unintentionally, she didn’t expect Ye Lu to remember it all the time.

So, she smiled and said.

“I like it, but it’s just too expensive.”

At this time, the boy who was beside her suddenly said.

“What kind of skill is it to take something given by someone else and offer it, if you have the ability to give it to yourself.”

Hearing his words, Ye Lu smiled instead.

He turned his head to look at the man and said.

“Brother, is it interesting to hold on for the sake of your own little face? Giving it away is giving it away, do you think you’re giving something to someone else to grow face, or someone else is giving something to you to grow face? You don’t have the ability to get someone to give a luxury car, so don’t eat grapes and say sour grapes. It looks like, with a car like this, you should only be able to look at it for the rest of your life, that’s why you’re saying that, right?”

As a result, the man remained unconvinced and said.

“Poor man, don’t think that just because someone gave you a car, you can act like a P***y, let’s just have the waiter here to help check and see if you have used up all the money in your card, I think you have lost all your living expenses for a year, now you have just a few dollars left in your card, and you are still pretending to look good with me.”

Ye Lu then said blandly.

“It’s true that I don’t have much money in my card, but it’s definitely more than what you have in your card.”

As a result, this guy actually said in disbelief.

“It’s still more than mine, the fraction in my card can make you kneel down, do you believe it?”

Seeing this guy’s arrogant look, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Then how about we have a competition, if after the enquiry, whoever has less money in their card will give half of the money in their card to each other, how about that?”

Hearing Ye Luo say so confidently that he wanted to compete, this guy suddenly hesitated a little.

Ye Luo then said indifferently.

“What’s wrong, after half a day of bullSh*t, you turn out to be a goon, get lost!”

After saying that, he smiled lightly and prepared to leave with Liu Mei, Ye Lu was genuinely not interested in asking for this amount of money from the other party, he just wanted to make this guy back off and stop pestering Liu Mei like a fly.

“Wait! Just compare.”

This guy gritted his teeth and said.

At this time, there were already quite a lot of people who had gathered to watch the fun, because it had been a while since Ye Lu came in, so how could the people around this fun be willing to let it go.

The decently dressed middle-aged man seemed to have little interest in all this as he looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Young Master Ye, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

Ye Luo nodded towards him, and he flew away.

The boy who wanted to compare more money with Ye Luo had already handed his card to the waiter and then entered his pa*sword, the waiter looked at it and then said.

“This gentleman, the balance in your account is one million two hundred and thirty thousand.”

After hearing the waiter finish, the guy then took the card back and waved it in the air and said.

“What’s the matter, what did I say, it’s the fraction that crushes you, right?”

For these students who went to school, the most that could be saved in the card was probably a few tens of thousands, a hundred thousand or so would be good, especially looking at Ye Lu’s outfit, which was full of a few hundred dollars to get it done.

The other party had more than a million, the onlookers were fine, but Liu Mei was worried, she knew Ye Lu’s family very well, she felt that not to mention a million, for Ye Lu’s family 10,000 is estimated to be a problem.

Ye Lu smiled and also took out a card and handed it to the waiter, then entered the pa*sword.

The waiter’s eyes widened and he didn’t say anything for half a day.

The boy was a little impatient and asked.

“How much is it, say it?”

The waiter then said in an embarra*sed voice.

“Sorry, because I’m still counting how many bits there are.”

Hearing the waiter’s words, everyone had a black line, and following that, she said with some surprise.

“Sir, your balance is six hundred and fifty-three million six hundred thousand dollars.”

At these words, the crowd went “Wow!” No wonder they had to count how many digits there were, it turned out that there were several hundred million in the card, which did need to be counted.

Ye Lu then put the card away and then smiled at Liu Mei and said.

“Come on! Honey, lend me the card for a while.”

After that, he put Liu Mei’s card in front of the other party and said.

“Come on, make a deal, split it in half, be a man and keep your promise.”

Unexpectedly, this guy thought about it but quickly put his card away, then pointed at Ye Lu and said.

“You wait, you wait for me ……”

After saying that, he turned around and ran away, but ended up accidentally “bang!” The gla*s door was hit with a bang, and Liu Mei “pfft!” The people around you also immediately started to coax.

Ye Lu handed his card back to Liu Mei, and then said with a smile.

“Let’s go, but I can’t stay with you tonight, there are a few unreliable brothers out there, plus I have to keep a low profile at school.”

Liu Mei looked outside at Nie Yibiao and the others who were sticking their heads out, then said with a smile.

“You’re low key, getting me such a car is too flashy.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course you have to keep a high profile, otherwise the guys like the one just now will definitely pester you endlessly, a high profile is also clean.”

Hearing Ye Luo say this, Liu Mei felt that it was also very reasonable.

The two of them walked out of the mobile phone shop, Ye Lu let Liu Mei open the car door, and then let her sit in the sports car, to be honest, Liu Mei had a car for the first time, she was also happy and curious, she touched this and that and felt so interesting.

For his part, Ye Lu looked at her and said with a smile.

“Feel free to drive, there is money for gas and other cards, just remember one thing, fasten your seat belt and pay attention to safety.”

Following that, Ye Luo pointed to the stockings on Liu Mei’s snow white thighs and said.

“Also, take off one of the stockings and give it to me.”

When she heard Ye Lu’s words, Liu Mei’s face turned red, she didn’t know what Ye Lu wanted to do, but suddenly she thought that her more secret places had been seen and touched by Ye Lu, so she gritted her teeth, took off a stocking and handed it to Ye Lu with a red face.

Ye Luo pretended to smell it and said.

“It smells good!”

As a result, she was “slapped!” by Liu Mei. She said.

“You’re going to die, pervert!”

Ye Lu laughed and quickly put away the stockings, then said.

“Don’t think too much, I have other uses, try driving the car, if you really can’t drive away, find your roommates, I guess they can handle it.”

After saying that, Ye Lu closed the car door and walked towards the side.

Because he had just seen that the little rich kid who had left the mobile phone shop was actually saying something to a couple of red-haired, bare-shouldered guys with tattoos, and pointing in Ye Luo’s direction as he did so.

Obviously, it was ready to get him in trouble.

“Come on then!”

Ye Luo muttered in his heart as he walked.


Chapter 166

Seeing that Ye Lu had sent School Girl Liu Mei to a sports car and then didn’t head in their direction but went to the other side, Nie Yibiao and the three of them were puzzled.

However, immediately afterwards, they received a message from Ye Luo.

“You guys wait where you are, I have something to do, I’ll be back soon, I’ll treat you when I get back.”

The three guys were having a stomach full of doubts thinking of asking Ye Luo, so they replied.


Following that, Nie Yibiao then said.

“Looking good is an advantage, look at Ye Lu, he has such a poor physique and no money, but he actually has a leg up on the school girl by being good looking, it’s really enviable!”

As a result, Mu Zi Ze said instead.

“I don’t think so, most of them are just like many movies, Ye Lu is the school girl’s shield, you didn’t see that boy’s face was green with anger just now, it must be an act!”

An Le nodded and agreed with them both.

Mu Zi Ze then continued.

“Besides, did you see that Bugatti sports car? It’s tens of millions of dollars and it’s not easy to buy, how could that woman look at Ye Lu when she can drive a car like that, even though he’s a school bully.”

Listening to Mu Zi Ze’s analysis, Nie Yibiao also nodded his head.

At this time, Ye Lu had already walked to an alleyway slightly further away, which was more secluded and just the right place to make a move.

The redhead who was hired by the boy was overjoyed to see this scene, he was worried that it would be difficult to make a move on the street, but the other party went to such a place, it was really a pillow for sleeping!

“Brothers, this is a great way to earn 5,000 yuan today!”

A few people said as they also turned into the hutong.

Only to find that Ye Lu had actually disappeared.

“F*ck! Where did this kid run off to?”

After that, a guy with a stocking on his head and a shirt on his back appeared, and after he appeared, he didn’t say anything and directly “KO” these guys on the ground.

However, what he didn’t know was that several people were actually filming the scene from the window and other places, because this was the place where some of the boys and girls in the school liked to rent, and there were many people who liked to film things secretly.

The guys didn’t expect to get a shot of a man and woman having S*x, but they did get a shot of this scene.

After knocking these guys down, Ye Lu quickly jumped several times to the roof, then put on his clothes and stockings and jumped down from another direction, circling back to where Nie Yibiao and the others were.

“Holy Sh*t! You’re back, hurry up and tell me what’s going on with that school girl?”

“Yeah, that’s an old top ten school girl, even won a championship.”

“You don’t even tell us you know the school girl, and you just pretended with us.”


The three people immediately asked like a series of pearls.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Okay, well, we are jerking off while explaining to you guys, it’s a long story, we are actually hometown, I was just shielding her from a gun ……”

Ye Lu began to ghost talk.

On the other side, Liu Mei tried it and it turned out that she really couldn’t handle the car, and had no choice but to call one of her friends from the same dormitory over.

“Wow! No, Willow Eyebrow, this is the car you said someone gave you! That’s so cool!”

This roommate of hers was car savvy, of course she understood the value of this car, her eyes were all little stars at once.

“Hey, hey, come on, I’ll teach you, but promise me you’ll take me for a ride to show off, this is too cool, this is the legendary supercar!”

The girl got into the car and started the sports car happy as can be.

“Liu Mei, what’s your boyfriend’s name? I’d like to meet him one day.”

The girl asked with a smile as she started the car.

Liu Mei remembered what Ye Lu had just said about keeping a low profile, so she smiled and said.

“I can’t say this yet.”

The other girl didn’t mind either, as she said with a smile while driving.

“Hehehe! Now our ‘International Academy’ is going to be a hoot.”

Following that, the two drove off towards the school’s main entrance.

On the other side of the alleyway, the young rich kid who had just gotten annoyed looked at Redhead and the others who were lying on the ground and had pa*sed out with a look of surprise.

“Sh*t! So powerful!”

He muttered darkly, then decided it was better to stay away from Ye Lu and Liu Mei, but while Red Hair was fainting, he walked over and took his money back.

After jerking off with Nie Yibiao and the others, Long Fei Xue called Ye Lu and told him that he had already contacted that master and asked him to pay his respects tomorrow, and, Long Fei Xue urged him to be on time, otherwise that teacher might lose his temper.

Ye Lu smiled and Long Fei Xue said.

“Don’t worry, after so many years, I’ve met very few teachers who don’t lose their temper, I’ll get along well with him.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Luo was a bit confused.

Tomorrow was the start of military training, how could he leave?

There was no way out, it was better to find his master, so he discussed with Nie Yibiao and lied to the cla*s leader and the instructor that he had a stomachache, and then skipped the military training tomorrow.

We had all done this kind of lying before, so we were all familiar with it, and Nie Yibiao agreed without even thinking about it.

After he returned, Ye Lu, of course, still spent his time practicing drawing the “Pattern of Laws”, the real alchemy needed to be done after the “Ghostly Inferno” had sprouted and grown, so there was no rush to make pills.

The next morning, fearing that he might be caught skipping cla*s, Ye Lu left school early and headed for the martial arts school that Long Fei Xue had mentioned.

After going there, he found that the signboard of the martial arts school was quite loud, called “Iron Blood Martial Arts School”, and the words were written in a very imposing way.

To Ye Lu’s surprise, there was actually a rather pretty young lady in charge of reception in the house.

“You are Ye Luo, right? Please come in, Master is waiting for you.”

The little sister looked at Ye Luo and said.

Ye Lu nodded and followed him in, but he found that the courtyard of the “Iron Blood Martial School” was a mess, except for the facade, which had obviously not been taken care of for a long time, and there was no one there, it was cold and empty.

It seemed that Long Fei Xue’s fears that the place would go bust were justified.

When he walked across the courtyard and reached the hall inside, Ye Lu saw an old man with white eyebrows and a white beard sitting there majestically, and over this old man’s left eye was a striking scar that made this old man lick a bit of hostility.

The old man was very tall, estimated to be around two metres, quite a bit taller than Ye Lu, with thick arms and strong legs, a look at the style of pugnacity.

After seeing Ye Luo, this old man frowned, apparently Ye Luo’s somewhat pretty appearance as well as his unimpressive muscles were not quite compounding his appetite.

However, he still said blandly.

“What have you been practicing?”

Ye Luo hurriedly bowed and said.

“Master, I haven’t practiced anything, I’m just a street fighting gangster.”

Hearing Ye Lu say that he was a jerk, the old man nodded and said.

“Very well, you come here.”

Ye Luo didn’t know where a jerk was just fine, however, he still obediently walked over, after all, this old man still had two brushes from the look of it.

The old man pounded on Ye Luo your body and then pinched it everywhere before asking again.

“Is it resistant to beating?”

Ye Luo said after thinking about it.

“It should be okay.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the old man nodded towards the young lady standing not far away and said.

“Chisha, come on, follow the ‘first gear’ to attack and give me a hit.”

That young lady looked quite cute, however, at this time, she revealed a ghostly smile and followed it by rushing over to give a downward slash at Ye Luo.


Her foot chopped directly on Ye Luo’s head.

However, Ye Luo didn’t move, still looking at her and smiling, nothing happened.

“Open second gear!”

This scene surprised the old man a little as well, and he thought for a moment and said.


Chisha said and then swung a fist and punched Ye Luo in the stomach.

As a result, Ye Luo still didn’t rear any reaction.

“Third gear!”

The old man said with a slight frown.

This time, Chisha’s fist lit up with a white glow, followed by a blast on Ye Luo your chest, Ye Luo didn’t even shake, still no reaction.


This time Chisha also gave a light eek.

“Fourth gear!”

The old man’s brow furrowed even tighter.