Super School Student Chapter 217-218

Chapter 217

Ye Lu quickly changed his clothes, then carrying his parcel, he opened the map provided by his “auxiliary ability” and rushed towards the “Great Man’s Stone Forest”.

The “Stone Pillars of Great Men” was an attraction at the top of this mountain, and it was unknown which carving enthusiast had carved the stone statues of great men from all periods, ancient and modern.

However, they are all displayed as a tall pillar with a head at the top, hence the name “Stone Pillars of Great Men”.

While rushing to the “Great Man’s Stone Pillar”, Ye Lu turned on the mobile phone positioning ability on his “a*sistive Ability” and first locked in Qin Siyu’s location, and then called Nie Yibiao and the others, telling them not to wait for him, as he was spending the night on the mountain with a beautiful woman.

Of course, Nie Yibiao spat out Ye Lu’s shamelessness again, but everyone left obediently.

Qin Shiyu waited alone in the “Great Man’s Stone Forest” for the man who had called her, and also for Ye Lu to arrive.

This was also the top of the hill, not too far from the “Purple Gold Square”, so she could still hear the noise of the square, and many of the audience had already started to party at the top of the hill.

Since she had come all this way and tomorrow was a weekend, many people had decided to stay here and have fun before going back.

What she didn’t know was that not far from her, five Shadow of Death protectors, including the cleaning lady, had already confronted the Yakuza.

“Why are you Yakuza interfering in this matter?”

The cleaning lady asked coldly, looking at the ninja a*sa*sins of the Yakuza.

These ninjas were well trained and of course were very proficient in Chinese, so this guy smiled and said.

“Don’t worry about it, you know the rules of the ‘underworld’, we take money from people and we work for our employers.”

For her part, the cleaning aunt sneered and said.

“I don’t think that loser can afford to hire you guys, what kind of conspiracy are you ‘Society of the Extreme Way’ trying to pull?”

The cost of employment in the underground world was not measured in terms of money, so if they wanted to hire five cultivators from the “Society of the Extreme Dao”, who were also genuine members, the cleaning aunt felt that Lin Qing definitely did not have such power, they had investigated Lin Qing and he was just a waste of cultivation, that was why the “Shadow of Death” had sent these five women from the “Pulse Raising Realm” to protect Qin Siyu.

Moreover, this was just a personal grudge, so there was no need to make such a big deal out of it.

Therefore, the presence of these ninjas was definitely unusual.

However, the ninja opposite her smiled and said.

“When did it become your turn to dictate what we do in the ‘Society of the Extreme Way’, we can do whatever we want.”

With those words, he rushed up wielding the Japanese sword in his hand.


The cleaning aunt also took out two machetes from the package she was carrying, and the two men instantly got into a fight.

However, following that, the cleaning aunt saw that several more figures had appeared.

Seeing this scene, her brow furrowed while she began to fly backwards.

This time, there were only five of them to protect Qin Siyu, while the other side had obviously come with a lot more people, so if they didn’t shrink the circle of guards, there was bound to be no way to guard Qin Siyu.

Qin Siyu, who was anxious and did not know what to do, suddenly saw five people, including the cleaning lady, suddenly run around her and surround her, while more people were holding weapons and pressing forward.

The men were all dressed as Japanese ninjas.

She immediately understood that she had been fooled, but she felt that these people should not be here for her two, she did not feel that there was anything about herself that made so many people take her seriously, most of these people were here for Ye Lu.

So, she quickly dialed Ye Luo’s number.

“Ye Lu, run, there are a lot of Japanese ninjas here, I feel like they should be here for you.”

Ye Luo then quickly will said.

“Protect yourself, I’ll be right there.”

After saying that, Ye Lu took off his shirt and put on the mask of “Blood Shadow” and ran towards the “Great Man’s Stone Forest”, using his real identity was just what the other party wanted.

Moreover, Ye Luo had to be quick because he did not know when the weakness of the “Heaven Stealing Pill” would begin, but he felt that it would not be long before it did.

In order to stop this weakness period from coming quickly, Ye Lu thought about it and took another “Heaven Stealing Pill” as well.

Taking two Heaven Stealing Pills in a row would indeed delay the onset of the weakness and increase his combat power again, but the negative effects would also be very serious, but Ye Lu couldn’t care less about that anymore.

He not only arranged for double the number of his opponent’s men, but he also called for a helper who was also at the “Combined God Realm” just in case.

He would not use the Sake-tongue and the ghosts lightly, as they were the focus of the capital’s plan.

“Is this girl really that important to that Ye Lu?”

The helper next to Yasuhiko Abe looked at the “Great Man’s Stone Forest” not far away and said with some confusion.

“For a cultivator, a woman should be the most useless thing, I don’t think you’ll be able to use this girl.”

Yasuhiko Abe said with a smile.

“That’s just a personal thought, don’t worry, it will be useful, that ‘Soul Suppressing Tower’ is the key to open the Lin family’s ‘Ghost Mound’, if you have the ‘Ghost Mound ‘ ghosts in it, the ‘Wine Swallow Boy’ will be able to grow up quickly, and it won’t be hard to destroy the capital city of China then.”

The “Sake Swallow Boy” is one of the three great demons of Japanese evil, and will certainly be extremely terrifying when it really grows up.

“Huh! Why is he here?”

At this moment, Yasuhiko Abe saw a familiar figure appear, it was the “Blood Shadow” whom he had seen once during the “Underground Boxing Tournament”, and he was impressed by the performance of the Blood Shadow.

However, what Yasuhiko Abe didn’t understand was why “Blood Shadow” would come here.

When Ye Lu arrived near Qin Shiyu, he didn’t say anything, he just took out his “Sunset Arrow” and rushed forward, because he didn’t have time to talk anymore.

At this moment, with five strands of aura in his dantian, the arrow of the Sunset Arrow and the blue “Ghostly Inferno” in his hand, plus the increase of the two “Heaven Stealing Pills”, Ye Luo was now at full power.


The first ninja who rushed up became the first casualty, because he did not expect the seemingly insignificant “Sunset Arrow” in Ye Lu’s hand to be so sharp, and of course, he also did not expect Ye Lu’s speed to be so fast.

The Sunset Arrow cut the Japanese sword in his hand and then slashed across his throat.


Blood immediately splashed out, and then the man “flopped!” Once Seng fell to his knees on the ground.

However, Ye Lu did not pay any attention to him but rushed towards the next ninja.

The cleaning aunt was playing hard to get, feeling that her five men would definitely be killed this time, when she suddenly saw Ye Luo, a divine soldier, descending from heaven.

“It’s ‘Blood Shadow’, why is he here, did Boss Black Meditation arrange this?”

In fact, the cleaning aunt and the others didn’t know who their employer was this time, they were all directly arranged by Black Meditation to come here.


Following that, Ye Lu punched another ninja’s arm, and this guy’s arm immediately lit up with blue flames.

Since no one had seen the “Ghostly Underworld Flame” before, this ninja immediately panicked when the flames rushed into his meridians, but he wasn’t a “God Harmony Realm” practitioner like Huo Huan, moreover, Huo Huan had a magic weapon to block it and she had her own demon bloodline, so it didn’t affect him much.

This time was different, as the ninja’s arm was immediately set alight, and he quickly left the field and began to desperately use his innate true qi to deal with the “Ghostly Inferno”.

Ye Lu rushed towards the third man without stopping.

He did not have any martial arts skills at the moment, but he was fast enough to fight with Doku Ao, who was at the peak of the “Pulse Raising Realm” before his cultivation had broken through.

The ninja was using a lance called “Dragonfly Cut”, but at the moment it was cut off like paper by the sunset arrow, which then pierced into his heart.

In this way, Ye Luo was able to wound one and kill two ninjas in an instant, reducing the pressure on the crowd.

However, Yasuhiko Abe and another ninja, who had been in the distance, were already rushing over, and in Yasuhiko Abe’s opinion, this was the perfect opportunity to kill the Blood Shadow.


Chapter 218

In order to protect the members of the various organisations, there was a special way to send everyone away after each underground boxing match, so the other organisations were not actually aware of Ye Lu’s identity, and of course, many of them would not do something like a*sa*sinating a boxer, after all, it would be frowned upon by the other organisations and would be sanctioned jointly by the other organisations once the situation was established.

After all, the original intention of the terrible being who created the Underworld was not to let everyone kill each other.

However, this time was different. For one thing, the Yakuza were already doing everything they could, and for another, Shadow of Blood’s crazy 61-game winning streak, especially this time when even Jessica, the Holy Maiden of the Gothic Blood, was defeated, had convinced Yasuhiko Abe and the others that there was no one in the Placenta Realm who could stop Ye Lu.

In other words, there was no more doubt about the 80th consecutive victory, and for the next 20 matches, as long as Ye Lu did not rush the match, there would be no problem at all to play steadily.

So, as far as Yasuhiko Abe was concerned, it was almost impossible to change the fact that “Bloodshot” had become a second Shura.

And tonight he had the chance to change that.

However, as Abe and the two of them rushed past, Ye Lu had already taken out two more ninjas, and his crushing speed, combined with the cooperation of the cleaning lady and the others, was simply terrifying.

But that all changed with the addition of Yasuhiko Abe and another ninja.

Although Ye Lu had gone through two crazy enhancements, he was not strong enough to fight against two experts of the “God Harmony Realm”.

Of course, this was also related to Ye Lu’s shortcomings. Ye Lu basically had no martial arts skills at the moment, and having no martial arts skills meant that he could not perform at all.

For example, when Jessica used her “Thirteen Heavy Slash”, the power she sent out was several times more than her usual power, which Ye Lu could not do, as well as Huo Huan’s footwork, which was definitely a good tool for dodging and attacking.

And right now, Ye Luo had nothing but a deadly fight.


Following that, he received a heavy blow from Abe Yasuhiko, Abe Yasuhiko’s fan wasn’t sharp enough, but it was still easy to beat Ye Lu until he spat blood.


The other ninja took the opportunity to stab over, but Ye Lu did not dodge, for he knew very well that he could not dodge this ninja’s attack even if he dodged, and the martial art he was using was very strong, so he simply changed his method.

The slash went through the middle of the two ribs on his right chest, and the long blade of the katana went through Ye Lu’s back, however, he also took the opportunity to grab the blade of the katana and then punched the ninja in the heart.


Blue flames tumbled out, and with this blow Ye Lu used all his strength, as well as the only martial art he knew, the simple version of “Candle Dragon Finger”.


Immediately after being hit, this guy started to fall backwards.

It was obvious that the blow had been very hard on him, and blood was already flowing from the corner of his mouth.

However, Ye Luo wasn’t much better, this time the transparent hole in his chest turned into two, and he also spurted out a mouthful of blood furiously.

“Ye Luo!”

Seeing this scene, Qin Shiyu’s tears “brushed!” They flowed out in a flash.

“Go away, go away!”

Previously, when Ye Lu was wearing clothes and stockings, Qin Siyu did not a*sociate Ye Lu with the “masked man in stockings”, so she did not pay attention to this.

However, this time was different, Ye Lu told him he would come, then Ye Lu did not come, a bare-chested guy wearing a mask came, and this guy’s height and body shape were basically the same as Ye Lu’s, even the most stupid could know the identity of this person.

Hearing that Qin Siyu had broken his identity, Ye Lu helplessly sighed in his heart, however, he understood that none of this was important at this moment, what was important was that he might not be able to protect Qin Siyu’s safety anymore, as he could already feel his body starting to get weaker.


Ye Lu quickly pulled out the katana stuck in his chest and dropped it on the ground, followed by a stumble.

“Oh, so your name is Ye Lu!”

Abe Yasuhiko looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“But alas, today is the day of your death, your dream of ‘Shura’ ends here. As for your girlfriend, her looks and body are first cla*s, don’t worry, I won’t kill her, I will send her to Kabukicho in Japan, she will have a happy life there. ”

With those words, Yasuhiko Abe then quickly raised his hand.


The fan flew open, followed by the flying knives hidden in the fan, the sharp flying knives “Snicker!” They flew into Ye Lu’s body.

Ye Lu made one last effort to avoid the most important vitals, but there were really too many flying knives, and blood immediately stained Ye Lu’s body, and then he fell to the ground with a “bang!” He fell to the ground with a bang.

“Siyu …… I’m sorry …… I …… can only help …… you so far ……”

Ye Lu looked at Qin Siyu and said with difficulty.



Seeing this scene, Qin Siyu let out a cry of exhaustion, followed by her clenched fists, her eyes looked at the night sky and let out a howl that was not a human voice ……

“Ow ……”

This cry had a harsh emotion, an angry emotion, and a fierce and unusual rage, which made the heart shudder.

Immediately afterwards, Qin Shiyu’s body glowed with change.


Her clothes were all torn and torn, and a large snake with a human face and a snake body tens of metres high and covered with red phosphorus appeared in front of the crowd, the head of this large snake was still Qin Shiyu’s head, except that the hair had become several feet long and the colour had also changed to fire red.

At this moment, Qin Siyu’s eyes had turned dark gold and his pupils had turned into a vertical line like that of a beast.

Seeing this terrifying mutation, everyone was stunned for a moment.

“Candle Dragon!”

Ye Lu saw the name of the giant snake after Qin Siyu’s transformation through his gla*ses, but before he could read the rest of the information, he had already pa*sed out.

All those who hadn’t left the “Purple Gold Plaza” were attracted by the commotion and saw the huge, fiery red monster that was tens of meters tall.


“Ah, a monster!”



The crowd panicked and began to run in all directions, but there were many good people who ran quickly towards the place where Qin Shiyu appeared.

The actual people are not afraid to see what’s going on.

When the transformed Qin Shiyu saw that Ye Lu had pa*sed out, she let out a harsh roar and then opened her mouth to spit out a fiery red flame.

Abe Yasuhiko and the ninja took the brunt of the flames and were directly burned into nothingness, followed by the flames that turned several other ninjas into flying ashes, and even a “Shadow of Death” who was responsible for protecting Qin Shiyu was also affected and burned to nothing.

“This …… this …… this …… this …… this ……”

The cleaning aunt was astonished by the situation in front of her, because this “candle dragon” was really too terrifying.


After that, the candle dragon transformed by Qin Siyu crawled to Ye Lu’s side.

It circled back and forth around Ye Lu and then wrapped its body around Ye Lu, and at this moment, Qin Siyu’s eyes were filled with tears.

After a long whistle, Qin Shiyu collapsed onto Ye Lu’s body and revealed her original form.

At the same time, a piece of clothing was draped over Qin Siyu’s naked body, followed by a long sigh and the sudden appearance of an old figure beside Qin Siyu and Ye Lu.

The person who came was none other than Qin Siyu’s grandmother, Granny Yun.

“Ai! It’s still like this after all.”

Granny Yun sighed and picked up Qin Siyu, then lifted her leg and picked up Ye Luo and dropped him on her shoulder, following which, she disappeared on the spot with the two people flying.

“Where’s that monster just now?”

“The monster is gone, but why is there such a big fire here!”

“Everyone, come and put out the fire!”

By the time everyone gathered from all around, the place was deserted, and only the flames that had not yet gone out remained.

And at this moment Granny Yun had already brought the two people to a place deep in the Purple Mountain.