Super School Student Chapter 221-222

Chapter 221

After hanging up the phone, Black Meditation was in a daze.

“What’s wrong with this guy? It doesn’t even take much effort to beat five of the ‘Vein Raising Realm’, does he know what he’s talking about?”

But of course, Ye Lu knew what he was talking about, because he had just tested it with the demon girl Huo Huan, and after he used the “Misty Stance”, his speed was actually even faster than Huo Huan’s. He had to know that Huo Huan was an expert at the middle stage of the “Combined God Realm”, and she was also He had to know that Huo Huan was an expert in the middle stage of the “Combined God Realm”, and he was also a demon, so he was already stronger than ordinary people in this regard.

“Your body is so strong, there’s no one else.”

Huo Huan could only sigh at Ye Luo’s demon.

However, Ye Lu also understood that even though his physique was special and his various auras operated freely, he could not be too adventurous and still had to practice each martial art very purely before he could do so.

Therefore, on this day, Ye Lu only practised the “Misty Trails Steps”, and then in the evening, Huo Huan left, as for the “Candle Dragon Finger”, he would wait until tomorrow to teach it.

Ye Lu did not plan to go back, because Qin Siyu’s condition was not such that she could act immediately, and he was also a bit worried that the Japanese would continue to attack, because although Abe Yasuhiko and the others were dead, it was very likely that the “Society of the Extreme Way” knew about Abe Yasuhiko and his actions this time, and seeing that Abe Yasuhiko and the others never came back, most of them would If they had never returned, they would have sent someone else.

However, Ye Lu was only half right this time, because the branch of the “Society of the Extreme Way” in the capital was indeed a bit surprised that Abe had not appeared for a day and a night, but did not know what Abe had gone to do.

Because Abe’s cultivation level was not particularly high, but his status was very high, he had the right to act on his own, so the people of the Society of the Extreme Way had not taken any action so far.

In the evening, after a day of treatment, Qin Siyu’s pain was finally gone, but it was still very difficult to move around.

Ye Lu brought the clothes Lin Ruyue had brought with her, and found that they were actually the clothes of Inexperienced Fire Dance, so he took them and said to Qin Shiyu.

“Want to wear it?”

Qin Shiyu looked at the clothes she was covered in, then nodded and said.

“You go over there, I’ll do it myself.”

Ye Luo had to walk to the woods and it was a long time before Qin Shiyu called out to Ye Luo to go over.

After Ye Luo came out he saw Qin Siyu who was sitting there with a red face, because, I don’t know how little fabric this set of clothes had, the snow white arms and thighs were exposed outside, especially the panties made Qin Siyu feel awkward, but it was better than not wearing anything at all.

“What …… are you looking at?”

Qin Siyu asked with a red face.

Ye Lu felt smiling and said.

“I found that you really look super good in this outfit, so I couldn’t help but look at it a few more times, feel better yet, let me help you repair your meridians again.”

Following the instructions of the gla*ses, Ye Lu used his spiritual qi to repair Qin Siyu’s meridians every few hours.

In this way, it soon became dark, and Ye Lu built a campfire in the woods, letting Qin Siyu rest there against the tree and the parcel, while he opened his mobile phone and began to look through the various messages.

Sure enough, news about the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” and the “Sky Covering Gang” was already flying around, and the popularity of the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” had soared again, becoming the number one hot topic. The crowd didn’t know about Ye Lu’s move.

The crowd didn’t know the danger and hardship of Ye Lu’s battle, they only saw the result, that is, the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” had killed a sect master.

That was enough.

So, in the eyes of everyone, the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” had already left the realm of loser warriors and had entered the ranks of true masters.

Of course, not all who watched the battle that night were amateurs, and there were a few people who questioned how the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” had won the match, but they were drowned out by the huge army of internet users.

Public opinion immediately turned against the “Masked Sky Gang”.

For ordinary netizens, they were not worried about retaliation or anything like that, they couldn’t kill everyone who spoke up, so they started to despise the Gang, what with three against one and sending out a master. The team also said that they were not only pretending to be the best, but also that they had been killed.

All in all, the Sky Coverers have failed completely.

However, Ye Lu was worried that the “Heavenly Clan” would not give up, and this matter would not be over, so he had to improve his combat power as soon as possible.

Then, Ye Lu looked at the news about Candle Dragon.

As expected, the news was second only to “Silk Stocking Masked Man”, and even higher than “Silk Stocking Masked Man” in some mainstream media, because such reports were something that the mainstream media could make public in a big way.

The identity of the red phosphorus beast has been researched by a number of people, and ultimately, the research has shown that the beast is more likely to be the legendary beast “Candle Dragon”.

There are many legends about the “candle dragon”, one of which is that it is one of the “creator beasts”, so it is predicted that the world will be changed forever.

There were also people who were prepared to go to the Purple Mountain to hunt down the Candle Dragon.

To Ye Lu’s relief, fortunately, no one said anything about Candle Dragon being a woman.

In fact, Ye Lu did not know that people did not see when Qin Siyu turned into a candle dragon, but some people did see when the candle dragon turned into Qin Siyu, however, Granny Yun acted quickly, so people did not see exactly what was going on, and not everyone who saw what was going on liked to post.

So, the matter was left untouched for the time being.

Seeing that there was no particular news sent out on the internet, Ye Lu was finally relieved, and then, he gave Nie Yibiao and the others a call and told them that they wouldn’t even be going back this weekend.

After that, he took out his pottery furnace and started to refine the “Heaven Transformation Pill”, because Ye Lu felt that it was time to stimulate the “Hundred Flowers Sect”, as all he had given them before were “Spring Return Pills” and “Breast Enhancement Pills”. “Although they were very useful to the Hundred Flowers Clan, they would not be of much interest to them as they were of too low a grade.

On the other hand, the “Heaven Transformation Pill” was different, as it was a pill that could raise at least one major realm.

In fact, there was an even more powerful elixir in Ye Lu’s recipe that could allow a person to cross over to the clan master realm, but unfortunately, at present, Ye Lu’s flame was not enough to refine it, otherwise he felt that even the clan world would go crazy for this elixir.

The actual fact is, there’s another kind of pill, called the “fixed face pill” that can fix one’s face to its current appearance, and Ye Lu feels that this should be the thing that drives the people of the Hundred Flowers Sect crazy.


The headquarters of the Heaven-Shining Gang.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

He had founded the gang many years ago, but he had been living in a state of indifference. He did not expect that this time he would suddenly have such an opportunity, but what he did not expect was that this time the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” matter had actually kicked the iron plate.

“Master, what should we do?”

One-eyed Dragon looked at the gang leader and asked.

The gang leader thought for a moment and said.

“I’m already asking the clan’s side, after all, the dead clan master was from their side, so let’s wait for news from that side, I think since the Xuan Tian Clan has set up such a big game, they will definitely not give up.”

Soon, his mobile phone rang.

“Okay, okay, I understand, don’t worry, don’t worry.”

After saying that, Mu Zhaotian then put down the phone and said.

“The clan side has given instructions that this matter is to be fought to the death with that ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’, he must be killed, let’s all discuss a plan of action.”

Following that, everyone started to come up with a plan.

Ye Luo had been practising and learnt the “Candle Dragon Finger” with Huo Huan the next day, but Ye Luo felt that this “Candle Dragon Finger” was not a complete version either.

Of course, Ye Lu learnt this quickly, as he had the foundation of the “Candle Dragon Finger”.

On the second day, Hei Hei arranged a fourth boxing match, this time against a coalition of four organisations, each with five members, and of course, Ye Lu won easily, thus completing his 80-match winning streak.

However, on the third day, the “Sky Covering Gang” came back with a frenzied fight.


Chapter 222

In fact, the Heavenly Clan’s counterattack had begun the day before.

However, the day before was not directed at Ye Lu, but at the four ancient martial arts families, as the Heavenly Clan formally sent a letter of war to the four ancient martial arts families.

The intention of the Shade Sky Gang was obvious, that was to make all four ancient martial arts families submit to the Shade Sky Gang, become part of the Shade Sky Gang, and completely submit to the management of the Shade Sky Gang.

If they did not agree, the Hidden Heaven Gang would deliver a thunderous strike three days later.

“What should we do?”

In the conference room of the Ye Family, the entire top bra*s of the Ye Family had gathered in the council chamber, and everyone was looking at Ye Nantian, the family head of the Ye Family.

Ye Nantian’s hand was also tapping the tabletop continuously, and to be honest, he couldn’t decide what to do.

As an ancient martial arts family, although it had been stormy for many years, Ye Nantian had not encountered anything of this magnitude since he had been in power, usually it was just some friction with other families or gangs.

Following this, he then looked to the crowd and said.

“As you all should be aware, our ancient martial arts family has been pa*sed down to the present, our bloodline is withered, and it has been too long since we have any pure bloodline descendants, not to mention geniuses who can awaken their bloodline like our ancestors, so by my generation, only I am the only one who has reached the clan master level, and together with Uncle Kong, there are only two clan master levels.”

“The video you guys sent me, I also watched it, that Patriarch Crane Xuan is indeed a Patriarch level expert, and it’s not a half-a*sed first level Patriarch like me, so maybe what he said wasn’t alarming.”

Hearing Ye Nantian’s words, the crowd’s expressions all froze.

This was because everyone understood that what he said was indeed the truth.

Following this, one of the senior members of the family asked in disbelief.

“What I don’t quite understand is, what is the ‘Sky Covering Gang’ doing looking for trouble with us? Many of our techniques and martial arts and even magic weapons are specific to our own bloodline, so it’s useless for them to get them! To put it bluntly, it feels like it would be better to plunder a small gang, there would be more oil and water, right?”

After he finished speaking, Ye Nantian shook his head and said.

“This is also something I’m a bit puzzled about, however, things are already like this, so we can only face it head on, there are currently two options, one is to submit to the ‘Sky Shade Gang’, and the second is to unite the other three families to resist this matter.”

When Ye Nantian finished speaking, the others all nodded their heads.

But then one followed and said.

“Our four great families have never gotten along, and there are still many feuds, will the three of them agree to cooperate?”

And another said.

“I think they would, after all, this is also a matter of life and death for the other families.”

Seeing that everyone had started arguing, Ye Nantian then waved his hand and said.

“There’s no need to argue about this matter, I’ll ask the Lin family’s family head here and see what they think, I think the others might think similarly to us.”

After saying that, he dialed the number of Lin Zuodong, the head of the Lin family.

“Brother Zuodong, this is Nan Tian, I think than you have also received that letter, what does your Lin family think about this matter?”

And at this moment, Lin Zuodong was holding a knife around his neck, and the one holding the knife was a ninja in black, hooded with only two cold eyes showing.

In front of him, Lin Zuodong was sipping his tea while looking at him with a smile.

Then, Lin Zuodong slowly said.

“Our Lin family will handle this matter on its own, so it is not necessary for you to worry about it.”

Upon hearing Lin Zuodong’s words, Ye Nantian’s brow furrowed as he thought for a moment and said.

“Does Brother Lin mean that he is prepared to submit to the Sky Covering Gang?”

As a result, Lin Zuodong said impatiently.

“No, the Lin family will not be subservient to the Shade Sky Gang, nor will they cooperate with any of you, goodbye.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

On the other hand, Lin Zuoliang, who was opposite him, said with a smile.

“Yes, that’s right, from now on our Lin family is part of the ‘Society of Extreme Dao’, as for the other few families, just let them go on their own.”

On the other side of the Ye family, Ye Nantian was already completely dumbfounded.

He held the phone for half a day without speaking until one of the men asked him about it.

“The Lin family said that they won’t cooperate or submit, and I don’t understand what they mean.”

After that, Ye Nantian contacted the Dragon Family and the Jin Family, but the attitude of the Dragon Family was very resolute, that they would not submit to the “Heavenly Clan” even if they died, while the Jin Family felt that the “Heavenly Clan” was prepared, and that the bloodline of the four great families had withered and there was no longer a chance for them to rise again, so the Jin Family decided to submit to the “Heavenly Clan”.

Now Ye Nantian is in a dilemma: should he join the Long family in the fight? Or should he surrender like the Jin family?

“Alright, let’s all disperse and let me think about it.”

Ye Nantian waved his hand somewhat helplessly.


The message that Ye Lv received from the “Heaven Sheltering Gang” against himself was not from the “Heaven Sheltering Gang”, because the “Heaven Sheltering Gang” had no idea who the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” was.

The message he received was from Mu Zi Ze. To be precise, it was a message from Mu Zi Ze in their dormitory’s WeChat group.

The message said that “Only Hands in the Sky” had issued an ultimatum last night, asking the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” to come to their headquarters to collect his death, if not, every day they would rape a student from “Yanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and take him away, and today a video of a student being killed had already been uploaded to the internet.

The originator of the message urged everyone to forward it as soon as possible so that the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” would know about it, saying that everyone was expecting the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” to save the innocent girls.

When he saw this message, Ye Lu was really shocked.

He didn’t expect the “Heavenly Clan” to be so desperate, but then he calmed down and realised that there might be something hidden in this matter.

The “Heaven Sheltering Gang” must have a purpose for doing this in such a high profile manner, and most of them were not simply dealing with themselves.

However, now that he was in this position, there was nothing he could do, he couldn’t really just let his female cla*smates be taken away one by one.

“Three days, as long as I’m given three days, Black Meditation should be able to arrange the last one.”

Ye Lu secretly muttered.

Because Black Meditation had long been working on arranging this matter, in order to be able to compete as soon as possible, Black Meditation had already promised that the last tournament could be conducted in the form of twenty consecutive rounds, and it would still be the four remaining organizations, with five fighters from each organization.

With twenty rounds in a row, Ye Lu was still relatively confident.

He then left a message under his Weibo account, saying that he was the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” and that he hoped that “Only Hands Can Cover the Sky” would stop pestering the students and that he would go to the headquarters of the “Covered Sky Gang” in three days to settle the matter.

However, “Only Hands to Cover the Sky” simply refused his request.

The reason was that the “Heavenly Clan” did not accept any kind of bargaining, and what they had set was the rule.

Ye Lu thought about it, and then dialed Black Hades’ number again.

“Boss Black Hades, I want to advance the ‘Vein Raising Realm’ boxing match again, tonight, can we have twenty matches tonight?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Black Meditation immediately became anxious.

“No, don’t you joke, twenty round robin matches is already my biggest bottom line, you have to know that we can totally fight one by one, and also totally month by month, or even year by year, I’ve already given in, stop it.”

In Black Hades’ view, this was not only Ye Lu’s own business, but also his business, and it was also the business of the Shadow of Death, so he could not let Ye Lu act in a reckless manner.

Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Firstly, I am not a fool, so of course I know what I am doing, and I will not play with my life. Even though you are bent on making me a ‘Shura’, all I have to do is voluntarily admit defeat in one of the tournaments and this whole thing goes down the drain right?”

“And according to the rules, I only need two years before I can join another organisation in the competition again, and I think other organisations would love to have that honour.”

This was already a barefaced threat.

Black Meditation thought for five seconds, then said.

“Alright, but be prepared, if we compete tonight, the other organisations will definitely put forward very harsh conditions.”

Following that, Black Meditation hung up the phone without a word.

In a short while, Black Meditation’s call came back again.

“Just as I thought, they proposed that it’s okay to play today, but they’ll agree if it’s four one-on-five matches, otherwise, no deal.”

This time Ye Lu also thought for five seconds, then said.

“Okay, talk to them, I agree!”