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Super School Student Chapter 239-240

Chapter 239

Following that, Dokgo Ao then looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“By the way, which one are you?”

Ye Luo said without thinking.

“I’m your disciple!”

Then, he realised that something was wrong, he was still dressed as Mr. Luo, Doku Ao should not know him at all.

Sure enough, Dokgo Ao looked at him with a confused face and asked.

“My disciple? When did I take you in?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Just a moment ago!”

Dokko Ao frowned and wanted to say something else.

However, the group of guys in strange costumes were already looking at Dokgo Ao impatiently and said.

“Dokgo Ao, can you do it or not, are you going to join our ‘Martial School Alliance’ or accept the kick, out of all of us, feel free to just win one of them and we won’t bother you anymore, it’s simple right?”

Before Dokgo Ao could speak, Dokgo Chisha spoke first.

“Your cultivation levels are all a small realm higher than my grandfather’s, and you still have the nerve to compare, you are too shameless.”

As a result, the other party laughed and said.

“Too low a cultivation level means you guys are stupid, so old and so little cultivation level, do you think you are justified? The ‘martial arts school world’ in the capital has changed now, you know? It’s our Southern School’s world now, so if you can’t win the fight, get out.”

This guy with the moustache was very arrogant, but of course, he had the capital to be arrogant in front of Dokgo Ao, because he was at the peak of the “Harmonious God Realm”, although there was a difference between the realm and the actual combat power, it was a small realm higher, plus Dokgo Ao was not an elite of any big family, so it was too difficult to bridge this huge gap.

The rest of them were all “God Harmony Realm” experts, who were not easy to deal with either.

Dokgo Ao was the kind of person who would rather bend than break, so of course, he would not back down and he took a step forward to take a dislike to one of these guys.

However, Ye Luo took a step ahead of him and went over and said.

“Master, there is no need for your old man to take action in this matter, let my disciple help you instead.”

Ye Lu had just condensed his sixth strand of aura and had just made a breakthrough in his cultivation, and was having an itchy time with his hands, so of course he was happy to help Doku Ao take up this beam.

He was also curious to know how much benefit this breakthrough had brought to him.

Dokku Ao looked at Ye Lu with a suspicious look on his face, but he was not completely ignorant of adaptability, since he definitely couldn’t manage this matter anymore, he might as well let Ye Lu give it a try.

Moreover, Dokku Qianshasa also quietly tugged at the corner of his coat, meaning that he should not refuse.

So, Dokku Ao thought about it and said.


The others were all a bit puzzled by the sudden appearance of this gentle middle-aged man, because all the people present were experts, and no one could compete without a Grandmaster.

However, it didn’t look like it.

No matter what they thought, Ye Luo had already walked up to the crowd and looked at them with a smile and said.

“Master has been teaching me for a day or two, although I’m not a good disciple, it should still be easy to beat up all of you rotten fish and shrimps.”

As a result, the other party was immediately upset.

The guy at the head of the group looked at Ye Lu and said.

“You know who I am, we are both famous for our master, I am Patriarch Mo Wentian, the heir of the Southern School Mo Family Fist ……”

He stopped at this point, which made Ye Lu a bit strange, because he knew very well that the other party was not enough to be a “Grandmaster” ah!

“Could it be that the gla*ses are faulty?”

Ye Lu muttered to himself, but then the guy said.

“His old man’s disciple, Qin Biao.”

Seeing this guy’s big gasp of a statement, Ye Lu also found out that this guy seemed to be a bit of a Biao.

However, this guy followed and started to introduce himself, and it turned out that the people around were all disciples of famous schools, what with Hong Quan, Liu Quan, Cai Quan, Li Quan, and the famous Foshan Martial Arts School’s disciple Li Feihong, the heir of Wing Chun, Du Xin Wu ……

In short, this cadre of people are all famous masters, and all of them are backed up by sectarian masters.

“Okay, okay!”

Ye Lu looked at this Qin Biao and waved his hand and said.

“When will you finish introducing them like this, in a moment, you can introduce one if I beat one.”

Seeing how arrogant Ye Lu was, a big brawny man came forward, this guy was covered in muscles tall and powerful, a typical practitioner at first glance.

He brushed off his clothes and could see that his body was covered with all kinds of scars, while the skin looked even more exaggerated as if it was cast in copper.


He slammed his hands together making a sound of gold and iron, as if his body was not made of flesh but of steel.

“Today, let my Southern School Vajra Sect’s Copper Mountain meet you.”

“The Vajra Sect is a sect that uses hard kung fu to enter the path, both its kung fu and martial arts are based on how to strengthen the body, and it is said that every generation of the sect master can achieve an incorruptible body and vajra, and is quite famous in the Southern School martial arts.

Of course, Ye Luo didn’t know a thing about what was going on in the martial arts world.

It was also because of this reason that he had just not asked that Qin Biao to continue with the introduction, because he wouldn’t know Sh*t even if he did.

“Not bad, not bad, what I like most is this ‘hard dislike’ fighting style, moreover, it just so happens that I have also newly learned a martial art called ‘Vajra Body’, let’s see who is stronger.”

Ye Luo looked at this guy and said with a smile.

Hearing Ye Luo say that he liked to “dislike hard”, Doku Ao looked at Ye Luo with some confusion.

“Why does this guy sound so much like my disciple?”

Ye Lu’s favourite thing was “hard dislike”, however, Dokgo Ao did not think that this person in front of him was his disciple, because he knew Ye Lu’s level, that is, he could just compete with himself without using any martial arts techniques.

But, just ask which cultivator fights without using martial arts techniques?

What’s more, these people were now a whole small realm higher than himself, not to mention himself, even ten or eight of himself would not be a match for one of the other party.

Of course, Copper Mountain’s cultivation level was a little lower, only at the late stage of the “Combined God Realm”.

At this moment, the two men had already made their move.


The two men threw a solid punch, making a sound like two hammers striking together, and then one figure began to fall backwards.

Copper Hill took eight steps backwards before he could stand still.

He felt a raw pain in his fist, the other party was obviously stronger than himself and had a harder fist.

“Oh, it looks like your ‘Vajra Sect’ is no more than that, so low cla*s, and you still follow the example of others who kicked the pavilion, it’s better to rest where you are cool.”

Ye Lu looked at the other party and shook his head and said.

As a result, Copper Mountain said unconvincingly.

“Don’t be arrogant, I only used fifty percent of my power just now.”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Coincidentally, I also only used 50% of my power, why don’t we do it again?”

The “Vajra Body” was an “Upper Earth Grade” martial art, which was basically a heavenly martial art in the secular world, unless some mega sects, such as Wudang and Shaolin, or really big families, such as the Ren Family in the capital, or the Confucius Family, which inherited the “Supreme Master”, or those big organizations, such as the “Underworld” and the “Transported Armor Sect”, had heavenly grade martial arts, but other powers would only have earth grade martial arts at most.

Therefore, there was nothing for Ye Lu to fear.

“Don’t get C*cky, die!”

Copper Mountain was anxious, and he once again rushed forward fiercely.

However, he had already done his best just now, so his attack was more limited this time, but Ye Lu had already saved his hand when he saw that the place was not at the peak of the “God Harmony Realm”, and this time, he was at full power.


There was another loud clanging sound, followed by Copper Mountain’s violent retreat, and then “bang!” He hit the wall with a bang, and blood was already seeping out of his fist.


Ye Lu blew on his fist, and then said with a smile.

“What an unbearable blow, is there one up here that can fight.”

Seeing Ye Lu’s two strikes, everyone was stunned, because there were only a few people who had learned this “Thirteen Tai Bao Horizontal Training” kung fu, because it was not only hard to learn, but also required the maintenance of a child’s body, once the child’s body was broken, the power would be halved, so everyone knew that only the “Vajra Sect” was practicing this kung fu, but now this middle-aged man’s hand was even harder than Bronze Mountain, which was completely incomprehensible.

“Let me do it!”

This time, a guy who looked like a monkey suddenly stepped forward.


Chapter 240

This guy was an expert in the “Monkey Form” of the “Form of the Form of the Yellow Heart” and was known for his agility.

He found out that Ye Lu was able to dislike Bronze Mountain, so he judged that Ye Lu should have learnt cross training type of hard kung fu, such people are usually not good at speed.

It was a good opportunity to use his strength to attack his weakness.

For his part, Ye Luo looked at this guy and smiled, saying.

“You’re so skinny, you don’t look like you’re in good health, I advise you to change.”

Of course this guy refused, he thought that Ye Lu was a sign of weakness, so he said arrogantly.

“Scared, don’t worry, I’ll only kick the pavilion, I won’t hurt your life, it’ll probably just be about two months in bed.”

As he said this, he took out two bright claw blades from the package he was carrying and put them on his hands.

“Ding ding ding!”

He touched the claw blades on both fists back and forth, then looked at Leaffall and said with a smile.

“Get ready for bed.”

With that, he sprinted up as fast as he could.

However, as fast as he went, he flew away.

Ye Luo had already learned the complete version of the “Misty Steps”, a martial art called “Ghost Shadow Steps”, which was a “Heavenly Grade” stepping technique, and it was certainly nothing to use against this monkey.


This guy was blown out of the air and then spurted a mouthful of blood and never got up again.

“Hey! I told you a long time ago to exercise well before coming back, see, you didn’t listen to advice, now you’re out of luck.”

Ye Luo said with a sigh and shook her head.

Then, she turned her head to look at the others again and said.

“Who else?”

This time, another guy stepped forward, this one was a martial artist at the peak of the “Combined God Realm”, and was also one of the highest cultivated experts among these people.

“I am Duan Long, a direct disciple of the Dali Duan Clan, and I am here today to learn your mastery.”

“The Dali Duan Clan was the clan known for their “One Yang Finger”, and their “One Yang Finger” and “Six Veins Divine Sword” were both quite powerful martial arts, but this disciple had not yet learnt such a mastery as the “Six Veins Divine Sword”.

Hearing that he was a member of the Dali Duan Clan, Ye Lu smiled.

“What a coincidence today, I also happen to have learnt a finger technique, why don’t we have a competition to see whose finger technique is more powerful?”

With those words, Ye Luo extended a finger, and as he raised his finger, the power of the laws of heaven and earth began to coalesce towards his finger.


When the Dali Duan Clan’s son on the other side saw that Ye Lu actually dared to compete with his own in his best finger technique, he immediately snickered, for this was exactly their Dali Duan Clan’s best martial skill.

“Catch my finger!”

He raised his index finger and made a starting stance, then he poked a finger towards Ye Lu.


The “Candle Dragon Finger” met the “Yi Yang Finger”, and Ye Lu immediately felt the innate true qi in his opponent’s body pulsing in from his finger towards his own meridians, and of course, Ye Lu’s spiritual qi also rushed into his opponent’s meridians.

After that, both of them kept their fingers stretched out in a motionless position.

Then, Duan Long’s mouth went “poof!” A mouthful of blood spat out, and then, his whole body fell to the ground with a “puff!” He fell to the ground with a loud sound.

Ye Lu slowly withdrew his hand, but did not withdraw his finger, he wiggled it back and forth and said.

“No way, your team is not professional! There isn’t even one who can fight.”

This time no one from the other side said anything, because Ye Lu had already done away with three people, and it would be foolish to still think that Ye Lu was a weak chicken.

“You …… you, who the hell are you?”

Qin Biao of the Southern School Mo Jia Quan looked at Ye Lu somewhat appalled and asked, because he hadn’t even seen Ye Lu use such a basic means as the outward flow of true qi, and defeated three people as if he had really won a street fight.

Hearing his question, Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that you guys fought with me for half a day and I only ended up using one hand, I really feel sad for you guys.”

Hearing Ye Lu finish, the crowd realised that this was indeed the case, Ye Lu had first disliked the horizontal training expert Tong Shan with two punches, then he had blown away the Monkey Form Transmission Entry of the Shouyi Sect with one punch, and after that he had poked Dali Duan’s disciple Duan Long with one finger, using only one right hand from start to finish.

Realising this, everyone was appalled.

What kind of expert were they facing?

Dokgo Ao was equally exceptionally surprised, he could not figure out why such a powerful expert would want to help himself, he had a bad temper and had broken away from the clan, now it was just himself and his granddaughter living alone, was it for Thousand Sands?

He glanced at his precious granddaughter Dokgo Chisha, Dokgo Chisha was indeed beautiful, but she was just as bad-tempered, and was so intent on learning martial arts that she spent every day in the martial arts school with herself, it was unlikely that she knew anyone!

“Who the hell is this one?”

He looked at Ye Lu with a dumbfounded look on his face, but Doku Qian Sha, who was beside him, could already see a little bit of what was going on.

“Turn off the camera.”

Qin Biao said as he waved his hand towards the guy who was filming.

That guy immediately turned off the camera, and then, Qin Biao looked at Ye Lu and said.

“You are indeed very powerful, however, we are here to smash the venue today, and since we are smashing the venue, we must smash it to the end, so no matter who you are, we are sure to smash this venue.”

As he spoke, the sons of the other various sects all quickly stood up to Qin Biao’s side, there were nine of them in total, while Copper Mountain, who had lost the fight, sighed and sat to the side, this kind of thing of bullying the young with the many was something he could not do.

Seeing the stance of these people, Ye Lu took out a pair of gloves from his pocket, it was the “Scars of Silence”, he had to be more serious when dealing with so many experts.



Ye Luo moved his finger joints, and then hooked his hand towards these guys on the opposite side and said.

“Come on, isn’t it just a group fight, I’ve seen it a lot.”

Seeing Ye Lu’s stance, Qin Biao gritted his teeth and put on a pair of boxing gloves and said.

“Brothers, go on, do this arrogant guy.”

Following that, everyone rushed up, because it was in the city, so everyone basically had fists and short weapons, one guy rushed quickly, and the dagger in his hand stabbed Ye Lu directly on his chest.

He couldn’t believe how easy it was to get it!

But, right after that, he felt that something was wrong, the other guy’s body was even harder than steel.

“Soft armour!”

It was already too late when he understood.

Ye Lu had already put him down with one punch, and there were two other people who had made the same mistake as him, so Ye Lu had put over three people in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this scene, Qin Biao had already beaten a retreat, but Ye Lu’s “Ghost Shadow Step” had already been activated.

These people were not all good at body techniques, so immediately someone was confused by the dream-like “Ghost Shadow Step”, and another person fell down.

“Holy Sh*t! What the hell!”

Seeing this scene, Qin Biao turned and ran, but unfortunately, Doktor Chisha had already closed the door.

It was much easier to deal with these guys who had completely lost their fighting spirit, and in less than five minutes, all these guys were lying on the ground, some were unconscious, others were too sore to stand up, while others didn’t dare to get up at all.

“Stop pretending, all of you get up and take this bunch of goons and get the hell out of here.”

Ye Lu clapped his hands and looked at the guys and said.

Several guys immediately jumped up like a spring, and Qin Biao also showed his teeth and climbed up. Soon, these guys left in a huff, not even daring to leave a harsh word.

Seeing that these guys had all run away, Dokgo Chisha snapped his fingers and said with a smile.

“Haha, it’s too good, these grandsons just deserve to be beaten up.”

And Dokgo Ao looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Who the hell are you …… and why are you helping the old man?”

As a result, before Ye Lu could speak, Doku Qian Sha had already said with a smile.

“Grandpa, are you getting old and confused, this is Ye Lu! Your disciple.”

Hearing Dokugo Qianshasa’s words, Dokugo Ao then looked at Ye Lu in surprise before saying.

“You, it seems, are really Ye Lu, but how come you have suddenly become so strong?”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“That’s not the point, I’ve come to bring you and Qian Sha benefits.”

Dokgo Ao then looked at Ye Lu and said with some concern.

“Well, that’s really not the point, the point is, do you know what kind of people you offended just now? I’m worried that these guys will find you in trouble again.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Hehehe! Looking for trouble with me? Don’t worry, I’m going to find trouble with him soon, if we dare to come to our place and kick the house, we’ll definitely kick it back.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Doku Ao and Doku Qian Sha were both dumbfounded.