Super School Student Chapter 243-244

Chapter 243

The power of the internet media came to light at this time, and soon more and more people knew about the news, and more and more people came from the neighbourhood, and soon the entrance of the martial arts school and the courtyard were full of people.

“What kind of martial arts school is this? Why is it so weak? People have come to the door and no one has come out to fight.”

“That’s right, look at those guys, they look like rats seeing a cat!”

“I don’t think this martial arts school has any future.”

“Why open a martial arts school if you’re such a coward.”


Hearing everyone’s comments, a disciple of the “Hopeful God Realm” finally couldn’t help himself, he didn’t believe Qin Biao’s words, he felt that Ye Lu didn’t look that powerful.

So, he stood up and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“You just said that you would accept a fair challenge, right? You are challenging a ‘First Grade Sovereign’, which means that you are at the level of a ‘First Grade Sovereign’, so I am not at the level of a Sovereign. ”

Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Fine, you go ahead.”

As he spoke, Ye Luo did not have the intention to stand up.

This move really P*ssed this guy off, and he put on his boxing gloves with some anger, then looked at Ye Luo and said.

“You’re too arrogant, how can I say that I’m also a true disciple of the Mo Family Fist, you’re not even a sect master, what do you have to be arrogant about.”

With those words, his fists lit up with a brilliant light while his person dashed towards Ye Lu.


Although Ye Lu had only used a portion of its power, it had already shown its powerful side, and Ye Lu’s punch easily sent this guy flying far away, followed by a mouthful of blood.

“Ai! I told you that the challenge was for a ‘First Cla*s Grandmaster’, but you didn’t believe me, so good words can’t persuade a D*mn ghost! Anyone else want to come and try?”

This time no one else stepped forward, because the Southern School Mo Family Fist was known for its boxing skills, the guy’s boxing skills just now were already deep in the true tradition of Mo Family Fist, but he couldn’t stop Ye Lu’s casual strike from sitting down, the gap between the two was clear to even a layman.

“This man is really strong!”

“No wonder he dares to come and kick the pavilion, he is indeed powerful.”

“But where is the expert of the Mo Family Fist, why hasn’t he come yet.”


Just as everyone was talking about it, Mo Man Ren, the master of the Southern School Mo Family Boxing School, finally returned.

“Who is spilling the beans in our ‘Mo Family Martial School’?”

He walked in from outside with a majestic face, and then looked at Ye Luo.

Sure enough, Ye Lu was just like the legend, he didn’t look like a martial arts practitioner, but more like a gentleman teaching.

“Is this man really that powerful?”

He muttered with some doubts in his heart, but then he saw the disciple who had just climbed up, and seeing this guy he understood at least one thing, that is, at least those at the “Combined God Realm” were really no match.

Ye Lu sat there and smiled and said.

“I’m the one who came to kick the pavilion, my name is Luo Zhiqiu, you’re Mo Wenren, so come on.”

Ye Luo had long been itching to get his hands dirty, he stood up and was ready to start disliking.

However, Mo Wen Ren thought for a moment and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Wait first, you said that your cultivation level is not enough for the ‘Patriarch level’, I need to confirm this before I can, do you dare to let me confirm it?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course you can!”

In fact, it was the others who asked Mo Wenren to confirm this, because after kicking the “Southern School Mo Family Fist”, Ye Luo would definitely have to go to other martial arts schools, as the saying goes, “Knowing oneself and one’s enemy, one can never be in danger in a hundred battles”, it was better to know more about this “Mr. Luo”.

Seeing that Ye Luo agreed, Mo Wenren went over and put his hand on Ye Luo’s pulse.

Sure enough, he could not feel any of the aura of “astral qi”, “innate true qi” or “true qi” in Ye Luo’s body, but Ye Luo’s Ren and Du veins were indeed open.

“At the peak of Ming Jin?”

He came to the same conclusion as the appraiser from the “Underworld”, that from the manifestation, Ye Lu was a cultivator who had not yet gathered true qi.

However, Mo Wenren did not feel particularly relaxed, as he felt more and more that Ye Lu was too weird.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and asked.

“What’s the problem?”

Mo Wenren silently shook his head, and from the results of the examination, there was indeed nothing wrong.

Ye Luo then walked towards the middle of the courtyard, then gestured for the others to make way for a place, and after everyone ducked out of the way, he made a please gesture towards Mo Wen Ren.

“Since there is no problem, then please.”

Seeing Ye Luo make the gesture, all the media as well as the live broadcast anchors started to point all kinds of equipment at Ye Luo and Mo Wen Ren.

“Attention all old iron, what just happened is just an appetizer, next is the most exciting kick-off, give a double click to those who like it 666 ……”

“For those of you watching the live stream online, come on in for a wave of gifts, gift swipe up ……”

“We are the ‘Today’s Live’ section of the Today Online section, and we are giving you a live broadcast of a ‘kickboxing’ scene in traditional martial arts, the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years. ”


Many of the hosts and also anchors have already started to stir up the atmosphere in the arena.

Seeing this situation, Mo asked people also began to have a new idea in his heart.

“Perhaps this is one of the best means of publicity.”

He then walked to the middle of the field and clasped his fist and said in a loud voice.

“Fellow colleagues, fellow martial artists, my name is Mo Man Ren, the descendant of the Southern School Mo Family Fist, which has been handed down for hundreds of years and has dozens of fist and leg and stick techniques, a truly famous and proper school with an orderly heritage ……”

He quickly blew the family’s boxing techniques on the gods five and six, and then said.

“For martial arts fellow kickers, our ‘Martial Arts Alliance’ has always been very much advocated, but, fists and kicks have no eyes, so please forgive me if I offend you in a moment.”

These words were spoken to Ye Lu.

Not to mention, he really had a bit of a patriarch’s style with this set, at least the people present all picked up a thumbs up.

For his part, Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Good talk, good talk, later if I miss and hit you, you don’t get anxious!”

Mo Wen Ren looked at Ye Lu and smiled before turning his head to the audience once again and said.

“Next I’m using is one of our ‘Southern School Mo Family Fist’ called ‘Open Mountain Fist’, this fist, as the name suggests, possesses the power to open mountains and crack rocks, I’ll demonstrate it to you all. ”

After saying that, he made a starting stance, a white light lit up from his hand, followed by a fist that smashed into a stone in the courtyard.


If a grenade exploded, the stone was immediately smashed to pieces, which looked visually stunning.

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo then laughed and said.

“Are you done with street selling? If it’s over, let’s hurry up, there are still a bunch of ‘martial arts schools’ waiting for me to go over there.”

Mo Wenren then stood calmly and then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“You’re a junior, I won’t take advantage of you, I’ll give you three moves here first, you go first.”

Hearing his words, the audience all applauded and cheered.

This P***y was indeed pretending to be quite six.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, took a step forward and said with a smile.

“I’ll give you a chance to regret, can we have a good fight?”

As a result, Mo Wenren laughed but did not say anything.

Ye Luo had to shake his head and said.

“Don’t think that soft armour you’re wearing can help you defend against my attacks.”

After saying that, he then raised his fist and said.

“The fist technique I’m using this time is called ‘Great Power to Rigid Fist’, inherited from the Great Power to Supreme Buddha, specialising in curing all kinds of pretence and disobedience, with remarkable healing effects.”

After saying that, he attacked fiercely towards Mo Man.

Mo Man Ren was still calm, but when Ye Lu launched his attack, his face changed in front of him, as he did not expect his opponent’s martial art to be of such a high rank.

The “Greatest Strength Fist” was a “Heavenly Rank Upper Grade”, which was close to the legendary “Saint Rank” martial art, while Mo’s “Mountain Opening Fist” was only a “Xuan Rank Upper Grade”, and Ye Lu’s “Ghost Shadow Step” was equally terrifying, and had blocked all his retreats.

“Holy Sh*t!”

Seeing this scene, Mo Wen Ren couldn’t help but burst out a foul mouth, his original promise of letting Ye Lu make three moves had long since been thrown out of his mind, as he completely understood that his opponent was really not a weak chicken.

And at this time, those on the live streaming platform had already noticed that the number of people watching and commenting was increasing by leaps and bounds, especially after seeing that Mo Wenren’s double fists could glow, everyone’s interest became even stronger.

What everyone didn’t know was that at this moment, Mo Wenren was suffering in his heart!


Chapter 244


He had no choice, so Mo Manren quickly shouted out and launched his “Mountain Opening Fist” to fight back, but he had already missed the first opportunity by pretending too much, plus the huge difference in the level of his martial arts skills, so he had fallen behind at once, and he was already very remorseful.

He felt that if he hadn’t pretended to be a fool, he might have been able to fight Ye Lu, after all, Ye Lu’s sixth strand of aura had just coalesced and hadn’t yet grown, so from the look of his aura, Ye Lu was still at a disadvantage.

This was actually the main reason why Ye Lu had come to “kick the pavilion”, he wanted to use the battle and the “medium grade spirit stone” to make a quick breakthrough, because through his previous experience of using the “medium grade spirit stone”, Ye Lu had discovered a problem, that is, the “medium grade spirit stone” should be a great “luxury” for his current cultivation level, his current cultivation level could be completely absorbed by using the “flawed spirit stone”, the “lower grade spirit stone” had already been incompletely absorbed, and the “medium grade spirit stone”, although the effect was so good that it was exploding, but the loss was even greater.

Only when used in extreme battles would the conversion rate of the “Medium Grade Spirit Stones” be the highest, so Ye Lu was looking forward to more battles.





The “Greatest Fist of Power” attacked Mo Wenren like a storm, and he was hit by several punches in his haste to fight.

He originally thought that since he was protected by his “astral energy” and also had “Xuan-rank” soft armor, Ye Lu’s punches should not cause him much damage, but, as it turned out, he was wrong, Ye Lu’s aura could even break the defense of “Blood Sage” Jessica’s “Heaven-rank magic weapon”, not to mention his soft armor.


With just one round of attack, Mo Wenren was sent flying, followed by a spurt of blood and fell to the ground.

Ye Lu then smiled at Mo Wen Ren and cupped his fist, saying.

“Southern School Mo’s Fist, please accept my compliments!”

After saying that, Ye Lu then held up a finger and said.

“Mo Family Boxing Hall, is there anyone else coming to answer the fight, if not, let’s close down for the day.”

After waiting for a few more seconds, no one answered, Ye Luo turned around and walked towards the outside of the boxing gym.

“May I ask Mr. Luo, which boxing gym are you going to visit next?”

“Yes, can you reveal your itinerary?”

“Just tell us about it, so that we can follow your footsteps as well.”


The crowd all gathered around.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Fine, then I’ll tell you all that the next challenge I’m going to take on is the ‘Vajra Boxing Gym’, so you can tell them to wash their necks and wait to receive death.”

After Ye Lu finished speaking, one of the giant men who had been watching the development of the “school owners” who were having a meeting immediately clenched his fist and said.

“Hey, how dare you come to us, see if I don’t smash him up.”

He was one of the very few masters who had reached the rank of Grandmaster through the “Thirteen Taibao Cross Training” kung fu.

For the sake of this kung fu, he had never been near a woman in his life.

Seeing that Ye Luo’s second challenge was Song Jingyan, everyone was relieved. It was true that Song Jingyan was not the strongest among these “First Cla*s Grandmasters”, but he was indeed the most resistant one.

“King Kong, remember Mo Wenren’s school motto just now, don’t take the enemy lightly, as the saying goes ‘a lion fights a rabbit with all its strength’, you must give it your all later, do you understand?”

“Elder Chuangong” looked at Song Jingyin and said in a serious manner.

Immediately, Song Jingang respectfully bowed to “Elder Chuangong” and said.

“I will not insult you.”

After saying that, Song Jingyang flew in the direction of the martial arts school.

At this moment, a large group of people had already gathered outside the Vajra Martial School.

“Why don’t you let us go in and see? Is it because you’re weak-minded?”

“That’s right, are they trying to beat up Mr. Luo inside.”

“How can you open a martial arts school if you’re such a coward!”


The disciples at the entrance, on the other hand, hurriedly explained that they couldn’t let everyone into the martial arts school because the owner wasn’t there, however, it was obvious that people didn’t buy it.

At this time, Song Jingyin had returned.

He looked at the crowd at the entrance and said.

“Welcome to our ‘Vajra Martial School’, we always like to ‘meet friends through martial arts’, and this kind of sparring will certainly not be refused, so if you all like, you can go in together as a witness.”

When the crowd saw Song King Kong’s brash green man appearance, they immediately felt some good feelings towards him too.

And at the moment, Ye Lu was taking a taxi to meet up with one person, that was Jasmine.

“This is the magic weapon I brought, and the ‘Luminous Stone’, I didn’t expect you to have this identity, I just saw the video, you’re going to go on to kick the bucket, right?”

Jasmine looked at Ye Luo’s outfit as “Mr. Luo” and felt that it was quite interesting.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Yes, I’m going to do a make-up kick, don’t say my identity is broken.”

Jasmine said with a smile.

“That sounds fun, I’ll go with you too, is that okay?”

Leaffall said with a smile.

“Of course you can, if you’re free, stay in the ‘Secular Realm’ for a few more days, I can refine the pills for you to take back when I’m free, and I’m also preparing to refine a pill that can break through from the ‘Fetal Breath Realm’ to the I’m also preparing an elixir that can break through from the ‘Fetal Breath Realm’ to the ‘Nourishing Pulse Realm’, so I’ll send you some of it along with the ‘Heaven Transformation Pill’ when the time comes, in order to let you cross over to the ‘Nourishing Pulse Realm’ directly.”

Previously, through chatting with Jasmine in WeChat, Ye Lu learned that Jasmine hadn’t gotten a single ‘Heaven Transformation Pill’ that he had sent over before.

Because such resources were all given to those disciples with unbelievable qualifications, “spirit pills” were most popular for these disciples as they not only had no side effects after use, but also had the effect of improving their cultivation qualifications.

When she heard that Ye Lu was going to give her the pills alone, and that they would also enable her to enter the “Vein Raising Realm”, Jasmine was of course overjoyed.

However, she still thought about it and said.

“I still need to ask the clan about this matter, although we are not restricted by the secular world, we cannot act without permission.”

Following that, Jasmine then quickly began to contact the clan, and the clan’s side also sent back a message very quickly.

“Hey, the clan has agreed, so I’ll go with you to kick the pavilion.”

Jasmine said happily.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Great, I guess they can’t wait, how many ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stones’ did you bring for me this time!”

Jasmine took out a ring and said.

“By the way, this is a gift from the elder, here are the ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stones’ and a few ‘Earth Grade’ magic weapons that he hopes to repair, but there is no rush on this, just do whatever you can when you can repair them, this But a storage ring, we’ve been in the sect for so long, let alone getting one, we’ve never even seen one.”

Jasmine looked at the storage ring with an envious face and said.

However, her words did remind Ye Lu.

He quickly turned to Jasmine and asked.

“Is the magic weapon for storage very valuable?”

Jasmine nodded and said.

“Yes, it’s too valuable, although it doesn’t have any offensive power, it can be considered the most valuable category among all ‘magic weapons’, if it’s a ‘spatial magic weapon’ with enough space it’s a heavenly price. ”

Hearing Jasmine finish, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Then I have a little thing that I and say, you must not tell the others, I might be able to make this kind of storage thing.”

Ye Luo said as he checked the contents of the ring.

As a result, he found that there were actually twenty “medium-grade spirit stones” this time, which was simply too beautiful.

And Jasmine was already astonished, all the things that Ye Lu had surprised her before did not surprise her as much as this one did.

“You …… said you could make ‘spatial magic weapons’, you are not kidding, I heard that ‘spatial magic weapons’ in this world are extremely rare, they are handed down from the ‘ancient battles’, you can actually make them, this is too incredible.”

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s not necessarily true that you can make it, but I don’t feel it’s a big problem, don’t worry, I’ll give you the first one made.”

Before that bracelet for storage, Ye Lu had already given it to Long Feixue, because among these people he knew, only Long Feixue could use it, and Long Feixue liked ornaments the most.

“Good …… good ……”

Jasmine was already a bit confused by Ye Lu, and she nodded mechanically.

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Alright, everything is ready, let’s go smash the venue!”