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Super School Student Chapter 247-248

Chapter 247

The “Water Wave Fist” was a “soft fist” which was the opposite of Ye Lu’s “Greatest Fist of Strength”, so it was just the right way to counteract Ye Lu’s attack with softness.

“It’s really powerful!”

It was only after he had really done it that he realised the brilliance of his opponent’s tactics, that he had used his strength to beat his opponent, that he was as soft as a boneless fist, and that a rigid fist would obviously not work.

So, Ye Lu quickly changed to a martial art.

It was an extremely superficial martial art, only of the mortal level, a foot technique, which Ye Lu had just learnt from the introduction in his gla*ses.

This martial art, called “Shaving”, was to increase the attacking power of the toes, making them as powerful as a razor to cut the opponent.

While using “Shave”, Ye Lu slowed down the attack speed of his fist, which felt quite bad when it hit empty space.

Soon, however, the woman’s counterattack began.

Or rather, the woman’s counter-attack had already begun, and her “Water Wave Fist” attack was just like the name, with waves of attacks, similar to the martial art “Thirteen Heavy Slashes” used by Jessica, the “Blood Saint”, but Jessica’s martial art was overt, so it was obvious that she kept waving her sword and sending out slashes.

However, this woman’s attacks were hidden in her stances, and of course, by the time he noticed them, the waves of attacks had already stacked up, and Ye Lu felt that his opponent’s attacks suddenly began to overwhelm him like a flood of water.

He began to fall backwards step by step.


Seeing this scene, the crowd watching the kickboxing all let out a cry of surprise.

This was the first time they had seen “Mr. Luo” in a fight where he was on the losing end.

“This woman is so strong!”

“Yes, she’s probably a ‘First Cla*s Grandmaster’ expert.”

“Looks like ‘Mr. Luo’ has kicked the bucket this time.”

“It won’t capsize, will it.”


Seeing Ye Luo’s defeat, the audience all started to get worried.

A smile also appeared on the woman’s face as she attacked while laughing.

“Even though you have a moustache, you actually still seem to have the personality of a brat, you are too eager to get ahead, it looks like this is the end of your kick.”

Hearing the woman’s words Ye Lu did not show a frustrated expression, but at the same time smiled and said.

“I don’t know about that! Maybe I’ll flip it in one go.”

Just as Ye Luo was talking, something odd suddenly happened.

The woman suddenly felt her body suddenly stiffen, as if her body was bound, and this time her attacks stopped abruptly.

Although it was only a momentary stop, it was enough, as Ye Lu had also prepared for this long ago.


This finger was the “Candle Dragon Finger”, and it poked the woman in the middle of her breasts at the “Tanzhong Point”, which was a vital point of the body.

“Admit defeat, I don’t like to lay hands on women.”

Ye Luo did not attack further as he looked at the woman opposite him and said with a smile.

The woman was a little confused, as she had no idea how she had lost, she hadn’t even seen Ye Lu launch an attack with that blow just now, but she did get hit, and that was exactly what he didn’t understand, she was defenseless at all and didn’t know how to defend herself against Ye Lu’s attack.

However, it was very obvious that she did lose.

So, she looked at Ye Luo and said.

“Alright, I admit defeat, but can you tell me how I got hit?”

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Sorry, I can’t tell you because this belongs to my business secrets, besides, I still have a lot of martial arts schools to kick, however, I will say that you are really good and I admire you.”

These were Ye Lu’s words from the bottom of his heart.

This woman who knew the “Water Wave Fist” was really powerful, she had silently brought this “Xuan-rank” fist technique to the extreme, in fact, the power of the “Water Wave Fist” when stacked up was very terrifying, only that it was very difficult to complete this stacking, if the stacking of water waves could not be completed, the power of this martial art itself would be very small.

This was why such a powerful attack was only a “Xuan-rank” martial art.


The woman looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“I also have to admit that you are really powerful too, and I admire you, it looks like you should have been preparing for this, right?”

“I thought you were too childish, in fact the one who is really childish is me, I am convinced that I lost.”

Hearing the woman’s words, the crowd all murmured once again.

“Awesome, even Hong Quan has been defeated, who else can stop ‘Mr. Luo’?”

“Yeah, that’s too powerful.”

“What exactly was that tactic just now, did you guys get it?”

“No, I was completely dumbfounded.”


Of course they couldn’t tell, because just now Ye Lu had actually used an “artifact pattern”, he used the martial art “Shave” on his feet as a pen to draw an “artifact pattern” on the ground that could “confine” people.

Ye Lu had drawn this “weapon pattern” before, when he had once drawn it on the podium during the military training and used it to control the instructor, so Ye Lu was quite familiar with this “weapon pattern”, but this time, the “weapon pattern” he drew was bigger and more powerful.

Of course, after activating it, the weapon pattern destroyed itself and disappeared.

However, as it was drawn with “shaving” this time, some clues were left behind, but those who did not know about formations would not notice them.

To be honest, the battle had left everyone, including Jasmine and the girls, in the dark.

“How did you just win the fight?”

Jasmine looked at Ye Luo and asked in confusion.

Ye Luo of course didn’t talk to Jasmine for the time being, instead he took her to prepare a big meal first, however, Jasmine told him that the best meal she had eaten was a big meal made from the meat of some demonic beasts she got from the secret realm.

“The meat of that kind of demonic beast is really too delicious, not only is it as simple as being delicious, the meat of that kind of demonic beast is also helpful for too high cultivation, it’s just a pity that I’ve only eaten it once and only a little bit.”

Jasmine said with some impatience.

When she finished, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Good, I’ll catch some ‘demon beasts’ for you when I have the chance!”

To this Jasmine didn’t say anything, not that she didn’t believe that Ye Lu had the ability, but because not everyone could enter the secret realm.

While Ye Lu was eating, the people from the “Southern Martial School” and the “Northern Martial School” were not idle, as they were also confused by the battle they had just fought.

“How did you win? Where is Sister Shui, what did she say?”

Even the “Transmission Elder” didn’t understand what had happened.

“Shui said that she was suddenly bound by a power on her way to attack, a power that appeared out of nowhere, and that Mr. Luo didn’t do anything at the time, so Shui didn’t know what was going on.”

“Could it have been demonic magic?”

“Demon magic? Thanks for thinking of that, do you mean that he was a ‘great demon’ in form, if he was a ‘great demon’ what was the point of playing such a boring game with us?”

“Then how on earth did he do it?”

“How should I know?”


The crowd had no idea what was going on.

At the Northern School of Martial Arts, everyone was also confused.

“If we can’t figure out how he’s doing it, how are we going to deal with that Mr. Luo?”

“Yeah, I think he’s going to come and kick our a*ses soon, it’s too weird.”

“Hey! Never seen anyone like this before, and never seen an attack like this, this is not a good thing to do!”

“I just wonder, where on earth did this ‘Mr. Luo’ pop out from? It’s not from the Southern School, nor is it from our Northern School, did it just pop out of a crack in the stone?”

“I don’t know!”

At this time, all sorts of reports began to bombard us indiscriminately.

“Mysterious Mr. Luo, challenging the entire martial arts world with his own strength.”

“Who the hell is Mr. Luo? He is a god, like a god from heaven.”

“Once in a hundred years, the whole ‘martial arts school world’ is in a huge crisis because of a mysterious man.”


Almost everyone was asking.

“Who the hell is Mr. Luo?”


Chapter 248

After all, although the Dokugo family was not a big family, it had a powerful background, because the Dokugo family’s old ancestor, a figure like a divine dragon, “Dokugo Yiyi”, was still alive.

It is rumoured that “Dokugou Yiyi” is one of the few terrifying beings in the mundane world who has surpa*sed the rank of Grandmaster.

Of course, it is rare to meet such a person, so it is only a legend, just like the ancestors of Huo Huan’s demonic beasts, it is better to believe it than not, just in case it is true.

No one would dare to kill them, not those who are related to them.

Therefore, no one could figure out what this sudden appearance of Mr. Luo was all about.

On the contrary, some people said that they had seen Mr. Luo before, when he rode a bike and raced a sports car and won.

Tie Zonglin of the Weaponry Sect had also seen the news on the internet, but they did not bother to state that Mr. Luo was from the Weaponry Sect, as the sect is still rather strict about interfering in mundane matters, and the principle is to stay out of it if possible.

However, Tie Zonglin and his disciples were very puzzled by the fact that Ye Luo was kicking around.

“What is Grandmaster Luo doing here? To actually confront the entire martial arts world.”

“But how can Grandmaster Luo be so strong, he doesn’t look like a Foundation Establishment cultivator.”

“Grandmaster Luo is unfathomable, it’s not something we can pry into.”


On the other hand, Jin Shao was thankful that he didn’t bother Ye Luo anymore, nor did he bother Mo Xiaomi, otherwise the only one in trouble would have been himself.

While eating lunch with Jasmine, Ye Lu and Jasmine asked if anything big had happened recently in the “clan world”, especially something related to the Xuan Tian Clan.

As a result, Jasmine said that there was nothing, and that the Xuantian Sect only had a new core disciple who had taken the “Immortal Pill” and was now a demon and was now at Foundation Establishment.

To be honest, this surprised Ye Lu, but if it was really as Ye Lu thought, the “Immortal Pill” was a higher grade than the “Spirit Pill” he had made, then I’m afraid it wasn’t surprising that it had such an effect.

“Could it be that this operation of the ‘Xuan Tian Clan’ is related to the ‘Immortal Pill’?”

Ye Lu began to think about the unusual actions of the Xuan Tian Clan’s people earlier.

He felt that most of this matter could not be separated from that Zhang Tian, and Zhang Tian had been coveting Gu Shiqi, so it could be a hidden danger.

Following that, Jasmine introduced the situation of the Hundred Flowers Sect to Ye Lu.

According to Jasmine’s introduction, the Hundred Flowers Sect was a “daughter country”.

However, the clan did not forcefully restrict people from going out, as long as they applied to the clan, they could go out and fall in love, or even get pregnant outside.

“The clan is allowed to have children, girls can stay in the clan, while boys must leave the clan after they turn five, of course they can also choose to leave early with their children, as the clan does not restrict the freedom of the disciples.”

Listening to Jasmine’s words, Ye Lu nodded, it looked like this daughter country seemed to be quite humane after all.

“Ye Lu, what are you coming to our clan, the elders said they can give special permission to you, you can come whenever you want.”

Jasmine’s words were a bit flattering to Ye Lu, hearing what Jasmine meant was that this daughter country was open to herself.

“We can say that there are four seasons, there are flowers everywhere, we don’t have to worry about food, we can be self-sufficient, the clan also has its own ‘secret realm’, there are a lot of good things in it.”

Ye Lu asked with some curiosity.

“Do you have to grow and harvest everything for the clan yourself?”

Jasmine said with a smile.

“No need, our clan has an ‘Artifact Pattern Teleportation Array’, many supplies can be transmitted through the array, it’s very convenient and quick.”

The ‘Weapon Pattern Teleportation Formation’ she was referring to was a large teleportation formation.

Ye Luo nodded, it seemed that there were still many things he didn’t know about the “clan world”, especially this kind of “weapon pattern teleportation array” Ye Luo was eager to see.

So, while talking with Jasmine and eating, Ye Lu also looked for a few martial arts schools from the Northern School of Martial Arts that he wanted to kick around in the afternoon, because he wanted to use the opportunity to improve his training, because those people from the Japanese Yakuza Society made Ye Lu extremely uneasy.

These guys belonged to the “Underworld” and were ruthless and could not be defended. Ye Lu felt that even if he did not know that he and Qin Shiyu had killed Yasuhiko Abe, the “Sake-tun boy” would be a big problem.

“Should we pay a visit to Lin Sihai again? I still have the Lin family’s ‘Soul Subduing Tower’.”

However, at this moment, he did not know that the Lin family was already a tiger’s den, and the Lin family was looking for him, so if he went to the Lin family now, it would be like throwing himself into the net.

In the afternoon, Ye Lu picked on four martial arts schools of the Northern School of Martial Arts again, but of course, he was looking for the softer ones to pinch.

If he really wanted to defeat them, it would have been easier to use the “Red Lotus Flame” or “Ghostly Inferno” with aura attacks.

“At this rate, I guess I’ll be able to break through again in three days, how cool!”

After the four afternoon matches, Ye Lu smiled happily.

However, while he was happy, the people of the Southern and Northern Schools of Martial Arts were not so happy, as both schools closed down four martial arts schools on the same day.

The losses were minor, but the loss of face was a bit unpleasant.

By the end of the night, a rumour had started to spread on the internet, and it was getting stronger, that everyone felt that the whole “martial arts community” was a fraud.

“Professional fight against Mr. Luo, let the ‘martial arts community’ show its prototype.”

“It turns out that martial artists have always been fake.”

“Fake martial artists.”


All sorts of unfavourable comments about the “martial arts community” have been made.

“The situation is not good at the moment!”

“The people of the Southern Martial Arts School are already working on countermeasures.

“How about we adopt the ‘steal and replace’ method for tomorrow’s fight, as laymen won’t know which martial art we’re using anyway, and then we’ll choose the strongest ‘First Cla*s Grandmaster’ to deal with him. ”

Someone suggested an option.

However, another person countered.

“That’s a bit wrong, isn’t it? After all, the circle of the martial arts world is just so big, and there are so many people reporting on this matter, if others really know the truth, how can we put our faces on.”

The “Transmission Elder” also immediately rejected this proposal, but then someone outside the forest suggested a solution.

“How about this, we focus all our resources on one person, it is difficult to improve martial skills again, but magic weapons can be improved, we find the best magic weapons for those who need to fight, including attack and defence, I think this will not affect our reputation, and at the same time can solve the problem.”

As expected, this plan was unanimously approved and all the sects started to have their headquarters bring their best magic weapons to Yanjing overnight.

The “Northern School of Martial Arts” did the same thing, because Ye Lu only challenged the “First Level Grandmaster”, so it was definitely not feasible to improve cultivation and other methods, and it was basically a luxury to improve martial skills temporarily, so the only way to improve immediately was with magic weapons.

Thus, a competition for equipment to improve “magic weapons” started quietly overnight.

He went up to the back of the mountain alone after putting Jasmine up for the night and began to make pills. With the help of the fire-attribute demon pills provided by Huo Huan, the “Red Lotus Karma Flame” had recently improved very quickly and had already surpa*sed the level of the “Ghostly Underworld Flame”.

However, the refining of the “Heaven Transformation Pill” still required the “Ghostly Underworld Flame”, but demon pills of the ghost attribute were too difficult to obtain, and Huo Huan had no way to get them.

“Perhaps, you can go to the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’ to look for demon pills of this attribute, but I don’t know the way to enter there.”

Huo Huan said somewhat helplessly.

She was grateful for the pills Ye Lu provided, because in these few short days, her cultivation results were already equivalent to her previous months of cultivation, and at this rate, she estimated that it wouldn’t take her long to break through.

After helping Jasmine to make two “Heaven Transformation Pills”, Ye Lu suddenly remembered one thing, that is, three days had pa*sed and his access to the “Underworld App” should have been opened.

So, he quickly opened the “Underworld App” and logged into the account and pa*sword that Black Meditation had given him.

When he saw his access, Ye Lu almost dropped his jaw.