Super School Student Chapter 251-252

Chapter 251

Because this time Ye Lu was walking to kick out the martial arts schools one by one, and at the beginning Ye Lu had a group of people with him, seeing such a large group of people moving together, and people carrying cameras, so many people who love to watch the fun followed.

With the enthusiasm of the people watching, the group was growing rapidly, but of course the people from the “Southern Martial Arts School” and “Northern Martial Arts School” were not calm.

Because this time Ye Lu did not follow the order of the Southern and Northern schools, but fought one by one along the road, and whichever one they came across was the one they would take.

According to Dokgo Ao, the purpose of these people coming to the capital was not to open some “martial arts school”, but to cause trouble or to divide the two schools of thought, so Ye Lu was not under any pressure to pick on these people.

In the conference room of the “Southern School of Martial Arts”, many of the “school masters” and the “transmission elders” were present.

“Elder, what should we do next? That Mr. Luo has already overturned five gyms in a row, and just now, he defeated a ‘second level master’, and it’s like he can’t be stopped anymore.”

“Yes, now he has gone on a rampage, even if there are no martial arts schools with first or second level masters, he will still challenge them, and the way to do that is to get all the disciples of the ‘God Harmony Realm’ to join him, and now there are thousands of people following him. If he refuses, he will be scolded by everyone.”

At this point, another ‘school master’ said.

“But it’s not all bad, the martial arts schools along the way, whether it’s our ‘Southern School’ martial arts school or their ‘Northern School’ martial arts school, are all waiting. They are all waiting to see who can be the first to snipe Mr. Luo, and the ‘Northern School Martial Arts’ has already put out the word that whichever side of us can win against Mr. Luo, this martial arts competition will be considered a win for whichever side, and they are asking if we agree to this proposal.”

They asked if we would agree to this proposal.” The “Transmission Elder” thought for a moment and then sighed.

“Well, we agree to their proposal, no one expected that our trip to the capital would end up like this, I feel that even if we win, we will still lose face!”

“Who the hell is this Mr. Luo?”

“I really regret that I shouldn’t have messed with that ‘Iron Blood Martial School’ in the first place, it’s not like we can really afford to mess with the Dokgo family, and now we’ve invited such a thing, there’s no way to end this.”

“Ai! Who would have known in the first place, didn’t that Dokku Ao break away from the Dokku family, and he’s not of high cultivation, I didn’t know such a guy would pop up!”

“It’s come to this point, let’s watch quietly.”


The situation was similar in the “Northern School of Martial Arts”, where everyone was discussing while waiting for news.

“Old Wu, your ‘Five Elements Boxing School’ has been overturned too, it’s the fourth one, right?”

“Yes, take your time, the ‘Southern School’ side is also the fourth one, right, there are dozens more behind it anyway, I just don’t believe it, is he made of iron.”

“Yes, we’ll tire him out.”

“If you say that, it’ll look like we’re out of cla*s.”

“Uh! Does that mean that we’re high cla*s?”

“Okay, you win.”


With that, news of Ye Lu’s kick-off was coming in.

“‘Tiger and Crane Double Action Fist School’ has been picked over.”

“‘The Great Sword King’s House’ was defeated.”

“‘Qingcheng Fist School’ has fallen.”

“‘Fu Hu Fist House’ also failed to stop their opponent.”


One by one, news of the defeat of one boxing school came in, and in the morning, Ye Lu had already picked over twelve martial arts schools, until noon when it was time to eat.

“Ye Lu, isn’t your progress a bit too fast, you weren’t this strong yesterday, were you?”

While eating, Jasmine looked at Ye Lu and asked with some confusion.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“It’s thanks to the ‘Super Extreme Luminous Stone’ that you brought for me, ah, here, this is the elixir I made for you yesterday, you’re not at the Innate Realm yet, right, take the elixir and cross over to the Innate Realm first, when I’ve made the ‘Pulse Charge Pill’ , I will help you break through to the ‘Nourishing Pulse Realm’ in one go, however, you have to raise your cultivation to the late stage of the ‘Placental Breath Realm’ first before you can do so.”

After this morning’s vicious battle, Ye Lu’s sixth strand of aura had become completely stronger, which made him extremely satisfied.

At this moment, in the Long Family, Long Ao was looking at Long Feixue with a surprised expression.

Because he found that the wound left on Long Feixue’s back this morning had actually scabbed over and fallen off, and had already healed to a great extent.

And the most important thing was another point, that was, this was a confinement room, which was completely closed, and how did Long Fei Xue treat her wounds when everything on her body had been taken away before?

I could smell the scent of medicine from her body, which meant that some kind of medicine should have been used, where did she get her medicine?

“Did anyone come here before I came?”

Long Ao said towards the door.

The two men in charge of guarding the doorway immediately said quickly.

“No, it was our two shifts this morning, absolutely no one else would have entered here.”

Long Ao nodded, he did not doubt the words of these two people, because Long Feixue was just a son of a side line, those who were here were all the children of the first line of the family and the core geniuses, these people should not have any interactions or friendships with Long Feixue.

“You have a storage magic weapon on you?”

Long Ao asked as he looked at Long Feixue with somewhat contracted pupils.

He didn’t know why Long Fei Xue could even get her hands on such a thing, it wasn’t as simple as being odd anymore.

“Who the hell is this Mr. Luo? Could it be a god?”

Long Ao muttered in his heart, he was indeed stunned by the series of things that had happened to Long Feixue.

However, Long Feixue was stubborn and did not say anything.

Long Ao glanced at Long Feixue’s body for a moment before stopping at Long Feixue’s jewellery.

After all, Long Ao didn’t care about these jewels before, as Long Feixue’s cultivation level was too low, even if she had magic weapons on her body, she wouldn’t be a threat, but he never thought that there were “space magic weapons” here.

“Take off all the jewellery for me.”

Long Ao quickly issued an order.

The two women quickly took off all the jade jewellery on Long Fei Xue’s body. Amongst all the jewellery, only the jade bracelet stood out because all the other jewellery was imperial green jade, but not this one.

Long Ao picked up the jade bracelet and looked at it, it was indeed a magic weapon. He transferred his “astral energy” into the magic weapon and found that there were indeed pills, a mobile phone and some other things in this “spatial magic weapon”.

This bracelet is only a “mortal” magic weapon, it can’t be claimed, and there is no way to leave the authentication breath, of course, with Long Fei Xue’s cultivation, even if she did the true qi authentication, it would be easily erased by Long Ao.

“Did Mr. Luo give you this too?”

Long Ao asked as he took out the phone from Long Feixue’s bracelet.

Long Feixue still didn’t say anything.

Long Ao then gestured to the two females beside him.

“Restrain her for me and prepare to fight.”

The two women immediately restrained you Long Feixue, while the woman with the whip pulled a beautiful whip flower.

At this moment, outside the Long family villa, a son of the Long family was talking somewhat anxiously to the family butler at the door.

“Uncle Jade, I really have an urgent matter to find the family head, that what’s-his-name ‘Mr. Luo’ is not to be messed with, if we provoke him, our family will be out of luck.”

As a result, Uncle Jade casually waved his hand and said.

“Don’t be alarmist, our Dragon Family has feared no one, it’s because of you spineless sons and daughters that our Dragon Family has fallen into decline, get lost!”

After saying that, he closed the door.

Having eaten the closed door, the face of that Dragon Family’s disciple also changed.

“Sh*t! D*mn you, I came to remind you guys with good intentions, I originally thought I would be rewarded, but I ended up treating me like this, I won’t serve.”

After saying that, he went into a shop next to the villa and waited to see what was going on.

At this time, Long Ao said politely to Ye Luo on WeChat.

“Mr. Luo, right, I am the family head of Long Fei Xue, our Long family wants you to help us refine some pills and magic weapons, do you think it’s okay?”

This address and tone of voice was already quite low for Long Ao.

Immediately, Ye Luo replied.

“Yes, I am Mr. Luo, it’s not a big deal, but you should let Long Feixue speak to me personally.”

Long Ao looked at Long Feixue, then said.

“Can’t you give me a face?”

Ye Luo then said.

“I don’t even know you, so what’s the point of giving face, as long as Long Feixue asks, I will naturally say yes, you won’t do anything to Long Feixue, will you?”

The other party refused to let Long Fei Xue speak, which alerted Ye Lu to the situation.

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Long Ao’s arrogant character flared up again as he glared and said.

“I’m already giving you face by talking like this, don’t eat your punishment even if you respect the wine, you have to help even if you don’t today, otherwise you’ll have to weigh the consequences yourself.”

After saying that, he gestured and then opened the WeChat video recording function.

Immediately, Ye Luo saw a small video sent over, in which Long Feixue was restrained by two women, and then another woman wielded a whip on Long Feixue’s round buttocks, each whip splitting the skin and dripping blood.


Ye Luo “bang!” With a slap on the table, he stood up.


Chapter 252

Ye Luo did not expect the Long family to be so brutal and unreasonable, this obviously did not treat Long Fei Xue as a member of the family ah, and did not put himself in his eyes.

Indeed, Long Ao just didn’t put Mr. Luo in his eyes.

Because Long Ao had asked about Mr. Luo before, Long Fei had competed with Mr. Luo, and he felt that Mr. Luo’s cultivation level was definitely not more than “Xiantian Realm”.

He had also watched the video of Mr. Luo riding a bicycle, and indeed he did not use “astral energy” or anything like that.

Therefore, he decided that Mr. Luo’s cultivation level should be below “Zong Shi”.

“The afternoon kick-off will have to be cancelled.”

Ye Luo turned to Jasmine and said.

“Later, you can tell those people for me that I have an urgent matter, the kickboxing will continue tomorrow, I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, Ye Luo turned around and left.

Jasmine, on the other hand, was a little worried and asked.

“Ye Luo, what’s wrong, do you want me to help?”

Although her cultivation level was not high, she was still a member of the clan, and in the secular world, people above the “clan master” level basically had some knowledge of the clan.

Ye Lu waved his hand and said.

“No, just protect yourself.”

After saying that, he rushed towards the villa where the Long family’s head was located, which was the location of his mobile phone.

And inside the villa, that housekeeper, Uncle Yu, thought for a moment or walked up to Long Ao’s side and said.

“Long Ao, just now a family member came over and said that ‘Mr. Luo’ is not to be messed with, will there be any chaos?”

Long Ao’s then shook his head and said casually.

“What kind of chaos could there be, could he still be a Grandmaster? Besides, even if he is a Patriarch, with our ancestral secret arts, he is no match unless his realm is even higher than mine.”

Uncle Yu thought about it and agreed.

The Dragon Family, as one of the Four Great Ancient Martial Arts Families, certainly had its own cards. Although the bloodline was already very thin, for those who had crossed the “Patriarch” level and had a certain degree of bloodline purity, they could still use some of the family’s divine abilities.

So, Uncle Yu nodded and turned around to go back to the gate.

Near the gate, that Dragon Family scion had already seen Ye Lu get off the car.

He hurriedly and somewhat gloatingly ran out of the shop and then watched from afar.

Ye Luo walked quickly to the entrance of the Long family villa, then without saying anything, he directly used the “Greatest Fist of Power” on the door.


With just one punch, the door flew up like a kite and then smashed directly into the window of the villa building far away, showing how powerful this angry punch was.

Uncle Yu, who was in the doorman’s room with his cup of tea, was already stunned by the blow.

“Is this …… this Mr. Luo?”

He immediately realised that something was wrong, the power of this punch was obviously not something that an “Innate Realm” practitioner could deliver.

After that, Ye Luo said coldly.

“People from the Dragon Family, come out and lead them to death.”

After saying that, he strode in.

This strike was so loud that all the Long Family’s disciples in the area were startled. The Long Family’s villa was actually more appropriately described as a villa area, because apart from the main building, there were also various other buildings including the “Cultivation Field” and the “Martial Hall”, which were the places where the Long Family’s most core disciples trained.

So, “Huzzah!” A large group of the Long Family’s disciples rushed out, and of course Uncle Yu could no longer leisurely drink tea, he also came out.

“You are Luo ……”

Uncle Yu looked at Ye Luo and said, however, before he could finish his words, Ye Luo interrupted him coldly and said.

“Seeing that you are old, I won’t beat you, don’t come and mess with me and don’t talk nonsense.”

With those words, he had already darted towards the Dragon Family’s children who had rushed out.

The worst cultivation level of the Long family’s sons here was at the “Pulse Raising Realm”, so they all thought highly of themselves, and instead of swarming together, they let one of their sons meet them alone.

However, this guy flew far away before he could even let out a fart, and Ye Luo had already rushed close to him.

“Holy f*ck!”




When they saw this scene, they all picked up their weapons, but in front of the furious Ye Lu, none of these guys were a match for him, and the “Greatest Fist of Power” was so fierce and violent that a large number of people were killed in an instant.

Uncle Yu, who originally wanted to go forward, swallowed at the sight of this scene and then wisely chose to take a step back.

“What kind of monster is this!”

Uncle Yu stared wide-eyed at Ye Lu who was like a tiger entering a flock of sheep.

He suddenly regretted that the family’s son had not been talking nonsense.

The Long family’s son, who was watching from outside the door, laughed gleefully.

“You people are still arrogant, you act like you are unbeatable all day long, you completely look down on us, the side disciples, and now you know the consequences of being empty-minded.”

Long Ao also looked at the scene with a dumbfounded expression.

Mr. Luo’s power had already exceeded his imagination, ravaging a “Combined God Realm” was just like ravaging a child.

He quickly jumped down from the stairs and shouted at Ye Lu.

“I’m Long Ao, come at me if you have anything to do.”

Ye Luo turned and looked at him, then said coldly.

“Don’t worry, it will be your turn in a moment, today not only is it your Long family, it’s this family of yours that I will help you tear down.”

As Ye Luo spoke, he sent a Dragon Family’s son flying out with a punch like a kite.

“How dare you!”

When he saw that Ye Luo was actually so ruthless, Long Ao shouted.

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“I’ve always been bold, I don’t need you to remind me.”

With those words, he had already chased towards the side of the building, because after the battle they had just had, the children of the Dragon Family were already completely scared, they didn’t dare to get attached to the battle had long since started to scatter and run away.


When he reached the side of the building, Ye Lu didn’t hit anyone, instead he swung his fist and blasted at the building.

Dark energy rushed in and a wall fell with a “Boom!” followed by another wall, it looked like Ye Lu was serious, he was going to tear down the entire Long family today.


When had Long Ao ever suffered such an insult, his eyes were wide with anger and he had already gone mad with hatred for Ye Lu.

Following that, he rushed towards Ye Luo’s direction, however, Ye Luo’s figure was already hidden in the building, while booms rang out in the building one after another.


By the time Long Ao rushed into the building, it had already collapsed with a bang, he hurriedly flew back and rushed out of the building again, however, he was still dusty from the collapsing dust.

“I said that I would push your Dragon Family today, and I will do it.”

Ye Luo jumped to the top of the collapsed ruins looking at Long Ao who was full of beard and his face was all a bit green, said.

“Good! Good! Good!”

Long Ao said three good words in a row after he became furious, then his beard and hair spread out and his body glowed, obviously having pushed his power to the limit.

“Today, I will let you come back without a return.”

After saying this, Long Ao rushed forward like a flyer.

He was a “Second Level Grandmaster” and his martial arts techniques were fierce, and he used the “Nine Stances of Dragon Fist”, which was also a wide open and closed style.





The two men attacked one after another, fist to fist, each blow carrying a huge impact, and the ruins were suddenly filled with sand and smoke.

And the more Long Ao fought, the more frightened he became.

He found that his “Dragon Fist” could only match his opponent’s. His opponent’s fierce and fierce fist technique was obviously of a very high level.

“It looks like it’s hard to handle him with ordinary attacks.”

Thinking of this, Long Ao let out a loud shout, followed by a fierce increase in his aura, it was the unique bloodline power of the Dragon Family, called “Hyper Dragon has Regrets”, this was also considered a real use of the bloodline power.

Ye Lu also clearly felt the increase in his opponent’s power.

“It looks like it’s time to use some of the best moves.”

The opponent was a Second Level Grandmaster and a Second Level Grandmaster expert, so he had to get serious, and he quickly released the “Ghostly Inferno”.


The blow with the flame attribute hit Long Ao’s fist hard.