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Super School Student Chapter 257-258

Chapter 257

However, at this moment, Long Fei Xue’s skin was flushed with shyness, looking very tempting, even Ye Lu couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

He had the “primitive mode” of the gla*ses, but he rarely used them on those around him, of course he would certainly take a look at them occasionally, but this was the third time that someone actually took off their clothes and stood in front of him like this, the first time was when he was treating Liu Mei, and then Ye Yan in the bathroom.

The previous time with Gu Shiqi, although she touched everything she should or shouldn’t, she hadn’t shown such an all-encompa*sing display in front of herself.

Soon, there were only two pieces of clothes left on Long Feixue’s body at the top and bottom, which she had just purposely changed into when she took a shower, lingerie with lace patterns that looked quite beautiful, as she knew she would have to undress, so she purposely found this one.

“That …… that …… Ye Lu, can you turn around?”

Long Feixue said with a red face.

Although she knew that she was going to be hung up unclothed in a moment and would definitely all be seen, Long Feixue still felt embarra*sed to undress in front of Ye Lu.

There was no choice, Ye Luo had to turn around, and only after a long time did Long Feixue shiver and say.

“You …… you turn around.”

Ye Lu turned around, only to see Long Fei Xue’s face as red as an apple, she had one hand across her chest, while the other hand was covering ……

So, Ye Luo smiled and said.

“The potion is working well, it’s going to be impossible to cover it up.”

He was of course talking about the figure that Long Feixue had always cared about, he had originally wanted to ease the tension, only to find that Long Feixue had turned even more nervous.

He had no choice but to take matters into his own hands. He made Long Feixue stand still and hung her under the chandelier with a strap tied around her arm.

In order to calm himself down, Ye Lu decided to administer the needle in a hurry.

He took out a sterilized silver needle and slowly stabbed it into the “Baihui point” on the top of Long Feixue’s head, but he did so very slowly, because this kind of needle application can never make a mistake, followed by the solar plexus, the Hall of the Seal, and the Hearing Palace ……

The silver needles did not feel painful when they were inserted into the acupuncture points of the body, they were cool, and at the same time a warm stream flowed into the body along the silver needles, which felt very comfortable, she did not know that this warm stream was actually Ye Lu’s aura, if not running aura, just stabbing the acupuncture points would not open the function of hidden blood veins.

As she kept applying needles, Long Fei Xue felt the warm flow in her body start to run slowly, and Ye Lu’s attention shifted from the upper body to the acupuncture points on her waist and legs, following which, Long Fei Xue saw two long nosebleeds suddenly flowing out of Ye Lu’s nose who was standing at her feet.

“Ye Lu …… you …… you ……”

Long Feixue suddenly blushed and did not know what to do, she wanted to cover her face, but found that both hands could not move freely, there was no choice but to bite her lips all trembling and closed her eyes.

The body is a bit too dumb, if you use the “mixed element vajra body”, it is difficult to hurt even a sword, but at the moment it has a nosebleed, he can not understand, but to be honest Long Feixue’s pinkness is really attractive ……

Long Feixue closed her eyes and waited for a long time before she felt a silver needle stabbing in from her perineum point, she felt she would never forget this feeling in her life ……


Helping Long Fei Xue activate her bloodline made Ye Lu sweat profusely, he was really worried that he would go off the rails while running his aura, but luckily he persevered, following that, he then felt that this tense feeling was actually extremely good for digesting the spirit stones, his own cultivation was actually on the verge of the seventh strand of aura coalescing.

“Looks like we still need to activate Long Fei Xue a few more times!”

Ye Lu sat on the chair and looked at Long Feixue who was hanging in the air like a hedgehog and couldn’t help but lament in his heart.

However, following that, he saw that on Long Fei Xue’s back, a blue dragon pattern began to slowly appear, just like a beautiful tattoo, however, the pattern was very light in colour and only had a faint vague shadow.

“It looks like it’s working.”

Ye Luo took a picture of this vague shadow and showed it to Long Fei Xue, who then secretly breathed a sigh of relief, if she had tossed and turned for so half a day without any effect at all, she would have felt a little disappointed in her heart.

In the evening, Jasmine called, so after dinner, Ye Lu went to the cave at the back of the mountain again and started to help Jasmine refine pills and consolidate her cultivation.

In fact, he already regretted sending out that list yesterday, if he knew that he would improve so quickly, he would have fought the “Second Grade Grandmaster” today.

So, standing outside the “Dragon Tiger Boxing Hall”, Ye Lu suddenly felt a little disappointed.

However, before he could walk in, a man dressed in black with a scar on his face suddenly appeared.

This man was not tall and had a thin build. From a distance, he could feel a fierce aura, the kind of aura that only someone who has been licking blood for years could gather.

Upon seeing these four words, someone exclaimed.

“It’s ‘Cold-blooded Yan Lo’, ‘Cold-blooded Yan Lo’ is here!”

“The ‘Cold-blooded Yan Lo’ from the ‘Killer Earth Ranking’?”

“Yes, that’s him, a one-day killer!”


Because it was a kick-off, many of the people who came to see the fun were also martial artists, and everyone was still familiar with the characters on the “Killer List”, and although this “Cold-blooded Yan Lo” was only forty-nine on the “Killer List”, his fame definitely far exceeded that ranking.

“He’s not here to deal with Mr. Luo, is he?”

“Then Mr. Luo is definitely dead.”

“You don’t need to say that, but if Mr. Luo wins, that would be wonderful.”

“How is that possible, ‘Cold-blooded Yama’ killing a rank two cleric is as easy as slicing vegetables.”


When they saw this man in black appear, everyone started to talk about it.

The reason for this is that he saw from his gla*ses that this man was actually at the peak of “Foundation Establishment Level 3”, not far from “Foundation Establishment Level 4”, and the equipment on this man’s body was also all of “Earth Grade”, so perhaps it was really as easy to kill a “Level 2 Master” as it was to cut vegetables.

The first thing that happened was that Ye Luo did not wait to speak, but “Cold-blooded Yan Luo” spoke first.

“That’s right, they are right, I am the ‘Cold Blooded Yan Lo’, the 49th in the ‘Killer Earth Ranking’, today you are my daily kill, I hope you won’t make me feel too bored.”

With that, he took out an oddly shaped short knife, narrow and pointed, with a few small holes in it, and the name Ye Lu found out was “Skinning Knife”.

A fierce knife warmed by blood energy.

“Cold-blooded Yan Luo” looked at Ye Lu and shook the “skinning knife” in his hand, saying.

“Including you, it is the thousandth person to die under this blade, and it is also important to turn it into an ‘Earth-rank top grade’, so you should feel honoured.”

Seeing this scene, everyone present fell silent for Ye Lu.

At this time, the door of the Dragon and Tiger Boxing Stadium opened, and Li Hu looked at the scene at the door and said with a smile.

“So Mr. Luo is here. I’m the owner of this place, Li Hu, but it looks like we won’t be able to have a match today, it’s really a pity that I can’t learn your high skills.”

However, from his expression, Ye Lu couldn’t see a bit of regret.

Ye Luo looked at him and smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, you were so looking forward to fighting me, how could I let you down, after I clean him up, it will be your turn later.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the crowd erupted.

“Is this Mr. Luo ready to show a big face? You know that ‘Killer Earth Ranking’ is worldwide, if this wins then it’s a resounding number one.”

“I think otherwise, he’s definitely dead.”

While everyone was talking, “Cold-blooded Yan Lo” had already made his move.

“Stop bragging, don’t be so foolish if you can get through my hands first!”


Chapter 258

When they heard the words of “Cold-blooded Yan Lo”, they were all taken aback.

After that, the figure of the “Cold-blooded Yan Luo” rushed towards Ye Luo as if he had disappeared.

He had always been very confident in his speed, which was why he thought that Ye Luo would not even be able to take one of his moves.

However, he was a little disappointed with the result. Ye Lu was indeed unable to dodge his complete strike, even if he used the “Ghost Shadow Step”, the difference in cultivation level could not be bridged, after all, this guy was at the peak of the “Third Level Grandmaster”.

However, Ye Luo was able to partially dodge the attack, and as a result, the guy’s stab to Ye Luo’s heart landed on Ye Luo’s ribs.

Even though he was wearing defensive soft armour, Ye Lu still felt the pain of the stabbing, and he used the momentum to fly backwards, taking five steps backwards before he could stand still, blood already seeping from the corner of his mouth.


Seeing this scene, “Cold-blooded Yan Luo’s” eyes lit up, something that could block his “skinning knife” was at least “Earth-rank”.

This was the reason why even a school like the Longquan Sword School, which was famous for casting sword weapons, only had “earth-grade” defensive magic weapons.

“Hey, the level is not good, but the equipment is really good, so I will politely accept it.”

With these words, this guy raised his “skinning knife” and made a starting stance, obviously ready to use some kind of martial art.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu quickly took three “Heaven Stealing Pills”, there was no other way, the opponent’s casual strike was so powerful, I was afraid that I would have no chance if I didn’t do my best.


The “Cold-blooded Yan Lo”, who was about to attack, also felt the abnormality of Ye Lu’s breath, but he then looked at Ye Lu and said with a smile.

“It’s useless, even if you boost up again you’re still no match for me.”

With those words, he stabbed over again, this time straight at Ye Luo’s throat, obviously intending to finish him off with a single blow.

However, this time, Ye Luo really dodged his blow.

He had just judged that Ye Lu should have taken a pill like the “Military Ration Pill” to forcefully increase his combat power, but he had never thought that such a pill could increase his combat power by so much.

However, Ye Lu was also surprised to find that even though he had taken three “Heaven Stealing Pills” and used “Ghost Shadow Steps”, he was still slower than his opponent, this guy was really not in the top 50 of the “Killer Ranking”.

After that, Ye Luo put the fused flames on his fingers, ready to deal a terrible blow to the opponent at any time during the move, and this blow was Ye Luo’s only chance.

However, what happened next was beyond Ye Lu’s expectation.

“His body was as agile as a swimming fish, and he did not clash with Ye Lu at all. He started to target Ye Lu’s throat, but when he found that Ye Lu was impervious to the elements, he attacked Ye Lu’s thighs instead.

Since protective soft armor was usually only for the upper body, the lower body became the weak point.

“Holy Sh*t!”

As expected, this attack was very effective, and in an instant, Ye Lu’s thighs were covered with several long slashes, and blood was flowing.

“D*mn you, I have no choice but to use my best move.”

The effect of the “Heaven Stealing Pill” would not last for long, the opponent was too fast, and Ye Lu was not sure about using the “Fire Bomb Technique”, so the only way was to use the bloodline power in Jin Kun’s body.

So, he quickly took out half a bottle of blood and poured it into his mouth.

“Holy Sh*t! What’s that he’s drinking?”

“It feels like fresh blood.”

“He’s not a vampire, is he?”

“It doesn’t look like it, I don’t see any fangs, vampires have two long teeth, right?”


The crowd was dumbfounded because the scene was so incredible that even “Cold-blooded Yama” froze for a moment, but he was extremely experienced in combat and he understood that whatever this kid was doing, it wouldn’t be good for him anyway.

So, he charged forward again, wielding his “skinning knife”.

However, this time he missed completely, as he felt Ye Lu dodge his attack like a gust of wind, and he could even feel the wind blowing in his face.

He could even feel the wind blowing in his face. The people around him let out a cry of surprise at the same time.


“What is this?”

“A white tiger, could it be the legendary white tiger?”

“Are you talking about that ‘divine beast’?”

“How terrifying!”


Hearing everyone’s comments, “Cold-blooded Yan Luo” quickly looked up and saw that behind Ye Luo, on top of his head, a fierce white tiger silhouette stood there like an emperor of the ages, while around Ye Luo’s body the wind was fluctuating and Ye Luo’s clothes were also rattling in the wind.

That’s right, at this moment, Ye Lu was using the divine ability of the “divine beast” White Tiger.

The White Tiger was a “Gold” in the Five Elements, and its corresponding natural attribute was the “Wind Attribute”, so it was best at speed.

“What the hell is this?”

“At this moment, Ye Luo was standing there with a huge white tiger shadow behind him and the wind blowing around his body, just like an immortal descending from the earth.

Of course, no one could really be sure that this was the “White Tiger Shadow”, as the four ancient martial arts families had not seen any amazing figures for many years, and many people had forgotten about them.

However, Ye Luo didn’t have time to pose here, neither the “Heaven Stealing Pill” nor the “White Tiger Avatar” could last much longer, he quickly launched the “Ghost Shadow Step”, this time the situation was finally reversed, Ye Luo arrived in front of the “Cold Blooded Shura” in a flash.

“He tried to dodge in fear, but he found that his opponent’s footwork was so erratic that he could not avoid it.

This was the dagger martial art “Heart Piercing Stab” that Ye had learnt earlier, and he didn’t expect to use it this time.

No one could see what kind of weapon Ye Luo was using as the sunset arrow went straight to the hilt, but everyone could only see that after Ye Luo’s blow, “Cold Blooded Shura” slowly fell down and the “White Tiger Shadow” behind Ye Luo also disappeared.


No one knew what to say, the shadow and the terrifying strike had gone beyond everyone’s imagination.

“Is he a ‘Saint’ level powerhouse?”

Someone muttered in a low voice, as almost no one present had ever seen a ‘Saint-level’ or beyond ‘Patriarch-level’ expert strike, so no one could answer this question.

However, everyone started to look at Ye Lu with strange eyes, because that fight just now was really too shocking.

“It was divine!”

“That’s right, it’s terrifying.”

“What else can this low gear him!”

“This is all over for the ‘Martial School’.”


Amidst the chatter of the crowd, Ye Lu turned to look at Li Hu, one of the owners of the “Dragon and Tiger Fist School” and asked.

“Do you dare to fight?”

Li Hu quickly shook his head and said.

“I don’t dare, if you win, our ‘Dragon and Tiger Boxing School’ will close down immediately.”

Even the forty-ninth person on the “Killer Ranking” had been killed, this was a powerful foreign aid that they had spent a lot of money on, how could they still fight this battle, they were afraid that if they went up there, they would be shot to death.

In fact, Ye Lu’s body had already been emptied at this moment, using the “Bloodline Avatar” was not without cost, because these Avatars still used the power in his own body, the stronger the Avatar, the more it consumed, this was not a free gift of power.

Immediately, the weakening period of the “Heaven Stealing Pill” had begun.

Ye Luo gritted his teeth and prepared to leave this place first, but he had just taken two steps when a man came out from the crowd around him and said.

“Mr. Luo, you don’t need to go to the next martial arts school, we ‘Southern School Martial Arts’ have decided to admit defeat and close all the newly opened martial arts schools.”

This man looked at Ye Luo and said respectfully, because he felt that Ye Luo’s performance just now was worthy of respect, and this man was the one who had agreed to Ye Luo’s challenge behind the “Transmission Elder”.

At this time, another person stood out and gave a salute, saying.

“We, the Northern School of Martial Arts, also concede defeat.”

Hearing the words of the two men, the crowd once again murmured.

And Ye Lu said with a smile.

“Good, then I will be honest and truthful, I am the disciple of Senior Doku of the ‘Iron Blood Martial School’, so I think that the ‘Iron Blood Martial School’ should be the number one martial school in the martial world.”