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Super School Student Chapter 259-260

Chapter 259

Ye Lu did not expect it to end this way, but it was good that it ended this way, because just now, the seventh strand of aura had already coalesced out of his dantian, although it was still in the form of a small flame.

There was no point for him to fight against those “First Level Sovereigns” or the weaker “Second Level Sovereigns” now.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, the two men nodded and said.

“To be able to teach a disciple like you, the ‘First Martial School of Martial Arts’ deserves it.”

The others also nodded their heads.

Following that, someone immediately came up to Ye Luo for an interview and said.

“Mr. Luo, can you talk about your feelings about kicking the gym in the past few days?”

Ye Luo said with a smile.

“Feelings? That is, I regret that I didn’t start the fight earlier, it was so enjoyable!”

From the last round of the “Underground Boxing Tournament”, Ye Lu began to use “medium grade spirit stones”, and then constantly experienced high-intensity battles, and even took three “Heaven Stealing Pills” twice in a row to completely squeeze himself to the limit, under such extreme pressure, he actually broke through the seventh strand of spiritual energy in such a short time, which made Ye Lu feel too good.

However, at this moment, Ye Lu was too weak and in too much pain, so he didn’t say anything more, but walked out of the crowd, greeted the taxi and left the place together with Jasmine.

“Whew! It hurts like hell.”

Once the car started, Ye Lu grimaced in pain, there wasn’t a single meridian in his body that didn’t hurt, this feeling was simply too sour.

“Are you alright?”

Jasmine looked at Ye Luo and asked with some concern.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Oh, it’s fine, it won’t kill anyone, it’s just a loss of strength, it’ll be fine after a few hours.”

Ye Lu did not know what kind of repercussions his blow had brought, but soon, the news of “Cold-blooded Yan Lo” being killed spread through the underground world and the a*sa*sin community.

“The One Day Killer is finally dead, no surprise there.”

Some people laughed at the news and said.

“He had done too much killing, it was only a matter of time before he was killed, and the B*****d had obviously affected the price of the whole a*sa*sin world, but who could have killed him, he had always been very careful.”

“It’s said to be someone new out there, and supposedly a cultivator of the Ascendant realm.”

“Innate realm, don’t be ridiculous, I don’t know how many ‘Patriarch level’ ones that guy has killed, I remember he even went to that side of Europe last time and killed the president of a small country, although I don’t like him, I admire him for his level.”

“I watched the video, it’s quite shocking, the guy who killed him is called Mr. Luo, watching the video he should have the bloodline of the ‘Divine Beast White Tiger’.”

“‘Divine Beast White Tiger’, are you talking about the Jin family? They’ve run out of screw-ups long ago, right? They’re not even a small family now, right?”

“However, looking at that ‘virtual shadow’ it is indeed of the ‘Divine Beast White Tiger’, if the rumours are true, I’m afraid that only those with the bloodline of the ‘Divine Beast White Tiger’ Only people with the bloodline of the ‘Divine Beast White Tiger’ would have this ability.”

“This Mr. Luo is too demonic, I wonder how the ‘Dark Dragon’ people will react.”

“What can they do, they took the mission normally and then failed to complete it, they can only admit their bad luck.”


The capital, the Jin family.

The head of the Jin family was in his room watching a bunch of girls perform a song and dance for him, when he heard someone knocking on the door.

“Who is so ungrateful as to disturb my elegance.”

The head of the Jin family said impatiently as he looked at the door with a revealing woman in his arms.

“Let him in.”

Following that, a subordinate walked in with a breeze.

Behind this subordinate was followed by a tall teenager who looked somewhat sullen.

“Family head, this matter is indeed an important matter because this teenager said that he is your son.”

Hearing this man’s words, not only the family head of the Jin family, but everyone present stopped what they were doing to look at this tall teenager who didn’t say a word.

“What’s going on?”

The head of the Jin family asked with a frown.

The subordinate did not speak, but looked at Jin Kun, and only after a long time did Jin Kun say.

“My mother asked me to find you, her name is Miao Miao and she said that you are my father.”

When he heard the name Miao Miao, the head of the Jin family scratched his hair, he didn’t remember much about the name anymore, however, he had been a flirt when he was young, so he felt that it was a possibility.

So, he grabbed Jin Kun’s arm quickly and then checked it out.

“Say, who are you really, you don’t have the ‘White Tiger’ bloodline in you, you can’t fool me about that.”

After checking, the Jin family head then said with a frown.

Jin Kun then said.

“A friend said that I have a recessive bloodline, and he can help me activate a pure white tiger bloodline.”

Hearing Jin Kun’s words, the Jin Family’s family head then laughed out loud.

“Just brag, you still have a pure bloodline, our family hasn’t produced a person with a bloodline purity of over fifty percent for thousands of years, who is your friend that is so awesome?”

To this question Jin Kun didn’t answer, because it concerned Ye Luo, and he didn’t know if he would bring any trouble to Ye Luo.

However, just as he was thinking, the head of the Jin family had already waved his hand impatiently and said.

“Get out, get out, get as far away as you can, this lie is told without even a draft, and activating the hidden bloodline, does he think he is a god?”

Following that, the subordinates blasted Jin Kun out.

“There’s actually someone impersonating my son, day!”

The head of the Jin family scratched his hair in some depression before he went to get high again with a beautiful woman in his arms.

However, just a few minutes later, there was another knock at the door.

“Family head, this matter is also very important, I must report it to you, take a look at this video.”

With those words this subordinate handed the phone in his hand to the Jin family’s family head.

In the phone was the scene where Ye Lu released the “White Tiger Void” and fought with the “Cold Blooded Yan Lo”, seeing this scene, the family head of the Jin family stood up violently.

Other people might not know about the White Tiger Void, but as the head of the Jin Family, he was also a “Sovereign” level practitioner, so of course he knew about his family’s bloodline void.

“How could there be someone who can use our family’s ‘divine ability’? Looking at the solidity of the shadow, this person’s bloodline should be quite pure.”

The Golden Family Head was certainly knowledgeable.

When the Golden Family Head finished speaking, the subordinate looked at him and said.

“So, I wanted to come and ask the family head if this person is that whatever you left out there all those years ago, that you know.”

Hearing this fellow’s words, the Jin family head started scratching his head again.

To be honest, he was vague about this matter, because he had left too many affairs outside over the years, and he didn’t know which woman he had slept with, and he didn’t know if he had a child afterwards.

“Maybe it’s possible, but I really don’t remember, have you found out anything about this man?”

As a result, the subordinate said.

“Checked, however, this person is very mysterious, it is impossible to know his details, moreover, he is very strong, in the video you saw, he killed the person ranked forty-nine on the ‘Killer Earth Ranking’, you may not know, family head, I have investigated, the ‘Killer Earth Ranking ‘ There are close to thirty-two people in total on the list in the Chinese region, all of them are very famous killers, this person called Mr. Luo can definitely sweep the other three great clans.”

Hearing the words of this subordinate of yours, the family head of the Jin family only understood what this man meant.

“Oh! You kid are so smart, you mean to get him back to the clan and then shock the other three great clans, don’t you?”

The subordinate smiled and nodded his head.

The family head of the Jin family certainly agreed with this plan, and he said with a smile.

“What an evil day, a son just came and this another one came out, moreover, one is a waste and the other is a genius, go and find this man, make sure you drag Mr. Luo to our family.”

However, not long after this man left, someone else came knocking on the door.

“Holy Sh*t! Is there an end to this or not.”

The Jin family head said with some impatience.

However, he opened the door and a short man followed him in. The head of the Jin family frowned when he saw that the man looked familiar.

And he noticed that the servant who had brought him in had a bruised nose.

So he frowned and asked.

“Didn’t I tell you, don’t bother me if you don’t have something important to do or an important guest.”

As a result, the guy said with a sad face.

“Family head, this person is likely to be the important guest.”

The Jin family head looked at this little dwarf and asked with a frown.

“Who are you? What do you want from me and you dare to claim that you are an important guest.”

As a result, this guy looked at the Golden Family Master and said with a smile.

“I am indeed an honoured guest of your family, because I, Miyamoto Nagai, am about to become the head of your Jin family, do you think I am important?”


Chapter 260

Hearing this fellow’s words, the head of the Jin family was taken aback as he looked at the other man and said.

“You are a Japanese devil?”

Following that, the family head of the Jin family then stared at this guy and asked.

“Do you have a bubble in your head? Come to our house and pretend to be something big, don’t you know that Japanese and dogs are most unwelcome in my Jin family?”

As a result, the guy laughed and said.

“Oh, what’s the use of showing off your tongue, to a talentless guy like you, you can just move your lips.”

When Miyamoto Nagai finished speaking, he directly struck out.

He flew out a palm.

The master of the Jin family was unreliable, but he was still a real “master” expert, so he also struck out at the same time, but he didn’t know the magic power of the Jin family, so he also struck out quickly.


The two palms collided and the Jin Family’s Clan Master was instantly sent flying.

“You’re a second level clan master?”

The family head of the Jin Family asked as he looked at the other party with some surprise.

As a result, the little dwarf shook his head and said.

“Wrong, I’m a rank three clan master, I wonder if that’s enough to take over your family?”

The Jin family’s family head said with a “bah”.

“Enough is not enough, if you want me to submit, you can dream about it.”

However, the consequence of his action was an immediate beating, followed by Miyamoto Nagai, who sat down and looked at him leisurely and said.

“Don’t worry, we won’t do anything to you for the time being, except, take your family’s direct descendants somewhere for a visit.”

Speaking the truth, Miyamoto Nagai then clapped his hands.

Several more shinobi walked in.


At this moment, Ye Lu and Jasmine were heading towards the direction of “Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine”.

“Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Xuanwu ……”

Ye Luo muttered to himself as he sat in the car and toned his body.

The Four Sacred Beasts were still very famous in China, and combined with the four ancient martial arts families, Ye Lu felt that most of these four families corresponded to the bloodline of the Four Sacred Beasts.

So far, the Dragon Family corresponded to the “Divine Beast Green Dragon”, while the Jin Family corresponded to the “Divine Beast White Tiger”, then the Ye Family and the Lin Family corresponded to the “Divine Beast Vermilion Bird” and the “Divine Beast Xuanwu”, but he didn’t know the exact correspondence.

“Could the people of the ‘Xuan Tian Clan’ be looking for the four ancient martial arts families to have something to do with this bloodline of the family?”

Ye Lu felt that this should be very likely, otherwise they shouldn’t have acted against the four clans at the same time.

“Related to the ‘Immortal Pill’ and related to the bloodline of the four great families, what exactly is the ‘Xuan Tian Clan’ trying to do?”

No matter what they did, the Xuan Tian Clan did not succeed last time, Ye Luo felt that most of them would not stop, it was just a matter of how soon or late they would do it.

Of course, Ye Luo did not have any friendship with these four clans, as long as Long Fei Xue and the girls were not involved in it.

Even if the Xuantian Clan wanted to find the “Masked Silk Stocking Warrior”, they would have no way to find him.

While Ye Lu was answering to the cave at the back of the school, Dokgo Ao’s Iron Blood Martial School was bustling with activity as a large group of reporters and many young people surrounded the entrance of the school.

Some of them wanted to interview Dokgo Ao, while others came to pay homage to his master.

“Excuse me, can we interview Master Dokgo?”

“Yes, your martial school must be very happy to be the ‘No.1 martial school in the martial world’.”

“That’s right, isn’t the martial arts school opening today, let us in for a bit.”

“Yes, yes, we’re here to pay our respects.”


The “Iron Blood Martial School” had never been this busy before, and this simply made her feel like a celebrity meet and greet.

She had never dealt with such a situation before, so she told everyone that she had to go and ask her grandfather for permission.

Following that, she darted into the martial arts school.

Dokgo Ao was not in the habit of surfing the internet, and Dokgo Chisha was busy with her training, so neither of them were aware of the news that the kick-off had ended.

“Chisha, what are you rushing about?”

Dokgo Ao looked at his granddaughter who was in a hurry and asked, this Sh*tty martial arts school had nothing to do all day, did Ye Lu fail and someone came to kick the school again?

Just as the fox was wondering, Dokgo Qianshak said instead.

“Grandpa, suddenly there are a lot of people coming, saying something about our martial school becoming the ‘number one martial school in the martial world’, there are a lot of reporters coming to interview you, and a whole lot of people who want to sign up for our martial school, it should be your disciple who has succeeded in kicking the school.”

Hearing Dokugo Qianshak’s words, Dokugo Ao stood up with a huo.

“Successful? This is too fast, there are dozens of martial arts schools in total between the two sides this time, have they been kicked out so quickly?”

He didn’t know that the martial arts schools behind him had all surrendered.

“Come on, let’s go to the entrance and take a look.”

Following that, the two arrived at the entrance, only for Dokgo Ao to see that thousands of people had actually gathered at the entrance, a scene that flattered him a little, and there were many media reporters, all of them holding various equipment.

“May I ask Master Dokgo, what did you teach Mr. Luo to make him so strong?”

When he saw Dokgo Ao come out, a reporter immediately asked in a loud voice.

Dokgo Ao didn’t even think about it and said.


Hearing his words, everyone was stunned, before Dokgo Ao said in a straight face.

“If you want to enter our ‘Iron Blood Martial School’ you have to understand the meaning of the word ‘Iron Blood’, so you have to be able to bear hardship and resist beatings, there were hundreds of disciples who studied here, but it was because they could not bear hardship that they all left, only Mr. Luo is not afraid of suffering, that’s why he has achieved what he has.”

“So, those who want to join our ‘Iron Blood Martial School’ should be prepared to suffer.”

Having said that, he then shouted loudly.

“Are you all ready?”

A large group of people all shouted with fervour.

“Always ready!”

Dokgo Ao was very satisfied with this, and he smiled and said.

“Good, then everyone go and pay up.”

Dokgo Ao was not good at managing money and didn’t want to go and make money, so the two of them, grandfather and grandson, had been sitting on their money, the tuition money that Long Fei Xue had helped Ye Lu to pay the two of them had paid off their debts, the rest had long since been spent by them, it had been a long time since they had had a big meal, so Dokgo Jian felt that everything else was a floating cloud, hurrying up and getting some money was the way to go.

It was estimated that this guy should be the poorest Xiantian expert under the sky.

Seeing that quite a number of people had gone to Dokugo Chisha to pay, Dokugo Ao laughed happily.

“This is a good disciple, tomorrow we will make a plaque with ‘The First Martial School of the Martial World’ and put it underneath the current plaque, it will be perfect.”

Dokgo Ao looked at the facade of the Iron Blood Martial School and muttered to himself, he did not understand that the fact that his martial school could not continue had nothing to do with this.

In the conference room of the Southern Martial Arts School, everyone was looking at each other with disbelief.

“What’s going on with this Mr. Luo?” one man said in confusion.

One man said in confusion.

“At first, he seemed to be struggling to beat a ‘Level 1 Grandmaster’, so I felt that he was taking advantage of the situation, but then he was actually able to beat even a Level 2 Grandmaster, and this time, he even took out an a*sa*sin who was ranked forty-nine on the ‘a*sa*sin Ranking’, which is too terrifying, right?”

“Could he be pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, he can’t really be a ‘Saint Grade’ expert.”

As a result, the owner of the “Southern School Mo Family Fist”, who was initially beaten by Ye Lu, said.

“Definitely not, even if he is beyond a Grandmaster, I should be able to feel the aura in his body, there is no essential difference between the ‘innate astral qi’ and our aura, just like a strong Dark Energy practitioner can feel the ‘astral qi’ in my body. ‘ in general, trying to feel it completely, unless the Qi in his body is fundamentally different from ours, but I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Hearing him finish, the others nodded as well.

Because although the cultivation methods, directions of cultivators were very different, and the cultivators themselves were divided into many types of humans, demonic beasts, ghosts and so on, however, because the laws of heaven and earth were the same, mostly in the same way, what everyone used in the end was still the qi of heaven and earth and the laws, so the crowd did not feel that Ye Lu would be an existence that transcended the rules.

“Could it be related to his bloodline, that ‘White Tiger Void’ is too terrifying, he couldn’t be a reincarnation of the divine beast White Tiger and become a human being.”

No one said anything about this, because such a thing as a “divine beast” had not appeared since the legendary “Battle of Extinction”, and the occasional person who inherited the bloodline of a divine beast was already quite terrifying, not to mention the reincarnation of a divine beast.

“Alright, this is the end of the matter.”

At this time, the “Transmission Elder” waved his hand and said.

“Although the matter of the martial school has been ruined, we still have another thing to do this time, and that is to hold a ‘Martial a*sembly’.”

When they heard the words “Martial a*sembly”, everyone shut up instantly.