Super School Student Chapter 265-266

Chapter 265

When he saw the “Wine Swallow Boy” stand up, Ye Lu did not hesitate and rushed towards the ninja on the side.

Because Ye Luo knew very well that even if he had all his means, all his means were on this “Sake-swallow Boy”, he would definitely not be able to kill it.

The reason was that, firstly, this thing was not a human being at all, so it could not be dealt with by ordinary means, and secondly, this style ghost was a “Level 5 Master”, and although it was not at its peak, its combat power was still far superior to that Abe Ho-ye.

I had to use all my skills, even the “White Tiger Avatar”, before I could kill the “Cold-blooded Yama”, but in a real fight, I would definitely not be able to defeat Abe Ho-ye, let alone this “Drinking Tuna Boy”.

All he could do now was to try to mingle with the ninjas so that the “Sake Swallow Boy” would be too scared to use his terrifying attacks.

He could use his “Ghost Shadow Step” to dodge the attacks of one “Third Level Master”, but he could not dodge the attacks of several at the same time.

Soon, several more wounds were inflicted on his body, as the armour’s “artefact pattern” had been severed, weakening the effect of his defence too much.


Seeing that the red-eyed “Wine Swallow Boy” had already arrived, Ye Lu had no choice but to quickly pour the blood he had received from Long Fei Xue into his mouth.

The “Divine Beast Green Dragon” was a wood attribute, and its corresponding natural attribute was water, so its vitality and recovery power was the strongest.

Therefore, Ye Lu did not rush to use the “Green Dragon Void” or other divine abilities, because even if he did, it would be useless and would not do much damage to the “Wine Swallow Boy”.

All he had to do now was to manoeuvre.

The power of the Green Dragon’s bloodline increased Ye Lu’s speed and strength, but it was not enough for him to dodge the ninja’s attack, but it allowed him to take less damage, and with the recovery ability of his bloodline, Ye Lu was able to move through the crowd with his “Ghost Shadow Step” again.

However, the wounds on his body kept increasing and blood splattered everywhere he went, and Ye Lu didn’t know how much longer he could last.

Luckily, it worked, because the “drunken boy” with the sword really looked at the battlefield and didn’t strike right away, probably because he was a bit afraid of killing his own people.

But it didn’t last long, as he thought about it and took the gourd off his waist, then opened the stopper and pointed the mouth of the gourd at Ye Lu.

Ye Lu felt a terrible suction force enveloping him, trying to suck him away, but then the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” emitted some kind of aura, and the suction force disappeared as soon as this aura came out, it seemed that the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” was not very good-tempered and did not want to be sucked in by anything.

When he found that his magic weapon had no effect on Ye Lu, the “Drinking Boy” quickly put away the gourd and drew out the terrifying tai sword at his waist, which was as long as a man.


As expected, the terrifying indiscriminate attack began.

This slash carried a long blade aura, and if Ye Lu hadn’t seen the opportunity to lie down in advance, this strike would definitely have cut him into two pieces.

However, he dodged it, but the two ninjas beside him were not so lucky, and these two guys were cut into two pieces by this slash.

Ye Lu did not get up, but poured blood into his mouth at the same time, this time from Qin Shiyu, and during the whole battle, the “medium-grade spirit stones” were like stones on the roadside, constantly consumed.

Following this, the drunken boy raised his tai-saber, the blade used by the demon god emanated an unpredictable power and slashed fiercely at Ye Lu.


Ye Lu shouted, and the fiery red shadow of the Candle Dragon appeared.

“The Candle Dragon was one of the divine dragons of creation, more ancient and mysterious than the divine beast Green Dragon, and what Ye Lu was using now was the divine power of the Candle Dragon.


The sword struck the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” raised by Ye Lu.

Following this, the sword shattered into a starburst, while Ye Lu was struck by this blow into the ground, as if it was a pattern embedded in the ground.


A large mouthful of fresh blood spurted out wildly from Ye Lu’s mouth.

Seeing that Ye Lu had actually managed to block the blow from the sword, the Yin Yang master who was secretly controlling the “Wine Swallow Boy” could not help but stare in astonishment.

He knew very well the terror of this “Sake Swallow Boy”, one of Japan’s three great evil spirits, which was completely invincible in its cla*s, and it was not even difficult to cross the cla*s.

Then, the tai-sword in the “Sake Swallow Boy’s” hand began to rea*semble.

“Come on!”

Ye Luo also shouted, but this was not a shout to the “Wine Swallow Boy”, because the long-awaited outside help had finally arrived.

Although these bats were not yet at the “Master” level, they were huge in number and moved very quickly.

As the saying goes, “many ants bite the dead elephant”, the countless “ghost bats” rushed in and undoubtedly gave everyone a great shock, however, the number of female ghosts of the “Drunken Boy” was also quite large, so Ye Lu had no chance to escape from the courtyard.

However, Ye Lu’s original aim was not to escape from the courtyard, that was not realistic, he wanted to take advantage of the chaos to go to another place, and he was going to do it right away.

That place was the “Ghost Mound”.

He had looked out of the window when he knew that the Soul Calming Tower could open the Ghost Mound.

In fact, it wasn’t that far from the main building.

At this moment, he was taking advantage of the rampage of the “ghost bats” to rush over, and at the same time, he poured his spiritual energy into the “Soul Suppressing Tower”, and a strange door appeared out of nowhere.


Ye Lu fell to the ground and let out a long sigh of relief, this was really a life of nine deaths!

If it wasn’t for the “Candle Dragon Void” and the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” that helped Ye Lv block that terrifying slash, he would have been dead.

“What the hell is this place?”

After taking a couple of breaths, Ye Lu climbed up, only to see that the surrounding area was densely packed with coffins, and the whole area was covered by a heavy ghostly aura, like a storm was about to come, with no sky in sight, only the eerie ghostly aura.

“As expected of a ‘Ghost Mound’, it is indeed eerie enough.”

Ye Luo couldn’t help but shiver, but the “Ghostly Inferno” in his body was stirring up.

However, the period of weakness came immediately afterwards.

“Holy Sh*t!”

This time, the period of weakness was even more intense, probably related to the last blow he had just made with his divine ability. With a sound, he sat down on the ground.

At this time, a female ghost appeared out of the endless coffin.

She was wearing a white blouse and a black skirt, and looked like a student.

The woman’s movements seemed slow, and with each step her body made a “creak!” “Cackle!” But her speed was extremely fast, and she arrived in front of Ye Lu in a flash.

“Sh*t! It’s not going to eat me, is it?”

Ye Luo was a bit hairy in his heart, he didn’t have any combat power now, he was not able to resist at all.

“Come with me, my master wants to see you.”

Without looking up, the female ghost said in an expressionless voice as she walked up to Ye Luo.

Hearing her words, Ye Lu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Luckily, it’s to see me, not to eat me.”

He climbed up with great difficulty, and then with a sore body, he followed this female ghost step by step and slowly moved to the depths of the coffin.

“Huh! How is it you?”

Lin Sihai, who was sitting somewhere, was taken aback when he found that the person who came was actually Ye Lu, but then he asked with a frown.

“How come the ‘Soul Suppressing Tower’ is on your body?”

The “Soul Subduing Tower” is the most precious treasure of the Lin family and would never be given to an outsider.

Ye Lu was so tired that he “flopped!” He sat down on the ground and said.

“Firstly, your Lin family has been occupied by the Japanese, secondly, tell me how to use the ‘Ghost Mound’, and I will go out and avenge your Lin family.”


Chapter 266

When he heard Ye Lu’s words, Lin Sihai was taken aback, he didn’t expect that such a big thing had happened to his family after he had only been in seclusion for a few days.

He looked at Ye Luo and asked.

“Tell me, what is going on?”

Ye Lu thought about it, and then he told what he knew.

“This little B*****d, how dare he do such a thing.”

When he heard that his grandson had actually stolen the Soul Subduing Tower, Lin Sihai slapped the coffin beside him in anger, and immediately there was a movement in the coffin, as if someone was scratching the coffin board inside, which was very scary.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“How can I put it, it’s not a bad thing in terms of the outcome, if the ‘Soul Suppressing Tower’ wasn’t in my possession, perhaps you would have died at the hands of those Japanese.”

Following that, Ye Luo said with a turn of phrase.

“That Mr. Lin Sihai, are there any other entrances and exits in this ‘Ghost Mound’, I’m going to let my little friends in as well, their brothers and sisters.”

As I said this, I pointed to the “ghost bats” around me.

Seeing these “ghost bats”, Lin Sihai also frowned, because he had never seen such ugly and hideous things, and their aura was very powerful.

These “ghost bats” that were following Ye Lu had already reached the peak of the “Combined God Realm”, so they could almost match the level of a “First Cla*s Master”, but of course, even if a demonic beast was powerful, it would hardly be a realm higher than a human.

However, once these guys broke through, they would be a “Second Level Sovereign”, and Ye Lu was looking forward to these guys growing up.

Lin Sihai thought for a moment, then nodded and said.

“There is indeed another entrance and exit, which is not known to the general public, I came in through that entrance and exit. This is the ‘Soul Suppressing Bell’ in my hand.”

As he spoke, Lin Sihai took out a weirdly shaped magic weapon that resembled a bronze bell that could be struck in a temple.

“Are you trying to feed these spooky demonic beasts with the ghosts here?”

Lin Sihai looked at Ye Luo and asked.

Ye Luo nodded his head.

He thought Lin Sihai would disagree and was about to convince him, but instead, Lin Sihai sighed and said.

“Feed it, but be careful, to be honest, this ‘Ghost Mound’ has been through millions, many of the ghosts inside are already on the verge of losing control, although they won’t actively attack us, I’m afraid they will resist if attacked, and this is only the ‘Ghost Mound ‘, in the depths of the ‘Ghost Mound’, there are ghosts beyond the ‘Patriarch’ level, and perhaps even more terrifying ghosts exist.”

With those words, Lin Sihai then shook his head somewhat helplessly and continued.

“This ‘Ghost Mound’ is no longer something that our Lin family can manage, so since that ‘Soul Suppressing Tower’ is destined for you, I’ll leave it to you.”

Seeing Lin Sihai’s appearance, Ye Lu did not say anything, one of his two sons had defected to the Japanese, the other one might have been killed, and the Lin family was declining, although Lin Sihai had made a breakthrough in his cultivation, his whole person did look like a hero in his old age.

Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“Good, then tell me first, the location of that pa*sage, I’ll have the ‘ghost bats’ all come in first, this time the Japanese have a big plot, I’m afraid that they want to use that ‘drink swallow boy’ to do something in the capital, we have to stop it .”

Lin Sihai nodded, then said as he led the way.

“I’ve heard of the ‘Sake Swallow Boy’ you mentioned, it’s one of the three major demons in Japan and the only ghost among the three major demons, in fact, these three major demons are not necessarily the most powerful, but they are the most famous, they are the ‘Sake Swallow Boy ‘, the ‘Nine-tailed Demon Fox’ and the ‘Great Tengu’.”

“And this ‘Sake Swallow Boy’ is also called the ‘King of a Hundred Demons’, and what is scariest about him is not his own fighting power, but that he has the ‘Power of the Demon King’ Therefore, I am most worried not so much about the ‘Wine Swallow Boy’ himself, but about his team.”

Hearing Lin Sihai’s words, Ye Lu realized how dangerous this matter was. If the Ghost Mound was really occupied by the ‘Wine Swallow Boy’, I was afraid that it would not be long before an army belonging to it would be formed, and then it might really be a disaster for the living souls.

However, Lin Sihai had not finished his words.

He followed and said.

“I’m worried that those Japanese won’t just target our Lin family’s family, it’s possible that the ranks of that ‘Sake-tuned Boy’ are already very large.”

By this time, they had already reached another entrance and exit, and Ye Lu released the leader of one of the Ghost Bats, asking this guy to bring all the other Ghost Bats over.

Sure enough, in no time at all, all those “ghost bats” flew in.

“Go and look for food everywhere, and be careful not to cause any trouble, okay?”

Ye Luo said to the leaders of the ghost bats.

The leaders of these “ghost bats” already had some spiritual wisdom, so they could understand what Ye Lu said, and they quickly responded, and countless “ghost bats” flew in all directions of the “ghost mound”.

However, Ye Lu felt that despite this, it was still a bit difficult to make these bats grow very quickly, so he began to look around, and at the same time, he also began to look for martial arts or spells in the “Martial Arts Ability” of his “Gla*ses” regarding “Ghost Technique”.

His current level was not the same as when he had just opened his Martial Arts ability, so he felt that he could use more “spells”.

“I mean, can you make these ghosts not attack me? I’m going to catch some ghosts, and I want to kill some ghosts to absorb the ‘ghost energy’. Because I have a ‘ghost fire’ in my body called ‘Ghostly Ghost Flame’.”

However, now Ye Lu was in a period of weakness, and the “Ghostly Flame” had already been drained after the blow just now, so he could not release the “Ghostly Flame” for Lin Sihai to see.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Lin Sihai looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“What, little friend, do you also know ghost arts?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I only know a few things, right, Elder Lin, can you show me your Lin family’s Ghost Art, I might be able to help you improve it.”

He thought that even the “Candle Dragon Finger” of the Xuan Tian Clan was not a perfect version, so perhaps the Lin Family’s “Ghost Technique” would also have such flaws.

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Lin Sihai smiled and said.

“Little friend, I was indeed surprised that you were able to scare away so many ‘evil spirits’ that day, and I was also surprised by what you just said, but the Lin family’s ‘Ghost Art’ cannot be shown to you. It can’t be shown to others, and secondly, transforming a martial art requires at least a ‘Saint level’ expert to do so, with all due respect, you have indeed inflated it.”

Hearing Lin Sihai’s words, Ye Lu smiled and did not retort nor did he say anything because he was also very clear that what he had said was indeed a bit appalling and it was indeed difficult for others to accept what he had said since they did not know his background.

So, one could only wait for time to explain it all, but, at that moment, he suddenly saw a glowing stone not far away that looked a bit abrupt.

So, he walked over and picked up the stone.

“Name: Yin Yuan Stone, Quality: poor, Introduction: a crystal stone with a strong Yin Qi formed in a place of extreme Yin after a long period of time and continuous accumulation, can be used to refine pills, suitable for ‘Ghost Attribute’ physique cultivators ……”

When he saw these introductions, Ye Lu smiled, seeing that he had really found a treasure this time.

“‘Wine Swallow Boy’, and these B*****ds outside, just wait, I’ll make you look good when I get out.”

Ye Lu clutched the “Yin Yuan Stone” and laughed happily, while Lin Sihai beside him looked confused.

Ye Lu didn’t explain anything, but sat down quietly and waited for the weakness time to end. A few hours pa*sed and Ye Lu’s body finally recovered.


Ye Luo nodded a finger towards the forehead of the female ghost that had been following Lin Sihai, and then said with a smile.

“You’re my person now, beat him up for me.”

Just as he finished speaking, the female ghost swung her fist at Lin Sihai without hesitation.

“Sh*t! How did you manage to do that? I can’t believe I snatched my ghost away!”

This move made Lin Sihai’s jaw drop in shock.