Super School Student Chapter 273-274

Chapter 273

“Go down and see what’s going on?”

Elder Blazing Sun flew down with some suspicion, the people around him of course saw the scene, they already treated Elder Blazing Sun and the others like gods and goddesses.

“What just happened here?”

Elder Blazing Sun asked as he looked at the crowd of onlookers.

One man immediately said.

“Just now the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ helped to avert a catastrophe in the capital!”

Others followed suit.

“Yes, thanks to the ‘Stocking Masked Man’, otherwise the city would have been finished, the traffic was paralysed and we couldn’t have run away if we wanted to.”

“Isn’t it, everywhere is blocked, it’s chaos.”

“And the ghosts, they’re really scary!”


The most powerful ghost had been killed by a man called “The Masked Man in Silk Stockings”, and all the ghosts had disappeared, leaving only the corpse of a Japanese yin and yang master here at the moment.

The elder nodded as he took a look at the torn up corpse of He Mao Zhong Ye. It looked like most of the events were similar to what everyone had said, but he was still unsure and called the various branches of the Weapon Sect in the capital to confirm the situation.

“We’re in the South City, the ghosts on this side are gone, so I guess it’s over.”

“All the ghosts on our side of the North City have also disappeared, I don’t know where they’ve gone.”


It looked like the crisis was really lifted then.

Apart from Elder Killing Yang and the others, the other organisations and the clans were also confirming the news from this side of the capital.

“Is the crisis really lifted?”

Tu Chen was also asking the people in the Shadow of Death.

“Yes, it seems so, but there is a strange situation, many Japanese ninjas appeared in the place where the ghosts disappeared, but those ninjas also disappeared quickly, I worry that they took the ghosts away.”

One of the men said quickly.

Tu Chen nodded.

This was not too unexpected, because these ghosts could not have appeared out of nowhere, someone must have set them up beforehand, and since the other party could bring the ghosts, they must have a way to take them away.

Hearing this news Tu Chen’s brow furrowed once again.

In that case, the crisis was not really lifted, as the other party might still release the ghosts again at any time.

“It’s still a headache.”

Tu Chen haunted his head.

However, people on the internet were not so pessimistic, they were praising the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” for saving the day this time.

“The ‘Stocking Masked Man’ was so good this time, if it wasn’t for him, all of us would have been finished.”

“What the hell is that big ghost on the video, it looks so scary.”

“That thing I looked up, I think it’s called ‘Sake Swallow Boy’, a ghost from Japan.”

“Sh*t! That’s too mean, is that thing going to bleed out the capital?”

“I think we should add the title ‘Stocking Hero’ to ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’, if it wasn’t for him who knows how many people would have died!”


Like the comments on the internet, at this moment in the heart of the city, the mayor and other senior officials were also praising the actions of the “Stocking Masked Man”.

“Phew! I didn’t think it would be so chaotic, those private cars didn’t listen to me.”

The mayor said with a sense of relief.

Another official also sighed and said.

“Who said it wasn’t, but think about it, what kind of traffic jams are there every morning and evening rush hours, this time almost everyone swarmed out, and it was the middle of the night, it’s strange if there’s no congestion and no accidents.”

“This should be considered a ‘terrorist attack’, right?”

“I guess it is, but it’s a ghost-issued attack, so we can’t really do anything about it.”

“Go and find out who that ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ really is, and at the same time, issue a message in the name of the officials, declaring that ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ as the ‘Guardian of the Capital ‘.”


Immediately, then, various media outlets began to promote the story.

“‘Guardian of the Capital’ Stocking Hero on People in Fire.”

“‘Stocking Masked Hero’ deserves the title of ‘Guardian of the Capital’.”

“Official search for ‘Stocking Masked Man’ clues.”


In a flash, the whole capital, the internet, including the “sect world” were all going crazy about this matter, as Lin Ru Yue, Jasmine and other people from these sects in the secular world also pa*sed the news to the sect’s headquarters.

At this moment, the person in question, Ye Lu, was walking through the hutong.

He was the only one who understood that the matter was far from over, because he had not been able to fully control the “Wine Swallow Boy”, not that he could not control it, but when he was about to control the “Wine Swallow Boy”, he had entered a period of weakness, and he could not do anything for a while.

Moreover, during the last blow, he found that the “Sake Swallow Boy” had actually broken through at the last moment and turned into a “Level 6 Evil Ghost”, which is equivalent to a human “Level 6 Master”, but fortunately, although he did not have full control, with partial control, the “Soul Calming Tower” could easily take it in.

“There are ten levels in total, and each level can hold a different number of “ghosts”.

The first level can only hold one “Level 9 Evil Ghost”, which is a terrifying evil ghost that is close to being “upgraded”, while the second level has two “Level 8 Evil Ghosts”, and so on, and eventually, the tenth level can hold 2,048 ghosts.

At this moment, there are hundreds of “evil spirits” gathered on the penultimate and penultimate third levels, and these “evil spirits” are the ones Ye Lu has just admitted through the “Wine Swallow Boy”.

These “evil spirits” had just been admitted by Ye Lu through the “Wine Swallowing Boy”, while the “Wine Swallowing Boy” was quietly trapped on the seventh floor of the “Soul Subduing Tower”.

What depressed Ye Lu was that there was nothing in this “Soul Subduing Tower”. If there was a “Level 9 Evil Ghost” in here, who would be able to lower it? Of course, at Ye Lu’s current level, if he released it, he would probably be eaten by the ghost first, as he could not control such a high level ghost yet.

The level 6 “Wine Swallow Boy” was basically his current limit.

“I guess all the other ghosts have been put away.”

Ye Lu muttered as he walked.

If he hadn’t just entered a period of weakness where he could fully control the “Wine Swallow Boy”, he could have just asked the “Wine Swallow Boy” to give the order for all the ghosts to come and gather.

If he had missed this opportunity, those people from the Yakuza would have taken away all the ghosts they had released.

“These ghosts will be a hidden danger sooner or later.”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart, somewhat depressed.

“However, it seems that one should be safe this time.”

At the same time, Ye Lu thought of another thing, that is, the people who wanted to deal with him before, “Abe Yasuhiko” and “Abe Hoye” were all dead, and now “Abe Hosaku” and everyone else who was in the Lin family at that time had also died by their own hands, Lin Qing had turned against him, and the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” had appeared.

However, he had used his own identity as Ye Lu when he killed Abe Kosaku and Miyamoto Nagai, so in the end, Ye Lu felt that he should not take it lightly and that it would be better to lurk for the time being.

The Lin family is now in the thick of the storm, so it is definitely not advisable for Lin Sihai to come out. Ye Lu got rid of Lin Sihai and put those “ghost bats” in the “ghost mound” for the time being, so that they could be hidden and their level could be improved.

Ye Lu wanted all of them to break through the bottleneck, so that he would have a terrifying army of “ghost bats”, and if he fought to the death, even a “Golden Dan” stage expert would have to struggle.

After explaining and arranging everything with Lin Sihai, Ye Lu was about to ask about Gushiqi and Nie Yibiao when Ye Yan’s phone call came first.

“Ye Lu, I found you, it was so scary just now, now that things are finally over, are you alright?”

Ye Luo hurriedly said he was fine, then Ye Yan said.

“Something happened to the Ye family, do you know? That family head Ye Nantian and several other senior people have disappeared, I know you don’t like the Ye family, but this time it’s very odd, it’s the Japanese who did it.”

Hearing that it was done by the Japanese, Ye Lu’s brow furrowed.

What the hell did these Japanese shadowy souls want?

However, when Ye Lu hung up Ye Yan’s phone to frown, Long Fei Xue’s phone call came again, and she said that something had happened to the Long family as well.


Chapter 274

The head of the Dragon family, Long Ao, has also mysteriously disappeared. According to people from the family, it seems that someone has seen Japanese ninjas appearing nearby, but it is not certain.

And at the moment, that butler of the Jin family is thinking about how to deliver the news to Jin Kun.

For it seemed to him that the only thing that could help the Jin family was perhaps to wait for a miracle, and the one who could possibly produce one was, in his opinion, that Jin Kun.

When Jin Kun said that he had a hidden bloodline and that there was someone who could help activate it, the butler thought it was a fantasy at the time, but now he thought that maybe what the boy said was true, because everyone saw the person who could use the “White Tiger Shadow” afterwards, and that person’s bloodline should be quite pure.

“Let’s hope there’s someone high up behind this child.”

He muttered to himself, as he had already arranged for someone to start searching for Jin Kun in earnest.

While the Jin family was searching for Jin Kun, Ye Lu had already confirmed with everyone that everyone else was currently safe, except for Liu Mei who could not be contacted.

This included Qin Shiyu who was protected by layers of protection.

“Don’t worry, there are super many people protecting me this time, according to them, even if everyone from the ‘Society of the Extreme Dao’ in our country came, I would be fine.”

Qin Siyu said with a smile towards Ye Lu.

“We’ve officially started filming now, Dani and I are the female number one and number two, we live together every day now, so you can rest a*sured.”

Ye Lu did not expect these two rivals to suddenly become so close now.

In fact, Qin Siyu had mentioned it several times before, she said that Lin Danni was actually very nice, except for her little snobbishness before, she was otherwise very nice, very motivated and smart.

All in all, with Lin Danni accompanying Qin Shiyu, Ye Lu was very relieved.

Nie Yibiao and the others were all fine too. At the moment, Ye Lu was most worried about Liu Mei who had lost contact with him, so he thought about it and dialled her roommate’s number.

“Mei Mei was taken away by a woman, a woman who can fly, didn’t see please her looks, he didn’t have a group of people, good looking speed, swiped and disappeared.”

Liu Mei’s roommates rattled on and on, knowing nothing except that Ye Lu knew that the one who had taken Liu Mei was a woman in a dress.

“What on earth would be interested in Liu Mei?”

Ye Lu muttered somewhat puzzled.

Liu Mei had always lived her college life in a proper manner, and Ye Lu hadn’t had any contact with Liu Mei in order to protect her, even roommates like Nie Yibiao and the others hadn’t been targeted, and Ye Lu didn’t think anyone would target Liu Mei because of herself.

“What the hell is going on?”

Ye Lu had no choice but to leave this matter to Tu Chen, it would obviously be easier for the “Shadow of Death” to handle such matters.

“Don’t worry, we will help you find her, if even we can’t find her in the capital, then no one can find her.”

Ye Lu nodded, and then began to calculate the next move.

The next action was to find those “ghosts” hiding somewhere, and of course the heads of the four families could not just leave them alone.

However, what Ye Lu did not know was that at this moment, the people of the “Society of the Extreme Dao” had already started their next move.

The Jin family was the weakest of the four ancient martial arts families, and tonight was the most chaotic night in the capital, so it was the best time to strike.

The Jin family’s butler had just heard from his subordinates that they had found Jin Kun, only for him to see that two ninjas had appeared in the room without a sound.

“Steward Jin Fu, come with us.”

One of the two men looked at Jin Fu and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, all your clan will follow us, and don’t try to escape, don’t worry, with your level you don’t stand a chance of that either, let’s go.”

After saying this, the other man quickly overpowered Jin Fu and then led him out of the Jin family’s villa.

After being taken to the car, Jin Fu realised that it seemed that the people who were arrested were not only the Jin family’s children who were at the main Jin family residence, but also the children of other families were brought over as well.

“It’s not like they’ve taken all of the Jin family, is it?”

Jin Fu muttered with some suspicion and disbelief, but he was a bit puzzled as to why these Japanese were doing this.

If they were looking at some kind of property of the Jin family, shouldn’t they have grabbed a few important people and made threats or something? Or just snatch things away, anyway, Jin Fu hadn’t heard much about the Jin family having secret rooms or anything like that.

How much did it mean to have almost everyone in the Jin family arrested now.

The second one to suffer after the Jin family was the Long family. The Long family was not much more powerful than the Jin family, so all these people from the Long family were also quickly arrested, but the side line like Long Fei Xue, who was hard to reach with eight poles, did not suffer, but of course, this also had something to do with Ye Lu having Long Fei Xue hide far away.

After the Jin family came the Ye family, and since Ye Lu had kept a low profile on Ye Yan’s affairs, these people did not know about Ye Yan’s existence, which allowed Ye Yan to escape a disaster.

While the Yakuza were dealing with the four ancient martial arts families, Ye Lu was trying to find out the whereabouts of the ghosts controlled by the Sake-tuned Boy.

With the “auxiliary ability” of his gla*ses, Ye Lu could easily call up all the networked cameras in the city, including all the networked private cameras, and Ye Lu had the means to access and query them.

Although the nearest cameras had been destroyed, they had not destroyed all the cameras, and along with the images captured by the various cameras, Ye Lu soon found out where these guys were going.

This place was called the “King’s Residence”, which was said to be the residence of a royal family, but it was not famous for the royal family, it was famous for being haunted all the time, and it was one of the four “places of evil” in the capital.

Looking at the large mansion from afar, Ye Lu began to think about it.

It was obvious that this was a very important place for the “Society of the Extreme Way”, so the security would definitely be very strict, and in his current state, Ye Lu would definitely not be able to trespa*s, at least not until he had recovered.

However, Ye Lu did not want to ask for help, firstly, he did not want too many people to know about him, and secondly, he felt that after he recovered, he could control the weakened “Wine Swallow Boy” first, and then let it recover, so he and the “Wine Swallow Boy” should be able to deal with the current situation.

Another point is that Ye Lu wants to take these ghosts from the other side.

The ghosts were all controlled by the “Wine Swallow Boy” before, but now the “Wine Swallow Boy” was his own, so he could control all the ghosts with the “Wine Swallow Boy”, which was definitely a great weapon.

So, Ye Lu sat down at a place not far from the “King’s Palace” and quietly began to recover.

Inside the King’s Palace, the Ye family was the last to be brought in, and they were shocked to see that many people from the Jin, Dragon and Lin families were here.

“What is this all about, why do I suddenly have a very bad feeling about this.”

Ye Qiu Die said as she looked around at these ninjas and people from the other three families.

Not only her, but also many people were scared by the situation in front of them, because the people of the “Heavenly Clan” had tried to deal with the four ancient martial arts families before.

Seeing that all the four clans had been captured, the Japanese ninja at the head of the group said coldly.

“Well, since all the people have come, let’s try that method. You know best, Ozawa.

When he finished speaking, a beautiful woman came out, the same Japanese ninja who had been in charge of getting information from the Xuan Tian Clan, and smiled as she came out and said.

“Go and bring me the ‘totem plates’ of the four families.”

As she finished, one of the ninjas brought over a foot-square board with an odd pattern painted on it.

“This is your Jin family’s board, now test it on your Jin family’s bloodline, come and drag that man over here and kill him.”

Ozawa pointed to a Jin family man not far away and said with a smile.