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Super School Student Chapter 277-278

Chapter 277

When he heard this guy say “die together”, Ye Lu’s first feeling was that there was a bomb here, but he found that there was no such possibility, because it didn’t look like the other guy was unleashing a bomb either.

It looked like a “blood ritual” martial art, because the guy’s blood was about to run dry, and then, with him as the centre, the ground lit up with a complex red light, and these lights carried a heavenly blood aura, and Ye Lu felt as if something was about to burst out of the ground.

At the same time, those ghosts began to retreat one after another, as if something that terrified them a million times was about to emerge, this Ye Lu felt that things seemed to be in trouble.

“Let’s kill them first.”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu gave the “Wine Swallow Boy” a quick order to get rid of the living ones first, no matter what might come out.

“Of course, the boy did not hesitate to take action.

With his long sword, the head of a man was dislodged, and he quickly disposed of the rest of the men.

Then, countless blood-coloured rays of light coalesced in the centre of the pattern to form a man, no, a ghost to be exact, a ghost with a terrifying aura.

“Liege Ghost!”

Ye Luo had already seen the identity of this guy from the profile of the gla*ses.

A “Liege” was equivalent to a human “Saint level” existence, which corresponded to the cultivation level of a “Jindan stage” practitioner, which was not something Ye Lu could deal with.

He was wearing a silver noble robe embroidered with blue dragons, which looked very noble.

“You are the Prince of Rites?”

When he heard Ye Lu’s words, the “evil spirit” turned his head to look at Ye Lu and prepared to smile, but then his face froze and he took a step backwards in fear.

Because just now, Ye Lu took out the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”, because he had already prepared for the worst, the fusion flame had just been used, if he fought for his life, his only weapon against the ghost was the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”.

“Immortal Hou Yi!”

Then, the Prince of Rites said a name.

He had heard of the name Hou Yi, there was the myth of Hou Yi shooting the sun, and the story of him and Chang’e was also very famous, and the prototype used in this dagger was the “Sunset Arrow”, the sunset and shooting the sun were very similar, so I guess this arrow should belong to some Hou Yi immortal.

“This guy seems to know the origin of the ‘Sunset Arrow’.”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart, however, he did not ask this Prince of Rites, this B*****d was a “severe ghost”, who knew what kind of temper this B*****d had, maybe he would kill himself with one move, so it was better to wait and see what would happen.

“Are you the descendant of Immortal Hou Yi?”

Prince of Rites looked at Ye Lu and frowned, following which, he waved the fan in his hand.

Ye Luo felt a coolness on his face and his stockings all you blew away as he revealed his true face.

“It doesn’t look like it.”

The Prince of Rites looked at Ye Lu and shook his head.

Ye Luo didn’t know whether it was better or not, because this Prince of Rites had never changed his expression from the beginning to the end, making it inscrutable.

There was nothing he could do but continue to wait quietly for his next words.

However, when Ye Lu’s true face was revealed, Ye Nantian, who was present, was so surprised that his jaw dropped, because he found out that the person in front of him, who had saved his life and had just kowtowed to thank him for saving his life, was actually the loser Ye Lu who had come to the family with Ye Yan that day.

At that time, Ye Lu said that he was not interested in joining the Ye family, he had also despised Ye Lu, thinking that Ye Lu was a rat, but now it seemed that the person who was really a rat was none other than himself, people were so strong, there was no reason to join the Ye family.

He suddenly remembered that Ye Lu had said before that in the future, even if you begged me to join the Ye family, I would not join.

Ye Nantian suddenly regretted it, if the Ye family had such a strong backing, the Ye family would definitely flourish again, moreover, he felt that the “alchemist” standing behind Ye Yan was mostly Ye Lu, although this speculation seemed to have no basis.

After seeing Ye Lu’s appearance for a long time, the Prince of Rites asked again.

“What is your name?”

Ye Luo did not lie and said directly.

“Junior Ye Luo.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s name, this time it was the turn of Jin Ming, the family head of the Jin Family, to be surprised, because he had received information from his subordinates that among Jin Kun’s cla*smates, there was a cla*smate who shared the same dormitory with Jin Kun whose name was Ye Lu, and combined with what Jin Kun had said before, and Jin Kun’s character that did not like to make friends, Jin Ming immediately understood that the person who could activate the bloodline that Jin Kun was talking about was this person Ye Lu in front of him.

“It looks like that kid Jin Kun didn’t lie to me, so I guess the matter of him having a hidden bloodline is true.”

Similarly, Lin Zuoliang of the Lin family was also shocked beyond belief, as he was also present when Ye Lu made a fuss about the Lin family, before he was transferred away by the Japanese at that time.

“Sh*t! These two are actually one and the same person, Lin Qing the loser, why stay and have nothing to do with offending people like this.”

And the Prince of Rites looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Looks like I’ve been here for too long, the world has changed ah, don’t be afraid, I’m not a bloodthirsty demon, I won’t kill you all, don’t be nervous, however, I can’t stay in this place of right and wrong for long, I must stop the ‘Ghost General’ before it comes to life.”

After saying that, Prince Rei then looked into Ye Lu’s eyes and continued.

“Since you have a part of the ‘Sunset Arrow’, perhaps one day you will be able to obtain that ‘Sunset Bow’, and then the world will need you to save it, I will leave first.”

After saying this, he disappeared like a gust of wind. He disappeared like a gust of wind.

“Sh*t! It’s better to leave such a troublesome task of saving the world to someone else.”

After the Prince of Rites had left, Ye Lu muttered helplessly.

What he had just said was too much information, this guy had mentioned something like “Ghost King”, “Sunset Bow”, Hou Yi and so on, which Ye Lu felt was still too far away from him.

And something like saving the world sounded difficult.

“Ye Lu, I’m really sorry for that day, it’s because I have no eyes, do you think you can come back to our Ye family, after all, how to say that grandmother is also a member of our family.”

Ye Nantian looked at Ye Luo and said cheekily.

Long Ao also walked over in embarra*sment and said.

“I’m sorry, Ye Lu warrior, it’s my eyes that are blind.”

Similarly, Lin Zuoliang and Jin Ming also came over, the two were also desperately trying to admit their mistakes, especially Lin Zuoliang, he was really afraid that Ye Lu would kill him in a fit of anger.

However, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“These things don’t matter, what matters is, have you guys thought of what to do with those things?”

Ye Luo pointed at the four totem plates and asked.

It was the turn of the four patriarchs of the four ancient martial arts families to be confused, these things were indeed hot potatoes, moreover, extremely difficult to handle, if they really involved huge secrets, although they had escaped this time, but what about next time, what about next time? There would definitely be others to use their blood to activate these four totem plates.

Simply put, these four ancient martial arts families had already been targeted, and it was estimated that they would not be able to get out of this trouble in the future.

“Great Warrior Ye Lu, what do you think should be done?”

Jin Ming was the most C*ckney, he felt that since Ye Lu had asked this, he must have his own idea.

Ye Luo smiled and said.

“Let me ask you first, do you have any use for these ‘totem plates’?”

Jin Ming shook his head and said.

“No use at all, I was born with these things enshrined there, I never knew what use they were.”

Several other family heads also nodded their heads indicating that these things were of no use to their family.

After seeing their stance, Ye Luo then said.

“In that case, why don’t you just hand them over to me, I’ll help you guys deal with them, and later on you guys record a video of me taking away these ‘totem plates’ and post it on the internet, so that everyone knows what’s going on here, and then let everyone know that it was me who took the ‘totem plates’.”

“The reason these Japanese are taking action is because the totem boards are in their hands, if there are no totem boards, no one should make a move against you for the time being, whether you want to give them to me or not is up to you.”


Chapter 278

Hearing Ye Lu’s proposal, Jin Ming, the family head of the Jin family, was the first to respond, he was afraid of things.

“Fine, I really don’t know what use this broken plate is, it’s also so dangerous, you take it away.”

The other three family heads had some slight difficulty on their faces, but, in the end, they all compromised, after all, it wasn’t worth it to put the whole family in danger for such a contraption.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“Alright then, help me find a stocking, and let’s put on a show.”

As a result, Jin Ming, the head of the Jin family, said with a somewhat embarra*sed expression as he took out an unopened black stocking from his pocket.

“Hey, I have one right here, because I for one am a black silk controller, don’t worry, it’s a new one that hasn’t been used yet, high-grade goods oh!”

He quickly dressed up and started acting because he also wanted to know what secrets were hidden on these “totem boards”, and he had a vague feeling that maybe this was the same thing that had to do with his parents’ life.

Master Ye only knew a few words about his parents and grandmother, so Ye Lu had no idea how to ask the four families, and after contacting them, he also found out that the four families’ current level was really low, and they should not know any secrets at all.

The secret on these four “Totem Boards” was the key.

After collecting the four “Totem Boards”, Ye Lu began to ask the “Wine Swallow Boy” to gather all the ghosts. Just now, Ye Lu had prepared well before entering the place alone, and he used the “Soul Searching Technique” in the “Ghost Technique” to search the ninja around the courtyard first, so he knew in advance where the ghosts were placed.

Then, Ye Lu sent the “Ghost Bat” to release the ghosts, and only after this was done did Ye Lu walk into the “King of Rites House” alone.

Now, the props for the ghosts were all brought over by the Ghost Bats. These were special “Ghost Niches”, which were only slightly inferior to the “Soul Subduing Tower”, and each “Ghost Niches” could hold thousands of evil ghosts.

After filling all these ghosts, Ye Lu let the “Wine Swallow Boy” return to the “Soul Calm Tower”.

Seeing Lin Zuoliang of the Lin family looking at the Soul Subduing Tower, Ye Lu looked at him and said with a smile.

“This thing has been given to me by your father, Lin Sihai, because I saved his life, you can meet him when you go back, he still has a lot to say to you.”

Hearing that his father Lin Sihai wanted to talk to him, Lin Zuoliang had to smile bitterly, knowing that his good days were about to come to an end.

In fact, Lin Zuoliang and the others did not know that this “Totem Plate” did not necessarily require a large amount of blood to open, the reason why so much blood was needed was because it was thought that the purity of most people’s blood was too low, in fact, if it was a pure bloodline, just a little bit would do.

The only people Ye Lu knew who could activate a pure bloodline were Long Fei Xue and Jin Kun, and now he only needed the Ye family’s “Vermilion Bird Bloodline” and the Lin family’s “Xuan Wu Bloodline”.

Then, Ye Lu looked at Lin Zuoliang and Ye Nantian and said.

“Go back and contact the various branches of your Lin and Ye families, I will go and help you find a pure family bloodline in a few days.”

Both Ye Nantian and Lin Zuoliang nodded, then Lin Zuoliang could not help but ask once again.

“Are you really not a descendant of our Lin family?”

The reason was that the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior” had used the “Xuanwu Void Shadow” before.

Ye Lu shook his head and said.

“No, I merely used the power of your family’s ‘Xuanwu bloodline’.”

Then, Ye Luo turned his head to look at the several family heads and said.

“By the way, no one should say anything about my identity, understand?”

All of them nodded their heads.

After leaving, Ye Luo rushed to the cave at the back of the school, he had to make pills in a hurry to give them to Jasmine in exchange for more “medium-grade spirit stones”, and to exchange some more fire-attribute demon pills with that woman Huo Huan.

The “Ghostly Inferno” had already increased like never before, but the “Red Lotus Karma Flame” was still stagnant, which had too much of an impact on the power of the “Burning Heavenly Fury”.

After Ye Lu left, the four patriarchs of the four great clans looked at each other.

“I didn’t expect it, the internet celebrity, the ‘Guardian of the Capital’, the ‘Masked Man in Silk Stockings’ that everyone is talking about is actually him, it’s incredible!”

“Yes, a hero comes out of a young man!”

Only Long Ao knew that the other new internet celebrity, the “Mr. Luo” who had defeated the entire martial arts world, was actually Ye Lu, but he didn’t say anything about it because the shock Ye Lu had brought was too strong, and he was now thinking about how to get back together with Long Feixue.

If Ye Lu was still a “weapon smith” and “alchemist”, then he would undoubtedly be a demon.

At this moment, Long Ao was extremely regretful, he felt that the action he had taken last time was really too stupid, if he had talked to Long Feixue properly, with Long Feixue’s ancient way of thinking, maybe things could still turn around.

Also calculating similar things were the family head of the Jin family and the family head of the Ye family.

Jin Ming was thinking about how he should call Jin Kun well, and about bringing Jin Kun’s mother to the Golden Mansion to be worshipped, something he felt was very necessary.

Ye Nantian, on the other hand, was regretting that he should not have given Ye Yan a modified gong method.

“Let’s go back and teach the real ‘Vermilion Bird Heart Technique’ to Ye Yan, hopefully this matter won’t make her hate the family, and yes, there’s Ye Yan’s grandfather, we need to adjust his position as well.”

And Lin Zuoliang was thinking about how to deal with Lin Qing’s matter.

Soon, the story of the “Silk Stocking Masked Man” who had bloodied a stronghold of the “Society of the Extreme Way” and taken away the “Totem Board” of the Four Families soon began to spread on the internet.

It was of course the Four Families who started the hype.


The Xuantian clan.

One of the clan’s elders was listening to the report from the people below.

“It looks like this what’s-his-name ‘Silk Stocking Masked Warrior’ is really targeting us! Did he really take away the ‘Totem Plate’ of the four great clans?”

After hearing the affirmative answer, he then began to muse.

“It looks like we’ll have to find a way to do something about it, at least to the extent that we can get someone at the level of ‘Grand Master’ to enter the ‘Secular Realm’.”

Through this clan disciple’s report, this elder felt that it would not be long before the clan master level would not be able to suppress the “Silk Stocking Masked Warrior”.


The headquarters of the “Society of the Extreme Way” in China.

In the headquarters, everyone’s face was sullen, because this period of time, the “Society of the Extreme Way” died too many people, and the operation planned by the “Yin Yang Liao” also ended in failure, and the “Hundred Victory Shura” sniper war also failed, which made everyone feel that this period of time, nothing has been achieved.

“What happened to the woman with the suspected ‘Candle Dragon bloodline’?”

One man asked, looking at the others.

Following that, one said.

“There is no way to take care of it, because the people of ‘Death Shadow’ are guarding it too tightly, they even use ‘Grand Masters’, we are in the ‘Kingdom of China’ There are too few ‘Grand Masters’, and even if we use them, we don’t stand a chance.”

Hearing this answer, the guy who had inquired then tapped on the table and said.

“It looks like this woman is really related to ‘Blood Shadow Shura’, otherwise I don’t think there is anyone else who can make the ‘Shadow of Death’ spend so much power, by the way, about this ‘Qin Shiyu’s’ network of connections have all been checked out?”

The other man said with a nod.

“Yes, however, there aren’t any groundbreaking clues, there are suspicions, but still can’t fully confirm the identity of ‘Blood Shadow Shura’ and ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’.”

Once he had finished, the man at the head of the group banged on the table and said.

“Okay, I get it, looks like yes plan to do something about it.”

Ye Lu had been refining pills all night, and he found that his “Ghostly Inferno” was so helpful in refining pills that he could now easily refine a “Pulse Pill”, and he reckoned that it wouldn’t be too difficult to refine a “Spirit Condensation Pill” that could raise a person to the “God Harmony Realm”, but unfortunately, there weren’t enough ingredients yet, so he could only do it when he finished his quest in the Underworld, or when he had a certain amount of “Darkness Points” to exchange.

After handing over the various pills to the surprised Jasmine, Ye Lu found Ye Yan.

“Older sister, don’t open the shop, come back to the hotel with me, I want to help you activate your bloodline.”

Ye Luo looked at Ye Yan and said with a smile.

He didn’t know at this moment that another powerful ability was about to be opened.