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Super School Student Chapter 287-288

Chapter 287

After sending Hattori Fumimasa into confinement, the Hattori family’s patriarch, the current Hattori Hanzo, muttered somewhat glumly as he looked out the window.

“So many shinobi have died in China, what the hell is the ‘Yin Yang Liao’ doing?”

The Hattori family didn’t really know what the Yin Yang Liao was up to, they were just following the Liao’s plans, so he didn’t know anything about the Sake Swallow Boy.

Then he waved his hand and said to one of his subordinates.

“What’s the status of the enquiry? Is it true that a woman from China has come from the ‘Yin Yang Riao’ side?”

The subordinate nodded respectfully and said.

“Yes, I have checked it out, and the matter is indeed true, it seems to be used as a hostage to get a woman from China to come to our place.”

Hattori Hanzo then took a sip of his tea and continued to ask.

“Do you know where this woman is from?”

The subordinate then said again.

“We have checked, but it is not clear yet, it is said that there is nothing wrong with this woman or her background, it is the other woman that is the key.”

“I haven’t been able to inquire particularly well either, it is said to be related to the ‘Ancestral Dragon’, or perhaps to the ‘Orochi Snake’, but it’s not very certain, besides, I heard that the suspected ‘Ancestor Dragon’ woman killed the genius of the Abe family, ‘Yasuhiko Abe’, and I guess that was one of the reasons.”

Hearing this subordinate finish, Hattori Hanzo then nodded and said.

“Well, anyway, let’s do what the ‘Yin Yang Riao’ side says, but what we did this time was really out of the bushido spirit.”

As a result, the subordinate of his said with a smile.

“What the patriarch-sama said is true, but the adults in the shin yang liao were not originally samurai either, so they don’t have to practice the spirit of bushido, do they?”

Hearing this subordinate’s words, Hattori Hanzo also laughed.


After all the “ghost bats” had arrived, Ye Lu fed them once again, mainly the leaders, who were not far from breaking through again.

After that, Ye Luo took these ghost bats on board the stowaway ferry.

At the end of the night, Ye Lu took the Tower of Souls and all the Ghost Niches, as well as countless other Ghost Bats, and set off for the mainland of Japan.

After disembarking in Fukuoka Prefecture, Ye Lu put all the “Ghost Bats” into his “Spirit Beast Bracelet” and headed for the Fukuoka Shinkansen station with a large package on his back.

“The city of Kyoto was the capital of Japan more than a hundred years ago, and this was also the period when the Yin Yang Guild and the yin yang masters were at their peak, with the emergence of the most powerful yin yang master in history, Haruaki Abe.

Even though many years had pa*sed, the influence of the yin and yang masters had remained.

Ye Lu certainly had his own set of identity, his name was now Ye Zhiqiu, a foreign student who had come to Japan from China and was studying at Kyoto University in Japan, majoring in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

As for the Japanese language, he had been practising the fifty-syllable diagram before, but after the transformation of his body, especially with the coalescence of his aura, his brain had also become quite agile, so it was not difficult to learn.

The first and most important thing he had to do this time was to find a way to rescue Lin Danni first, everything else would have to wait until this was done.

Ye Lu bought a ticket for a free seat and chose to go up the last carriage, then slowly walked towards the front of the car.

To save people, one had to be wise, so Ye Lu had to find a suitable breakthrough to do so.

When he reached the fifth carriage, Ye Lu finally found the person he needed, a “Yin Yang Sheng” from the “Yin Yang Liao”.

Apart from the four chiefs, namely the chief, the second officer, the judge, and the master, there were only two types of people, the “Yin Yang master” and the “Yin Yang student”, and of course the division of labour was completely different from the real “Yin Yang squad”.

The “Yin-Yang Masters” were those who studied Yin-Yang techniques, while the “Yin-Yang Students” were not only responsible for the study of Yin-Yang techniques, but also for the day-to-day affairs of the “Yin-Yang Squad”, such as contacting the major ninja training clans, the daily expenses of the “Yin-Yang Squad”, the selection and recruitment of “Yin-Yang Masters”, and of course, many other unseen activities, which were all done by these “Yin-Yang Students”.

Ye Lu found out from the profile of this “Yin Yang student” that he was currently looking for suitable materials for his experiments, or to put it bluntly, he was looking for suitable people to test a Yin Yang technique called “Ghoul Forbidden Technique”.

Although Ye Lu did not know what kind of yin and yang technique this “Corpse Ghost Forbidden Art” was, it sounded scary, so I guess it would be bad luck if you don’t test it.

However, this was a good opportunity to get close to the “Yin Yang Liao”.

So, Ye Luo sat down next to this guy and talked to him.

“Ye Zhiqiu, you’re a foreign student, I didn’t know that you speak Japanese so well, you’re just like a local.”

When he heard that Ye Lu was a foreign student, this guy immediately turned interested.

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“I can’t help it, because I’m poor, so I want to learn Japanese well so I can earn some money to cover my tuition and daily expenses.”

The other party heard Ye Lu’s words and immediately asked.

“Are you working alone? Don’t you have any other students or anything?”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Yes, I’m alone, too poor, I’ve taken a small leave with the school to earn some money first, now I can only call home once a month, I can only tighten my belt to live.”

Hearing Ye Luo finish, this guy’s interest grew even more, he looked at Ye Luo and said with a smile.

“Perhaps it’s our fate that you met me, Abe Yasuyu, today, because I’m looking for someone to do a short-term part-time job.”

Ye Luo then looked at him and said with a smile.

“Your name is ‘Abe Yasuyu’, you’re not a descendant of the great yin and yang master ‘Abe Haruaki’, are you? I’m a fan of his!”

As a result, the one called Abe Yasuyu smiled very mysteriously and said.

“I am indeed the descendant of Master Abe, moreover, Lord Abe is not actually dead oh!”

To be honest, this statement took Ye Lu by surprise, Abe Haruaki was a great yin and yang master who lived in the middle of the Heian period around 1000 A.D. If Abe Haruaki was still alive, wouldn’t that be an old monster who had lived for a thousand years.

If he was still alive, Ye Lu’s plan to wreck the “Yin Yang Laos” would probably go bankrupt, and if he was sitting in the “Yin Yang Laos”, it would be difficult for Ye Lu to save him.

So, Ye Luo said without moving his voice.

“How is that possible? Can a person live that long? Wouldn’t that be a god.”

That Abe Yasuyu laughed and said.

“Of course not living to come now, when I say he is not dead, I mean he is still in a deep sleep and has been sleeping for hundreds of years, the temporary helper we got this time is also a research to help the ancestor of Qingming to come back to life, if you are lucky, this time you might be able to see the moment when a miracle is born.”

It looked like that Abe Yasuyu had already cla*sified Ye Lu as one of them by default.

Ye Luo had no problem with this, as he smiled and said.

“That’s certainly great, but as for the reward, you know I’m a poor man and can’t just live on ideals and idols, right?”

As a result, Yasuhito Abe said with a smile.

“Of course the pay is extremely generous, after all, we are working in the ‘Yin Yang Rao’, don’t worry, I’ll pay you five thousand yen an hour, what do you think?”

Five thousand an hour was about three hundred dollars an hour, and if you worked eight hours a day, that was over two thousand four hundred, which was five times the hourly rate of the average job in Japan, which was already very tempting.

Ye Luo’s eyes widened in feigned surprise, then he stammered a little and said.

“Yes, yes, but, I would like to ask, how long will this job last?”

Abe said with a smile.

“It’s hard to say, don’t worry, at least a week is there, food and accommodation are in our ‘Yin Yang Laos’, and you are counted as working twenty-four hours a day, how about that?”

Leaffall said loudly with a clap of his hands.


At this moment, he realized that there was a saying that “life is like a play, it all depends on acting”, and Ye Lu gave himself a perfect score for this part of his performance.

“Well then, let’s go to the ‘Yin Yang Riao’.”

Abe Yasuyu said with satisfaction.


Chapter 288

He also wanted to take a look at the “Yin Yang Laos” first, as the saying goes, it is not wise to barge in and save people as it is not wise to know one’s enemy.

In fact, Ye Lu also wanted to inquire about the basic situation inside the Yin Yang Laos, but that would undoubtedly reveal his identity as a practitioner, so he thought about it and said tentatively.

“Master Abe, is it true that there are many masters in the Yin Yang Laos?”

Yasuyu Abe then said with a smile.

“Of course, there are many masters in the Yin Yang Way, one of the most famous schools in Japan, but there has not been a ‘Saint’ for many years.”

Hearing that there was no “Saint”, Ye Lu was relieved. If he had all his cards at his disposal, he would have no problem dealing with “Grand Masters”, but against “Saints”, Ye Lu felt that it would be difficult.

However, Ye Lu was a bit curious about the other meaning of this guy’s words, so he looked at Abe Jing Yu and asked.

“You just said that Yin Yang Dao is the most famous school, but not the strongest school, meaning that there is another more powerful school?”

Abe Yasuyu said with a smile.

“Of course, because the strongest in Japan has always been the ‘Shinto’, just look at all the shrines and you will understand, each type of shrine has its own Shinto, and each Shinto is worshipped by many people, and these are the strongest in Japan.”

To be honest, Ye Luo had heard about the “shrines” and “Shinto shrines” in Japan, but it was only that, he couldn’t even see them in the mist, so he didn’t understand how strong they really were, but Ye Luo felt that most of them were similar to the “clan world” in China.

However, even if they were really something weird, Ye Lu decided not to change his plan.

So, Ye Lu followed this Abe Yasuyu to the “Yin Yang Liao”.

After going there, Ye Lu found out that it was just as he thought, the real core of the “Yin Yang Laos” was also in a small secret realm.

Beyond the secret realm was the “Yin Yang Laos” that everyone could see, a historical-looking complex that was the former site of the Yin Yang Laos more than a thousand years ago.

After entering the secret realm, Ye Luo saw many Yin Yang masters wearing tall hats and Yin Yang students like Abe Yasuyu.

Pretending not to know about Abe’s plot, Ye Luo greeted the people he met in a friendly manner.

However, the expressions of these Yin Yang masters and also the Yin Yang students were indifferent, presumably because they felt that there was nothing to say to a dead person.

While greeting everyone, Ye Luo was flying around and observing the situation around him.

This secret realm of the Yin Yang Liao was not very big, only about a few kilometres in size, and most of them were buildings, arranged very densely, so Ye Lu couldn’t figure out where Lin Danni was being held for a while.

However, Ye Lu would not blindly follow this guy, as he was only a cultivator at the Innate Breath Realm, so from the moment he saw him, Ye Lu was using his “ghost technique” to slowly control him.

Of course, since Ye Lu did not have the bloodline of a heavenly beast like the Lin family, it was very difficult to use the “ghost technique”, so it was impossible to completely control Abe Jingyu, but it was still possible to hypnotize him for a short period of time.

Soon, Ye Lu was taken to a large house.

“Wait here with them for now, that is the house you belong to, number 9527, if you need anything you can find me.”

Having said that, Yasuyuki Abe left straight away.

And a kind-looking middle-aged man came over and looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Little brother, why didn’t they take away your luggage?”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Guess it’s because they think I’m more handsome looking.”

After saying that, he put his things in his room first, and then walked out with an imperial green jade bracelet and the “burin gold pen”.

In the hall were long tables and chairs, a place for everyone to rest.

Ye Luo drew the ‘tool pattern’ on the bracelet while talking to the man who was also sitting there.

“Are you also here because you are short of money?”

The middle-aged man who had just come over looked at Ye Lu and asked.

Ye Luo nodded and said.

“Yes, otherwise who would come here? Are all the people who came in from outside here?”

The middle-aged man nodded and said.

“I guess so, those who came with me are all here anyway, I’ve been here for five days, but I’ve never been allowed to participate in the trials, and anyway, that person in charge said that the money was paid as it was, so I didn’t bother.”

Leaffall then thought to himself.

“When they do let you take part in the trial, I guess it will be the time of your death.”

After talking to him, it seemed that no one here knew anything about the “Yin Yang Squatter” and no one knew where the prisoners would be held.

Ye Lu was in no hurry, as there were still two days left, and he felt that he would still have a chance to save them.

Ye Lu’s plan now was to get the storage bracelets ready first, as the “ghost niches” he was carrying were too large. Neither the “Burning Heavenly Furnace” nor the “Ruler’s Square Bracelet” of the “Upper Mortal Grade” could hold the several “ghost niches”, so Ye Lu had to get a larger storage bracelet ready first.

These two bracelets had been drawn by Ye Lu for a long time on the road, but the most difficult part remained, which Ye Lu had not drawn until now, because the road was too bumpy, and the drawing of such “weapon patterns” could not be a problem at all, so Ye Lu only started to draw them now.

Soon, the most crucial section was also finished.

“Let’s see how it goes.”

Ye Lu poured his aura into the emerald bracelets, and sure enough, a separate space appeared in both bracelets, just like the secret realm, this space was about a meter long, wide and high.

“Finally, it’s done, a ‘Xuan rank lower grade’ storage bracelet.”

Ye Luo looked at the space in the bracelet with a sense of achievement as well.

“Could those so-called ‘secret realms’ have been opened up using this method as well, an incomparably huge storage artifact.”

However, Ye Lu quickly denied this idea, because he didn’t see anything like a “pattern of laws” in the vicinity of the secret realm, so most of them had been opened up by other means.

In any case, Ye Lu decided to take care of the “ghost niche” and other things first, and guessed that the guy he had just hypnotised would figure it out in a short while.

Sure enough, in a short while, that Abe came over again and found a reason to take away all of Ye Lu’s luggage.

Ye Luo then quietly waited for his chance, and sure enough, after another moment, a male attendant with an even lower cultivation level, this guy only had a Houtian cultivation level.

“That’s him, this one is easy to handle.”

Ye Lu didn’t dare to use “soul search” on this guy because Ye Lu’s “soul search” was not perfect, after using “soul search” this guy would definitely become an idiot, so he could only hypnotize him.

It’s a kind of “Ghost Art”, which is a system of its own and is indeed very powerful. It’s a pity that Ye Lu doesn’t have the Ghost Technique or the Ghost Bloodline, so it’s too difficult to perform it, but it’s easy to deal with Houtian practitioners.

So, Ye Lu took the opportunity of chatting to hypnotise this guy, and sure enough, although this guy’s cultivation level was very low, he had been working in the “Yin Yang Liao” for a long time, so he was familiar with everything here, including where Lin Danni was being held, he knew everything.

Ye Lu was quite satisfied with this result. After learning this information, Ye Lu waited quietly until after midnight, and then Ye Lu made his move.

He first hypnotised the caretaker just now and had him take himself out.

Then, Ye Lu found a corner and released “Cat Again”, who had not yet recovered and was still in a dying state.

“Little Tailed Beast, I’m sorry, just die, who let you have too little bloodline power.”

As he said that, Ye Lu bit down on the neck of the cat and started to drink the blood, this was the interior of the “Yin Yang Liao”, Ye Lu did not dare to barge in, because he could go out, but Lin Danni could not stand such a torment.

Sure enough, after losing a lot of blood, “Cat Again” finally died.

Ye Luo hid the corpse and then started to use the “Cat Again”, or to be precise, the “Nine Lives Cat Demon” ability, the name of which was “Transformation”, and he slowly turned into the appearance of Abe Yasuyu, as he had quietly cut off a lock of his hair when he was in contact with him.

Following this, Ye Lu walked boldly to the place where Lin Danni was being held.

“Lord Magistrate wants to arraign this prisoner, let me bring him over.”

Ye Luo looked at the guard and said calmly.

This guard was just sleeping, and seeing that it was Abe Yasuyu he opened the door in a daze and brought Ye Lu in, and sure enough, Lin Danni was in the house.

However, just as Ye Lu was about to take Lin Danni away, the guard stretched his back and then looked at Ye Lu and said.

“I almost forgot, the pa*sword!”

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Lu was really confused, he didn’t think that he would even need a pa*sword.