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Super School Student Chapter 299-300

Chapter 299

“In the Forty-Nine Houses of Iga, everyone had been in position since the evening, including Abe Ryuun and his two clansmen, as well as Momiji Denpong and Tenglin Takeshi, the five great masters of the hall, and the hall’s cannon was on the roof of the building where these five men were located.

The cannons of the other 49 Houses were also set up, and the plan was that as soon as the Masked Man in Silk Stockings dared to show himself, the cannons would be fired in unison and the Masked Man in Silk Stockings would be blown to death, including the one of the “Sake-tuned Boy”, which was a special ‘magic weapon’, not an ordinary cannon.

However, everyone waited until almost midnight, but Ye Lu still hadn’t arrived.

“Could it be that he’s not coming today?”

Someone looked outside where there was no movement and said.

“It shouldn’t be, but whether it comes or not, we can’t let our guard down.”

At that moment, everyone suddenly saw a red light rise in front of the main gate, followed by a terrifying and hideous beast rising from the sky and rushing towards the “Iga Forty-Nine Houses” with such speed that it was unbelievable.

“Quick, fire, try to kill it.”

The moment he saw the “poor beast”, Abe Ryuun also panicked, because he also did not expect such a powerful demonic beast to appear.

At the same time, he drew his katana from his waist with a serious expression, because he felt that the “Iga Forty-nine Houses” guard cannon would not be able to handle this terrifying beast.

Sure enough, when he saw the flying cannonball, the poor man’s tail flicked violently and the cannonball was drawn back.


The cannonball landed at the exact spot where the cannon that had just fired it was located. Although it did not go straight through the cannon barrel, the huge force still broke the cannon frame apart.

The cannons from the other forty-nine courtyards followed, and although they were not as powerful as the main cannon, there were so many of them that it was certainly not as easy to dodge them.

However, with this kind of power, there was no need to dodge such a powerful thing, as the “poor man” charged straight ahead and opened its mouth full of sharp teeth.


A terrifying flame erupted, it was clearly not an ordinary flame, it could burn almost everything, as soon as the flame pa*sed, one of the courtyards of the “Iga Forty-nine Houses” was burnt to ashes, only the “magic weapon” and the stones that could not be burnt remained.

“It’s too strong!”

When he saw this scene, Abe Liuyun’s eyebrows furrowed, because he did not expect Ye Lu to have such a technique, of course he also knew this “psychic technique”, but he could not summon such a terrifying demonic beast, so he did not cast the technique, but looked at the surrounding people and said.

“Whether we live or die, we have to try!”

Bai Di Deng Feng and Teng Lin Wu exchanged a look and followed, also drawing their weapons at the same time.

As the five men rushed out, Poor Qi was on a rampage destroying things everywhere, as the destructive power of this creature was just sky high.

He was frantically refining the “medium-grade spirit stones”, as he had to keep the Poor Man’s power here, at least until he could take care of the highest combatant.

At the same time, the “ghost bats” were on the move again.

“The first batch of Ghost Bats were the elite Ghost Bats and the strongest batch of Ghost Bats that Ye Lu had, and they took advantage of the chaos to sneak inside the Forty-nine Courts in order to destroy the firearms, as Ye Lu was more worried about the cannons than the people.

The other part of the “ghost bats” surrounded the “Iga Forty-nine Courtyards” to prevent anyone from escaping.

Ye Lu was not worried about the support troops coming from Kyoto, as Iga was further away from Kyoto than Koga, and there was no time to reinforce them.

In the Iga Forty-nine Houses, five rank eight Sovereigns had already confronted the poor man.


Abe Ryuun did not use the Yin-Yang technique but waved his sword first and sent a strike.

A white light slashed at the Poor Man’s body, but these beasts were all thick-skinned and thick-skinned, not afraid of this slash at all.


The ground was smashed into a large crater in an instant.

The power of this strike was extremely terrifying.


At this time, Abe Liuyun’s new strike arrived, a lightning bolt suddenly streaked past, followed by the falling thunderbolt, it was the “Falling Thunder Technique” of the Yin Yang Art, which was said to be able to destroy all evil spirits, but obviously could not destroy Poor Qi, Poor Qi did not even dodge and directly resisted this strike, followed by “Ow!” A roar of fury.

Immediately afterwards, a huge shadow appeared behind Poor Qi, while Poor Qi himself charged towards Abe Liuyun with his mouth wide open.

Seeing this scene, the two men, Bai Di Deng Feng and Teng Lin Wu, had a tacit understanding and quickly fled while they could, as they felt that they had no chance of winning this battle.

However, what they didn’t know was that they didn’t really need to defeat Poor Qi, as long as they could hold him back.

Even though Ye Lu had taken three “Heaven Stealing Pills”, he would not be able to hold out for long.


Seeing that Momiji Dengfeng and Tenglin Wu had actually slipped away, even Abe Liuyun, who was always cultivated, could not help but curse.

However, Poor Qi’s attack had already arrived.


Abe Liuyun was sent flying far away, he was far below Poor Qi in terms of strength, while the other two Yin-Yang masters immediately launched their Yin-Yang techniques to block Poor Qi.

However, it was a pity that only three of them were killed before the terrifying beast lasted for a while, but it was Momiji Dengfeng and Tenglin Wu who managed to escape, because although there were many Ghost Bats on the periphery, the battle line was too long and the difference in level between these Ghost Bats and the opponent was a bit far.

“D*mn you! I’m exhausted!”

Ye Lu said as he fell to the ground with a thump! He felt that his current state was not in the “weak stage” but it felt even weaker than the weak stage.

“This skill is going to drain me sooner or later.”

Ye Luo muttered helplessly, but, to be honest, he really liked this skill, but it was a pity that the level of “Poor Qi” was too high and he did not have the opportunity to establish a contract with this creature, otherwise he could have established a contract and summoned it next time.

It was hard to find such a tough demonic beast.

“Alright, little ones, let’s go clean up the mess together!”

These “ghost bats” were not good birds to be honest, similar to the Poor Qi, they were also bloodthirsty and liked to eat people.

It didn’t take long for the weakness caused by the “Heaven Stealing Pill” to set in, and Ye Lu fell to the ground, no longer wanting to get up.

The “ghost bats” were now overjoyed.

Led by the leaders of the Ghost Bats, they started with the weakest ones and killed them with surprising efficiency, with thousands of bodies lying on the ground in an instant.

The rest of the masters could not withstand a group attack, and the “ghost bats” were so cunning that they did not fight each other to the death, as there was no rescue force anyway, and a large group surrounding a single person could exhaust him.

In this way, it took a lot of time, but Ye Lu finally took out the headquarters of the Iga Ninja.

At the same time, in the national capital, Tokyo, a battle broke out against the Tokyo branches of the Hattori, Miyamoto, Koga and Iga Ryu clans.

However, the battle in Tokyo was a little different from the one here, where Ye Lu’s ghosts did not have an advantage, because apart from the Iga ninja who had moved some of them out of Tokyo, the other three ninja groups were still very strong in Tokyo.

So this time Ye Lu sent out the ghosts he had collected from the “oni mound”, which were of a lower cultivation, not to fight but to cause trouble.

The purpose was not to fight, but to cause trouble. These ninja groups were not the only ones in Tokyo, the more powerful “shrine” had a bigger power in Tokyo.

“All right, the show of Ten Thousand Demons haunting Tokyo has begun!”

Ye Lu said while lying on the ground and turning on his mobile phone.


Chapter 300

He didn’t turn on his mobile phone to control the “Wine Swallow Boy”, he had already explained to the “Wine Swallow Boy” that if he encountered anything unexpected, he should just follow the arrangements of the “Death Shadow” people.

He didn’t know what was going on in Tokyo, so it would be better to let the Shadow of Death people take command, as they not only had more people, but also had more combat experience than Ye Lu.

He turned on his mobile phone to check the situation in Tokyo, Ye Lu knew that good people would definitely post all kinds of news on the internet, and the media would not let go of this report.

Sure enough, the internet had already exploded, as the whole of Tokyo had been thrown into chaos, with the 2,048 Heavenly Realm ghosts that Ye Lu had collected haunting the whole of Tokyo, it was hard not to be chaotic.

The real battle is between the four ninja clans, and Ye Lu’s strategy is to “fight to the death”.

All the ghosts are charging upwards, even if they can’t kill them all, they want to consume as many of them as possible.

He and Hattori Hanzo had always been at odds, so when he heard that the Hattori family’s headquarters had been destroyed he was not sad, but had become the new head of the Hattori family in all but name, but unfortunately his happiness was not over for three days.

“How dare they fight their way to Tokyo, where the hell did these things come from?”

Hattori Tamaki muttered with a depressed look at the ghosts surrounding them attacking like mad some depressed, these ghosts were not afraid of being beaten to death at all, many of them were only attacking and not defending, risking their lives to pull each other into hell, this kind of terrible fighting style made all these ninjas feel chilled to the bone.

These ghosts are the true deadly warriors.

If, Hattori Yusei knew that these ghosts were in fact the ones they Japanese themselves had painstakingly collected everywhere, I wonder how he would feel.

It would have taken him a long time to catch them, even with the “ghost mound”.

Tokyo had fallen into the most chaotic moment, even the shrine side didn’t know what to do, as there were close to a thousand places in the city, and the terrible chaos caused by this, the streets were full of cars and people who didn’t know what to do.

The factories and many other establishments were no longer working, and at the behest of the Shadow of Death, “ghost bats” had infiltrated the electrical system and destroyed the city’s electricity, which is the backbone of a city, and when the whole of Tokyo was plunged into darkness, the city’s fear was at its limit.

Around the city, more people are pouring in, people who want to save their loved ones or friends, as Tokyo is also a city with a large transient population.

While Tokyo was in complete chaos, China, especially the capital, was in a frenzy, more so than the Olympics, and the media had been dispatching reporters to Tokyo since the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” began appearing in Japan, and the media were now reporting live from Tokyo.

“This is the Tokyo branch of the Hattori family, which was said to be one of the major powers during the ma*sacre in Kyoto, and now, following the destruction of their headquarters near Kyoto, their Tokyo branch has also been destroyed. Their Tokyo branch has also been destroyed, and it looks like the ‘Hattori ninja’ will be removed from the world.”

The reporter sighed outside the Tokyo branch of the Hattori family.

They didn’t have to worry, it was retaliation from China.

“As you can see from here, can’t you, the whole of Tokyo has been plunged into darkness, except for the flames emanating from those battles, and I guess this is the darkest day ever in the whole of Tokyo.”

As she spoke, a fire suddenly appeared on camera, high up, very high up, on top of Tokyo Tower, the tallest landmark in the city, to be exact.

The fire was so large that it looked like a giant torch from afar.

On top of the fire was a glowing plaque, also of unknown material, on which were written four large, shiny letters: “Blood for Blood”.

Although many people did not know or understand the meaning of the four Chinese characters on the sign, they all knew that it was in Chinese characters and understood that it was a warning from China.

The sign was made by Ye Lu, who had never thought that the people of Death’s Shadow could do such a good job.

The whole of Tokyo was plunged into darkness, with only the four bold letters on the Tokyo Tower displayed there.

“Do you know what those four words mean?”

“Not really, it seems to mean Blood for Blood.”

“I know this one, it’s a Chinese ‘idiom’, it means that if you have a grudge you have to be ruthless in your revenge.”

“It looks like we’ve really offended China! Who’s offended them?”

“Who else, the yin and yang masters of the ‘Yin and Yang Squad’.”

“They’re the ones who said they’d protect us last time.”

“Yeah, those unreliable guys.”


Almost everyone blamed the “yin and yang squad” for what happened in Tokyo, but of course, they were the ones who started it.

The first thing that happened was that the Iga Forty-nine Houses were known to everyone, and then he did it again.

He used his gla*ses to hack several major Japanese media outlets, including of course the official website of the “Yin Yang Riao”, and then left an identical message, a message about a treaty war.

“Gentlemen of the Yin Yang Squad, I am the Chinese martial artist ‘The Masked Man in Silk Stockings’, and I am here for your ma*sacre in the Chinese capital. If I lose, I will voluntarily withdraw from your country, if you lose, the whole squad will commit harakiri to thank you for the slaughter of the city, for the sake of the lives of your countrymen, please make sure to give a reply within twenty-four hours.”

This was Ye Lu’s long-planned method of dealing with the “Yin Yang Squad”.

“Unlike those ninja clans, the Yin Yang Liao were powerful, but they were also too involved with other forces, such as the shrine.

However, to be honest, Ye Luo didn’t have much confidence that he could succeed in the one-on-one fight, but he had already checked out the other party’s details.

Although the “chief”, Abe Liufeng, was very strong, he was not yet at the level of a “Saint”, he was at the primary level of a “Level 9 Master”, so Ye Lu felt that he should still have a chance.

“The eighth strand of aura has finally grown to full strength, come on, let’s fight to the death!”

After the message was released, Ye Luo began to quietly wait for the other party’s reply.

At this moment, the news had already reached the inner circle of the Yin Yang Liao, and several senior members of the Yin Yang Liao were studying strategies to deal with it.

“Sir, is there a conspiracy going on with that stockinged and masked man?”

A guy dressed as a yin and yang master asked as he looked at Abe.

Abe Ryuho did not answer immediately, he was also calculating this matter.

And the other guy said.

“Maybe not, because the other guy has always acted alone, he is strong enough to destroy the ‘Iga Forty-nine Houses’, I think he has terrifying strength, maybe he thinks he can beat the ‘sir’. ”

His words immediately drew dissent, with many retorting.

“That man can do it because of those weird ‘bats’ he brought with him, I guess, he’s not necessarily much stronger in person.”

“That’s right, Sir is a genuine direct descendant of Lord Seimei, so how could he not be his match.”

“However, the other side only said it was a ‘solo battle’, which means it’s normal to bring your own spirit beast to battle, and he’ll definitely bring those bats to battle then.”


Hearing everyone’s words, Abe Liufeng thought for a moment and said.

“Okay, let’s do this, first ask him about the rules of the duel, and then, investigate carefully what happened this time when the ‘Iga division’ was destroyed.”