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Super School Student Chapter 343-344

Chapter 343

In his opinion, Ye Lu might be a bit difficult to deal with, but in any case, Ye Lu was only one person, and there were not only many of them, but also so many bugs, he felt that maybe he could not kill them, but it should not be difficult to retreat.

Then, all the “black wizards” started to mobilise the worms.

However, immediately afterwards, they found that although the insects were rushing towards Ye Lu, they stopped when they were still a few metres away from Ye Lu, as if there was some invisible barrier blocking their way and they couldn’t advance any further.

Of course, this was not Ye Lu’s ability, this was the “Great Wind” bloodline divine ability.

Seeing this scene, the crowd was finally horrified, because this amazing thing was beyond their comprehension.

Even a large group of worms of the clan level, as long as they were not of high level, were nothing more than floating clouds in front of her.

Amidst the crowd’s surprise, Ye Lu had already struck.

“Before the Black Wizards knew what was going on, Ye Luo had already reached the leader of the Black Wizards, and with a single finger of her “Candle Dragon Finger”, she had stabbed him to death on the spot.


The insects that the “Black Sorcerer” had urged to retreat were like a tidal wave, and the whole scene was silent, as everyone was shocked by this blow.

That “Six Star Demon” had just heard Ye Lu say that he was going to show his hand, but he never thought that he was going to show such a hand.

“This is too strong!”

Everyone in the audience revealed a look of shock and amazement.

Many of them thought of how indifferent and contemptuous they had been towards Ye Lu, and there were even people who had laughed at Ye Lu, and there were people who wanted to covet the “Big Wind” girl as much as those three guys before them.

“I ask, you answer, if the answer is good, I will let him go.”

After stabbing the leader to death, Ye Lu said slowly as he moved his wrist.

All the “black wizards” in the room looked at Ye Lu like they were in silence.

Ye Luo began to ask.

“What is the purpose of your visit?”

As a result, several of them hesitated, but Ye Lu did not hesitate to strike again, and with another blow, one of the “black wizards” fell to the ground.

Ye Lu had just briefly looked through the information of these guys, and basically, every one of them was full of sins, and some of them had even killed their own relatives in order to practice “black witchcraft”.

Therefore, killing each and every one of them would not be an injustice.

“You are too slow to answer, I won’t repeat it twice, say.”

Ye Lu said while extending a finger.

“I said, the purpose of our coming is to bring the ‘Third Miss’ back to the ‘Divine Farm Valley’.”

A man hurriedly and quickly said.

Ye Luo nodded, this was similar to his judgement, just now these guys did not strike first, their aim was obviously not to kill.

Following that, he then continued to ask.

“Question two, what exactly happened on that side of the ‘Divine Farming Valley’?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s question, “Third Miss” also looked at Ye Luo’s place with wide eyes, because she also wanted to know what had happened at home.

However, what followed was silence.


In the silence, Ye Lu struck again, and another “Black Wizard” died on the spot, while Ye Lu looked at the crowd coldly and said.

“I’m waiting for your answers.”

One of the Black Wizards said immediately.

“We really don’t know, because we didn’t come from the ‘Pill God Valley’ side, we were temporarily deployed to snipe you, because the ‘Divine Farm Valley’ is too far away from here.”

Hearing him finish, Ye Lu nodded then continued to ask.

“Third question, who gave you guys the order and how are you going to reply to him.”

This time they answered very quickly, and one of the “black wizards” said quickly.

“The order was given to our captain, but the captain is dead, so we don’t know how to contact him or how to reply.”

After listening to him, Ye Lu looked at the corpses on the ground with some depression, it seemed that he had used this disincentive a little too quickly.

Following that, he then looked at the crowd and said.

“Alright, I’m done with my questions.”

Hearing these words from Ye Luo, these people then let out a long sigh of relief.

However, immediately after that, Ye Luo waved his hand and said.

“You can all go and die.”

As he waved his hand, dense “evil ghosts” appeared. Seeing so many ghosts appearing, and each one carrying the aura of a “master cla*s”, everyone was horrified.

“Who the hell is this ‘One Leaf Knowing Autumn’?”

“He’s too strong too!”

“I’m glad I didn’t mess with him.”


After these ghosts appeared, Ye Lu said indifferently.

“These people, leave no one behind, kill them all.”

In front of the powerful ghosts, these “black wizards” were not worth mentioning, and the battle was over in less than a minute.

Seeing Ye Luo’s thunderous tactics, all the “demons” participating in the mission were shocked.

Ye Luo turned his head to look at the six-star demon at the head and said.

“How did I do? Was it enough to make you transfer all the points you have to me?”

The six-star demon said quickly.

“Enough, enough, our lives are all given by you, it’s a good deal to give all the points to you.”

After saying that, he looked at the others and said loudly.

“Just now I made a deal with this ‘One Leaf Knowing Autumn’ gentleman for him to step in and save all of our lives, and the price was all of our ‘Darkness Points’, now that Mr. Ye has fulfilled his promise, everyone transfer the points to Mr. Ye’s account.”

Hearing his words everyone was stunned, but after a moment they all nodded and started to do so.

That “Six Star Demon” was right, if Ye Lu didn’t do anything, then everyone here, except for “Third Miss”, would die here.

They could earn points again if they lost them, but they would have nothing if they lost their lives.

At this time, the “Third Miss” walked up to Ye Lu and looked at him.

“Yiye Zhiqiu, I’ll pay you more, so you can protect me and go home.”

Ye Luo looked at this “Third Miss” and smiled and said.

“Third Miss, you are too naive, I am afraid I have to let you down, I feel that you should not be able to pay the extra payment, if the ‘Underworld’ had not already received your previous payment, we would have broken up long ago.”

Looking at this “Third Miss” with a stunned expression on her face, the man in charge who had been next to her before came over and looked at her and said.

“Third Miss, he should be right, something has happened in the valley, no one can be contacted, I am afraid you and we are the only ones who have escaped from the ‘divine farming valley’.”

Hearing this man’s words, this “Third Miss”, who was used to being pampered and high-minded, had her face changed. Her face changed.

I guess she had never thought that she would be alone one day.

She was at a loss for words.

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo then looked her in the eyes and said.

“Answer me one question and I might consider helping you to save your loved ones, including taking back all of your ‘Pill God Valley’.”

When they heard Ye Lu say that he was prepared to take back the Pill God Valley, everyone showed their surprise and disbelief, because although the Shennong Valley was a secluded family, many cultivators knew about it, because the Shennong Valley was inherited from the bloodline of the ancient great “Shennong Clan”, and had its own very unique skills in pill making.

Even the Shennong Valley had fallen, and Ye Lu actually said that he would take it back by himself, which sounded a bit exaggerated.

So, before the “Third Miss” could answer, the person in charge beside her looked at Ye Lu and asked.

“Mr. Yiye Zhiqiu, I take the liberty to ask you, do you have any more powerful means?”

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“Of course there are more powerful ones.”


Chapter 344

When they heard Ye Luo say that there was something more powerful, they all looked at Ye Luo.

Ye Lu didn’t do anything, but gestured for “Big Wind” to come over and give a demonstration.

“Big Wind” looked at a big tree in the camp, and then she casually waved her arm at the tree, and a huge “wind blade” flew towards the tree.


“The wind blade was so sharp that it cut the tree off with a single blow. The tree collapsed with a loud bang and the scene was silent.

It was such a big “wind blade” and there were no gloves or anything like that in Gale’s hand, which meant she had delivered that terrifying blow with her bare hands.

To deliver such a terrifying blow with her bare hands meant that this tall woman was a real “Saint” level expert, and a “Saint” was a powerful existence in any part of the world.

“The Third Miss didn’t know whether her family had any Saints or not, or how many Saints there were, but the appearance of the Saints undoubtedly made her understand that Ye Lu wasn’t just joking, he really had the cards.

The demons hired by the Underworld were also shocked by this blow, especially those who had thought of hitting on Gale, and they all felt a chill run down their backs.

It was as easy as stepping on an ant to kill them when they were trying to pick up someone else.

Especially the guy who had just taken action and was finally left, he really felt the power of the “Great Demon” this time.

Ye Lu looked at the “Third Miss” and said.

“Can I ask you this question now?”

Only then did “Third Miss” nod somewhat mechanically, while Ye Lu looked at her and said.

“Come alone with me, it’s better for only the two of us to know what I’m asking this time.”

However, “Third Miss” finally insisted that the middle-aged man who was in charge of organising the operation also come with her, as if she trusted this man a lot.

Only after she had left the crowd did Ye Lu look into the eyes of the “Third Miss” and ask.

“Let me ask you, why did those people have to take you back?”

This was also a question that Ye Lu was very confused about. According to him, “Third Miss” was just a person who seemed to be of no use, so why did they have to bring her back?

Ye Lu felt that there must be some hidden agenda here.

Sure enough, “Third Miss” glanced at the person beside her and saw that person nodding, and only then did “Third Miss” look at Ye Lu and say.

“They want to take me back because I have the key to open the ‘treasure vault’ of the clan’s land, and this should be the only leverage I have now.”

Following that, Third Miss then said with a sigh.

“Now that I think about it, my family should have sensed or had a premonition about this matter for a long time, that’s why they let me come out alone and also made me have to bring the key to the ‘Treasure Vault’ with me.”

Ye Luo nodded, he had felt that there was something going on here before, but he didn’t expect that to be the case.

So, Ye Lu thought for a moment and said.

“Good, I am very satisfied with your answer, this is decided to help you, we will go on our way first in a while, I think they should contact you, when the time comes, help me ask about the specifics of the valley, mainly ask how many experts the other side has in the valley, I will then see how to act.”

Ye Luo had already figured out that since this place still belonged to the northern boundary, the people of the Black Witch Cult should not be able to organize a second attack quickly, and the best way for them to do so was to threaten the Third Miss and make her hand over the key.

“Besides, Third Miss, please give me the key you said, I don’t want to work hard when you have already handed over the key, moreover, you can’t keep the key with your ability.”

Although Ye Luo’s words made “Third Miss” feel very humiliated, however, she also understood that what Ye Luo said was also the truth, and now Ye Luo was the only straw that saved her life.

Of course, even if she didn’t give it, the woman beside Ye Lu could easily kill all of them.

After getting the key, Ye Luo looked at the depressed “Third Miss” and said with a smile.

“Don’t be upset, it’s for your own good, think about it, once the key is in the other party’s hands, you’ll have no more value, and you’ll be dead and buried, probably including your family.”

Only then did the “third lady’s” face lighten up a little.

And so, once again, everyone was on the move, heading for the “Shen Nong Valley” in Miaojiang, of course.

As expected, half an hour later, someone from the Black Witch Cult called Jiang Yan, the Third Miss, threatening her to hand over the key to the Treasure Vault or else they would kill her relatives, one by one, to show her.

Under Ye Lu’s direction, Jiang Yan asked to speak to her father.

She then took the opportunity to ask about the situation in the valley, after which Jiang Yan agreed to give them the key, but only in exchange for hostages. She made the condition that she could not take all the treasures, but all her family members must be unharmed, and she would return as quickly as possible to make the exchange.

The other side was, of course, very happy with the result.

After all, Jiang Yan was just a young girl, she didn’t have that many backups, and even if she had a few friends or something, the Black Witch Cult wasn’t afraid.

“Master Yiye Zhiqiu, what’s next?”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yan looked at Ye Lu and asked.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“What else can I do, of course I’ll kill them. I hope your father and grandfather are generous people who know what they’re doing and don’t make me angry.”

After saying that, Ye Luo left the team together with “Big Wind”.

“Windy, did you get a clear picture of the place you just told me about? This time we’ll fly there at full speed, the faster the better, to catch them off guard.”

“Windy smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, hold on tight, don’t fall off, let’s go!”

With these words, “Big Wind” took Ye Lu up into the sky and flew in the direction of Miaojiang, this time “Big Wind” was at full speed, and Ye Lu realized that its speed was even faster than an ordinary plane.

In Ye Lu’s opinion, the other party would not have thought that they would be able to come so quickly.

“The other party has two ‘Saint’ level people here, although they are not high, one ‘First Turn Saint’ and one ‘Second Turn Saint’, but, we There are only two of us, so let’s not do anything brutal, let me go down first and see what happens, see if I can sneak in and take out one of them, you wait for my notice, when you get the chance, strike a thunderous blow and finish them off.”

In the sky above the Divine Farming Valley, Ye Lu looked at the deep valley in the distance and said.

He didn’t dare to let “Big Wind” get too close, after all, this big bird was too eye-catching.

As he got closer, Ye Lu realized that this place looked quite dangerous, and Ye Lu could tell that the real “Shen Nong Valley” was actually a secret realm, and there was a big formation at the entrance of the valley.

At this moment, there were several people guarding the entrance of the valley, and one of them was one of the three “Saints” guarding this place, a “First Turn Saints”, which was Ye Lu’s target this time.

When he arrived near the mouth of the valley, Ye Lu thought about it, then instead of choosing to sneak past or something like that, he strutted towards the mouth of the valley.

Of course, his action was immediately seen by the few people at the entrance of the valley.

“Who is it?”

The “holy man”, of course, had to maintain the demeanour of an expert and sat there like a monk in meditation without doing anything.

Ye Luo looked at him and said with a smile.

“What people, of course they are the ones who came to beat you up, you few come over to receive death!”

When he heard Ye Luo’s words, the man who questioned him laughed instead, he looked at Ye Luo as if he was looking at a bogeyman and said with a laugh.

“Did you just get out of the psychiatric hospital and come here alone to die?”

Ye Luo didn’t care about this, he dashed towards the mountain gate, while shouting.

“I’ll step on you all tonight.”

Seeing Ye Luo’s performance, the guy in charge of the guards skimmed and cursed.

“Stupid fork!”

Following that, he struck out at Ye Luo.