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Super School Student Chapter 367-368

Chapter 367

Ye Lu sat on the ground and watched all this with no expression.

It wasn’t that he was pretending, it was because he was currently concentrating on using a “spell”, a one-time “spell” that only Ye Lu could use.

This spell was called “Vicious Spirit Possession”, which was actually a life-threatening spell, and a spell that targeted “spirits”.

Previously, Ye Lu had fused the “spirit” of the “Ghostly Inferno”, or rather the seed of the “Ghostly Inferno”, and at that time, the commotion caused by the “Ghostly Inferno” during its transformation was still fresh in Ye Lu’s mind.

The entire cave was frozen, and even the woods and gra*s outside the thick mountain wall were thick with frost, and it was because of this that the “old woman of compulsion” and Granny Yun were alerted.

At that time, the “Ghostly Inferno” had just taken shape and did not even have a “spiritual sense”, while the current “Green Lotus Fire Spirit” could take over other people’s existence.

Therefore, it was extremely dangerous for Ye Lu to borrow the power of the “Green Lotus Fire Spirit” and forcibly strip the “Green Lotus Fire Spirit” to form a shadow to attack.

If Ye Lu hadn’t been transformed by the gla*ses, if he hadn’t had the seeds of “Ghostly Inferno” and “Red Lotus Flame” planted in his body, using such a powerful force with his current cultivation would undoubtedly be self-destructive, and he would have to be burned into nothingness by the “Green Lotus Flame”.

Even so, Ye Lv could not make the slightest mistake, otherwise he would really be ruined if the “Green Lotus Flame Spirit” took over his body.

After shredding the “Night Fork”, Ye Lu quickly launched another attack, this time targeting the “Enlightened Beast” with only nine heads.


The huge flaming giant opened its mouth, and the terrifying flames instantly enveloped the Kai Ming Beast.

By this time, both the Golden Silkworm Companion and the Rakshasa were already scared and turned to run under the control of their master, but it was too late to run now.

A huge green flame spear appeared in the flame giant’s hand and was thrown at the Golden Silkworm Compulsion.


The spear pierced through the body of the “Golden Silkworm Compulsion” and flew far away before it landed in the Er Sea.

At the same time, the huge flaming fist also struck the body of the “Rakshasa”.

Seeing that the four terrifying guys had been killed in three strikes, everyone looked at Ye Lu sitting in the ruins of the Nanzhao Palace with his mouth wide open.

At that moment, everyone felt that Ye Lu had transformed into a supreme god of war, so powerful that he was unbelievable.

At this moment, the fire spirit figure, which was based on Ye Lu’s image, was still standing above Ye Lu’s body, a huge figure more than ten meters tall, looking like a god of flame.


The “Heavenly Compulsion Saint Maiden” was the first to realise that she should hurry to escape, but Ye Luo had already said indifferently.

“It’s too late! Explode!”

With Ye Luo’s words, the huge flame giant exploded, and terrifying green flames surged out, centering on Ye Luo and impacting in all directions, as fast as lightning.

“Old iron guys, ‘Heavenly Compulsion Saint Girl”s big white legs you all saw it, remember to double click comment 666, I’ll come closer, ah ……”

Those anchors who didn’t leave the island despite their lives were instantly engulfed by the flaming giant wave.

The “Heavenly Compulsion Saintess”, the four of them and the other backers left behind were no exception, all of them were burned into nothingness by the terrifying wave of flames.

The huge shockwave blew all the people on the edge of the island into the sea, and all the boats on the beach were blown far away.

The sea was blown up in countless ripples, with the Nanzhao Style Island as the centre.

The flaming waves surged into the sky, lighting up the entire Erhai Sea in a dazzling manner.

It was not that he didn’t want to move, but he couldn’t move, and probably wouldn’t be able to do so for some time.

“Great Wind!”

Ye Luo unleashed the “Great Wind”.

The “Nine Infants” in the air had been shocked by Ye Lu’s aura and terrifying attack just now, and when it saw the “Great Wind” appear, it also obediently flew down from the air and landed beside Ye Lu.

This was a bit of a surprise to Ye Lu.

“‘Nine Infants’, what will this monster become if it transforms?”

Looking at the hideous “Nine Infants”, a question suddenly popped up in Ye Luo’s head, wondering if the “Nine Infants” would turn into a monster with nine heads, or a psychopath with nine minds, or nine people?

However, he quickly shook off these confusing thoughts, because it was time to leave, and if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to leave.

“Gale, carry me on your back and go!”

As Ye Luo finished speaking, a gust of wind swept Ye Luo up and let him float down to the back of “Big Wind”, which then vibrated its wings and carried Ye Luo up into the sky, while “Nine Infants” followed closely behind.

“Is this the way to go?”

“You’re dead, Yun Feiyang is dead, all those experts are dead, I’m afraid this ‘Mr. Luo’ has the number one ranking on the ‘God of War’ list.”

“It was an enjoyable battle to watch, why not fight a little longer.”

“But the island was f*cked out of existence!”


The spectators who were soaking in the water and those lying in the boats all looked at the “Nanzhao Style Island” which had been razed to the ground and talked about it with emotion.

The whole island was now only bare.

“Amitabha Buddha, it seems that this trip has been in vain! Goodness! Goodness!”

On one of the boats, a tall monk with his hands folded looked at the “Nanzhao Style Island” with white water mist rising up and said with some emotion.

In fact, Ye Lu had already guessed that, given the style of the Wudang Sect, they would definitely send someone to protect him secretly, but he did not expect that the Shaolin monk would come personally.

Of course, what he didn’t know was that the “Evil God Cult” also had back-ups around, but when they saw the great monk, they didn’t make a move.

At the same time, the “God of War” list had been updated for the first time.

“Mr. Luo had killed Yun Feiyang and had become the seventh place on the “God of War Ranking”.

In fact, some people had suggested that “Mr. Luo” should be ranked tenth because many people thought that “Mr. Luo” had killed Yelou Luo.

However, as there was no evidence, the ranking went from eleventh to tenth on the “God of War List”, and this time “Mr Luo” finally became the “New God of War”, which was expected to be in the top ten.

This battle took everyone who was paying attention here by surprise.

The War God, who had been a great figure in the Southern Border for many years, was defeated and kneeled down, then Yun Fei Yang was beheaded in public, after which Yun Fei Yang was killed, and at the same time, the super elites of the Compulsion Clan and the Ghost Sect, including the “Heavenly Compulsion Saintess”, were slaughtered, destroying an island in one blow.

All of these events were very unexpected.

In particular, the performance of Linghu Qian silence had left everyone in a state of shock, and all those who had previously worshipped Linghu Qian silence had fallen over to “Mr. Luo”.

The “Companions” also immediately learned of the news from the “Erhai” side.

“What? The Golden Silkworm and Sakura are both dead!”

“The patriarch of the Companions stood up in surprise.

“Yes, not only Sakura, but also the two super disciples of the Ghost Sect are dead, as well as Yun Fei Yang, that ‘Mr. Luo’ is much stronger than we expected.”

The battle was really too dangerous and difficult for Ye Lu, and he hadn’t really planned to get involved in this duel, but he didn’t want to sit idly by as it concerned his sister Ye Yan.

At this moment, “Big Wind” suddenly said.

“There’s a flying demon beast coming towards us, a species I’ve never seen before, and there’s a, a, yes, foreigner on it.”

“A foreigner?”

Hearing “Big Wind’s” words, Ye Lu really felt a little hairy inside.

“Where is it?”

Ye Luo quickly asked.

“Ten o’clock, don’t worry.”

With “Big Wind’s” reply, Ye Luo saw the man flying over at ten o’clock, a blond white man standing on a demonic beast with an eagle’s head, eagle’s wings and eagle’s claws, but with a lion-like body.

“Greece, Griffin! This is in big trouble!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu muttered darkly.


Chapter 368

Griffin is a demonic beast from Greek legend, and this time it appeared here, so it was obvious that the cultivators on Mount Olympus were on the move.

“I guess it was the ‘gale’ and the flames that made them recognise my identity.”

Ye Lu muttered secretly.

He had used the identity of “Blood Shadow” in Italy, but he had used purple flames at that time, and it was “Gale” who had saved him in the “Ancient Roman Colosseum”, although there was no proof, these two points were enough for the people of “Mount Olympus” to link “Mr. Luo” and “Blood Shadow” together.

And even if they were wrong, they probably wouldn’t feel any psychological pressure to kill just one more person anyway.

“But, they really think highly of me, sending a cultivator with the ‘War God’ bloodline to finish me off.”

Ye Lu found out that this guy standing on top of Griffin, whose name was Karaxis, actually possessed the bloodline of the Twelve Gods, and was holding the Spear of Ares, which looked really handsome.

Moreover, this guy and the demonic beast Griffin under his feet were both at the level of “Fifth Turn of Golden Dan”, which was the highest cultivation level Ye Lu had seen so far, definitely not something that “Nine Infants” and “Big Wind” could deal with.

It was probably because of the appearance of Cain’s shadow last time that Mount Olympus had taken Ye Lu extremely seriously.

“Let’s escape! Nine Infants, let’s split up and run, don’t die.”

Ye Luo said somewhat helplessly.

Following that, he and “Big Wind” flew towards the ground and fled.

The Griffin was also a bird-shaped demonic beast, and according to Ye Lu’s judgment, although perhaps this fellow was not wind-attributed, he was a small rank higher than the Great Wind, so his speed should not be slower than the Great Wind.

As for the Nine Infants, it was really good at fighting, but it was a little less good at flying.

“If we enter the jungle, we may still have a chance, but if the situation is bad, you should run for your life and leave me alone, understand? Big Wind.”

Ye Lu didn’t want Gale to get involved and die.

After all, Big Wind was not his contracted demon beast, and there was no need for him to die for himself.

“The first time I saw you, I was able to get the benefits I was promised, so don’t die.”

With those words “Big Wind” dashed towards the ground.

“The two of them were aiming at the same place, that is “Xishuangbanna”.

In Xishuangbanna, there was a tropical rainforest in China, where the jungle was thick, a good place to hide people, and it was night time, a good time to hide.

“That bugger ‘Nine Infants’ has gone to help.”

“Gale said as she flew wildly.

Her eyes were better than eagle eyes or something like that, so she could already see the Nine Infants reaching the white man, Cara*sis, and Griffin.


With an expressionless wave of his hand, Cara*sis sent a long chop from the Spear of Ares, and the two heads of the Nine Infants fell off.

However, the Nine Infants were not afraid at all and continued to charge forward, but Kara*sis swung his spear quickly.

Numerous nets of light appeared, and the water and fire spewed out by the Nine Infants were all blocked by the spear’s aura, followed by three more heads being chopped off.

Obviously, the difference between the Nine Infants and their opponents was still huge.

“The Nine Infants had nine heads, and it was no fool. It knew very well the difference between itself and its opponent, so it had already fled beforehand when Caraxis had launched its ultimate move.

Its aim was to buy a little time for Ye Lu and the others, but it didn’t expect to buy only two more breaths of time.

While the Nine Infants were tangling with Karaxis, Ye Lu and Gale were already rushing towards the tropical rainforest of Xishuangbanna.

“Not much farther, it looks like we’re going to win.”

Ye Lu said with a sigh of relief as he saw the rainforest getting closer and closer.

However, at this moment, “Big Wind” made a sharp turn and then fell down with a lurch.

At the same time, Ye Luo also saw that the Spear of Ares had already penetrated the body of Gale, and then the Spear of Ares fell far into the rainforest.

Gale was badly injured and fell down with Leaffall.


Ye Luo quickly put “Big Wind” into the “Spirit Beast Ring”, and then accelerated towards the rainforest below.

“Sister Wind, I hope you won’t die this time, I will find a way to save you.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly as he once again accelerated his descent.

At the same time, he also paid attention to the distant “Cara*sis” riding on the “Griffin”, it seemed that these two guys were still a bit far away from him.

However, immediately afterwards, he saw that Kara*sis suddenly had a large, exaggeratedly shaped bow in his hand, and then he opened his bow and shot an arrow towards Ye Lu.

“As expected of a war god, he actually has all kinds of weapons.”

Ye Luo saw the fast approaching long arrows and accelerated his speed again, he felt that at such a distance, that “War God” could not control these long arrows remotely, he should be able to dodge such an attack easily.

Sure enough, as the long arrows approached him, he saw that they had deflected a great distance.

After all, he could control the speed of his movement, and it was very difficult for his opponent to hit him ahead of the brightening.

However, just as Ye Luo was breathing a sigh of relief again, a strange situation occurred, the long arrow suddenly turned into a small flying dragon with a mouth full of sharp teeth and wings.

After transforming, the little flying dragon grew bigger and charged towards Ye Lu.

At this moment, Ye Lu was in a weakened state, so he could not fight back at all, so he quickly put back the speed-controlling “Ghost Bats” he had released.

At the same time, the three “Heavenly Vines” wrapped around his body.


The dragon that had grown bigger spurted out a mouthful of dragon flame, and the flame instantly enveloped Ye Lu.

This time, another arrow came from Karaxis, this time a bird with a long, spiky beak, and pecked at Ye Lu.

“Sh*t! If I didn’t have the ‘Tongtian Vine’ I would have been dead this time.”

Ye Lu secretly sighed, these weird “arrows” were actually of “Saint” level, if he didn’t have protection, he would have died long ago.


Following this, Ye Li finally fell into the rainforest.

“Woori, ‘ghost bats’, kill it for me.”

If these two “arrows” kept following him, he would definitely not be able to escape the pursuit of the “War God” behind him.

“Although the Ghost Bats had become much stronger after being cultivated with the Yin Yuan Pill over the past few days, and some of them had already reached the level of “Sovereign 9”, the gap between them and the two demonic beasts was still very large.

There were tens of thousands of them, and if Ye Lu gave up, I was afraid that even the Griffin would not be able to win.

“Wine swallow, carry me and run, do not care about the direction, quickly ……”

When he reached the ground, Ye Lu gave the order quickly.

The “Sake Swallow Boy” did not delay, he carried Ye Lu towards the jungle and ran wildly.

“It’s really difficult!”

When he saw Ye Fei fall into the jungle of Xishuangbanna, Caraxis’ brow furrowed.

He went into the rainforest first and collected the “Ares Spear”, which was an “upper grade” “magic treasure”, although he couldn’t bring out the power of the “magic treasure”, he couldn’t afford to lose such a thing.

“Here we are, it looks a bit difficult.”

Caraxis looked at the dense jungle, but, of course, they had a lot of preparations to deal with Ye Lu, so he once again released a large group of demonic beasts.

These demonic beasts were small, shaped like ants, but much bigger than ants, about the size of a mouse, and were the “Chimera Ants”, the demonic beasts that had been specially prepared to track them this time.

Most of these ants had wings, so when they appeared, they spread out like bees deep into the rainforest. At the same time, Karaxis once again released several huge flying demon beasts to watch back and forth in the air to prevent Ye Lu from escaping from the rainforest.

“Despite their small size, the Chimera Ants were incredibly fast and soon tracked down Ye Lu.