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Super School Student Chapter 417-418

Chapter 417

According to his thought, the “Violet Wei Heavenly Flame” as the trigger should summon something related to the “Violet Wei Heavenly Flame”, but it turned out to be a devil dragon with black flames all over its body.

“Name: Hell Demon Dragon, Level: First Infant, Source: Abyssal Hell Secret Realm, Description: A demon dragon bred by the Violet Violet Emperor, i.e. the most powerful one in Hell, the Fengdu Emperor, with the ‘Hell Fire’ of the Ten Great Origin Fires, so strong that it is invincible in the same cla*s and can easily fight across cla*ses ……”

When he saw this introduction, Ye Lu remembered that this Purple Violet Emperor was also called the “Great Emperor of the Purple Wealth of the Central Heaven and the North Pole”, and was a very important deity in mythology, along with the “Jade Emperor”.

In addition, legend has it that he is also the supreme god of the underworld, the strongest of the “five ghost emperors” who rule over hell.

“Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I used two kinds of flames from hell.”

Ye Lu muttered in his heart. To be honest, this kind of “Fire Summoning” originally had a lot of variables, and few people used it, because one had to have a “Fire Spirit” to do it, and without a “Fire Spirit”, ordinary flames were not spiritual, just like ordinary blood that did not contain “bloodline power” could not summon anything.

But who has a “fire spirit” and is willing to use it to summon it?

“The Fire Spirit is a rare treasure, and using it to summon it becomes a disposable consumable, no one would want to do that.

In fact, Ye Lu did not want to do so either. In fact, he wanted to slowly fuse the “Violet Sky Flame”, and if he could really fuse it successfully, he was afraid that even legendary experts who had crossed the “Golden Dan Avenue” would not be afraid.

Unfortunately, he had no choice but to take the risk, as the situation forced him to do so.

Of course, it wasn’t over yet. Ye Lu didn’t think this “Hell Demon Dragon” would listen to him, it gave him the impression that he could burn himself to death with a single breath.

Sure enough, after the creature appeared, it looked around with its strange eyes, and no one dared to make any noise, not even to breathe.

The feeling of oppression from this thing was really too strong.

Even the “Dan King” Ge Feilong, who had already crossed the “Golden Elixir Path”, was silenced, because this dragon was really too terrifying.

“Not a single person from Kunlun dared to move, and even those demonic beasts that liked to scream were silenced.

Everyone looked at this “hellish demon dragon” in silence, not knowing what this creature would do.


Seeing that no one was speaking, this creature snorted coldly.

As he snorted, the breath from his nostrils instantly killed a Daoist priest from Kunlun and the demonic beast he was riding.

Everyone saw that Daoist priest and his demonic beast both age rapidly, turning into an old man in a few breaths, followed by ageing and turning into flying ashes.

There was actually the “power of age” in this breath, and everyone’s eyes widened.

Ye Lu’s eyes also lit up.

“Is this the power of a ‘YuanYing’ powerhouse? This is too terrifying!”

Ye Lu was stunned by the scene in front of him.

Of course, what shocked him the most was the power of the “Hellfire”, which seemed to be the opposite of the “Nine Heavenly Mystic Flame”, one was full of “vitality” while the other was full of “death”, and this “power of the ages” was from the “Hellfire”.

“It would be great if I could possess ‘Hell’s Fire’.”

Ye Lu licked his lips and then looked at this “Hell Devil Dragon” and said.

“Mr. Hell Demon Dragon, I summoned you, please do us a favour.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the terrifying “Hell Demon Dragon” turned its head to look at Ye Luo, and then said in a loud voice.

“I thought there was no one with guts, you’re not bad, it’s been too long since you came to the earthly world, the world has changed a lot!”

Seeing that this “Hell Devil Dragon” did not want to kill himself, Ye Lu was relieved, he was really afraid that this B*****d would kill him at the drop of a hat.

However, after that, the “Hell Devil Dragon” looked at Ye Lu and said coldly.

“It’s going to be very costly to call me out when you have nothing to do, you know? However, I am curious to know how you, an ant-like person, summoned me out.”

With those words, it then fiercely put its head in front of Ye Lu’s face, almost looking at Ye Lu face to face.

This frightened Ye Lu, not to mention that the “hell fire” emanating from the creature’s mouth made him feel like death was coming.

He had no choice but to quickly release the fusion of flames in front of his body to make a defensive shield, otherwise he would have been skinned without dying.

Seeing Ye Lu’s performance, the “Hell Devil Dragon” nodded and said.

“I can’t believe you have the Fire of Vitality and two kinds of Hellfire, no wonder you can withstand my dragon’s breath.”

In its opinion, talking so close was enough to make Ye Luo die of old age, but Ye Luo was not affected too much.

“It’s true that you kid is evil.”

Seeing the “Hell Devil Dragon’s” attitude change, Ye Luo’s heart felt a little more secure.

However, at this time, a guy from Kunlun suddenly said.

“Mr. Devil Dragon, help us kill this man, and we, ‘Kunlun’, will give you a benefit.”

As a result, the “Devil Dragon of Hell” snorted and turned his head to look at him, followed by the guy who burnt himself up.

The “Hell Devil Dragon” then continued.

“You’re from Kunlun, I’m angry when I see you.”

This blow made those guys from Kunlun horrified, it was obvious that this black dragon seemed to have a grudge against them.

“Let’s run for our lives!”

A few Kunlun disciples who were on the outer edge of the encirclement prepared to flee when they saw that the situation was not good, but just as they made their move, the Hell Demon Dragon had already thrown several balls of flame at them.

Without any surprise, they were all burnt into nothingness.

After all this, the “Hell Devil Dragon” looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Little doll, I’ll give you a creation, I’m stuck at the bottleneck of upgrading, give me all your stored ‘Flame of Life’ and give me the ‘Immortal Pill’ you have on you, in return, I can sign a ‘summoning contract’ with you. The ‘summoning contract’, but of course whether you can summon me out again depends on your ability.”

Hearing the words of the “Hell Demon Dragon”, Ye Lu agreed without hesitation, this was definitely a great thing.

However, when the people of Kunlun heard this, they were not so sure. This clearly showed that this black dragon was already one of Ye Lu’s gang.

So, all the Kunlun people fled in all directions like crazy.


“The Hell Demon Dragon snorted coldly, then with a fierce fling of its claws, countless black flaming swords like huge curved moons struck in all directions, all the Daoist priests and their mounts who were trying to escape were spared, and everything was reduced to nothing.

Seeing this strike everyone showed an expression of horror to the extreme, this terrifying strike was really too terrifying, trapping tens of thousands of experts who were all wiped out so simply.

At the same time, Ye Lu also released the green “Flame of Life” to be absorbed by the “Hell Demon Dragon”, and then he took out the Immortal Pill.

It was a good thing, because it was a real “Immortal Pill”.

“Although the grade is much worse, it’s better than nothing!”

The “Hell Black Dragon” was obviously not very satisfied with this “Immortal Pill”, so he then gestured for Ye Lu to sign a “summoning contract” with him.

Ye Luo then turned to the crowd and said in a loud voice.

“Everyone, get out of here, quickly!”

After seeing everyone move, he then began to sign the contract with the Hell Demon Dragon.

After signing the “summoning contract”, in principle, there was no need to use any bloodline as a trigger, as long as a small amount of one’s own blood or flame was used, then the summoning could be directed, but the success of the summoning was related to one’s cultivation level.

“The contract that Ye Lu and the Hell Devil Dragon signed was a broad contract of their own.

“Well, wait for the day when you can summon me back.”

“The Demon Dragon looked at Ye Lu and said.

At this time, a terrifying aura came from the side of Makuhari Mountain, and the backup from Kunlun finally arrived.


Chapter 418

When they couldn’t break through the boundary, they started calling people.

“Go on, I’ll help out with the low gear here for a while.”

He had already seen the strength of Kunlun and the strength of the Heavenly Demon Palace, so he would be looking for death if he didn’t run.

“D*mn it, if I had known that this meeting was a trap, I wouldn’t have come.”

Ye Luo muttered helplessly as he ran wildly through the woods.

Of the three prizes in the Pill Refiner’s Conference, he had gotten two of them, but in the end, he had lost them all, and only the “Yao Chi Lingzhi” belonged to him.

Of course, this time, the harvest was still quite big, at least he had already advanced another level, there were already six spirit fluids in his body, and he had signed a contract with that terrifying demon dragon, which was a rare benefit, and what Ye Lu was more interested in was another origin fire, “Hell’s Fire”.

“Sh*t! The weakness has come after all!”

After running a long way, the weakness period started again, and Ye Lu found that as his cultivation level increased, the side effects of the “Exploding Yuan Dan” were gradually decreasing, and his weakness period was coming later and later.

On the other side, the people from Kunlun had already seen the venue, and of course, the “hellish demon dragon” hovering above the venue.

“What’s that thing? It’s terrifying!”

After seeing the “Hell Devil Dragon”, someone said in horror.

Because at this moment, the “Hell Devil Dragon” had already released its full aura, and its power could be felt from afar.

“It looks like we are no match for it, let’s call the experts to deal with it.”

While Kunlun’s men were gathering their men, Ye Lu had already found a corner to lurk in, he didn’t want to leave here yet, because the “Shushi Mountain” was near Hotan, the very place where Hotan jade was produced, and it was the only region in the country that produced this kind of jade.

Now, what Ye Lu lacked most was money, so he was going to make a fortune here and buy all the Hetian jade that he could, so that he could exchange it for Darkness Points, and also he had promised to make a batch of Spatial Spells for the sisters of the Hundred Flowers Sect.

After the jade, Ye Lu found a cave and lurked there, as it would be difficult to move during his weakness.

The people who had escaped were all talking about what had happened to Ye Lu.

“It’s thanks to Ye Luo this time, otherwise we’d have died twice.”

“Yes, the ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ is terrifying, but how could I have ever thought that ‘Kunlun’ is actually more terrifying than the Heavenly Demon Palace, this world is too vicious.”

“Who says otherwise, luckily there is Ye Lu.”

“What’s that thing he got out later, it’s too scary too, I feel it’s so much stronger than even a ‘Golden Dan Realm’ powerhouse.”

“I don’t know, something that the fire spirit of the Origin Fire got out must be no ordinary thing.”

“This is the ‘Pill Alliance’ showing its face, having produced such a young man who is even more demonic than Pill Shu.”


Everyone was shocked by the various means Ye Lu displayed, however, there were more people who were worried.

“You guys, is this world about to change, how long has it been since ‘Kunlun’ and ‘Heavenly Demon Palace’ have appeared in the ‘secular world’, and this time They have actually appeared at the same time, I guess something big is definitely about to happen.”

Hearing this person’s words, another person then laughed and said.

“What’s the use of big or small events, we’re just spectators anyway, there are so many big powers and experts around, what does it matter to us if it’s big or small?”

“That’s right, I think it’s only a big deal if we can save our own lives.”

“Yes, you’re so right.”


In the midst of all the chatter, the experts from the Pill Alliance and the Dan Tower had already arrived and were relieved to see that their people were all fine.

“Ting Lin, your grandfather is dying of anxiety, come on, come back with us.”

“One of the Dan Tower elders smiled happily when he saw that Xie Tinglin was fine.

Pill Shu was reporting to the Pill Alliance about the Pill Refiner’s Conference, and soon everyone left the place under the arrangement of their respective clans or sects.

As Ye Lu lay in the cave, he soon received a call from Lin Ruyue.

“Master, I’ve taken Uncle Fengling and Zhu Qihuang and the others to the ‘Medicine League’ first, don’t worry, when are you coming?”

Hearing that everyone was out of danger, Ye Lu also said with a sigh of relief.

“I’ll go over some time later, bring a good message to your master for me.”

Lin Ru Yue then said with a smile.

“Master, I’m also calling you this time not only on behalf of myself oh, but also on behalf of the ‘Pill Alliance’, our ‘Pill Alliance’ officially invites you to come to the ‘Pill Alliance The ‘Pill League’ officially invites you to come to the ‘Pill League’ as an elder, and there is no need for any ‘Star Pill Master’ examination, you will be directly issued with a ‘Pill Master’ status plate, our ‘Mo Lian lineage ‘ is finally going to be bullish.”

Although Lin Ruyue was already in her twenties, she was still too deep in the secondary world and had always been a child at heart, so she spoke with a “hehehe!” He laughed.

Hearing Lin Ru Yue’s laughter, Ye Lu smiled and agreed to the invitation of the “Medicine League”.

To be honest, he had a good impression of the Pill Alliance so far, especially the Mo Lian Clan and Pill Shu’s heartless sister.

After that, Ye Lu began to adjust his condition.

In the evening, when his weakness had pa*sed, Ye Lu used the “Transfiguration Technique” that Lin Ruyue had taught him to change his appearance and started to ask around the surrounding counties.

As a result, he found out that this was the origin of Hotan jade, but the biggest Hotan jade market was not here, but in Nanyang town in Henan province.

This made Ye Lu a little depressed.

However, it didn’t matter, because all the Hetian jade seeds were produced from the Yulong Kashi River, so he could just buy them at a high price along the river. Anyway, Ye Lu had plenty of money now, and it was natural for him to have money, so he found a large group of people to smash with money, asking them to help find local merchants selling jade, shops and so on, and then make a big purchase himself.

Sure enough, this method was good, and within a few days, Ye Lu had collected a large batch of good seed material.

The whole network was quiet, at least, because of the remoteness of the place, no one else knew about it except those who attended the meeting, and this matter not only involved the “Heavenly Demon Palace” but also the “Kunlun”, so all the forces were very careful about it.

Besides, cultivators are not like ordinary people, and they don’t like to spread all kinds of things on the internet.

However, what Ye Luo did spread among the circle of “pill refiners”. After all, the “pill refiners’ conference” was a feast for pill refiners in the secular world, and everyone already regarded Ye Luo as a heavenly being.

“You guys are saying that the genius pill refiner is called Ye Lu?”

In the Ren family of the capital, Ren Yi looked at the family’s son who was describing in graphic detail the events of the past few days and asked.

This family’s expert nodded and said.

“Yes, it’s called Ye Lu, it’s an expert from the ‘Pill Alliance’, why do you know him?”

Ren Yao thought for a moment and said.

“Ren Yao and I also once knew a teenager called Ye Luo, and he can also refine pills, however, it doesn’t feel as strong as the one you are talking about.”

Hearing Ren Yao’s words, this fellow said disdainfully.

“Ren Yi, don’t be ridiculous, this is not the way to pretend to be a big tail wolf, and to know Ye Lu, are you crazy for wanting to be in the limelight?”

Other people also spoke up at the same time.

“Yes, even our confessor, Lord ‘Dan Yunzi’, is no match at all, how could it be someone you know?”

“Isn’t that right, Ren Yi, Ren Yao even if the family doesn’t value you, you don’t have to clam up like this, this is going a bit too far.”

“However, our family might be in trouble next, once Lord ‘Dan Yunzi’ leaves, our dan pill piece is going to struggle!”

Hearing these people’s unsavoury words, Ren Yi and Ren Yao’s faces both turned ugly.