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Super School Student Chapter 451-452

Chapter 451

Previously, Ye Lu had looked up the information about “Mount Olympus”, and there were indeed temples on this sacred mountain, but these temples were all decrepit temples, and there were definitely no temples like the one in the photo, so Ye Lu judged that the temple in the photo must be in the secret realm of the “Greek Gods”.

It was obviously not an easy task to enter the “secret realm”, but for Ye Lu, now was a good time and a good way.

There were some differences between the West and the East in terms of the use of “weapon patterns”, but everything was the same, these magic formations were all applications of the laws of “space”.

However, unless it was an extremely high level teleportation formation, it would be very difficult to construct a teleportation formation to link the secret realm to the outside.

This was because after the white light in front of him disappeared, Ye Luo saw that he had entered a grand mysterious realm.

The mountain in front of him was still a mountain, but this mountain was not simply “Mount Olympus”, it was so tall that Ye Lu could only use a phrase to describe it, that is, “a mountain to look up to”.

Not only was it high, but the mountain was lush with trees, and there were huge palaces scattered all over the mountain, with huge demonic beasts flying through the air from time to time.

“This is the ‘God Mountain’, it’s really powerful!”

Ye Luo said with some emotion as he looked at the real “God Mountain”.

The two guys who had brought him here were quite pleased with her expression, and then said with a smile.

“Yes, this is the real ‘Mount Olympus’, at the highest point of the mountain is the residence of the great god ‘Zeus’ line, after that is the residence of the other twelve main gods, of course, now the real gods are not here, it is said that The real gods are gone now, it is said, because after the ‘War of Extinction’ they all went missing.”

He couldn’t help but feel emotional even after he said that.

Then, he said.

“The place we are going to in a moment is also the place of ‘Athena’, one of the twelve main gods, and I know you gypsies are the most unrestrained, but I would advise you to be more restrained and not to annoy the people inside, thinking that we men are not allowed to enter, because she is one of the three goddesses on the mountain of the gods .”

Hearing him out, Ye Lu nodded his head.

It seemed that this “Greek Gods” was not so easy to deal with.

After going through various checks, Ye Lu finally got into a teleportation array, the one that led to the palace of “Athena”, and soon Ye Lu was transported to a place where there were women in armour everywhere.

These women were all very handsome, and many of them were incredibly powerful, especially the one in the middle, this woman was elegant, wearing a golden armor, holding the shield of Medusa, the snake-haired demoness, in one hand, and the spear of Pallas in the other, really S*xy and handsome.

However, Ye Lu found that this woman’s bloodline had not reached 100%, but her cultivation was quite strong, and she was also an expert at the level of a “YuanYing old monster”.

Anyway, she was not someone Ye Lu could take out.

When this woman saw Ye Lu, she immediately used her “divine sense” to investigate, but the more he looked, the more surprised he was, and soon their brows furrowed.

Because he found that he was actually unable to find out Ye Lu’s details.

“What exactly is this fellow’s cultivation level? Is he even stronger than me?”

Ye Luo then looked at him and said with a smile.

“Well, did you find out the result?”

The new “Athena” looked at Ye Lu and looked up and down for a while and said.

“Good, you are indeed a very special person, but how do I know if what you are going to say next is true or not.”

Ye Luo said with an indifferent smile.

“This matter is actually also very simple, because what I am going to say to you is also not just something as nebulous as a prophecy, besides the prophecy I have proof.”

“I’ll start with the prophecy part.”

“First of all, I know that your period started on the third of last month and ended on the eighth, a day early, and also, you watched a movie called ‘Cloud Atlas’ last night, which started at eight o’clock last night, right?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, everyone looked at “Athena”, who blushed for a moment, but then nodded slowly and said.

“Okay, to the point.”

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“The point is, of course I came here for a purpose, and that is, to allow me to enter your ‘Temple of War’ for one night to train, so that I can tell you what I have foreseen.”

“As to whether my foreknowledge is accurate or not you have just seen it.”

“Also, I would like to remind you that I am afraid that this matter is bigger than you think, and you had better take it seriously.”


After Ye Lu finished speaking, Athena fell silent.

Because what Ye Lu said just now was indeed quite unexpected, which made her not doubt what Ye Lu said, after all, there was no second person besides herself who knew about her private matters, even her best sisters did not have the means to know so clearly.

At least, Ye Lu was definitely not a mortal.

“Although the War Temple was very important to the Athena clan, it was opened once a month, so giving it to Ye Lu was just one less time, which was nothing.

Of course, he was surprised that Ye Lu could calculate that today was the only day of the month when the “War God Temple” could be used.

In fact, they didn’t know that it was just a coincidence that Ye Lu had been looking for a suitable reason to stay here since he came in, and he found that this “War God Hall” was the most suitable place to stay and have free time to move around.

So, in the end, Athena nodded and said.

“Okay, then you can stay here for the night, but you have to tell me carefully what is going on.”

Leaffall then shook his head and said.

“That won’t do, Lord Athena, I definitely won’t disbelieve your promise, after all, you are the descendant of your god, however, we gypsies also have our own rules, don’t worry, I have made predictions in advance about this matter, success or failure is not in this moment, so, after I enter the ‘War God’s Hall’, I I’ll tell you again, it’s just a day or so, it won’t take you guys any time.”

After saying that, Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Anyway, the strong ones are you guys, if I dare to lie to you, you can get me killed, but if you dare to lie to me, you can still get me killed, right?”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, “Athena” suddenly smiled, then nodded and said.

“Well, this is the first time I’ve come into contact with you gypsy women, not to mention, it’s quite interesting, so you can stay here and tell me everything tomorrow at noon, I don’t want to hope you let me down, otherwise I’ll make you desperate.”

Ye Lu smiled and made an “Ok” gesture.

After that, he wandered around leisurely, and Athena didn’t care too much about it. After all, Ye Lu was a woman, and although she couldn’t detect her cultivation, what could she do if she was strong? To be honest, the Athena Temple did not have any treasures either.

So, Ye Lu walked smoothly to the back of the temple and got another “key to the immortal palace”.

On this key was written the character “Cang” in the same font as the Immortal Palace key Ye Yan was wearing.

“It looks like there should be nine characters on each key, most of them represent the nine heavens, that’s why Grandma said ‘nine stars in a row, nine heavens together’, but only two of them are in hand now, we are still far from finding them all.”

Ye Luo was a little bit pleased and a little bit worried at the same time.

“Hehehe! The treasure is in hand, so next, let me take care of your so-called ‘God One Clan’!”

Ye Lu clutched the “Cang Tian” key in his hand and said with an impish smile.


Chapter 452

Of course, now is not the right time, firstly, the experts from the Norse Gods have not yet arrived, such as the terrifying “Frost Giants”, and secondly, I have not yet obtained the benefit of entering the “War Temple” for training.

According to the instructions, this “War Temple” is a very magical place, in which you can simulate war for cultivation, somewhat similar to playing an online game, it does not matter if you die, you can live again, there are countless lives, and the flow of time will change as you enter different stages, the most amazing thing is that after entering, the benefits you get in this similar game will be converted to yourself.

This is magical, and it works even for the old monsters. Of course, such a good thing will of course have certain restrictions, that is, the number of people who can enter is limited, only once a month, and only twelve people can enter at a time.

Therefore, this “War Temple” is not only the war temple of Athena, but also the “War Temple” of the whole “God Mountain”. Other gods and descendants of powerful gods other than the main gods also come here to practise, such as the Goddess of Dawn and the Moon Goddess Artemis, who is also one of the “Three Great Goddesses”.

In short, this is a lively place.

He found that in this daughterland full of foreign girls, there were indeed many benefits, just like in the Hundred Flowers Sect, as there were all women and the weather was excellent, so everyone was not too shy about it.

This situation made Ye Lu, who had been wearing gypsy girl clothes, look a bit abrupt.

Fortunately, this time Ye Lu did not have an indisputable nosebleed, probably because he had seen more similar scenes, so he had developed a resistance to them.

As the saying goes, “If you’ve seen a lot of flowers, you’ve never seen a single leaf”, but the point is “a lot of flowers”, if he hadn’t seen a single flower, he would probably be thirsty.

At noon, Athena herself delivered her to the entrance of the Temple of War.

“There will be eleven other people entering here together, remember, if others don’t invite you, you’d better not disturb the others’ training, understand?”

Of course, Ye Lu smiled and nodded.

After that, “Athena” briefly talked about the use of the “War God Temple” and then let Ye Lu enter.

Ye Lu was currently stuck at the level of “Nine Spiritual Liquids” and needed a chance to break through. Once he did, Ye Lu still had a lot of supporting things to do, so he was in a bit of a hurry to go in.

After entering, Ye Lu found that this “War God Hall” was not a real ancient hall as he had thought, but a place full of high-tech feelings.

There were light and strange instruments everywhere, and many virtual screen projections, in short, everything seemed to be full of the dreamy feeling of future technology.

Following this, a voice full of electronic feeling prompted Ye Lu to sit on the central chair and put on his helmet.

Ye Luo walked over and buckled on his helmet, and at the same time felt various rays of light begin to envelop his body, these rays of light shone on his body and then began to spread out as if they were turning into a potion soaking himself, Ye Luo could feel the strong power of the laws of heaven and earth, as well as heaven and earth energy and spiritual power, and even more advanced power that he didn’t know what it was.

These things gave Ye Lu a glimpse of clarity, most of the benefits he got in the virtual scene would be turned into reality by these things, but this war game you simulated would definitely have a lot of restrictions.

As expected, after entering the virtual “War Temple”, Ye Lu found that he was naked, and that all of his body parts were gone, including his “Sumeru Ring”, “One Leaf Bodhi” and various “magic treasures” were also gone.

However, what surprised Ye Lu was that the gla*ses were still there.

“This should mean that the gla*ses were of a more advanced level than this future technology ‘War God Temple’.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly.

Anyway, with the ‘gla*ses’, this made Ye Lu feel much more grounded.

At the same time, he also saw the other eleven players, however, at the moment, he could only see each other’s names and could not communicate yet, so he did not know each other anyway, so he did not bother to care, time was limited, he still had to concentrate on getting the benefits this time.

And all the other people also had the idea of Ye Lu’s appearance.

“Huh! How come a temporary account’s come in.”

“Or Athena herself gave the permission, awesome!”

“Is another new person qualified to enter here? Something doesn’t seem right, is this newcomer’s cultivation level too low.”

“How is it possible to let such a person in?”

“‘Athena’ that nee-san is she crazy?”


The crowd began to mutter in their hearts.

This “War God’s Hall” showed the cultivation level according to Ye Lu’s secular level, that is, the level of “Ninth Level Sovereign”, this level was indeed not bad in the “secular world”, however, in this “divine Mountain” it was nothing at all, even no one who was “Ninth Turn of Golden Dan” could be ranked.

Only those who had truly entered the “Golden Dan Avenue” would have the chance to come here once, and they might not even be able to stay here for 24 hours, so Ye Lu’s appearance was simply too sudden.

The eleven super experts around him were all baffled by Ye Lu.

He felt that he was undergoing various initializations, including the construction of various data such as his rank, and the system was also arranging “war training” according to his rank.

As a result, the system felt that Ye Lu was not suitable for battlefield killing and told him to train in physical fitness and martial arts skills, etc. However, Ye Lu directly dismissed this unreliable suggestion and took the initiative to select “War Training” which corresponded to his “Foundation Establishment War Training”.

After that, there were two choices: “Battlefield Killing Training” and “Battlefield Strategy Training”.

Of course, Ye Lu did not hesitate to choose “battlefield killing training”, battlefield strategy to lead troops into battle was not something he could use at the moment.

Then came the choice of weapons.

Because Ye Lu had just tried it himself, he had lost many of his cards, such as flames, weapons and so on, so he thought about it and chose a long sword called “Blood Shadow”, which was similar to the “Blazing God Blade”.

In fact, Ye Lu had never used any kind of weapon before, that is, he had used the “Sunset Arrow” as a dagger when using martial arts techniques, and had not used any weapon since then until he got the “Blazing God Blade”, but the strongest part of the “Blazing God Blade” was the flame rather than the blade technique.

Therefore, Ye Lu was cautious this time, after all, his current self had become his most primitive self.

“Come on!”

Soon, Ye Lu entered the “war”, he became an ordinary soldier, and around him, everyone else was holding a “blood shadow”, which meant that he had no advantage in terms of weapons compared to the others.

At the same time, Ye Lu also noticed that the people around him not only had the same attire and weapons as himself, but also had the same cultivation level, all of them were at the “ninth level of Foundation Establishment”.

However, this level of cultivator was not in Ye Lu’s mind at all, even if he did not have any cards, he could deal with these people as if he was chopping and slicing.

The only thing that was real was his own virtual body, which was the same as his real self, even the aura in his body was the same, which also made Ye Lu look at this future machine with a bit of respect.

However, the eleven people around him who were watching him were not calm.

It was because they found that Ye Lu had only taken a few minutes to pa*s the “War Training” for “Ninth Level Foundation Establishment”, and then it took about the same amount of time to pa*s the “War Training” for “First Turn Golden Dan”.

“Huh! What kind of person is that? Such a bully!”

“Yeah, the initial training is all corresponding to my cultivation level, right? Even if I just broke through, I can’t have pa*sed it so quickly.”

“Yeah, it must have been open!”

“Can our ‘War Shrine’ be open too?”

“But the hang is too big, isn’t it, this one has already started his ‘Third Turn of the Golden Elixir’ training.”


All eleven of these people felt that their heads were a bit inadequate.