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Super School Student Chapter 469-470

Chapter 469

Ye Lu did not know that so many people were planning or had already entered the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm”, and he did not know that his old rival Zhang Tian and the woman with the “Candle Dragon Tattoo”, Mo Trang, would also be entering the “Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm” soon, and he was currently having a headache for his sister.

The reason is that at this moment Ye Yan is crossing his legs and looking at Ye Lu curiously.

“There are two more sisters going together ah, is there that young lady who came to my shop to give me a gift that time, that young lady good ah, how is your development? Have you broken your virginity yet? How does it feel? Is it good?”

The young lady Ye Yan was talking about was of course Long Feixue, she was very impressed with Long Feixue.

Ye Lu was tempted to tell Ye Yan that his virginity had been broken for an unknown number of times long ago, but it was with another woman, but, after thinking about it, he didn’t say it in the end, with Ye Yan’s character, and this time he was going with three women, if he did, who knew what kind of trouble would arise.

He had never considered himself to be a decent man. He had never been a*sociated with these people since he was born, and his upbringing as an orphan had predetermined that he could not be the same as a scholarly son.

According to Ye Yan’s words, he was “lecherous but not lascivious, lascivious but not Sl*tty, Sl*tty but moderate”, so Ye Lu looked at Ye Yan and said.

“Older sister, you look like an old driver, I want to ask you how many boyfriends you’ve had?”

In fact, Ye Luo had secretly checked Ye Yan’s information, she hadn’t had a single boyfriend, rather several suitors had been beaten into the hospital by her.

As a result, Ye Yan disdainfully sipped her drink and said.

“Cut, have not eaten pork has not seen a pig run, your sister I have not seen what, I read countless movies, do not believe I call you one, you hear like a love action movie heroine ……”

After saying that, she really put down the drink bottle and called out flirtatiously.

Ye Lu immediately had a black line, he suddenly realized that compared to Ye Yan, that Lin Ruyue was definitely an extremely normal person.

“Just now this is the self-indulgent type, next I’ll call you a ‘suppressed moaning type’, listen carefully ah, ah …… ah ……”

This time Ye Lu was really stunned!

He did not expect this thing to be divided into types, and then, Ye Yan screamed, and indeed the voice was suppressed and low and gentle, which made Ye Lu also a little soulful.

After screaming for a while, Ye Yan continued.

“Wait for me to give you a ‘wild and unrestrained type’ again, ah …… wow ……”

However, Ye Lu could no longer stand it and ran out with his nose covered, but, just as he opened the door, he saw a surprised and flushed Long Fei Xue, who was standing in the doorway doing a sideways listening.


This was embarra*sing!

“That Long Feixue, listen to my explanation!”

Ye Luo hurriedly reached out and prepared to say something, but this was even more inappropriate, and Long Feixue instantly saw his nosebleed appearance.

“Alright, Fei Xue, you wait, I’ll be right there.”

With those words, Ye Lu ran towards the bathroom as fast as he could.

However, he heard Long Feixue whispering at the same time.

“No …… no …… what ……”

And Ye Yan in the room heard the sound of talking at the door and also looked over, only to see Long Feixue standing at the door, her face “Teng!” She felt like she could not wait to find a crack in the ground.

And Long Fei Xue was a little embarra*sed standing in the doorway and said.

“Sorry for …… disturbing you.”

Ye Yan hurriedly jumped up somewhat incoherently and said.

“No …… no disturbance, we will all be together in the future …… are a family now, still so polite ……”

Long Feixue heard that we have to be together in the future, her face reddened up even more.

However, Ye Yan had already run over, in Ye Yan’s heart, she had already treated Long Feixue as Ye Lu’s person, moreover, she had long liked Long Feixue, so she was kissing it.


Ye Lu exhaled in the bathroom, then said to himself.

“Three women! Looks like there’s going to be some pain this time.”

Ye Luo suddenly felt a bit headstrong.

However, by the time Ye Lu returned, he found that Ye Yan and Long Feixue were already intimately chatting together, and now Qin Siyu was the only one left without her.

In the evening, Qin Siyu finally arrived.

The moment they saw Qin Siyu, both Ye Yan and Long Feixue felt pressure because Qin Siyu’s cultivation level was higher than both of them, and there was a powerful aura emanating from Qin Siyu’s body.

Ye Lu did not forget that Mo Tranquility had used the “Candle of Life” divine ability to ignite in a person’s body, and at this moment, Qin Siyu could basically use it.

Now, in his heart, Ye Lu hoped that his elder sister Ye Yan would not find trouble with Qin Siyu, otherwise she would definitely suffer a loss.

“This is my old sister Ye Yan, and this is my friend Long Feixue.”

Ye Lu and Qin Siyu introduced them, then, he looked at Ye Yan and Long Feixue again and said.

“This is my cla*smate and my best friend of three years, called Qin Siyu.”

Once she heard that Qin Siyu was Ye Lu’s best friend for three years, Long Feixue immediately felt some pressure, after all, she and Ye Lu had only known each other for a short time, while Qin Siyu had already been with Ye Lu for three years.

At this time, Ye Yan, however, said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Hello Qin Siyu, since you are Ye Lu’s cla*smate you are also our cla*smate, if you have any difficulties in the future, you can find your sister Feixue, she is the CEO of a crossover company oh, and she is in charge of several thousand people under her.”

Ye Yan’s approach was already obvious, wanting to help Long Feixue get back on her feet, in her opinion, Qin Siyu was indeed good looking, but she preferred Long Feixue like this.

Qin Siyu was the virtuous wife and mother type at first glance, while Long Feixue was the fresh and outgoing type, and Ye Yan’s inclination was obvious.

When she heard that Long Fei Xue was the CEO of the crossover company, Qin Siyu was indeed taken aback, as Long Fei Xue’s temperament did not really match the title; Long Fei Xue did not want to be a domineering female CEO, but rather like a worldly fairy.

However, she immediately smiled and extended her hand with a smile.

“Hello sister Feixue, hello sister Ye Yan, take care of little sister more in the future!”

Seeing Qin Siyu’s appearance, Ye Lu couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief in his heart.

“Luckily, Qin Siyu isn’t that bratty girl like Gu Shiqi, otherwise it would have been a fight.”

Among these several women, Ye Lu was most worried about his elder sister Ye Yan and Gushi Qi, these two guys were both troublemaking demons, if they came together who knew what kind of choking would happen, but, speaking of which, Gushi Qi had not been heard from was also really worrying.

“Silk Rain, is your side of the film okay? Will it affect your filming.”

Ye Lu looked at Qin Siyu and asked with some worry, he knew that for Qin Siyu, this movie was still very important.

As a result, Qin Siyu smiled and said.

“It’s fine, I’ve already finished shooting my part, after that post-production editing, subtitling, dubbing and so on will take at least a month or two, so we have a lot of time.”

Qin Siyu was also very happy to be with Ye Lu again, she didn’t feel anything when she was at school before, spending time together, but after she arrived at university, she hardly spent time with Ye Lu, which made her feel a bit empty inside.

Hearing Qin Siyu’s words, Ye Lu then smiled and said.

“Then let’s discuss it, should we rest for the night or should we move right away?”

As a result, as soon as his words left his mouth, Ye Yan was the first to say.

“What’s the point of resting, there’s plenty of time to rest in the secret realm, let’s go, we’re not spending a day or two in the secret realm anyway, I can’t wait for this egg to hatch out.”

As Ye Yan said that, she raised the fiery red Vermilion Bird egg in her hand, guessing that the fetal movement had caused her to be overwhelmed with love.

Ye Lu turned her head to look at Long Feixue and Qin Shiyu, both women nodded as well.

“All listen to Sister Yan.”

Long Feixue said with a smile.

In fact, of the three women, Long Feixue was slightly older, but, in terms of personality, it was true that Ye Yan was more suitable to be the boss, while Qin Shiyu had a calm personality and did not like to argue, and with that, everyone quickly reached a consensus.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu then called in a tall, well-proportioned woman of over one meter nine.

Seeing this woman, who looked like a model, the three women present all showed odd expressions, while “Big Wind” looked at the three and said with a smile.

“Hello, my name is Windy, and I am the woman that Ye Lu often rides.”


Chapter 470

Hearing “Big Wind’s” words, Ye Lu almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

What do you mean by “the woman I always ride”?

As expected, the three women, including Ye Yan, all looked at Ye Lu with extremely strange eyes, as if they were seeing Ye Lu for the first time.

“Ye Luo, give old sister an explanation!”

Ye Yan pressed her knuckles and sent out “Click!” “Click!” It was obvious that she was about to make a move at the drop of a hat.

But “Big Wind” looked at Ye Lu and said frankly.

“What? Did I say something wrong? Are you going to deny the fact that you rode me?”

Ye Lu could only say with a helpless and bitter smile.

“Alright, I admit it!”

Hearing that Ye Luo had actually admitted it, the three women’s eyes widened.

Ye Luo then looked at “Big Wind” and continued.

“Actually, as a bird, do you think it’s appropriate to talk like that?”

After that, he pointed at “Big Wind” and said.

“Let me introduce to you, this is my friend ‘Big Wind’, one of the six fierce beasts that were shot dead by the legendary ‘Hou Yi Great God’, and I can’t say that, it has that guy’s bloodline. ”

It was only then that the crowd came to their senses, while Ye Lu looked at “Big Wind” again and said.

“Big Wind, are you staying or are you coming with us to the ‘Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts’?”

As a result, “Big Wind” smiled and said.

“Who let me have such a friend, well, I will go with you to the ‘Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts’, so that I can also help you guys as a guide, remember not to cause any big trouble for me, I don’t want to die young and become someone to be remembered.”

Ye Lu smiled and snapped his fingers, agreeing to “Big Wind’s” suggestion.

The five of them went out into the courtyard, and Gale quickly began to transform, his wings spreading out to reveal a giant bird that was more spectacular than a building.

“What a bird!”

Seeing the beautiful and tall “Big Wind” suddenly turn into a bird, Ye Yan couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional.

“Don’t be sentimental, let’s go!”

Ye Lu looked at the three women and said with a smile, then he was the first to jump onto the broad back of “Big Wind”, then, with its huge wings waving, “Big Wind” carried the group far away, this time flying a long distance, because the nest of the “Beast Alliance”, where the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts” was located, was further north than the “Kunlun Mountain”, in the “Tianshan Mountain Range”.

“Phew! Sister Gale’s speed must be faster than a plane!”

After seeing the speed of Gale, Ye Yan was also amazed, as were the others, who were all travelling on demon beasts for the first time.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Of course, I’m afraid you won’t be able to adapt to it, so I’ve slowed down quite a bit.”

As Ye Luo said, he took out the “Blazing God Blade” and the arrow of the “Sunset Arrow”, then he looked at the three women and said.

“I have prepared a super strong protective suit for each of you, and I also plan to make a weapon for each of you, so tell me, what kind of weapon do you want?”

Ye Yan remained the first, and she thought for a moment and said.

“Make me a sword, fire attribute.”

Following, Long Fei Xue then said.

“I want a dragon spear.”

Lastly was Qin Siyu, who ended up saying after thinking about it.

“Then make me a double blade, ‘dark attribute’.”

After the three of them finished speaking, Ye Lu nodded and took out some materials and started to design it. After the design was done, he took a part of the trunk from the World Tree and started to make a rough prototype of the weapon.

Although he might not be able to make such a powerful weapon at his own level, it should not be very difficult to make a “heavenly” level “magic weapon”.

Thus, while making the weapon, Ye Lu flew towards the Heavenly Pond in the Heavenly Mountains.

“I’ll let Big Wind fly a little slower, you three take a nap.”

Ye Lu said as he threw out three sleeping bags, which were specially made and had ropes on them to secure them to the feathers of the Gale.

The three women looked at the sky and then at Ye Lu, but then they obediently got into the sleeping bags.

They were tired of looking at the scenery, as they had just been looking at it for a while.

The journey from the capital to Tianchi in the Tianshan Mountains would take about seven hours by plane and by car. In order to take care of the women’s sleep, Ye Lu asked “Big Wind” to fly a little slower, so that he could arrive near Tianchi the next morning.

He himself basically didn’t need to rest much anymore, just meditating for an hour or two every day was enough for him.

It didn’t take long for the three women to fall asleep, and Ye Lu chopped away at the materials with great vigour. To be honest, compared to a fierce weapon like the “Blazing God Blade”, which could even kill a “god”, the “World Tree” was still much weaker, while the “Sunset Arrow” was just right for the delicate part of the carving.

“I guess this gun is even stronger than the Gungnir made by the Gnomes.”

The Gnomes were the best at making weapons among the four major races of Norse mythology, and the weapons of the Norse gods were all made by them, but Ye Lu felt that he was no worse than them at this moment.

The night went on without a word, and as the day dawned in the east, it was already getting lighter.

Seeing that the three women were still sleeping soundly, Ye Luo went to the tail of “Big Wind” and started to take a P*ss.

As a result, he had just pulled out his D**k and started to release a clear line of water when the voice of “Big Wind” suddenly rang out, and it was quite loud and clear.

“Wake up and pee, it’s a good morning!”

“Oops, f*ck!”

Hearing “Big Wind’s” words, Ye Lu almost fell off his tail in shock.

Subconsciously, he turned around and looked behind him, but as a result, he saw Ye Yan, Qin Shiyu and Long Feixue staring at his important parts at the same time.

But, having already started to pee halfway, he couldn’t lift his trousers right away, so he had to look at the three women and say hello with a smile.

“Hi! Good morning!”

The three women mechanically greeted back at the same time.

“Good morning!”

Then they all blushed at the same time, and here they realized that something was wrong and hurriedly turned around to finish peeing and lift their trousers.

“That …… you guys eat your breakfast first, I’ll calm down first.”

Even if Ye Luo was thick-skinned, being seen by three women at the same time made him feel a little embarra*sed.

As a result, he then heard Ye Yan say from above.

“What’s the point of being shy, isn’t he quite masculine looking?”

However, no comments were heard from Long Fei Xue or Qin Siyu, and after another moment, Qin Siyu’s voice rang out.

“Ye Lu, come up and have breakfast, it’s all ready for you.”

There was no way out, so Ye Luo flew up somewhat awkwardly, as a result, the moment they saw Ye Luo, Long Fei Xue and Qin Si Yu both blushed at the same time again.

“‘Gale’ you B*****d, just you wait.”

Ye Luo muttered secretly, it was obvious that just now, “Big Wind” must have done it on purpose.

This B*****d completely wanted to see his own joke.

In this way, the breakfast was soon finished, and the Heavenly Mountain appeared at the foot.

“It’s really beautiful here!”

Looking at the Tianshan mountain range at their feet, the three women couldn’t help but sigh with emotion; indeed, the scenery here was quite beautiful, with a sea of clouds and snow-capped peaks visible everywhere.

And when they got to the top of the “Heavenly Pond” it seemed very, the scenery was even more beautiful to look at.

“Well, don’t look, we’ll land in the woods, hurry up if you want to make it easy, we’ll be in the range of the Beast Alliance in a while.”

The three women didn’t refuse this time, after all, people have three emergencies, no one can avoid them.

However, to be honest, this kind of convenience in the wilderness was an extremely shy thing for any of the three women, so the three of them split up and walked far into the woods as well.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Lu let “Gale” recover quickly and put on her clothes.

If the three of them knew that Gale was naked at the end of each flight, it would probably be another matter.

“Tsk, good eye, each of these three women are excellent, two dragons and a vermilion bird, you’re not too lucky.”

Hearing the words of “Big Wind”, Ye Lu was astonished, he looked at “Big Wind” and asked.

“How do you know that?”