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Super School Student Chapter 473-474

Chapter 473

“Big Wind, where is the Dragon Clan or the ‘Vermilion Bird’ Clan, take us there.”

After releasing “Big Wind”, Ye Lu looked at “Big Wind” and asked.

“Big Wind” thought for a moment and said.

“If I want to find the ‘Dragon Clan’, I have to go deep inside, if I fly there, it won’t take long, but you guys will have to spend a lot of time walking, and you will pa*s through many other demon beasts’ territories.”

Ye Lu thought about it and said.

“Well, what about the gathering place of the ‘Vermillion Bird’?”

“Gale” said again.

“It’s not very far from the ‘Dragon Clan”s because the relationship between the ‘Dragon Clan’ and the ‘Vermillion Bird’ is quite okay, are you really sure you want to go there? ”

Ye Lu nodded and said.

“Yes, then let’s not waste time here at the entrance for now, let’s go and take a look at a place a little closer.”

After saying that, Ye Lu and the others got on the back of Gale and flew towards the inner part of the place, at the same time, they also saw quite a few other people doing the same thing.

After all, “Big Wind” was also a “Golden Dan Sixth Turn” demonic beast, not just some cat or dog.

“Huh! Those people’s birds are quite powerful, as if they are stronger than themselves.”

A few people treated Ye Lu and the others as prey, and of course, they had already understood Ye Lu and the others’ cultivation level in detail. The scan showed that Ye Lu had a “Jindan Second Turn” cultivation level, while Ye Yan and Long Fei Xue both had a “Jindan Third Turn” cultivation level, and Qin Si Yu had a “Jindan Fifth Turn” cultivation level.

It was for this reason that they decided to take action.

The leader smiled and said.

“It’s just a bird, let’s go.”

Then a few people followed from behind.

“That’s about it here, any further and I have a feeling there might be danger.”

After flying for a few hours, “Big Wind” said to Ye Luo.

Ye Luo nodded, and then everyone flew down.

Qin Shiyu had never seen such a scene before, so she leaned towards Ye Lu’s side, Ye Yan was scared but held on, and only Long Fei Xue was calm.

However, a few people didn’t get very far and instead of being stopped by the demonic beasts, they were stopped by a group of strong men.

“Hehehe! Little beauties, stay with a few brothers and have some fun.”

These guys were straightforward, coming up and looking at Ye Yan and the few of them with a lecherous smile.

“Play with you, my a*s!”

Ye Yan, of course, shouted with her waist crossed.

As a result, I didn’t expect that the other party wasn’t angry at all, he looked at Ye Yan with a smile and said.

“Hey, hey, well, do you want to play with Master’s head above or Master’s head below!”

Following that, the group of big old men laughed uncontrollably and wildly.

For his part, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Fine, then I’ll give you guys a chance, which one of you has your eye on, come up and try, I’ll let them go with you if you can win.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, Ye Yan was the first to fume.

“Sh*t! Ye Lu, are you talking human? Shouldn’t this be the time for a hero to save the beauty? You let us go on, you wimp.”

Ye Luo had long been used to Ye Yan, so he didn’t think anything of it and still looked at the burly men and smiled and gestured.

A strong man immediately then took a step forward and said.

“I’ll take this woman.”

The person he was talking about was none other than Long Feixue, who should currently have the most combat experience among the three women, while Ye Lu smiled and gestured for Long Feixue to come out.

Ye Yan’s nerves might not understand, but, Long Feixue was ice-snow smart, she certainly understood Ye Lu’s purpose, and she had long been itching to get her hands dirty.

Her cultivation had been improving at a rapid pace, including her “spells” and the “bloodline divine ability” she had awakened, each of which made Long Feixue itchy.

It was only after she had awakened the “Green Dragon Bloodline” and Ye Lu had taught her all the corresponding “spells” that Long Feixue changed her weapon.

This spear was also given to Long Feixue by the Long family, but it was not the Dragon Spear inherited from the Green Dragon, but a replica made by someone from an unknown generation.

However, the level was still good, and it was already at the lower level of the Earth Grade.

The guy who wanted to fight Long Fei Xue was actually not that high in cultivation, only one level higher than Long Fei Xue. In fact, the highest cultivation of these six people, the one at the head, was only a “Jin Dan Sixth Turn”, but they thought that Ye Lu and the others were easier to bully because of their low cultivation level and the small number of people.

“Hey! Girl, you still know how to paint a gun, not bad, not bad, want to paint my gun, as hard as this one!”

Looking at this guy’s shameless face, Long Fei Xue didn’t talk nonsense, but directly struck out, “Dragon Gun” like a poisonous snake stabbed out, bright gun aura straight to this guy’s throat.

This guy didn’t take Long Fei Xue’s attack seriously, he swung the knife in his hand lightly and the white blade quickly caught Long Fei Xue’s spear.

However, immediately afterwards, his face changed as Long Fei Xue’s attack came in like an ocean wave, as if it was endless.

He didn’t know that this was the “Saint Level” spell that Long Fei Xue had received from Ye Lu, called “Dragon Spear Thirty-Six Stances”, but of course she couldn’t use all the stances yet, but the combat power she displayed was already powerful enough.

“The “Wood Attribute” was actually not the best at attacking, but Long Fei Xue still had such a powerful attack, which made Ye Lue a bit impressed.


After that, Long Fei Xue’s dragon spear swept this guy away.

After getting up from the ground, this guy was obviously in a bit of a mess, he really didn’t expect Long Fei Xue to be so powerful.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, looked at her and smiled, saying.

“Ai! What a pity, you were given the chance and you didn’t take it! Anyone else want to try?”

This time, a few guys from the other side frowned.

However, followed closely by another strong man who took a step forward and looked at Qin Siyu and said.

“This quiet little sister, let’s give it a try.”

Hearing that the other guy named herself to fight, Qin Siyu immediately panicked.

She was not Long Fei Xue, she had never done anything like fighting and brawling, so she immediately turned her head and looked at Ye Lu with pleading eyes, seeing Qin Si Yu’s little eyes, Ye Lu also felt inexplicably heartbroken, but he finally gritted his teeth and nodded encouragingly towards Qin Si Yu.

There were times when it was necessary to be ruthless.

Having no choice, Qin Siyu had no choice but to walk forward with a stiff upper lip.

“Hey, hey, you really look like a good boy, don’t worry, I can’t hurt you enough, I can’t hurt you.”

With those words, this guy struck, and to Ye Lu’s slight surprise, this guy actually used a close up move, and directly rushed to Qin Siyu’s side, following which, he reached out and grabbed at Qin Siyu’s upright chest.


Qin Siyu immediately panicked as she flew back in fear, however, she retreated really fast, the strong man’s hand didn’t even touch a corner of her clothes.

Following up, the two men grabbed and a fleeing lightning weaved up.

“Silky Rain, don’t be afraid, strike, he’s no match for you.”

Seeing this scene, Ye Luo then quickly said.

Finding that the other party could not catch herself, Qin Siyu also calmed down slightly, so, following that, she raised her hand and waved out a palm.

Originally, seeing Qin Siyu’s frightened and scared appearance, those few strong men were laughing wildly watching the fun, but when Qin Siyu waved out this palm, everyone’s open mouths did not close, because while waving out this strike, the shadow of a huge dragon claw appeared at the same time.

It was just like an eagle slapping a chick.


After the slap, that strong man flew out like a kite and hung on a tree.

“Sh*t! This b*tch is so strong.”

“What the hell!”

“What kind of move was that just now?”


While the crowd was talking, Qin Siyu also looked at her hand in some amazement, as if she hadn’t just struck that blow.

Ye Lu then said once again.

“You guys can’t do this either, coming out and not even having someone who can fight, hey, I really feel sad for you guys.”


Chapter 474

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, these guys were immediately P*ssed off.

The guy at the head of the group looked at Ye Luo and said coldly.

“Kid, do you know who we are? We are from the ‘Beast Alliance’, in the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Secret Realm’ you dare to mess with our ‘Beast Alliance’ people, do you not want to get along anymore?”

Of course, Ye Lu had already known from their “information” that they were from the “Beast Alliance”.

So, he looked at these guys and said with a smile.

“Then what do you guys think I should do?”

Seeing that Ye Lu looked like he was going to give in, this guy said arrogantly.

“What should I do? Well, don’t worry, we are also reasonable people, you know what we brothers are after, so, just give us this girl to have some fun, we won’t kill them either, as long as we have enough fun, we will naturally release the person, how’s that? Fair and reasonable, right.”

Hearing this guy’s words, Ye Lu was also exasperated and laughed.

These guys were too arrogant, this was completely shameless.

At this time, Qin Shiyu, who had come back to her senses, looked at the other party and said.

“Why are you ‘Beast Alliance’ so unreasonable!”

Unexpectedly, the bearded man on the opposite side laughed and said.

“Hehehe! You’re right, ‘unreasonable’ is the tenet of our ‘Beast Alliance’, to be honest, our ‘Beast Alliance’ has never been reasonable, what, you bite me! ”

Ye Lu looked at him and said with a smile.

“I’m not biting you, same old rules, one more chance, win, our people will follow you, if you don’t win, no deal.”

Saying this, Ye Lu waved his hand, and the last person left was Ye Yan.

Seeing that Qin Siyu had just knocked the “Beast Alliance” guy into a tree with one blow, Ye Yan had already started to shake her fist, in her opinion, she could not be outdone by Qin Siyu.

So, she took out a fire-red longsword and looked at the few people across the room with crossed arms and said.

“Who, which one of you few go on, let you know the might of the old mother.”

Seeing Ye Yan’s cross-waisted long-legged hot look, one of the guys then licked his lips and walked out.

“Hehehe! Just win and follow me, chick, keep your word!”

Ye Yan said with a smile as she danced a sword splash.

“So much nonsense, thanks to you being a man.”

When he heard Ye Yan’s words, this guy then laughed heatedly, just like the guy just now, he opened this hand and rushed towards Ye Yan.


The next scene took everyone by surprise, as the long sword in Ye Yan’s hand swung and a huge fire-red fire bird suddenly appeared.

Of course, this was no ordinary “beast flame” either.

“Although the Vermilion Bird’s flame was not as powerful as the Origin Flame, it was still quite advanced in terms of rank and was one of the top flames, so it was not something this guy could withstand.

If he hadn’t been so arrogant as to try to get close, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have taken all these flames, or at least he would have been able to dodge them.


In an instant, this guy was burnt into a man of fire. The low grade protective clothing he was wearing was not worth mentioning in front of the “Vermillion Bird” flames.


The guy was burnt to a crisp with a miserable scream.

“I …… I …… have killed someone! Killed someone ……”

Seeing the man burned to death with a single blow, Ye Yan murmured holding her longsword, after all, she was just a woman with ordinary experiences, and she had never dreamed of killing such a thing, but now that she had done it, the horror in her heart could be imagined.

This reminded Ye Luo of the first time he killed someone, that time was the guy from the “Heavenly Clan”, because that person was too cruel, and at that time was also to save others, so Ye Luo did not have any special feeling.


After that, Ye Yan dropped her sword and vomited, because she could smell the smell of burning corpses.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu helplessly took out his “Blazing God Blade”.

Since he had already killed one person, he had no choice but to kill the rest of them, for they were not good people anyway.

The moment Ye Lu took out the “Blazing God Blade”, the bearded man and the others suddenly felt a chill down their backs, as if death had come, and an endless “fierce aura” emanated from Ye Lu’s body.

The three women of course also felt Ye Lu’s aura, Long Fei Xue was fine, although she had never killed anyone, but she had seen many killings, but not Qin Si Yu, she looked at Ye Lu and quickly asked.

“Ye Luo, what do you want to do?”

Ye Luo said indifferently.

“Kill them all to end the trouble.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the bearded man and the others started backing up and all drew their guys.

“Don’t, Ye Lu, don’t do it, quite a few have already died one.”

Qin Siyu said with some heartburn.

Ye Lu looked at Qin Siyu, and then at these guys across the street, and finally waved his hand and said.

“Get lost, all of you, get as far away as you can, if I see you messing around here again, I definitely won’t let you go back alive.”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, one of the guys wanted to glare and say something, but was stopped by the bearded guy in the lead with his hand outstretched, following which all these guys left in a huff.

However, Ye Lu didn’t think it would end like that, but it wasn’t the time to care about that now, so when the time came, “the troops would come and go”.

So, he quickly ran to Ye Yan’s side.

At this moment, Ye Yan’s face was pale, and it was obvious that the murder she had just committed had caused her a great psychological impact.

There was nothing he could do, so Ye Luo grabbed her hand and said.

“Older sister, don’t be stressed, it’s all about the bad guys, for this bunch of guys, only by killing them, the good guys will have a good life.”

Long Feixue was also on the side in persuading Ye Yan.

Ye Lu, on the other hand, looked around and said.

“Let’s leave this place of right and wrong first, it’s possible that those guys will come back again.”

From how the three women had just behaved, Ye Lu felt that they really needed more practical training before they could do so, but not now, let’s let Ye Yan ease her emotions first for now.

Not far from them, one of those who had left the Beast Alliance looked at the bearded leader and said with a sad face.

“Boss, we’re in trouble now, they’ve killed Young Master Ying Zuo, how can we explain this?”

The bearded one also said with a very bad look on his face.

“D*mn, it’s our bad luck too, I should have known better than to let him mix in, what else can we do, pretend we don’t know, let’s hope it doesn’t come back to us, these guys are really bold, they dare to kill our Beast Alliance people, but a few of us are no match for them, those P***ies and that kid are very evil.”

Following that, he took out a mobile phone like thing and said with a smile.

“However, I have just recorded their video, I think with the face value of these few chicks, there will definitely be brothers from the alliance who will help us, and killing all these guys will also eliminate any future problems.”

However, neither side had noticed that there was another group of stunningly beautiful women who were also in their vicinity at the moment.

There were seven of them, and they were laughing and chatting as they walked inside the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”.

Ye Lu and the others did not know that they had just caused a great deal of trouble. The four of them walked a little further and then saw a cave, so Ye Lu led them inside.

Ye Yan’s condition was much better, she still looked bad, however, her spirit had almost recovered and she grabbed Ye Luo and muttered.

“So killing someone is so hard, I see it’s quite easy in the movies.”

Ye Lu had to helplessly persuade again, as a result, at this time, seven women suddenly appeared not far ahead, walking while saying.

“Huh! There’s a cave here, why don’t we go in and rest for a while first.”

“Yes, yes, I’m tired enough too.”

“Yeah, well, it’s getting hot.”


A few women stretched themselves out and walked over.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, gestured for everyone to retreat to the depths of the cave.

Because Ye Luo had already seen the information about these women from his gla*ses, these women were not human at all, but demonic beasts in form, it was better not to mess with them.

Just as everyone was hiding inside, the bearded man had already found stronger helpers and was also heading towards this cave.

This time, the bearded man was quite confident, as he believed that these helpers could definitely destroy Ye Lu.