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Super School Student Chapter 49-50

Chapter 49

With so many people going up one by one to spell each other down, it would be a shame to win, so Zhang Yang shook the bottle of wine in his hand and said.

“Of course we’ll drink together and see who falls down last.”

Ye Lu nodded, then said.

“If you’ve come in such a big way, you must have to hang some kind of prize, so let’s talk about it together too.”

Zhang Yang immediately said.

“Which of the two sides loses, which side will run around here naked for one round, how about that?”

Before Ye Lu could say anything, Qin Siyu said first.

“How about what, there are so many of you and Ye Luo is the only one, that’s not fair.”

In fact, of course everyone around could see that, and they all talked about it, but Ye Lu didn’t care, because if it was a competition to spar, he had nothing to fear, with his aura, Ye Lu had already learnt how to use his aura to control and break down the alcoholic energy when he was drinking with Ye Yan before.

This was not difficult for a dark jin strong person, but for an ordinary person it was a nightmare, that was why Zhang Yang and the others could not think of this, and even if they thought of it they would not think that Ye Lu was a dark jin strong person.

So, Ye Lu reached out to stop Qin Siyu and then said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, Cla*s Leader, although I don’t drink too well, but I shouldn’t have much problem dealing with them.”

However, Qin Siyu was still uneasy because the last time Ye Lu and her drank, they were both a bit drunk, so she didn’t think Ye Lu was much of a drinker, but, seeing the look Ye Lu pa*sed over, she didn’t stop again in the end.

Ye Luo then went on to say.

“However, I would like to ask another thing, and that is, how is winning or losing counted? By what criteria is being drunk counted?”

Zhang Yang thought for a moment and said.

“No one can help, nor can they help anything, the one who drinks and falls down is considered drunk, the one who remains standing is considered the winner.”

Hearing this rule, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Okay, I agree with this rule, one last question, how can a person still run naked when they have already fallen down?”

This question really stumped Zhang Yang.

People were already drunk and unconscious, what the hell is the point of running around naked!

However, as he didn’t know how to answer, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“So, I propose that we all go and help prepare some buckets of water, ice water is the best, later on we will douse ourselves with water to wake up and run naked together, how about that, however, to save time, I suggest that the one who falls down first strips naked, what do you all say?”

Of course the crowd was not afraid to watch the fun, everyone laughed and shouted in agreement, and a few daring women had already started to twist, Zhang Yang and the others also nodded their heads.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu made a gesture towards Qin Siyu, who urged him to take it easy and then left this place of right and wrong, she was not interested in watching Zhang Yang and the others bare their a*ses.

“Okay, come on.”

Ye Luo walked to the area with cases of white wine and took a bottle of white wine out and said with a smile.

“Then we’ll each have a bottle to warm up first.”

Seeing that there was a pound of white for everyone at the opening, even the audience got a little boisterous, but what made Ye Lu feel slightly strange was that he didn’t know why no one had come to take care of this.

In fact, what he didn’t know was that the people who wanted to come and take care of it had all been stopped by the elder miss of the Shen family.

“Let you show off, hurry up and get drunk and pull the plug, you can’t blame me when the time comes, hehehehehe!”

Miss Shen looked at the scene from a short distance away and laughed heatedly, while at this moment Ye Lu had already downed a bottle of white wine, he shook the empty bottle in his hand and said.

“You guys can’t do this fast! Weren’t you quite arrogant just now.”

After saying that, he then picked up a bottle of wine again.

Zhang Yang was also shocked enough to see this bull-drinking stance of Ye Lu, however, he could still drink, of course, he still had a lot of confidence in this new type of medicine, anyway, since he used it, he hadn’t gotten drunk yet, so he also raised the empty bottle in his hand and said.

“There’s so many of us to be afraid of, drink again!”

As soon as he shouted that, everyone around him shouted “Drink again!” They followed with another bottle for each of them.

There were already many people around, and they all looked at the scene with disbelief.

“Do these people have a family that owns a winery?

“It’s not easy to put together so many alcoholics.”

“But I see that one is already staggering.”


Indeed, there were a few people who could drink too little, even with the medicine to top it off, and the wine was fine when it was just in their bellies, but not when it started circulating in their blood.


Already one man had fallen to the ground.

“Take it off!”

Ye Lu pointed at the fallen one and said.

There was no way out, the men next to him took off his clothes with all their hands, but as they were taking him off, another one fell down ……

“Hey, hey, come again!”

Ye Lu also found it interesting, picked up another bottle and raised his neck to pour it in.

Seeing this stance, a few of the ones who were on the verge of drinking had already started to beat a retreat, but there was no way out, the arrow was on the string, so they could only grit their teeth and pour it in.




This time the bottle ended and several more fell to the ground, stripped naked of course.


Ye Lu didn’t give them a chance to catch their breath as another bottle went down.

This time Zhang Yang couldn’t take it, it was only a little longer, four pounds of white wine went down, he also felt his head give out a little and started to get dazed.

He heard Ye Lu say “again”, so he had no choice but to pour another bottle, and after this bottle, he was already floating as if he was going to be a god.

When he saw that Zhang Yang had also been stripped naked and there were still five people on the field who were holding on for dear life, Ye Lu laughed.

“You guys took the initiative to spar but are so useless, hey, it’s really sad, let’s have two bottles together this time.”

With those words he picked up two bottles at the same time and poured them in at the same time.

“I …… me …… me F**k ……”

Just started drinking already another person fell to the ground.

At the end of the round, there was just one dead fat guy still standing across from Ye Lu.

“Take off their clothes.”

Ye Lu smiled, then found a case of higher-degree foreign wine and came over.

By this time, the surrounding area was already surrounded, and everyone wanted to see who the last two would deer in the headlights, because the fat guy actually didn’t look too deformed from his movements, and although he had difficulty unbuttoning, he still pulled and tugged to strip the boys who had just fallen down.

“Come on.”

Ye Lu placed a case of foreign wine on the ground, then looked at the fat man and said.

“Drink until you fall down.”

Fatty nodded with a red face.

Following that the two of them blew into each other, but after another three bottles went down, Fatty couldn’t do it anymore, and he looked at Ye Lu and muttered.

“Are you …… are …… a cultivator, I …… I already …… have dark energy ……”

He did not finish also “flop!” A sound also fell to the ground.

This is to make Ye Lu feel a little surprised, did not expect that there is still a hidden guy in these people who has crossed into the realm of dark strength power, no wonder it is so hard to fall down.

However, looking at this guy’s bulging stomach, it was obvious that his Dark Energy wasn’t running that smoothly, while Ye Lu was drinking while emitting all the alcoholic energy and water vapour from his countless pores, so it didn’t look any different from the beginning now.

“Come on! Everyone help, pour water and let them get high by running around naked.”

Ye Lu smiled and said in a loud voice.

This time, Miss Shen was ready to stop it, what was this called, a group of people running around naked in their own house.

However, it was no longer up to her, as the crowd had already burst into a frenzy. They all got together and started to move their hands.

“Miss Shen, do you want to stop it?”

One of the security chiefs ran over and asked.

Miss Shen thought for a moment, then shook her head and said.

“No need, let them make a scene, stopping it will instead give the guests an opinion, just keep an eye on it and don’t get into trouble.”

Now everyone was extremely excited, if they were rashly stopped it would definitely cause the opposite effect, it would be better to let them party a little and consider it as entertainment.

The elder Miss of the Shen family shook her head somewhat helplessly.

At this time, Shen Lao was upstairs looking at the various pots and furnaces he had collected, some of which he had bought at great expense, while others he had taken from friends or had taken first, as Shen Lao knew that Ye Lu was not collecting pots or furnaces, but was looking for pots and furnaces he needed, so the pots and furnaces Ye Lu did not see could still be returned, and Shen Lao would give him whichever one he saw.

“I hope there’s something in these that Ye Lu can like.”

Elder Shen muttered to himself.

“I don’t know if that girl Shen Ao Xue will be able to catch Ye Lu’s eye, Ao Xue’s figure and looks are definitely not a challenge, but this girl’s personality is a tough one!”

He knew his granddaughter very well, but he knew the value of Ye Lu, such a young man would one day become a dragon, if he didn’t get his hands on her now, I’m afraid she wouldn’t even look down at the Shen family then.

But then he froze as he saw a large group of crooked, shirtless men running around the villa’s courtyard singing and dancing, with more guests milling around to cheer them up.

He rubbed his eyes again in some disbelief.


Chapter 50

After making sure that he hadn’t seen anything, Shen Lao then hurriedly looked for his subordinates and asked them about it.

After being doused with cold water, plus running around the courtyard for more than half a lap, Zhang Yang and Old Monkey and the others were already slightly sober, or at least had an idea of the situation in front of them, however, things had come to this, and there was nothing the crowd could do but to follow the boisterous crowd forward.

However, everyone already hated Ye Luo madly in their hearts, but how many times did it mean that so many beautiful women were also so high.

Zhang Yang saw that there were quite a few women who were also following the procession, however, due to the women and the wine, a few of them had already gotten high and started waving at the women on either side of them, just like a triumphant general.

At this moment, Ye Luo had already found Qin Siyu.

“Ye Luo, are you alright?”

Qin Siyu was a little surprised to find that Ye Lu did not look drunk and his face was not red, however, she had heard about the sparring they had just done from the others.

Ye Lu smiled and said.

“Zhang Yang likes to target me, so let’s just play with him, otherwise he will feel lonely.”

However, Qin Siyu was a little worried and said.

“I didn’t notice it just now, my phone ran out of battery and only after I charged it and turned it on, I saw a message from my grandmother, she said that she actually had a gift to bring to this old man Shen, and now it seems to be too late to go get it.”

For his part, Ye Lu said indifferently.

“Anyway, it’s just a gift, if you don’t send it, you don’t send it.”

Qin Shiyu, on the other hand, shook her head and said.

“Grandma said that it’s not good to exchange gifts, and since Shen Lao had given her a gift before, it’s always not good to go empty-handed this time, but, things have come to this, so it’s the only way.”

Ye Lu had been an orphan since she was young and didn’t know anything about these manners, so she didn’t care.

However, once the naked running fiasco was over, Ye Lu found that many people started discussing about the gifts.

“I wonder who will show their faces this time with the gift to Elder Shen.”

“I guess it’s Hua Lao again, it’s not like it’s a loss to give Elder Shen a gift anyway, people are really capable of doing things.”

“It’s also true, I wonder how many people want to give it away and still can’t.”


It is clear through everyone’s discussion that this Shen Lao has no idea how much energy he has himself, but he should be a person who has a wide social network and can make contacts everywhere, according to the usual expression of an all-round fixer, who seems to be able to use him no matter what.

It didn’t take long for the party to start, and Zhang Yang and the others were all tidied up again and came to the party hall. After all the sobering tricks had been used, everyone was basically back to normal except for the fact that they were still blushing.

For some reason, they were seated next to Ye Lu and Qin Siyu, especially Zhang Yang and the Naked Six, who were directly at the same table as Ye Lu and the others.

Ye Lu looked at the table, and as a result, he saw that Miss Shen was looking at him with a smile, it looked like she had arranged it that way, this was to let Ye Lu pull the hatred to the end.

However, although Zhang Yang and the others were itching with hatred in their hearts, they didn’t dare to say anything on their lips, they all understood that even if they did, the seven of them together would not be as powerful as someone else’s arm.

However, immediately afterwards, he noticed something. He found that all seven of them had gifts in their hands, but Ye Lu and Qin Siyu were empty-handed.

Following that, a voice rang out from one side.

“Divine Doctor Master Hua sends a thousand year old ginseng.”

“Divine Doctor Master Lin sends a Heavenly Mountain Snow Lotus.”

“Divine Doctor Master Huo sends one live Lingzhi.”


It looked like a gift list of gifts was being sung, but what made Ye Luo a little puzzled was how it sounded like the ones giving gifts were all doctors!

In fact, he didn’t know that Shen Lao had originally invited people from the medical field for this banquet, and in addition to the banquet there was also a consultation, and Principal Liu had also recommended Ye Lu because he found out that Ye Lu could actually see patients, but now his illness had been completely solved by Ye Lu, so the consultation banquet had turned into a celebration banquet.

As for why Zhang Yang and the others had come, it was because their family was also involved in the medical industry, so these were the reasons why they had come.

At this time, the triangle-eyed old monkey suddenly said.

“Looks like some people came empty-handed to eat and drink for nothing! And really poor!”

He said it in a sinister manner, but he didn’t dare to say it too explicitly, after all, he also knew that Ye Lu didn’t seem to have a good temper, so if he P*ssed him off he might be crippled.

Ye Lu smiled indifferently, not bothering to talk to the old monkey.

However, when those few guys saw that Ye Lu did not say anything, they gave each other a wink and started to continue talking.

“Hey, I don’t think it should be as simple as free food and drinks, I think some people can’t afford to get gifts, poor people also come here to make up the numbers, hey!”

“That’s right, look at my family had gifts.”

Saying that, one of them then opened the box and said with a smile.

Inside the box, Ye Lu saw a black and unpleasant thing.

“This is a hundred year old He Shou Wu, it’s quite a school for black hair, I think Elder Shen will definitely like it.”

After saying that he walked up with the box, looking at his demeanor he was obviously provoking with Ye Lu, however, he was directly ignored by Ye Lu, following the others who all similarly gave away their gifts.

“Look at our Zhang family’s gesture, the young duke came and delivered it personally, how dignified.”

After everyone’s gifts had been delivered, Zhang Yang was still talking nonsense.

Ye implemented in couldn’t listen anymore, so he sipped his tea and said with a smile.

“I just don’t understand, you are all giving things to others one by one, what do you have to pretend to be? Have you all been kicked in the head by a donkey.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Qin Siyu “pfft!” She laughed out loud, because she suddenly realized that what Ye Lu said was so reasonable.

As a result, that triangle-eyed old monkey stalked his neck and said.

“Of course it’s proud, because, some people haven’t had the chance to give it away even if they wanted to.”

At this moment, suddenly the master of ceremonies shouted loudly.

“Old Mr. Shen has arrived.”

Everyone stopped all kinds of chatter to watch a hale and hearty old man walk out from the backstage of the venue, and behind him, there was someone pushing a very large car.

However, the car was covered and it was unknown what was on it.

“Elder Shen looks in much better spirits.”

“Yes, it looks as if that rumour is false.”

“It should be, those guys who don’t pay attention to Elder Shen should regret it.”


The crowd started talking after seeing Elder Shen.

In fact, these families sitting with Ye Lu were not very attached to Elder Shen, otherwise they would not have sent these juniors to the banquet because there had been rumors before that Elder Shen’s illness could no longer be cured.

So many people stopped treating the Shen family the same as before, and now it seems that these people were wrong.

Those divine doctors who saw Old Shen’s physique also felt strange, especially the old man Hua who looked very much like he had some Daoist skills and his hair, beard and eyebrows were all white, and he was even more astonished.

“How come this old Shen looks as if he’s recovered from his illness? It shouldn’t be, what kind of person could have cured him? Could it be that an innate expert used innate true qi to cure him? There are too few such experts, and even I can’t hire such a master, not to mention Old Shen!”

Elder Hua was filled with puzzlement.

At this time, Elder Shen had already started to speak.

He said with a smile.

“Originally, I wanted to hold a consultation banquet this time, to ask everyone to help out with ideas to look at my condition and then help me find a more powerful doctor, but you should have understood by the look on my face, and now, my years of persistent illness has been cured.”

“All this is thanks to one man.”

At this point, everyone’s eyes looked in unison at Master Hua Lao Hua, who instantly felt a little embarra*sed and his face quickly reddened as he said.

“I am grateful to all of you for your trust and love, however, the credit really doesn’t belong to me this time, I am also curious what kind of person can have such amazing medical skills.”

Next to Ye Luo, Zhang Yang and the others also all muttered in disbelief.

“Is there a more powerful doctor than Master Hua in the city?”

“I haven’t heard of it!”

“I don’t know anyway.”


At this time Ye Lu smiled and said.

“The person he’s talking about is me.”

Ye Luo thought that he couldn’t hide it anyway, so he might as well play hard to get.

Sure enough, several people showed disdain and you’re funny bar look, however, several people did not dare to say it directly, triangle eyes thought about it and said.

“Ye Lu, I know you’re quite powerful, but isn’t this big talk a bit too big?”

However, without waiting for Ye Lu to answer him, Elder Shen on the stage already said with a smile.

“Master Hua is too modest, if it wasn’t for the foundation Master Hua laid with each treatment, I wouldn’t have recovered so quickly this time, but it was another person who saved the old man’s life this time.”