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Super School Student Chapter 513-514

Chapter 513

He was very happy to see Gushiki again, but what surprised him was the demonic beast at Gushiki’s feet, which looked too odd.

It was an odd demonic beast with eyes, nose, ears, and even a mouth, all smooth looking as if it was very soft, however, the limbs were there, but there were no sharp claws, and it looked very cute in a rolled shape.

“Name: Chaos, Level: First Transformation of YuanYing Realm, Origin: Pan Gu Secret Realm, Description: the first of the four ancient fierce beasts, has no attributes, but can fuse any attributes, and at the same time can store any attribute attack and transform it into its own attack ……”

Seeing this “Chaos God Beast”, Ye Lu was a little bit red-eyed, now everyone had their “Original Spirit Beast” and it was so powerful, only himself and Liu Mei didn’t have their “Original Spirit Beast” yet.

“Ye Lu, you’ve finally come to find me, it’s been a long time!”

Gu Shiqi smiled as she jumped onto the Lightning Griffin that Ye Lu was standing on and looked at Ye Lu with a smile.

When he saw Gushiki, Ye Lu was overjoyed, he looked Gushiki up and down, and then said with a smile.

“You’ve become beautiful.”

As a result, Gushiki said with a pout as she stared at him.

“What do you mean by getting prettier, I’ve always been pretty, okay?”

Hearing this from her, Ye Lu smiled, it looked like the Gushiki in front of him was still the same Gushiki he had known for a long time.

“Oh, good, good, it’s been so long, why didn’t you tell me, causing me to worry to death, just about hitting up the ancient clan.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Gu Shiqi spat out her tongue and said.

“You were really worried?”

Ye Lu nodded of course.

Only then did Gu Shiqi’s expression slightly unnatural blushed a little and said.

“I also wanted to tell you earlier for fear that you would be worried, however, I was in the secret realm of the secret realm before and couldn’t get out, so I asked the people from the ‘Pan Gu clan’ to give a message, but unfortunately, they didn’t pay any attention to this matter, they looked for you and ignored this matter after they found out that you weren’t at school. ”

“I only just found out about it, because you’re so bullish now, so the ‘Pan Gu clan’ is also taking you quite seriously.”

Hearing what Gu Shiqi said, it seemed that the ‘Pan Gu clan’ really didn’t give her a hard time, but Ye Lu was still not quite sure, so he asked again.

“They didn’t do anything to threaten you or anything like that, did they?”

Gu Shiqi smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, of course not, because I’m a ‘Star Destined One’, that’s why they arrested me, but they didn’t expect me to have the ‘Pan Gu’ bloodline and because of a coincidental relationship to be ‘Pan Gu Axe’ acknowledged having received the inheritance of the ‘Pan Gu Clan’.”

“Now they can’t wait to offer me up, how could they possibly make things difficult for me.”

Following that, Gu Shiqi then said with a wry smile.

“Let me show you my ‘Pan Gu Axe’, it’s truly the oldest antique, it’s powerful.”

As she said that, a huge axe that emitted an endless pressure appeared in the air.

The axe didn’t look very ornate, giving the impression that two things stood out, one was its thickness, the other was its sharpness, and its appearance instead looked ancient.

“It’s really worthy of being a ‘Pan Gu Axe’, it’s really powerful.”

After taking out the “Pan Gu Axe”, Gu Shiqi recited the words in her mouth.

The “Pan Gu Axe” flew up and grew bigger rapidly, the feeling of heaviness became more and more intense, and then, the incomparably huge axe shadow appeared in the air.


With a loud shout from Gu Shiqi, the Pan Gu Axe instantly grew bigger again and slashed at a small mountain not far away.

Ye Luo saw the hill near the top of the mountain being cut in two by this axe.

Many stones and pieces of earth fell down.

“Drink! Amazing my sister!”

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu was also shocked, this felt very much like the legendary “mountain moving and reclamation” kung fu, he asked himself that he should not be able to do it, because it did not rely entirely on his own cultivation, but also had the corresponding weapons to provide support.

“LOL! Awesome, isn’t it!”

Hearing Ye Lu’s compliment, Gu Shiqi also giggled, very proud of herself.

Only then did Ye Luo point at the rounded demonic beast and ask.

“Shiqi, is this ‘Chaos’ your ‘original spirit beast’? When did it hatch?”

Gu Shiqi said with a smile.

“It was also obtained at the same time word got the ‘Pan Gu Inheritance’, you actually know that it is ‘Chaos’ ah, you really know a lot, I call him ‘Ball ‘, isn’t that a good image?”

When he heard Gushiki say his name was ‘Ball’, the Chaos twisted its body in response, and Ye Lu didn’t know if it was protesting or saying it liked it.

I guess it was helpless at such a low name.

Seeing that Gushiki had such a great chance, Ye Lu was finally completely relieved, while Gushiki looked at him and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry about me, I guess I’ll stay here in the ‘Ancient Clan’ for a while until I help them open the ‘Gate to the Immortal Mansion’, and I also want to raise my cultivation level, I find that cultivation is still quite interesting. ”

Ye Luo was also going to Japan soon, so he nodded and said.

“Work hard to improve, remember to come out to see me when you have time, I have some pills here for you, I originally wanted to make a weapon for you, but now it seems that safety is not necessary.”

Is there a weapon stronger than the “Pan Gu Axe” in the world? Anyway, at the moment, Ye Lu didn’t know yet.

Only then did the two of them fly to a deserted place and talk for an hour or so, going over the things they had encountered recently, before parting reluctantly.

The fact that Gushiki was fine finally put a stone in Ye Lu’s heart on the ground.

The next step was to prepare for the trip to Japan. I was afraid that whether or not he could take down “Abe Haruaki” this time would be a big problem.

At the moment, thanks to the high-profile publicity from the Japanese side, the foot of Mount Fuji and the mountains are already full of tourists who have arrived early.

It has been three months since the Masked Man defeated the four ninja clans, defeated the Yin Yang Ryu, overthrew the Japanese Sword Sage and brought down the Tokyo Tower, but in those three months, the attention to the Masked Man has been growing in Japan as the date of the fight approaches.

Speculation about the Masked Man in Silk Stockings has increased, but since then, the Masked Man in Silk Stockings has not appeared in the public eye, so speculation has been limited.

So, everyone turned their attention to the observable, namely “Abe Haruaki”, who has been very high-profile and has reported on basically everything, making him a new god in the minds of many people.

So, hardly anyone thought that the “Masked Man in Silk Stockings” would have a chance to make a comeback this time, and most of the Japanese people who came here came to see their new god.

Of course, the tourists from China and the fans of the Masked Man in Silk Stockings thought otherwise, so a confrontation between the two sides was inevitable.

“How can you insult our idols like that?”

Some of the Chinese tourists looked at the Japanese across the street and glared.

They were like this mainly because the Japanese were saying things that were too hard to hear.

“What, did we say something wrong? Our Lord Abe Haruaki has even subdued the ‘Yagyu Orochi’ on the island, what has your ‘stocking masked man’ done for a while?”

“That’s right, still hunkered down in his shell like a shrinking turtle.”

“So, it’s a lift for him to fight ‘Lord Abe’ this time.”

“I think ‘Lord Abe’ can crush him with just one hand.”


The Chinese tourists, who had arrived early, were of course not convinced, so the two sides immediately clashed, and not long afterwards the police arrived.

The police had a headache as well, this was not just one or two incidents, it was happening almost everywhere, and as the duel approached things were getting worse and the police force was running out of steam.

The police force was not enough. At the moment, Ye Lu was catching up with his dormitory mates, Nie Yibiao and Mu Zize, who of course had a problem with Ye Lu’s dashing lifestyle, but they wouldn’t dare to follow suit, they would be expelled from the school.

“Ye Lu, you should stay in school for a few more days this time, the school is organising a live video broadcast of the ‘Battle of Mount Fuji’ that the whole school is going to watch this time.”

“Yeah, big screen, big auditorium, lots of girls to pick up.”

“Che, our family Ye Lu still needs to pick up girls, it’s all about being picked up by girls, OK!”


The other people are still bachelors, except for Jin Kun and Shen Luyan, who have been getting along well.

Ye Luo, on the other hand, smiled and said.

“No, you guys have a good look, I still have things to do.”


Chapter 514

Ye Luo thought to himself, “I’ll have to perform for you guys then, if I don’t go, what the hell are you guys going to watch!

After saying that, Ye Lu left the crowd and went away.

After he left, a few guys from the same dorm started talking.

“You guys say, Ye Lu comes and goes all day long without a trace, mysteriously, what is he up to? It feels like he’s very profound!”

Mu Zi Ze said as he looked out the door.

Nie Yibiao how skimmed his mouth and said.

“Isn’t he like this as soon as he arrives, he doesn’t tell us anything, I guess, he must be picking up girls, you remember, that hot girl during military training, if there was a girl like that, I would come to the dormitory too.”

His words were immediately echoed by several people except for Jin Kun.

Of course, Jin Kun knew how good Ye Lu was, however, Jin Kun had always been quiet, so everyone had absolutely no plans to ask him or chat with him, he had always been a background wall.

However, what Nie Yibiao and the others didn’t know was that Jin Kun’s actual combat power was already enough to walk across the “secular world”.

Seeing the outrageous discussion, Jin Kun couldn’t help but say.

“Ye Lu is much more powerful than you all think.”

This made Nie Yibiao and the others explode, as Jin Kun rarely spoke, so several people began to ask about Jin Kun, but he said nothing.

This made everyone inexplicably a little bummed out.

And at this time, Mu Zi Ze suddenly looked at his phone and said.

“Huh! Look guys, this news is so weird, it says, a certain villa in a high-end villa area was suddenly surrounded by a white fog, like a fairyland, and all the people near the white fog whether they were police officers or good people fainted ……”

The other people who heard his words also came over to see, because Ye Yan bought the villa for convenience, not far from Ye Lu their “Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine”, so everyone knows this villa area.

Of course, this was all the work of the “Teng Snakes”. Ye Lu asked it to protect the people, but he had no concept of society at all, and just followed the set of the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”, so it had no idea how much noise it would make, and everyone who came near the house was dazed by it.

This was what Ye Lu had told it, that it should try not to kill anyone, otherwise there would have been a river of blood.

However, following that, the crowd saw the beautiful woman who used to drive the SUV appear in the camera.

“Look guys, isn’t this the woman who took Ye Luo away, I told you that he had gotten close to a rich woman, and you didn’t believe me, but now you do, this is quite an upscale neighborhood, which villa isn’t tens of millions of dollars or even more!”

Nie Yibiao said as he looked at his phone.

Following that, the crowd lamented that Ye Lu’s life was good.

Of course, all these messes had to be dealt with by Ye Lu, and of course, the trouble was also caused by the girls of the “Dragon Clan” and the “Vermilion Bird Clan”, who also caused a lot of trouble because they didn’t understand this world.

However, on the whole, nothing happened, as Ye Lu had plenty of money, so most things were settled with money, not to mention the fact that these people were so powerful that no one dared to mess with them.

The three days pa*sed in chaos, and on the day of the duel, Ye Lu rode a Lightning Griffin straight towards Japan.

This time, he did not have to keep a low profile on his trip to Japan.

Firstly, everyone knew about the duel, so there was no need to hide it anymore, and secondly, he was no longer the same as before.

Soon, the Lightning Griffin was seen by everyone.

“Look, what’s that? It’s so fast!”

“Yeah, it’s just like a plane.”

“I think it’s that ‘Stocking Masked Man’ coming.”

“Yeah, that’s him, I saw it.”


Someone with binoculars had already seen Ye Luo flying in, still the same as three months ago, covered in stockings, but Ye Luo did not carry the “Blazing God Blade”, after all, the “Blazing God Blade” was too eye-catching.

However, before Ye Lu could reach the top of Mount Fuji, someone had already flown up and blocked his way.

This guy looked at the Lightning Griffin and frowned. After all, this kind of thing was a unique demonic beast in the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts” and could rarely be seen outside, and he could feel that this Lightning Griffin’s aura was quite strong and should not be a weak chicken.

“What do you want to do?”

Ye Luo sat on the Lightning Griffin and looked at the other party with some confusion and asked.

At this time, many filming devices also flew up, all kinds of drones, and more professional filming equipment are gathered from all directions, each machine carries the LOGO of each media, Ye Luo saw that many of them are the equipment of the mainstream media in China.

As a result, right this guy didn’t rush to answer Ye Lu’s question, but waited until all the equipment was in place before he looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Stocking Masked Man, since the difference between the strength you showed last time and our Lord ‘Abe Haruaki’ is too great, we feel that we should adopt the form of breaking through the levels for this duel, and you will only be qualified to fight our Lord ‘Abe Haruaki’ if you break through to the last level ‘ Lord, of course, if you are afraid, you can also not accept our conditions.”

To be honest, Ye Lu didn’t expect the other party to make such a scene.

He had originally thought to come, fight and call it a day, of course, Ye Lu didn’t think it was that good to call it a day, but he even more didn’t expect the other party to make such a nagging deal even for a fight.

However, in Ye Lu’s opinion, this was not bad, he was just stuck in a bottleneck and what he needed most was a fight.

So, he looked at his opponent and smiled and said.

“Your Lord Abe Haruaki is quite capable of playing hard to get! Then I’ll play along with him, say, how exactly is your bird level going to be broken.”

Ye Luo looked at the other party with a disdainful face and said.

The other party seemed to have known that Ye Lu would agree, as he smiled and said.

“For the sake of fairness, our levels start from the foot of ‘Mount Fuji’ and go all the way to the top of the mountain, each level is not limited in time, you can fully rest and adjust your state before you break into the next level, this also avoids the unfairness of wheel battles, as for how you break into the levels, we don’t care, as long as it is your own ability will do.”

As he said that, he pointed towards the side of Mount Fuji and said.

“The starting level is there, you can start there.”

Ye Luo followed his finger and saw an area enveloped by a “formation”, obviously for fear that the power of the battle would spread to the surrounding people and other things.

The “Tiger Chiseled Tooth” that Ye Lu summoned earlier was only at the “Ninth Turn of Jindan” realm and could have brought down the “Tokyo Tower”, not to mention the fact that the battle was likely to escalate now.

All of this was broadcast live to the world by various media outlets.

Nie Yibiao and the rest of the school sat in the “auditorium” watching the scene, many with beer and snacks, looking ready to have a good time.

“Look, the ‘Masked Man in Silk Stockings’ has gone to the first level.”

“These Japanese are really mean, asking people to fight against each other and ending up making such a show of it.”

“Yes, I’ve never seen such brazen people.”

“Just wait, the ‘Silk Stocking Masked Man’ will definitely teach them a good lesson and teach them how to behave again.”


Under the countless eyes of the countless pairs of eyes present, as well as the countless eyes of the various video terminals, Ye Luo reached the initial gate, Ye Luo swept a glance with his gla*ses, and found that this gate was guarded by a few “Jin Dan Third Turn” people.

This is exactly the battle power he showed when he fought with the Japanese “Sword Saint”. Although the “Yellow Dragon” he summoned was more than this battle power, but summoning the “Yellow Dragon” was already his limit at that time.

However, if you think about it, three months is really not that long for most cultivators, many people are stuck in a bottleneck for much longer than three months.

Seeing this starting gate, Ye Lu smiled and walked in.

The Japanese ninja with the “human beard” who was sitting at the centre of the gate formation slowly raised his katana when he saw Ye Lu walk in and said.

“Go ahead!”

Ye Lu smiled and waved his hand.