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Super School Student Chapter 539-540

Chapter 539

So, Ye Luo wanted to scan the whole city and its surroundings to determine how many secret places there were first.

As a result, he found that there were not many secret places around Liaocheng, two of which had been developed, one near Yunlu Palace and the other atop Tianma Mountain.

“Tianma Mountain, Zhang Tian, the Zhang family’s villa ……”

Seeing this scene made Ye Lu think of many things that had happened before, and he felt that the place where the “Immortal Pill” was found and where Zhang Tian obtained his heritage should be this secret realm.

So, Ye Lu decided to visit this secret realm first, and then go to the city to catch up with his old acquaintances.

The entrance to this “secret realm” was not far from the Zhang family’s villa, but Ye Lu saw that the Zhang family’s villa did not seem to have been lived in for a long time, although it was not in disrepair, but it was overgrown with weeds, and some of the gla*s was broken.

After all, this was a villa.

To the Zhang family, who had “one man and a dog”, this was probably not even a fart, but to the people of the secular world in Liao City, the villa was still a rather charming place.

“Zhang Tian is really cautious!”

Ye Lu looked at the empty villa and muttered.

Apparently, Zhang Tian had already moved his family out, so that he would not be left with any worries.

Ye Lu didn’t bother the men and women who had gone out to the countryside to have fun, but flew directly towards the place where the “secret realm” was located.

However, Ye Lu still cautiously coiled the “Heavenly Vine” around his body, then took out his “Blazing God Blade” and released his “Flame Shield” before walking towards the entrance.

This was a place related to the Immortal Mansion of the Fairy of the Fallen Haze, so Ye Lu did not dare to take it lightly.

After being fully armed, Ye Lu took a deep breath and walked into the entrance.

Sure enough, after entering, his eyes were opened to a huge palace with carved beams and a dusty atmosphere.

The architectural style of this palace was different from any on Earth, but, to Ye Lu’s surprise, the “gla*ses” actually recognised the place and gave a brief description.

“Hall of Many Treasures Inheritance: part of the treasures of Fairy Lok Ha, and part of the inheritance is enshrined here, and can be obtained by those who have a destiny, there is a ‘Nine Treasures Linglong Tower’ inside, according to the level of ‘inheritance’ awakening, you can unlock the different layers of the ‘Nine Treasures Linglong Tower’ and get the corresponding treasures ……”

Seeing the introduction of this “Hall of Many Treasures Inheritance”, Ye Lu probably understood what Zhang Tian had obtained here.

He should have taken the “Nine Treasures Linglong Pagoda”, since this thing could only be controlled by Zhang Tian, that’s why the people of the “Xuan Tian Clan” were so fond of Zhang Tian, most of this pagoda had other effects, so Zhang Tian could live so well.

Of course, Zhang Tian was too weak to start with and needed the protection of the Xuantian Sect, so the two sides hit it off immediately, which led to this cooperation.

As he thought about it, Ye Lu walked towards the direction of the hall, and then he saw nine stone piers around the hall, but Ye Lu felt that there should be something on them.

So, he used his gla*ses and began to observe.

As a result, he found that there was indeed something up there before, and on the nine pillars there were nine things called “Fallen Emissaries”, but since the things on them were not there, Ye Lu did not know what they were for and where they had gone.

It was probably because after Zhang Tian had received part of the inheritance and the “Nine Treasures Linglong Tower”, these so-called messengers had left the place.

Following this, Ye Lu walked inside the main hall.

There was no surprise, the hall was empty, and there was no telling what was inside before, but now there was nothing.

“This kid Zhang Tian is very lucky!”

Ye Luo muttered with some emotion as he walked back and forth in the great hall.

However, Ye Luo was a bit puzzled as to what the so-called “Fairy Lok Ha” was trying to do by going to all this trouble to attract everyone to her “Immortal Palace”.

Was it really all for the benefit of everyone?

However, he looked around the “Multi Treasure Inheritance Hall” and the surrounding area for a long time and found that there was nothing left behind, so he left the secret realm with some reluctance.

“Since I’m back, I might as well go back and take a look.”

After coming out, Ye Lu looked at the sky and the city of Liao not far away, and then flew towards the city of Liao.

He first looked around the school, and since he hadn’t been away for long, everything in the city still looked basically the same and hadn’t changed much.

After that, he went to see Elder Shen, Elder Su, Grandmaster Hua and the others, and of course left some of the various heaven-defying pills for them.

Now Ye Lu was different from before, he could be described as “a bird and a gun for a cannon”, most of the heavenly pills Ye Lu could now refine.

When Shen Lao heard that he could once again raise a big realm with the pills, he was simply surprised and went crazy.

“That Ye Lu, just how high is your current cultivation level?”

Elder Shen asked with some curiosity.

Ye Luo then smiled and said.

“My current cultivation level is indeed quite high, but that’s not a good thing, it’s still the right way to live in a small city like you and live in peace and quiet.”

Hearing Ye Lu’s words, Shen Lao then laughed and said.

“How long has it been, why are you talking in an old-fashioned way? Wait until you reach my age before you make such sentiments.”

When Elder Shen finished speaking, Ye Lu also laughed, he also felt that his sentiments seemed to be a bit premature, but, to be honest, he himself was not afraid of tossing and turning, and it did not matter if he lived or died, but what made him care was to involve other people in danger, which was what Ye Lu was worried about.

However, to be honest, “one cannot help oneself in the jungle” and some things cannot be avoided just because one wants to, so Ye Luo just lamented about it.

After visiting these old people, Ye Luo went to look for policewoman Mo Wen again.

“Huh! Ye Luo, you’re here, quick, hurry up and help me solve the cases, these cases are worrying me to death.”

After seeing Ye Luo, Mo Wen was her usual self and called Ye Luo in with a breeze.

Ye Luo then looked at her and said with a smile.

“Good, don’t be anxious, don’t be anxious, I’m here, I’ll help you out soon, what I want to ask you is, has your precious daughter marketed out yet?”

Ye Lu hadn’t contacted Mo Xiaomi for a long time, so he didn’t know how Mo Xiaomi was doing.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help take care of Mo Xiaomi, mainly because, his help would probably get more and more helpful, there were too many people who targeted him.

So, Ye Luo was using a distancing strategy towards all these people. Ye Luo, reckoned that his strategy was definitely going to annoy this gorgeous policewoman.

Sure enough, upon hearing Ye Luo’s words, Mo Wen snapped over and grabbed Ye Luo’s ear and said.

“You little brat, you’re still talking, causing my daughter to get lovesickness and then running away, what the hell are you thinking?”


Hearing Mo Wen’s words, Ye Lu was confused instead, he felt like he hadn’t done anything with Mo Xiaomi ah, just helped her get a lot of money to use for charity.

As a result, from Mo Wen’s counting, he realised that it turned out that Mo Xiaomi was the only one who supported her in this matter of charity, and no one else understood her, plus her relationship with Mo Wen was not good, so suddenly there was someone like Ye Lu who didn’t need to see her through coloured gla*ses and at the same time was generous enough to help, so it immediately touched her teenage heart.

It made her feel good about Ye Luo all of a sudden.

This was something Ye Lu had not expected, so he hurriedly explained to Mo Wen and told her that her daughter would definitely be in danger if she followed him, and that it might not take long for her to die.

After explaining for half a day, Mo Wen accepted it, and following that, she looked at Ye Lu and said.

“Hurry up and help me with the case, there have been a few bizarre cases in the city recently, which seem to be related to the ‘Demon Race’, and it’s already difficult for us ordinary people to solve them.”


Chapter 540

Hearing that the “case” was actually related to some “demon race”, Ye Lu’s interest came to a head.

“What kind of case is it? Tell me about it, I should be able to help.”

As a result, Mo Wen said with a straight face.

“Actually, it’s not the first time a similar case has happened to hunger, some time ago there were always weird outsiders hanging around various parts of the city, some people used to see scary huge flying birds hovering in the sky in broad daylight, and others used to see demonic beasts out and about.”

As he spoke, Mo Wen said with a sigh.

“To be honest, sometimes, I feel like I’m not a policeman from Earth anymore, according to your popular saying, it seems like I’ve become that ‘next dimension’ or something?”

Leaf Fall hurriedly reminded.


Mo Wen then said with a slap.

“Yes, it’s ‘secondary police’, anyway, it’s all cases that don’t seem to happen on Earth.”

As he said that, Mo Wen slapped some photos in front of Ye Luo’s face.

Sure enough, they were all pictures of various demonic beasts, and strange people that people had recorded by chance.

Of course, Ye Lu knew very well in his heart what these were all about, the reason why the demons were in chaos was because the news of “Zhang Tian” had started spreading.

Everyone knew that this was the source of Zhang Tian’s rise to power, the place where the “Immortal Pill” had once appeared, so of course, they had to come and have a look.

In fact, such a thing had started a long time ago, when Ye Lu was still studying, the story about the Zhang family getting the “Immortal Pill” was spread everywhere, otherwise how could he, an ordinary student, know about the Zhang family?

In other words, when Zhang Tian had obtained the Immortal Pill, most of the people were present or knew about it, which was why it was so widely spread, but Ye Lu felt that most of those people had already been dealt with by the Xuan Tian Clan.

These guys were absolutely murderous and unblinking fanatics.

However, since this was the place where the “Immortal Pill” originated, and since the story of the “Immortal Mansion” was now gradually spreading, it was impossible for the major powers not to come here to take a look.

Ye Luo felt that there might be some kind of force that had permanent staff here.

For these cultivators, the laws of the world did not bind them much, and now that the chaos had begun, it was only a matter of time before the major powers merged, so they would not care about the order of the world.

So, Ye Lu patted these pictures and said.

“I’m basically clear about the origin of these guys, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it, besides what exactly is the recent matter you said related to the ‘Demon Race’?”

Ye Luo was of course most concerned about the matter of the Demon Race.

However, this time Mo Wen didn’t take out a photo, but said.

“The matter was in the vicinity of the ‘Yun Lu Palace’, and some people said that they saw the ‘Yun Lu Palace’ Palace Master fighting with the ‘Demon Beast’, however, I had sent someone to investigate , the ‘Cloud Foothill Palace Master’ denied the matter, however, we later found out that a mountain on that side had been sliced open, and half of another mountain had been leveled.”

“You may not believe me when I say this, but that handiwork, it was simply terrifying, reminiscent of the gods who moved mountains and reclaimed land, if there really was such a thing, I don’t think destroying a whole city would be a problem.”

She said with a backward look on her face.

For his part, Ye Lu nodded and said.

“Yes, you are indeed right to worry greatly, there are many terrifying things in this world that are simply unthinkable once they get out of control.”

As he spoke, Ye Luo thought of the tide of beasts he had encountered in the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”.

For a beast tide of that scale, it would be easy to flatten the entire Secular Realm, and as for knocking down a mountain, even a YuanYing realm expert could do it, and it would be even easier for a God Transformation realm expert, which was why they rarely walked in the world, the destruction was too great.

However, it seems that this matter must have something to do with the “Yunlu Palace Master”.

As he had helped the Cloud Lu Palace Master before, Ye Lu felt that the Cloud Lu Palace Master would not harm him, so he decided to go to the Cloud Lu Palace to have a look.

So, he quickly said goodbye to Mo Wen and flew over to the Yunluo Palace.

However, just as he landed on the clearing in front of the Cloud Lu Palace, a beautiful figure flew out from the Cloud Lu Palace, and it was the Cloud Lu Palace Master.

“Yell! Ye Lu, what brings you here?”

The “Yun Lu Palace Master” looked up and down at Ye Lu and asked with a smile.

However, she was surprised because she found out that she was already so strong, but she could not even tell Ye Lu’s background, this Ye Lu made her feel a bit unfathomable.

And Ye Lu was equally astonished.

It was only at this moment that Ye Lu discovered that the hidden bloodline of the “Yun Lu Palace Master” had already awakened, probably a long time ago, and her bloodline was “Lu Zui Daoist”.

At this moment, the “Yunlu Palace Master” was already at the “Yuanying Realm”, even though she was only at the level of “First Transformation of Yuanying”, but she was not like the women around Ye Lu, she did not have so many heaven-defying pills that Ye Lu had.

After that, without waiting for Ye Lu’s answer, the “Yun Lu Palace Master” directly made her move.

After she raised her hand, a white light rushed towards Ye Lu, turning into a luminous white sword on its way to Ye Lu’s chest.

As a result, Ye Luo just casually waved his hand.


After an impact sound, the white longsword shattered into pieces and dissipated into the air.

“Wow! Awesome!”

Seeing this scene, the “Yun Lu Palace Master” stared in astonishment.

Although this was not one of her best moves, Ye Lu actually cracked it so lightly, what kind of level of cultivation had Ye Lu reached?

“Well, Lord Palace Master, there’s no need to try, you can’t hurt me even if you use your strongest attack, I’m much stronger than you are now.”

Seeing Ye Lu’s confident and slow look, “Palace Master Yun Lu” brushed aside her mouth and said.

“That’s not necessarily true, if I use ‘Spiritual Treasures’ or even you are not my opponent, I have killed a member of the ‘Heavenly Demon Clan’.”

Hearing the words of the “Yunlu Palace Master”, Ye Lu immediately took over and said.

“Lord Palace Master, I was about to ask you about this, what exactly is the matter with the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ and the ‘Outer Way Heavenly Demons’? Also, what exactly are you and how can you be so strong?”

After hearing Ye Lu’s words, the “Yun Lu Palace Master” smiled and said.

“Come in and talk, it just so happens that I have some good tea here.”

With these words, she waved her hand at Ye Lu.

Ye Lu followed her to the inside of the Yun Lu Palace and was amazed by the tea offered by the Yun Lu Palace Master, because it was not just any tea, it was something called “earth fat”, and the water used to make this “earth fat” was also extraordinary, it was “five-coloured dew”.

Both of them were called “divine medicines” by the “secular world”, and even Ye Lu had never seen them before, they were truly rare and heavenly treasures.

“Do you usually drink this?”

Ye Lu looked at the tea bowl and said with some surprise.

This “Yunlu Palace Master”‘s generosity was simply a bit appalling.

The “Yunlu Palace Master” smiled and said.

“Yes, it looks like you know about these two things, to be honest, I am actually from ‘Kunlun’, before I was an invalid, but now I am a free immortal.”

Hearing her words, Ye Lu was once again surprised, he really didn’t think that the “Yun Lu Palace Master” originally belonged to the Kun Lun lineage as well.

“It’s a pity that I could only see a limited amount of things with my gla*ses at that time.”

Ye Lu lamented a little in his heart.

When he had met the “Yunlu Palace Master”, he had only just received his gla*ses, so he had not been able to see the complete information of the other party.

The “Yunlu Palace Master” continued.

“Moreover, I still have in my hand a super ‘spiritual treasure’ from the ‘Western Queen Mother’ called the ‘Immortal Cutting Flying Dagger’ ……”

Just at this time, suddenly a Daoist nun ran in and said.

“Palace Master, it’s not good, another person from the ‘Heavenly Demon Race’ has come.”